Thursday, June 22, 2006

12 Seahawks Street Logo Contest

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Fellow Seahawks faithful,

As you may have observed, a few months ago 12 Seahawks Street underwent a significant and needed facelift. Part of the transformation included a collection of randomly occuring mastheads, all part of a collection of about 45 designs created and donated by members and visitors. If you haven't seen the full gallery, you can check it out here.

If you had a part in designing that, I personally thank you. Once again, the collective power of #12 was much greater than the contribution of any one person. It gave the site a much more personal feel, but without making the site look like a 6th grade project, and it also kept the site visually interesting.

It's time to take this a step further! One of the things I discovered during all of this, is that 12 Seahawks Street does not have a clearly identifiable, permanent logo. Persons contributing their own mastheads were forced to choose a font, try to arrange it in the best manner they knew how, and then include it in their project. The results were nice, but lacked the consistency that is desireable in a professional looking site.

So I would like to present to you an NEW banner contest, in two parts: 1) The logo design, and 2) restart the banner project with the new logo.

And so it begins-- would you be able to help? Feel free to explore your creativity. I will only give a few minor, creative parameters:

  • The logo must contain the full spelling of "12 Seahawks Street"

  • The logo must have a very simple, single color background, so the logo can be easily cut and pasted into new mastheads for the second part of the contest.

  • It would be good to create the logo in two colors; one with a lighter color to paste into a dark background, and vise versa. Another option would be to have light lettering with a dark outline. Both suggestions are in order to provide a legible contrast when combined with the banner.
I thank you in advance! This is always fun. I'll be working on one, too. Post your efforts in this thread in the SeahawkBlue forums as an attachment, and I'll add a voting thread later.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Seahawks #1 in ESPN Power Rankings

Being a Seahawks fan is tough. Even after a remarkable 2005 season and strong playoff run that ended in a dubious loss in the Super Bowl, the Seahawks still don't get any resp-- WHA?

Of course, this collection of sports journalists' opinions is as useful as Pete Prisco's drivel... but hey, it's nice to be noticed.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Hawk Round Table

MaxHawk; 12 Street Writer.

(Source; MIKE SANDO; The News Tribune)
Coach Mike Holmgren saw a hungry Seattle Seahawks team during a two-week passing camp that concluded Thursday.
“While we had a great year last year, and we’re happy for the fans and the stadium is full and all those good things that happened last year, there is some unfinished business,” Holmgren said.

The starting lineup is pretty much set, but the Seahawks face the usual round of difficult decisions on backup positions.

The team is carrying 93 players on its 80-man roster, counting unsigned draft choices and players exempted for participation in NFL Europe.

Rules call for teams to reduce their rosters to 75 players by Aug. 29. The 53-man limit takes effect Sept. 2, eight days before the regular-season opener at Detroit.

Comment: The team isn’t confident it will be able to sign a desirable veteran backup. Holmgren made it clear Greene must improve to stick around. Hamdan has a broken ankle and may or may not be back in time for training camp.
Max note; I'm still a bit on the fence about Seneca Wallace. He looked damned good for one game during the preseason and not so swell in the rest. I wasn't real impressed overall when he came in to replace Hass after the Hawks locked up home field. The UFA QB's are Doug Flutie (will he ever go away?) Vinnie (got phantom?) Testaverde, Tye Detmer,(nah) Shane Mathews (who?) and some Clown named Jeff Blake out of Chicago. Pick'uns are slim.

Wide receivers
Locks: Darrell Jackson, Bobby Engram, Nate Burleson, Peter Warrick, D.J. Hackett
• On the bubble: Maurice Mann, Ben Obomanu
• Longer odds: Taco Wallace, Skyler Fulton, Tony Brown, Keenan Howry, C.J. Jones
• Comment: Fulton played well in NFL Europe, but that doesn’t mean much now. Mann and Obomanu seemed to enjoy strong passing camps.
Max note; Nate Burleson should be a solid replacement to the sorely missed Joe Jurvicious lost to the Vikings during the offseason. Look for Hackett to get more comfortable with the long ball and establish himself as the speedster down field. A healthy Peter Warrick should show more of his potential and D-Jack certainly lost the dropsies after KR split making him the franchise reciever with Bobby (I only dropped one) Engram as a close second in the two slot.

Running backs
Locks: Shaun Alexander, Maurice Morris, Mack Strong (FB)
• Looking safe: Leonard Weaver (FB)
• On the bubble: David Kirtman (FB), Josh Scobey
• Longer odds: Marquis Weeks, Ran Carthon, Jimmy Dixon
• Comment: Weaver is approaching “lock” status, but the team will give Kirtman a chance in training camp.
Max note; Mack Strong will still be on the field when his body has turned to stone. All they will have to do is stand him there and he will still perform like a rock.
Shaun? Pfff...HOF. On pace to crush any and all of Sweetness', Emmitt's, Brown's or OJ's records. And you can take that to the MaxBank. Scooby maybe on the bubble but after last season stellar perfomance on kick returns, he shouldn't be going anywhere. He brought back the excitement that has been missing for a long, long time. Why MoMo is still here is beyond me but with Weaver locking up as Macks replacement, there may actually not be much room or need for him

Tight ends
• Locks: Jerramy Stevens, Itula Mili
• On the bubble: Will Heller
• Longer odds: Brock Edwards, Matt Henshaw, Keith Willis, Mike Gomez
• Comment: Stevens might not return from a knee injury until well into training camp.
Max note; Not much to say here. Stevens has improved significantly, however, I still believe Mili is the better TE.

Offensive line
Locks: Walter Jones, Floyd Womack, Robbie Tobeck, Chris Gray, Sean Locklear, Chris Spencer, Ray Willis, Tom Ashworth
• Looking safe: Rob Sims
• Longer odds: William Henry, Jeff Bolton, Lance Reynolds, Pat Ross
• Comment: Womack’s health is again a concern.
Max note; Can "Pork Chop" begin to fill Huch's shoes. Losing Steve isn't going to go un-noticed in the offensive line. Look for Matt to land on his back side a few more times this season. I fully expect to see a lot more of first round draft pick, (C) Cris Spencer as the tandem with Chop trying to fill the void next to Walter Jones until Tobeck has had his fill at center.

Defensive line
Locks: Grant Wistrom, Marcus Tubbs, Chuck Darby, Bryce Fisher, Craig Terrill, Rocky Bernard, Darryl Tapp, Russell Davis
• On the bubble: Joe Tafoya, Chris Cooper, Kemp Rasmussen, Jeb Huckeba
• Longer odds: Robert Pollard, Darrell Wright, John Syptak
• Comment: Health is a major concern on the line. Wistrom, Tubbs and Bernard are coming off surgeries and could miss the start of training camp.
Max note; The Defense has improved over last seasons squad. Look for Darryl Tapp to be the splash of the defense. Add to that, the return of the Hitman from his bar fight excursion, the high flying secondary should be in good shape. They put Tafoya on the bubble but the "Max Bank" say's he's going to be a strong contributing factor being well worth his 2nd round status. Lets not forget about Rocky. He ate and chased more QB chickens than anybody near expected. Look for Tubbs to follow Rocky's lead and become more of an impact player. With Darby, Fisher and Wistrom as the anchores, our front D-line should become extremely feared.

• Locks: Lofa Tatupu, Leroy Hill, Julian Peterson, D.D. Lewis
• Looking safe: Isaiah Kacyvenski, Niko Koutouvides, Kevin Bentley
• On the bubble: Cornelius Wortham
• Longer odds: Lance Laury, Evan Benjamin
• Comment: Tatupu, Hill and Peterson could form the strength of the defense.
Max note; Lofa, in his first season, played like a grizzled five year veteran. What more can I say about the, soon likely to be, best MLB to ever own the Gridiron? Look Out? Leroy Hill should feed off Lofa and cause some havok, While Kaz and Niko are strong staples in the defense I see this crew gelling to a top five rated defense.

Locks: Marcus Trufant, Kelly Jennings, Kelly Herndon, Jordan Babineaux
• On the bubble: Jimmy Williams
• Longer odds: Gerard Ross, Reggie Austin, Lance Frazier, Kevin Hobbs
• Comment: Jennings has been working opposite Trufant with the starters. Babineaux returns from shoulder surgery in August.
The Jury is still out on Jennings only because I haven't researched him in the least, so I'll spare the diatribe. Corners should be ample being out ran only buy the fastest of turf burners. What they lack in speed, Babineaux and Boulware will make up with deception and exellent play reading skills. those two had plenty of upset plays in store last season. I see no reason this season won't be more of the same.

Locks: Michael Boulware, Ken Hamlin
• Looking safe: Mike Green
• On the bubble: Oliver Celestin, Shaunard Harts, Etric Pruitt
• Comment: Boulware could miss some of training camp after undergoing ankle surgery. Hamlin is returning from head injuries. Green has extensive starting experience from his days in Chicago.

Max note; Hammer time returns, That has to be good. M.B. was addressed and I haven't a clue as to what Green brings to the table

On the bubble: P Tom Rouen, P Ryan Plackemeier, P Gabe Lindstrom
• Longer odds: K Ryan Killeen
• Comment: The punting situation remains unsettled as Rouen, a veteran of 810 punts in 188 regular-season games, faces a challenge from younger prospects.

Whew, I'm glad this wind bag artical has come to an end. The punters can kick ass and we still dump them bringing in another boot to do the Job and I don't see one damned thing wrong with the current P.K., Josh Brown who reeled back from strong adversity last season building his confidence along the way.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Holmgren Stops The Cycle

Holmgren won't let players ride bikes during season

Associated Press Article

KIRKLAND, Wash. -- Mike Holmgren loves his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He often talks about riding it across the desert outside his Arizona offseason home. He even rode it to work last week during a Seahawks minicamp. But Seattle's coach takes steps to ensure all Seahawks' motor biking ends when each season begins.

Through a team official, Holmgren said he lectures his players at the beginning of each summer's training camp that they are not allowed to drive motorcycles during the season, from July through January.

Is this fair? I for one, think so. This could be a well deserved condition of employment. If they don't like it, they could get a job doing something else.

As for the offseason, the Seahawks said they expect their players to abide by Washington's motor vehicle statutes that require helmets be worn while operating motorcycles.

Still, a reasonable requirement. As Terry Bradshaw said, "Ride it when you retire!".

What do you think?

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Predictions, Wanna Bet?

OK, here we go. Its predictions time. I chose this time because I'm really starting to get antsy and wanted to spice up the place again. Nothing like a little sprited debate about who's ass we're going to kick and who's we aren't.

Is it just me or are we playing an EZ schedule this season? Maybe its just because we are becoming the team to beat and all the Sally's on the docket look pretty winable. I see maybe a 4 loss season. maybe. more likely a 2 loss season. Now every year I start off the season chanting 16-0. Nobody has ever done it, but I see this seasons Seahawks and schedule as entirely possible. Am I dreaming? maybe. But the Giants and KC are the only two real teams standing in our way. Denver, maybe.

9/10 Hawks @
9/17 Hawks vs.
9/24 Hawks vs. New
10/1 Hawks @
10/15 Hawks @ St.
10/22 Hawks vs.
10/29 Hawks @ Kansas City...loss
11/6 Hawks vs.
11/12 Hawks vs. St.
11/19 Hawks @ San
11/27 Hawks vs. Green
12/3 Hawks @ Denver...loss
12/10 Hawks @
12/14 Hawks vs. San
12/24 Hawks vs. San
12/31 Hawks @ Tampa

I have 14-2 people. Maybe 12-4 with losses to the Giants and drop one to the Lambs or the Bears.

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Big Ben Stuffed at the Line Again

Big Roethlisberger got stuffed at the line again, on Second and 10, by a woman in a grey sedan, and there wasn't any member of Bill Leavy's crew around to bail him out this time!

I probably shouldn't poke fun at a potentially critical situation, but i would have a lot more sympathy for him if he didn't play in the same division with the other Evel Knievel wanna be, Kellen Winslow Jr.

I'm not sure when these guys will figure out that they're not indestructible and put away the motorcycles and late night bar fights until after their NFL careers are over.

The ironic thing is he was supposed to shot his Chunky Soup commercial later this week, so it appears that Matt and his mom may now be the sole spokespeople for this delicacy.

Anyhow, here's a bunch of links to coverage on this topic.

AP Story on the Seattle PI site

Video from WTAE Pittsburgh TV4

East Coast Spin from

No official word on if the woman driving the car was related to Carson Palmer in any way!!!

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Friday, June 09, 2006

The Ring is the Thing!

Understandably without national fanfare and a trip to the Whitehouse, the 2005 NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks were recognized this week and received their championship rings.

While the 2005 season fell a few steps short of the ultimate goal, and the corresponding date with the President, Tim Ruskell put everything in the proper perspective:

"This is about what you guys accomplished," Ruskell said he told the players. "No other Seahawks team has ever gone to a Super Bowl. No other team has won 13 games. No other team has won 11 in a row, led the league in scoring, led the league in sacks."

This new addition to the players' jewlery boxes will hopefully serve as a reminder of what great things can be accomplished when everyone is pulling together, and what's left for them to do.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

My Favorite Seahawk

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This is my first time doing this, so cut me some slack!

Ask this question in a room full of people, and you are bound to get a hundred different answers. Who is your favorite Seahawk of all time?

Was it Steve Largent? Maybe Jim Zorn, Dave Brown, Curt Warner, Jacob Green, Kenny Easley, Dave Krieg or maybe Coach Chuck Knox? All members of the Ring Of Honor. How about Jeff "Boogie" Bryant or "Shoeless" Joe Nash? Rufus Porter? The beauty of the question, there is no correct answer. It is considered a social crime to try and convince another Seahawk fan that your favorite Seahawk is better then theirs.

Instead, the conversation should be looked at like a fine wine tasting contest. Take the information in, swirl it around for a bit, extracting the feelings and emotions of the particular memory, and finally digest it with a smile. Ahhhh, the memories... Most Seahawk fans can hold their own in any conversation involving this topic, after all, we're talking about big names here! Right? I mean, at some point we must have had some exposure to the biggest names in Seahawk history! Sure we have! Or have we?

I wonder how many people can hold a conversation about my favorite Seahawk. He is a member of the Ring Of Honor, but we never got to see him play. In fact he never even suited up for practice. He never called in a play from the sidelines or got a Gatorade bath. He didn’t have a football card laced with impressive stats, never got a post game interview for his game saving contributions, or a young child offering up an ice cold Coke in return for his game jersey. But he was there for 17 years...

My favorite Seahawk is the late Pete Gross. Wasn't he their long snapper back in the late 70's? No. I remember him! He was the father on Family Ties! No. Did he wear number 144? (sigh) No. He was broadcaster Pete Gross “voice of the Seahawks”. Most of the time when you listen to a broadcaster, it is apparent in his voice that he is merely killing time between this job and his next. But not Pete, he was no flat liner. You could tell by listening to him that he was one of the biggest Seahawk fans in the emerald city.

His money phrase was “TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS!” and to this day, you will find many forum users who close out their post with it. It brings a smile to my face to see that. I would listen to Pete regardless of having it on my TV. The combination of Pete and watching it was great. The day he passed away was a very sad Seahawk moment for me. I still continue to listen to Steve Raible, but he will never live up to my expectations. Nobody will because I compare them to Pete Gross.

It was at half time of the Carolina playoff game that I really wished Pete was here to finally see his team playing this well, and going to the Super Bowl. It’s funny, after all these years I still miss Pete Gross, who was such a big part of my early Seahawk expierence.

When Qwest field was built, a lot of people wondered why they built it without a roof. The Seahawks front office had several reasons why. Even though they won’t admit it, the real reason is, so Pete can watch his team. Rest in peace my friend.

Touchdown Seahawks!

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Hawks have maxed out their season ticket sales

While making my season ticket payment today I was chatting with the customer service guy and he said that season ticket holders will not be able to buy single game tickets ahead of the general public this year. Apparently there's a law that says a certain percentage of tickets must be made available to the general public, but the Hawks have sold so many season tickets that they have none left to set aside.

Anyone planning on picking up a single tickets should plan on buying the first day--July 29th--or you might not get a ticket. Or a least not anything under $200.

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3 Down

The Seattle Seahawks released 3 players today. A day after the June 1st cuts the Seahawks released wide recievers Alex Bannister and Jerheme Urban and undrafted free agent defensive tackle Garret McIntyre.

Now collarbone has managed to break his collarbone the two past years, doing what, i don't know. He has missed much of both seasons but did make it as a pro bowl gunner in 2003. I don't think his production will be missed much since me and alba's boy Josh Scobey has filled in at gunner and even had more tackles then Bannister's pro bowl season. Alex Bannister will be most famously remembered as the guy who over ran his route in our playoff loss to the Packers, and thus "We want the ball and we're gonna score" was proven wrong even though Hass did throw a touchdown, even if it was to the wrong team. He did get a nice pay day right before the 2005 season so i don't know how his contract will effect the teams salary cap. Honestly i won't miss him Scobey has done an outstanfing job and the only thing i will miss about Bannister will be calling him Collarbone.

Urban was a undrafted free agent who did some pretty nice things for us. Unfortunatley he also had injury problems. He was key in this years Dallas victory but i will remeber him for getting out jumped by a tight end during a onside kick in a Dallas defeat two years ago on Monday Night Football. I guess white man really can't jump. Last year we released him after he got injured then re-signed after i guess Mack Strong intervention now why did we re-sign him and pay him a salary if we're gonna cut him now.

McIntyre, never heard of him we're stacked at d tackle so have a nice time getting a job. Sorry i can;t comment on ya buddy.

The Wide recievers look going into training camp and pre season is this:


This should be pretty intense and i am looking forward to seeing it during pre season.

I'm sorry if the pictur causes you pain, but this season should have erased all of that.