Thursday, September 06, 2007

Because They Said So: Seahawks Art!

Because They Said So is a regular round up of Seahawks news from other sources. We gave it this name because we bloggers have no media credentials and we have to take these people's damn word for it.

Hmmm, lots of stuff to cover here. I'll keep 'em more like quick hits:


  1. Nice piece of ass, uh, I mean, art there, alba.

  2. Mike - as much as I love getting feedback, I feel compelled to point out a couple things:

    1. those are tits, not ass
    2. this post was made by Bloof

    I would, however, gladly risk lead poisoning for the opportunity to lick that paint off!


  3. HawkHeart says it's blueberry, so you're safe.