Monday, January 19, 2009

Steeler very, very classy

I watched the AFC Title game with some Steeler fans. I'm not sure how my tongue survived, me biting it for the whole game and all, but I just thought I'd pass along some of my favorite quotes.

"That's the sort of the thing that Ravens and Seahawk fans bitch about!" Not sure what the call was on the field, but Baltimore was lobbying for something. I had not said anything about Super Bowl XL...and didn't plan to. Which made it priceless when about 5 plays later...

"That's a terrible call!" Haha, so its OK when YOU bitch. Got it.

While Santonio Holmes' no catch is being reviewed: "That's a touchdown...there's no way that's not!" Except for the part where the ball popped out when he hit the ground, signifying no possession. That damned possession rule. This play was referenced throughout the ballgame, and always as a way of how the referees were out to get Pittsburgh.

After the play is overturned: "That's bullshit!" ect.

Before Baltimore gets on the board, Pittsburgh's Washington gets called for PI. The responses to this were hilarious because 1) again with the whole hypocracy about complaining about officiating and 2) there was more contact on that then there ever was with Derrel Jackson in the endzone in Super Bowl XL. How I managed to not laugh was amazing.

"They always screw us over." O RLY?

Baltimore gets called for phantom roughing the kicker.

"THUGS! They're all thugs and should be in jail!" After they see the replay they quiet down. The bad call is later referred to as "an opportunity" because Steeler fans know what precious gifts horrible, horrible penalties are.

Repeated through game, anytime Flacco had more than 2 seconds to throw the ball "HOLDING!!!" Occasionally a Terrible Towel was thrown at the TV. How DARE the Ravens pick up a blitz?!?!? Surely they are using some illegal method to accomplish this.

It was all fairly tongue in cheek until Willis McGahee was injured in a brutal collision. Most fans would, I don't know, be respectful towards an injured player. Not this bunch.

"What a loser, stop whining." said when camera shows Ray Lewis, obviously praying for his teammate.

"This is taking way to long." Because medical personnel really want to rush a guy who may have brain or spinal damage off the field...RUB SOME DIRT ON IT!

"That's what they get for taking out Hines." least one other party goer told this individual to show some respect, but really?

Does this represent all Steeler fans? Probably not. Every fan base has their douchenozzles. But between the hypocrisy and the absolute lack of class for a seriously injured player this was a weird experience. They somehow made Pats fans seem tolerable.