Monday, October 31, 2005

NFC West Update: Week 9

We're half way home on the 2005 NFL season and what a weird one its been.

The Eagles and Pats aren't as scary as they used to be, the Giants are good, and then there's that whole NFC North mess.

But is there a weirder division than the NFC West? Not standings wise, but story wise? You have the 49ers who will start Cody Pickett, the Cardinals crumbling under the expectations of this season, and now the Rams have their second head coach have heart problems.

As weird as it might sound, the most normal team is Seattle. There seem to be no troubles coming into the season's second half (other than Shaun Alexander still unsigned). The team is playing well, there's no side stories coming out of Kirkland, and all is well.

Time to get to it...

The standings:
Seattle 5-2 (2-0)
St. Louis 4-4 (1-2)
Arizona 2-5 (1-2)
San Fransisco 2-5 (1-1)

Saint Louis Rams
Last week: 24-21 win over Jacksonville
Threat to win the division: Medium

The skinny: The Rams get an upgrade this week because, in this stretch of games they were supposed to lose, they won. No Bulger, Bruce, Holt, or Little was supposed to mean a 2-6 start to the season. Instead, Jamie Martin and co. get the Rams to .500 using a running game (gasp) and even more surprising, actually good defense.

Last week against the Saints, the Rams trailed 14-0 early. The defense kept them in it until the offense figured out a way to score. And that offense will find ways to score.

Now, the Rams have a week off to get healthy and prepare for the Seahawks. The arsenal will be full at Qwest Field in two weeks.

This week: Bye

Arizona Cardinals
Last week: 34-13 loss to Dallas
Threat to win division: Low

Talk about desperation time in the desert. If Arizona loses to the Seahawks on Sunday they can have no better than a .500 record in the division, and will have been swept by Seattle. (The same goes for the Rams in two weeks).

When Drew Bledsoe throws for more yards than your offensive gained all together, what does that speak the loudest about? Your defense, for giving up 220 yards through the air, or your offense that could generate only 213 yards.

On the bright side, if Neil Rackers doesn't make the Pro Bowl something's up. He had a 52 and 47 yarder in the loss to Dallas. He hasn't missed a kick all season, and has made 11 from 40 yards out.

And how bad is it when the only person on the team worth talking about is the kicker?

This week: vs. Seattle

San Fransisco 49ers
Last week: 15-10 win over Tampa Bay
Threat to win the division: Low

The skinny: Here's a stat: 9-6. Thats the combined record of San Fran's two victims, St. louis and Tampa Bay.

The 49ers might be the biggest example of parody in the NFL. This is a terrible team, yet they are tied for third in the division, and have two quality wins (looking record wise)

And now...they are led by Cody Pickett. Pickett was a good college qb, but I wasn't even aware he was in the NFL...ever. He was 4th on the depth chart two weeks ago, a place sometimes filled by punters. I still think they give Rattay the short end of the stick.

Not much to say about the 49ers except...don't overlook them.

This week: vs New York Giant

Enjoy the games,


monkey's rant part dux

I read the responses to my first rant, some which seemed to agree and others which disagreed. But I just simply had to make some points regarding the responses I got which either disagreed or that said I was making too big of an issue out of it.

First off, I think that you guys misunderstand the overall importance of media coverage. You guys can say, "I would rather be the underdogs and sneak up on people" or "who really cares what the national media says anyway" all you want, and I truly understand where you are coming from. Problem is, you guys are really missing just what national media coverage brings to a team.

Underdogs and Cinderella stories are terrific, it's always fun to be David slaying Goliath, but the fact of the matter is, Goliath wins that matchup 99 times out of 100 and Cinderella is a fairy tale.
National exposure brings several things to a team that you guys seem to be overlooking; firstly, national recognition brings respect, and a fear, to those teams we face.
Back in the day when there were dynasties, before parity, there were teams who got all kinds of national exposure, who honestly had the game won before they even stepped out onto the field. The other teams didn't really believe that they had a chance against them, and so for them the battle was already lost.
The mental game is just as important as the physical game, and when teams line up against the Patriots or the Eagles or the Falcons or the Colts, they fear them. Even if they think they can beat them, they fear them. And a large amount of that fear comes from the media telling them week after week after week just how good these teams are. Granted in this parity driven league this is not the factor that it used to be in the days of dynasties, but it is still a big part.
With exposure comes respect, and with respect comes fear, and fear paralyzes.

More importantly however, is the fact that exposure, brings talent. Talented players WANT to go play for teams that have respect and have national exposure. They DON'T want to play in Egypt where they get no exposure. The really great players WANT to see themselves on ESPN, they WANT to be talked about and debated about in the media.
Can I prove that statement? YES! The proof is in the fact that every single year, free agents go to teams where the national exposure is high, and where they have a chance to win. The players themselves all talk about respect until everyone is sick of hearing it. The players themselves are constantly talking about how their particular team didn't get any respect. What do they mean by respect? MEDIA ATTENTION!!! Todays players equate respect with national exposure, plain and simple, and teams that get no national exposure, get no respect, and therefore don't get the big name, big time, game changing athletes.

Why is it that every single year, teams like the Cardinals, and the Saints, or whatever other perenially crappy team you can think of, ALWAYS draft high and can never seem to assemble a talented team? Are these teams really so inept in the draft that they simply do not know talent? Or is that, due to lack of national exposure, as soon as these players contracts run out, they bolt for bigger and better things? If you are honest, you know the answer to that question.
A few years back for example, the Cardinals drafted Simean Rice, a very gifted athlete, who floundered in mediocrity in Arizona, uuntil when finally his contract ran out, he bolted to the team which at that time was getting all the media hype, the Buccaneers. Suddenly Simean Rice seemed to become overnight a great DE. Was it really that all of a sudden he just got better? Or was it that reallly he had been great all along but now suddenly the media began talking about it? Again if you are being honest you know the answer to that question.
The Bengals who were called the Bungles for so many years, couldn't ever seem to get it together, until they hired a coach who was a media darling. Suddenly, almost magically good players decided they wanted to go play in Cincinatti. Coincidence? Nope, simply the power of media exposure. After all, who wanted to go play for a team who nobody respected? But now the media was paying attention after this big hiring, and voila; players said for the first time in almost 20 years, gee maybe I will think about going to play for the Bengals.
When is the last time that you heard a player talk about how he would just love to go play in Seattle? That's right, it never happens. But I bet it would if the media was talking about what a great team we had all the time, like they do with the Eagles.
Bottom line is, if you think that players don't care about exposure you are flat out stupid or insane. Exposure drives up the price of their contracts, exposure makes a good player like Derek Jeter, (and that's what he is, a good player NOT a great player) into a hero of legendary proportions, bigger than life. Jeter is a sure fire hall of famer, but when you look at his actual numbers, there is no way he belongs there. So why will he get in? Because he has become bigger than his numbers, because of the national media.

If you were a great football player who had been drafted by some crappy team like the Saints and your contract ran out, where would you go? If you said that you would resign with the Saints you are a liar of epic proportions! If you said Seattle, you need to seek therapy for being a pathological liar. You would go to the place where you had the best chance of winning, and got the most face time. You would go to the place that gave you the best chance of becoming a household name, of cashing in the biggest paycheck and becoming a legend.

Remember when Eli Manning got drafted by the Chargers and he didn't want to play ther? Do you think that was because he doesn't like beautiful sunny days and warm weather? Do you think that he preferred playing in New York because he likes high crime and hot dogs? He preferred to play in New York because he thought that over the long haul he had a better chance to make his career into something legendary in New York. Because of the team assembled there? Hell no, everyone knew that the Chargers had the better team. NATIONAL EXPOSURE is the answer, period end of story!
He knows, like everyone who is being honest with themselves knows, that the Giants, whether they have ups or downs, will always be able to aquire talent, and will always be able to eventually come out of their slumps. Why? Because of the media exposure. Players will always want to play in New York, because they know beforehand that they have a chance to go beyond being thought of as a good player, they can be thought of as a legend.
Think I am wrong? Well try this on for size, two hall of fame baseball players, one playing on the east coast with that huge media machine, one playing in San Diego. The players numbers in San Diego over his career are simply breathtaking and far better than the numbers from the player on the east coast. Yet the player from the east coast is revered at a level very disproportionate to his numbers, while the player from San Diego is lagrely forgotten about outside of people who remember seeing him play and really followed the sport, or outside of San Diego. Of course you have guessed by now that I am talking about Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn. Cal is a hero on par with Ted Williams, while Gwynn is only remembered as a very good hitter. Yet Gwynn was at the very least every bit as good a player, and if you look at the numbers, was actually a FAR better player hands down. So what was the difference? National exposure!

Last point, then I am done. Why do you guys all say that you enjoy being the underdog? I for one don't get it. Underdog just means loveable loser. Me personally I would rather be the heavy favorite, the team that every team is scared spitless of facing, the team that everybody knows has a great chance to win it all every year.
I would much rather be the Yankees than the Cubs, or the Lakers, than the Cavaliers. HELLOOOOOO! Being the Cinderella or the underdog sneaking up on people just means that usually you SUCK!!! But hey if guys like being thought of as losers, well...I guess there's no accounting for taste. Me personally, I would rather be thought of as the baddest boy on the block, the one guy who everyone points to and says, you don't even want to mess with him, rather than "Don't even give me the Seahawks, they are a joke."

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming!

As of last night, the BYE week is officially concluded, which means it's time to get back to the business of locking up the NFC West.

We won't have Mr. Brenda to bat around this week, but with Boldin hurting and the rest of the team being pretty much the same as in September, this should be more like the Houston game, and less like the Cowboys.

The team has been doing a GREAT job of shedding monkeys like Madonna sheds her clothes, so it's time to break the game-after-the-bye-week curse, especially with the Rams hanging around like the ugly best friend of the hot chick you're trying to take home after the party.

It will be nice to hear ACTUAL Seahawks news coming out of Kirkland, after a 5 day hiatus that felt more like a month. And it will feel so good to shut up the media blowhard pundits like Mike Ditka and Michael Irvin as the Seahawks take care of the first of a three game sweep of NFC West opponents.

That all being said, we can't take any of the three teams lightly, as we saw what can happen to teams that do. Just ask the Buccaneers, who this morning have to be feeling like the lone alterboy who accidentally wandered into a room filled with defrocked priests.


Sunday, October 30, 2005

TWM Marathon: Halloween Edition!

monkey's rant: What I have learned from the media

Here at almost the halfway point of the season, I thought it may be informative to talk about what I have learned thus far about the Seahawks from the "experts" in the media. I will start at the beginning so as to put it into proper perspective.

In the offseason, I learned from the media that this team had WAY too many front office problems to be competitive. John Clayton, for example, wrote us off very early on, giving us virtually no chance, by loudly proclaiming that our front office problems were the worst in the NFL and that it could only lead to on field performance issues.

I also learned that because Shaun Alexander had not been signed to a long term deal our Offense would suffer, and we would not be able to score enough points to overcome the problems our (pathetic) Defense would cause for us on the field.

I learned that our Defense, after losing two linebackers (Anthony Simmons and Chad Brown, who were hurt so often, they hardly ever played), would be horrible. Never mind that we signed Sharper (who the media grudgingly admitted was halfway decent, though obviously not nearly as good as the two linebackers the Rams signed over the offseason, or the two we lost), and never mind that through the draft we aquired linebackers like Lofa Tatupu to fill the void. Besides, I learned from the media that Lofa Tatutpu was a HUGE reach in the second round, that he was way too slow and way too small to ever be productive in the NFL.

I learned that two guys who we simply let walk away, Okeafor and Huff, were so special that they would immediately, along with Kurt Warner, make the Cardinals the team to beat in the NFC West. Even adding Bryce Fisher to our DLine would not be nearly enough to replace the (apparently) incredible Chike Okeafor.

I learned from the media that we will finish third in our division behind the Cardinals (who will win the division) and the Rams who will finish a close second and most likely get a wildcard berth, while we miss the playoffs altogether.

In the preseason I learned nothing really, because on one hand the media has to make a big deal out of the preseason to get anyone to care, but at the same time has to constantly point out that the preseason really means nothing. Even the information that we can gather for ourselves, by watching the individual performances on the field in the preseason do not really mean anything, even though, when those performances come from media darlings, or from media darling teams, they CLEARLY mean a great deal. If that sounds confusing, let me explain it this way; if the Eagles win a preseason game, it is because they are an AWESOME team, if the Seahawks win a preseason game, it is because the preseason doesn't mean anything. If Dante Culpepper, lights it up in a preseason game, it is because he is a world class athlete who is obviously ready for the season to begin. If Matt Hasselbeck lights it up in the preseason, it is because the preseason doesn't really mean anything.

Here's what I've learned in the regular season so far.

In the first week of the regular season I learned that the Jaguars were not a great team but rather, just a decent team with little chance of making the playoffs; and that by losing to the Jaguars, the Seahawks were obviously nowhere even close to being a playoff contender.

In the second week, (before hand anyway) I learned that the Falcons were an elite team, maybe even better than the Eagles who they had beaten in week one and we had no chance whatsoever against this juggernaut.
Of course after we beat the Falcons, I learned that we only won due to the fact that the Falcons played a HORRIBLE game, nowhere near what they were capable of, probably due to the fact that they were coming off such a big win. Apparently this was a letdown game for them.

In the third week, I learned that even though we easily beat the Cardinals, (the preseason darlings to win the division) this did not mean that we were the team to beat in the west or even a good team at all.
Here I must admit that I am still a bit hazy on the reasons given for how the media could have been wrong about the Cardinals, but I did learn that it was clearly through no fault of thier own and that the Cardinals were obviously not a good team, so therefore our victory over them really meant nothing.

In the fourth week, I learned that the Redskins (like the Jaguars) were not really a very good team, even though admittedly thier defense was among the leagues best like the Jags, and in spite of the fact that up to that point they were unbeaten.
I also learned that the media is very good at saying "see I told you so." The media was very quick to point out that the Seahawks are still chokers, who still do not know how to win close games on the road.

In the fifth week, I learned (before the game) that according to several sources, including Sports Weekly, we had no chance against the mighty Rams in St. Louis and that Marc Bulger, who is an elite QB in the NFL would "absolutely chew up our secondary picking us apart all game long," leaving us once again the hapless Seahawks, who cannot get over the hump of mediocrity.
After the game I learned that the media is very good at making excuses for being wrong and that obviously the Rams just had an off day. This DID NOT mean however that we were a good team, NO, far from it, it just meant that...well..., (here the information I got from the media was a bit hazy).

In week six, I learned before the game that we were actually the favorites to win, but that we would most likely play down to the competition, and just barely squeak one out, since we still haven't learned how to really put an opponent away. Afterwards I learned that the Texans are simply so bad that even the pathetic Forty Niners would have destroyed the Texans like we did, only maybe even worse.

I also learned from Michael Irvin, (who has been saying all along that the Seahawks were a terrible team), that when discussing the top teams in the NFC, we must leave out the Seahawks because they should not be considered among the best in the NFC. To quote his words "SEATTLE! Don't even give me Seattle hehehe, they're a joke!" Then he went on to explain that the best teams in the NFC were the Eagles (mostly because of T.O. who is clearly not a mere mortal but is at the very least a demi-god who definintely needs to get paid whatever he wants, and the Falcons because of Michael Vick, who even though he is only a QB and not a WR also neatly fits into the demi-god label. (I was not able to discover why it is that the Falcons were clearly so much better than us even though we had already beaten them, but I am sure there is a perfectly good explanation). He then told the world that we had no chance against the Cowboys.

In week seven I learned that the Cowboys just played a bad game, that they just choked one away. (Michael Irvin did not really want to discuss it, he just simply said that he had no idea how the Cowboys managed to lose this game, then went on to discuss what were obviously much more interesting things, like how he had been the greatest WR to ever play in Dallas if not in the entire NFL). Once again, this victory does not mean that we are a good team, just very, very lucky.

This of course brings us to the bye week, so let me summarise. Thus far I have learned that the Seahawks are clearly NOT a good team no matter how many games they win, because we only win, due to the fact that the other team had a bad game.

I have learned that beating teams like the Rams on the road, the Cowboys and the Falcons does not mean we are better than them, just lucky.

I have learned the truth about the Seahawks can be more clearly seen in thier two close losses on the road.

I have learned that no matter how many games we win, the Seahawks should not be considered among the leagues best, (though the reasons that this is true are still rather vague).

I have learned that if you work in the media, it is perfectly OK to say one thing early on then abruptly do a 180 degree turn around, and say something completely different later on, after you are proven to be wrong. It's OK to pretend that you had been actually saying the second thing all along. It is also perfectly OK to not only break your ankles jumping off and onto bandwagons, but to pretend that you had really been on the new bandwagon all along.

I am now learning that the "experts" who early on had said that we had no chance, are perfectly within thier rights to now say that they had claimed we would have a chance all along, while at the same time, still maintaining that we are not a very good team. (I know this sounds confusing, but apparently it is true, because the media said it is).

Most importantly I have learned that the media and all the "experts" are NEVER, EVER really wrong, there are always perfectly good (though somewhat confusing) explanations for how they missed it.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Friday, October 28, 2005

Tuesdays With Moron-athon, Part III

Seahawks 2006 free agents

Here's the list of Seahawks free agents after this season...

Shaun Alexander
Steve Hutchinson
Peter Warrick
Mack Strong
Tom Rouen
John Howell
Joe Jurevicius
Joe Tafoya
Jimmy Williams
Rodney Bailey
Marquand Manuel
Kevin Bentley

Rocky Bernard
Josh Brown
Ryan Hannam
Jordan Babineaux
Maurice Morris
Wayne Hunter
Seneca Wallace

Thursday, October 27, 2005

TWM: Marathon Edition

Been talking about doing something to relieve the bye week...noone said no to a TWM Ill get it going for a little while...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Grilled Tuna Delight!

The only thing sweeter than beating the Cowboys, is seeing their coach completely lose his shizzle during the game! Click on the image or external link to access this week's crickler titled "Grilled Tuna Delight."

NFC West update Week 8

Gather around boys and girls...its story time.

Last season I was visiting some family up in Chicago. So, instead of the Seahawks game, we got the Bears. Understandable. I, of course, was not watching the Bears.

I was watching the scroll at the bottom of the screen...waiting for it to show the Seahawks score. Seattle vs. Arizona. One of those games we should win.

This being last year, we didn't. Eventually the scroll showed that we trailed by three, and Arizona magically had the ball back. Once they put up Hasselbeck's numbers, they had added an interception.

I put my head down and cursed quietly. To which my brother asked, "What are you, a Red Sox fan?"

In a way, we are like Red Sox fans. We sit there waiting for the other shoe to drop. Even when we got the ball back with 4 minutes left against the Rams two weeks ago, I told my friend I wouldn't relax. I've seen this before. We'll go three and out, and they'll get the ball. Sure enough, we did. They fumbled, and all was right with the world.

So, what does this have to do with the NFC West Update? Well, there have been some calls for me to rank everyone as a low threat to win the division. And while there's that feeling of "Why do I think that blown call in the Saints-Rams game will come back to haunt us?" I'm also starting to believe that yes, we will run away with this, regardless of what everyone else does.

So, the Seahawks have a bye, but the rest of the division doesn't. And you can be sure that our rivals will be eager to gain half a game on us.

The standings:
Seattle 5-2 (2-0)
Saint Louis 3-4 (1-2)
Arizona 2-4 (1-2)
San Fransisco 1-5 (1-1)

Saint Louis Rams
Last week: 28-17 win of New Orleans
Threat to win the division: Fine. Its low.

The skinny: A rams fan actually told me that it was about time St. Louis got a call to go their way. I wanted to rattle off a list of times the Seahawks had been screwed over (not the least of which the official tripping Bobby Engram in the endzone against St. Louis), but decided to let him have his day. Last week's game will no doubt lead to some revisions of the instant replay rules.

As it stands though, the Rams won and stayed two games back. Jamie Martin looked respectable in the pocket, and with his lack of arm strength, the Rams now run the ball.

The defense played well against New Orleans. After falling behind 14-0, St. Louis held its own and kept its team in the game.

This week: vs. Jacksonville

Arizona Cardinals
Last week: 20-10 win over Tennessee
Threat to win division: Low

The skinny: The Cardinals looked decent as well on Sunday. Josh McCown was able to move the ball, and the defense held its own. After falling behind 10-0, the Cardinals played inspired ball to get the win. Arizona is showing glimpses of what its capable of, and will probably be a contender in the NFC West next year. Until then though, moments like last Sunday will be rare.

This week: at Dallas

San Fransisco 49ers
Last week: 52-17 loss to Washington
Threat to win the division: Low does not even begin to describe it.

The skinny: Mike Nolan gave up on Tim Rattay way to early. The 49ers look lost, unprepared, and just bad out there. Around the league, teams should adopt the Cincinnati plan with young qbs: Sit them a year, let them watch and learn, and then let them go. Carson Palmer has been real good for the Bengals the past two seasons, and will lead them to the playoffs this year. Then Ben rothlisburger screwed it up, and now teams are waiting for their rookies to do the same.

Alex Smith is not Big Ben. Alex Smith is a new version of Kyle Boller.

I don't mean to put all of San fran's woes on Smith though. The team helped Washington get on track offensively. That speaks volumes about their defense.

At this point, the Niners need to try to be a thorn in people's sides, and wonder what they'll do with the first pick.

This week: vs. Tampa Bay

Enjoy the games,


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Power 5

I know power rankings dont mean a lot...but its nice to see the Hawks in the Top 5. So are these teams real contenders or just pretenders ??? how will each of these teams fare??? Any one care to take a guess??

For what it's worth here is what I think of the Power 5:

1) The Colts -
They look like the real deal...but undefeated...I think not. I also do not believe that they will be in the super bowl. Final record 14-2 or 13-3.

2) The Steelers -
My pick to represent the AFC in the super bowl. This is a tough gritty team and they have a great QB. Final record 12-4.

3) The Bucs -
Great start but health issues at RB ( I dont think the Caddy can hold up all season) and no Greise equals trouble. granted Simms could be that good ...but I just don't believe he is ready. Final record 10-6. They lose in second round of playoffs.

4) The Broncos -
Don't they look great! But losing last week and their recent playoff history has me believeing that they are a pretender. Final record 11-5.

5) The Seahawks -
I may catch some heat for this but...I think we have a real shot at a couple of things...first the next 3 games for the Hawks are winnable...if we do we are 8-2 heading into Philly. Philly looks beatable at home. The Giants are not the same team on the road as they are at home. That means the real true test will be the Colts. That said I believe that the Seahawks will be 12-4 and will get home field through out the playoffs!

Well I put myself out on a limb...what do you think?

Tuesdays With Morons!

For anyone who may be new or just lurking, Tuesdays with Morons is where we post a picture and you provide the comical or ironic caption.

Just click the Comment section below and give it your best shot.

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Bye Bye Love!

Here we are officially in the bye week, which means we need to find something to do to occupy ourselves for two weeks, until we visit the Cardinals on November 6th.

Since we all might not have a paring knife and spare potato at our disposal, let's use this thread for a little housekeeping and creative ideas surrounding the blog, so we can be all set to make the stretch run into the playoffs...and beyond.


A few items come to mind under this topic, and we can use the link above to either add to the list or expound upon them.

* CONTRIBUTORS: There are a bunch of contributors in the list that we never hear from. Does anyone know why? Should we reach out to them to see if they're still interested in the blog? Should we comb the other forums and cherry pick some new contributors?

* FORM & FUNCTION: Are there any improvements we can make to the layout of the blog? Do folks use the drop down menus on the right? FAQ Page? Links List? Do we need the Hot Topics area now that we have the Recent Posts area? Does anyone use the Archive drop down?

* FEATURES: Suggestions and feedback on Contributor Awards? Tuesdays with Morons? Cricklers? Thursdays with Idiots? Adopt a Seahawk? Mon-KEYS to the Game? Sports Spyder? Email Alerts? Vistor Map? Game Day Chat?


While I think this is a great place for Seahawks news and insights without the in-fighting and personal attacks of the other fan sites, I'm wondering if it is getting the traffic it deserves. How do we increase exposure of this site, along with add new features and functions, without dragging it into the gutter or overtax those who are already maintaining the blog?

Are there any other sites that do something cool that we should try to emulate (aka steal) or incorporate into 12SS? Is there anything we're currently doing that we should not be doing, or doing differently? More often? Less Often?

Sorry that I don't have any real creative ideas for this section, just a bunch of questions, but I thought I'd lay this stuff out since we have some time to discuss!


(in case anyone is wondering, I found that picture on the internet, and didn't carve the potato myself!)

Monkey's Banana Peel Award

The award given to the offensive and defensive players who best slip up the opposition.

This was a game which I thought we would lose, even before the game began, I thought we would lose. We were facing what I think is the leagues best defense in Dallas, without our two top recievers. I knew that we would get no run support because Dallas defense has the talent to take away the run. I honestly had no expectation of winning this game, but I had hope. I hoped like mad that we could finally turn the corner and win one of these big games, against a tough opponent, and I could not be more impressed.
Sitting in a room full of 30+ Cowgirl fans (including my brother) getting pull tabs thrown at me and yelled at to leave, as the lone representative for the Hawks, this was a game that I will never forget as long as I live. Our defense hasn't looked this good since the days of Jacob Green, Kenny Easley, etc... This was the kind of game that separates the contenders from the pretenders, and this team stepped up to the challange. In many ways, to me this was a bigger win than the win two weeks ago in St. Louis!


Slipping the Clutch

In the wake of yesterday's win, I just wanted to repost this topic from September 16, and chalk it up as ANOTHER QUESTION ANSWERED by this team.


I read a question on one of the other forums the other day, but it is lingering in my primative cranium.

We all are very aware of how the defense has come up with some clutch plays to win games last year, ala Michael Boulware. (But then again, they also lost games in the opposite manner). But what about the offense? Historically, the offense usually performs better in general than the defense, but that's not what I'm talking about.

When is the last time the offense came up with great, game winning play in the clutch?

Alan's D.O.G. vs Dallas

As I read over the recaps of this game, still in a bit of disbelief, I find myself asking the same question: does anybody out of Seattle realize what happened?

In 31 NFL cities today, fans will read that Seattle beat Dalls 13-10 on a last second field goal. Some might even recall that the Seahawks were three point favorites, so no big deal. They did what they were suppoed to.

In Seattle though, we know differently. We didn't do what we usually do.

Gameday chat was full of things like, "Why do we come out flat in respect games?". It had all the makings of a typical Seattle heartbreaker: the win within sight, but then have the door slammed shut before the team realizes it.

Even Mother Nature had planned on it being just another loss for the Hawks. She had the post game drizzle all set for the fans to walk home in. It turned out to be a victory shower.

I can't settle for just one D.O.G. We need two, one on each side of the ball. The defense played way to well for this to be a one award game.

The Full Story

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Citizen K Likes This award

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Holy $h1t what a win! This was exactly the same as the Redskins game, down to the miracle interception off a poorly thrown ball leading to the field goal try. Except that Brown made the field goal this time...

This One's on Check Award (SEA v DAL)

First things first: Yes this is the same picture from last week. But no, I didn't simply borrow it, and not down my drink. Now onto further business...

Before I discuss who really needs a drink after this one, I'd like to hand out a couple of props. Obvious props to Josh Brown whom I had previously expounded the virtues of, before turning my back and crucifying him after the Washington game. My bad Josh. I'd like to think that the drink I bought you helped you put that game out of your mind so that you could be the hero this week.
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Moonlight Graham Award

In terms of Moonlight, this game was a total eclipse for 3-and-a-half quarters.

Instead of a player or two stepping out of obscurity, the league's number one offense seemed to be slipping into it, and the Seahawks seemed poised to once again give away an important game, at home, and with the national media finally getting behind them again.

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Seattle Seahawks' Jimmy Williams, left, and Marquand Manuel carry a Ken Hamlin jersey on the field after their game against the Dallas Cowboys, Sunday, Oct. 23, 2005, in Seattle. Hamlin, the Seahawks starting safety, was hospitalized following a bar fight a week earlier. The Seahawks won, 13-10.

Dawn Of Tomorrow

Something is in the air. Not only the atmosphere, but literally Seahawks...swooping around the nfl...they have arrived.

Look at what Sando has said:

Wow, you would not believe the feeling in that locker room after the game. It’s probably a good thing they have a week off to get their bearings again (and get healthier). Dallas dominated this game in many ways. To see the Seahawks hang in there and come up with some huge plays to win in that fashion … it’s the type of victory that can put a team over the top. I know that sounds clichĂ©, but the camaraderie in that locker room is why guys have a hard time retiring. I’ve never seen anything like it in a Seattle locker room during seven-plus seasons covering this team. I’m going to get working now, but I’ll check back later.

Thats incredible to hear...we all knew we deserved a game like this, going OUR way for once...the feeling is unbelieveable, in the battle of the top two NFC teams, in a defensive battle with a defensive specialist team, who crippled our offense all day...the fight continued, until the Seahawks arrived...swooped down, and picked off their prey...leaving the remainder of the NFL on the lookout...

My friends...The Seahawks Have Arrived, and they brought new wings, a new atmosphere, and a new dawn...the Dawn Of Tomorrow...

GAMEDAY: Cowboys @ Seahawks

Welcome to SeaWorld!

With the matchup between the TUNA and the WALRUS, someone better bring a big-ass bucket of chum to the game!!!

Last week we showed America what we're all about on National TV. This week, we're going to show America's Team that crime doesn't pay, after they stole that game from us last year!

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Love That Dockers Chick!


Friday, October 21, 2005

From SEA(hawk) to Shining SEA(hawk)!

We all know that wherever we live, on Game Day all our hearts reside in that little red dot.

However, as we prepare to play the "America's Team", I got to thinking how impressed I've always been at the breadth and depth of the Seattle Seahawks fan base, across North America and around the world! So while they may be "America's Team", I'm declaring us "the official football team of the planet Earth!"

OK, maybe I'm getting a little carried away, but I saw a link on the PI Fan forum to a Seahawks fan map, and decided that we should ask everyone to throw an electronic pushpin in the new 12SeahawksStreet map, so we can see where our Contributors and Visitors are coming from.

Just click the globe, or either link above, and then click Add Yourself. All you need to do is enter your name (or handle), zip code, a "shout out" message and an optional picture, so there's no personal information or email spam risk in doing so.

I've already gotten the ball rolling, so let's keep it going!

SIDE NOTE: For the skimmers out there, if you look at the bottom of the page, where the comments can be seen, there is a thing that lets you subscribe the map to your email, where it will send you daily emails when new people add on...for the curious ones. - ADP

Thursday, October 20, 2005

NFC West Update week 7

Another week rolls by in the NFL Season, and with it comes a clear favorite in the NFC West: The Seattle Seahawks. With the Cardinals and 49ers struggling, and the Rams relying on their backup quarterback, the Seahawks can take a commanding lead in the division if they take care of business. Of course, the injury to Ken Hamlin will affect the Seahawks as well. That said, Seattle still should be able to win some games and increase their two game lead.

The standings:
Seattle 4-2 (2-0)
St. Louis 2-4 (1-2)
Arizona 1-4 (1-2)
San Fransisco 1-4 (1-1)

Saint Louis Rams
Last week: 45-28 loss to Indianapolis
Threat to win the division: Medium
Why: I used to grade each team threat wise based off of one high, low, and medium. Thats not the case anymore. There are two teams that are out of it, and then there's the Rams who aren't out of it yet.

But, to say that their chance of winning the division is high is simply not true. With Marc Bulger going down, Saint Louis is relying on Jamie Martin. Martin has a career qb rating of 80.6, 15 TD's 15 INTs. Those numbers won't get the job done. Saint Louis can no longer lose turnover battles and win games. The offense isn't as potent, and the defense got worse from last season.

The Rams get a bit of a break this week when they host New Orleans.

Arizona Cardinals
Last week: Bye
Threat to win division: Low
Why: Because there's a good chance that if you had anybody but Neil Rackers on your fantasy team thats a Cardinal, you got a season high in points last week. The Cardinals are turning into the West's Detroit: talented recivers, no talent behind center. Kurt Warner didn't have it early in the year, and Josh McCown never got it. Bad combination. The Cardinals best bet might be to make a run for the number one pick and get Matt Leinart.

And no, it is NEVER to early to begin thinking about the draft. Especially when you've been outscored 134-94.

This week Arizona hosts Tennessee.

San Fransisco 49ers
Last week: Bye
Threat to win division: Low
Why: I was shocked when they put Alex Smith in at starter two weeks ago. I guess the Niners figure they have nothing to lose at this point, and maybe the kid will pull a Rothliesburger. Well, his rating in his first start was a 12.5. There will be better days for Smith, but they aren't now. He tossed four INTs and was sacked seven times. Rough day.

The Niners dealt Tim Rattay to Tampa Bay for a draft pick.

Smith gets his 2nd creer start in Washington this week.

Enjoy the games,


How do you like me NOW?!?!

So after so much bally-who about his poor clock management, poor play calling, poor health and poor outlook for continuing his career past this season early in the season, followed by some quality wins and a decidedly well called game vs. Houston, how do we feel about Coach Holmgren now? I admittedly have criticized or opined about him for all the above issues, thinking maybe he had lost the fire. He certainly seems to be in mid-season form right now, just in time for mid-season. Does anyone still want to fire him? How about induct him into the ring of honor? Let's hear it 'Hawk fans, what are your thoughts this week?

Payback Time

To start off this post, I would like to put in a quote from our amazing fullback, Mack Strong:

"Now we have a job to do and we’ve got to get it done. This will definitely be an incentive to play better Sunday against Dallas.
We need to do it for Ken."

This upcoming game is symbolic for the 2005 Seahawks for many reasons. First obviously, this game could be seen as retribution for all the b.s. our team had to go through last year. The Cowboy game last year was in a sense the manifestation of every problem we had last year in a single game. Bad officiating, check, playing with no heart in the second half, check, letting other teams come back when they should be done, check.

But, enough about the past, because frankly, I am sick of hearing it brought up against us. We all know that this team is drastically different from any of the previous Holmgren teams. This is a team that simply wont put up with any of the hoops that this league and the press seem to make us want to jump through. We are a team that simply says, any game, anywhere, we will play to beat you. Yeah our away record could use some work, but what game haven't we been in? What game haven't at some point along the way, have we not looked like one of the top teams in the league? In alot of ways, this reminds me of some of the few great Seahawks teams of the past. People said we were done, we had missed our "window". Maybe our window closed, but the door just opened.

Finally this game is about heart. We lost one of the most emotional leaders of our defense. Does this mean we give up and say, it wasn't our fault? Absolutely not. This game is about that. It doesn't matter that these Dallas Cowboys had nothing to do with what happened to Ken Hamlin. What does matter is they think as well as the media, that we will go quietly in the night. Its time to show them we are wrong.

I've had this game circled with as much importance as the St. Louis games. Even more so. We by any means on paper, should beat St. Loius. So beating them was important. But this game is even more then that. Dallas, by any means, is pretty much our equal. But what Dallas doesn't have, is our sense of hunger. Because our team is hungry, hungry to prove to everyone, that you do NOT come up here and beat us in our own stadium. Not when we must do it for everyone who ever supported us in the past, present or future.

Especially for Ken.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

If I Had A Hammer

With all the news circulating over the Hamlin incident, anyone remember that we had a game on national TV last week? Click on the image or external link to access this week's crickler titled "If I Had A Hammer".

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Truth Behind the Disappearance of Bluefoot!


From and Rich Eisen...

The Seahawks receivers are actually catching the football: And they're doing it by committee. With leading receivers Bobby Engram and Darrell Jackson out for the time being (and yet still on pace to top last year's totals), Matt Hasselbeck still hit six different receivers in the Sunday night win. Many of you, however, will scoff, saying any passing offense can look like a well-oiled machine against the Houston Texans these days. But, the week before, Hasselbeck hit eight different receivers in beating St. Louis. It's time to recognize: Seattle's receiving corps has been stringing together a few solid outings in a row, led by the resurgent Joe Jurevicius, whose four receiving touchdowns in six games would have been good enough for second most on the team all of last season. Even Bengals outcast Peter Warrick got into the act Sunday night. Plus, the corps includes two guys named Jeremy who don't even come close to spelling their names that way: receiver Jerheme Urban and tight end Jerramy Stevens. Any way you slice it, it's all adding up to one phat (which is how Jerheme's parents spell it) Pro Bowl season in the making for Hasselbeck, who's hitting on (an unheard of in Seattle) 66 percent of his passes. Once again, the NFC West is Seattle's division to lose.

Send Get Well Greetings to Ken

Click the graphic to send a Get Well Greeting to Ken through the hospital's web site.


Since everyone is doing so well reserving comment until all the facts are in, I thought I'd create this topic and blow to hell all that stellar behavior!

We've all heard the cliche "Better to turn and walk away, and live to fight another day", and I'm sure all wish Ken Hamlin had the sense to shut it down, walk away, and be in the starting lineup for the rest of the season.

However, I seem to remember that we all were also surprised when none of the old Seahawks attempted to take off T.O.'s head after the Sharpie incident, and let's face it, Ken Hamlin is one of our favorite Seahawks for his aggressive nature and viscious hits on the field.

I'm sure we all wish our star players wouldn't be spilling out onto the street at closing time of a local club, but we also have to realize that these are macho guys in their mid-20s with huge amounts of disposable income, so we can't expect them to be staying home watching cable every night.

I was in my mid-20s once, and I gotta tell you, if I had that kind of scratch, there's no way I would be sitting where I am right now. I'd be in rehab, in jail or dead.

The point is that every day, life presents us with an endless series of options and choices, and our lives continue to unfold as we chose and react to each given set of circumstances. Sometimes, you don't even realize you're making a choice, like boarding a flight where the pilot is 3-sheets to the wind, or where 6 of the passengers are packing box cutters.

Not knowing all the facts, we do know this. Ken Hamlin was in a situation that went seriously wrong, based on some choices he made, and some that were made for him. Does this make him a bad guy, or an unlucky bastard?

I'm not sure we'll ever know the full story, but I'm sure we all have our own opinions!

TWM: What's That Smell?

I figured we all could use a diversion from the Ken Hamilin Situation update the picture or external link for a larger version, and let the captioning begin!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Hamlin in Harborview

LATEST UPDATE: Bizarre Coincidence between Brawl and Murder Investigation.

The Seattle Times article today includes a link to a video from KING5 but it show much more.

KOMO TV has a surveillance video of the fight. I can't really tell who is who, but according to the club owner, Hamlin was the aggressor and sucker punched one of the guys.

I got the video link from Sando's blog, and here's his take on it:

No matter what TV reports imply or appear to show, we need to remember that police describe Hamlin as a VICTIM of assault in this case. The police report CONTRADICTS what the club owner is saying here. These are important things to remember in analyzing the situation. The video shows part of the story. It is one snippet.

Link to Mike Sando's blog
(check on the Comments in the Monday Update topic)

Check out the Comments here for new updates on this breaking story, and to post whatever you may be hearing or feeling.

UPDATE: How IT Went Down

This One's on Check Award (SEA v HOU)

Boy howdy, after an ass pounding like that, who do you buy a drink for? Houstons offensive line probably needs a drink, but if their ability to hold liquor is anything similar to their ability to hold a block, then this one shot could probably drop the whole group of them, and still leave enough to wash the taste of Suzy Kolber out of my mouth...
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Alan's D.O.G. vs Houston

Let's face it. As a fan based that used to force restraint when it comes to gushing about our team, we dominated in this one. And when national announcers are buttering up the Seahawks as if Donnovan McNabb and Terrel Owens were on the offense...well, celebrate if you want. We've earned it (just don't get to high there)

In a 42-10 game there are a lot of drives that fit the category for D.O.G. But, there can be just one. So, Seahawk Nation I give you the second scoring drive of the game.

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Citizen K Likes This

Citizen K really likes Shaun Alexander, AKA "Mr. Seahauk." What in the world is there not to like about a guy who regularly scores two to four touchdowns per week, leads the league in rushing yardage, yards per attempt, and scoring touchdowns?...

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Moonlight Graham Award

Midnight Cowboy!

Given the current hour in the Eastern Time Zone, I arrived at the title of this week's Moonlight Graham Award, which should make it no surprise that it is going to ...

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Hello America, We're the Seattle Seahawks!

This is our first opportunity to introduce the National audience to the rebuilt, refocused, retooled and rededicated Seattle Seahawks. Dreamt last night of a 63-0 blowout, so let's hope that was prophetic.

Join us TONIGHT in LIVE GAMEDAY CHAT by clicking on the jersey with your number.

All Seahawks fans are welcome, no membership, no registration. After a couple of failed experiments, the 'Super Flooble' is back, with some mods to help with navigation. Your feedback is appreciated.

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Week #5 Crickler

Thursdays with Idiots

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The Rockettes called, they want their front line back.

Texans QB David Carr is on pace to break his own season record of being sacked 76 times by more than 30.

The Texans are averaging 89 net yards passing per game.

I'm definitely going to need a beer for this one.

How many times will the Seahawks sack the QB?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thursdays With Idiots

If you don't understand what to do, look at the image, and take a wild guess at who the image is could be a CURRENT or FORMER Seahawk...Ill give you 3 clues...and a bonus for those who may need it.

Clue #1: Michael Boulware thinks it sucks when an olinesmen falls on him...but falling receivers certainly won't make you grin!

Clue #2: Seattle was great, and those smiles...I never had to fake it...while Buffalo is more interesting...I love it and I hate it!

Clue #3: Birds are great in that they are so quick and guile, but I still prefer a slippery pet, namely a reptile!

Bonus Clue: I used to be one of the best while I was around, but since then, that bridge has fallen down!

Last Week's Answer: Cortez Kennedy...Kennedy...Ill explain the clues in the thread...

Try to solve it in one clue, as only can an idiot who is true! Next week, Ill reveal the answer...please do not cheat or post pics...give it a chance...are you an idiot?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Monkey's Banana Peel Award

Better late than never, Monkey has just posted his Week 5 Banana Peel Award, so I thought I'd create this topic to tip people off that it's there.

Tastes Just Like Mutton!

What's that stuck in your teeth? A little left over lamb? Click on the image or external link to access this week's crickler titled "Tastes Just Like Mutton".

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Patriot Act

Finally coming down from the euphoria of actually beating the Lambs in St. Louis, I started to think more about HOW we won the game and how this team has been responding to adversity this season.

Porkchop Womack and Itula Mili go down before week one? No problem. In steps Sean Locklear, Jerramy Stevens and Ryan Hannam, and our offense is off to a great start.

Ray Rhodes suffers minor stroke and is participating at limited capacty? No problem. In steaps John Marshall and our defensive schemes are more unpredicable and aggressive than they ever had been.

Lose Bobby Engram and Darrell Jackson the week before the most important game on our schedule? No problem. In steps Joe Jurevicius, D.J. Hackett and Jerheme Urban, and the offense continues to click on all cylinders.

Have one of our inspirational young leaders on defense get carted off the field on a stretcher? No problem. In steps Marquand Manuel and we finally bury our "Arch" enemies on their own field.

Not to get too far ahead of ourselves this early in the season, but if they were going to make a movie about the 2005 Seahawks at this stage of the game, it would have to be titled "The Patriot Act"!

Playing his role as Scott Pioli with more likeness and reality than Jamie Foxx brought to the film "Ray", Tim Ruskell has really created a true "team" atmosphere here in Seattle, and has built character and depth to a point where we can absorb these critical blows that would have easily derailed Seahawks teams of the recent past.

Need fresh legs on the interior of the defensive line? No problem. In comes Joe Tafoya and Rocky Bernard to continue to apply pressure on the opposing QB.

Need better production and field position from your punting team? No problem. Adious Senor Araguz and in steps Tom Rouen, who skillfully pinned the Rams deep in their own end all day.

Obviously, Ruskell is not solely responsible for all of these players, but he should be credited for bringing in a new focus and outlook for the entire franchise, along with a sense of urgency and a rededicated commitment from the entire front office.

So I'm hoping that this way off Broadway production of "The Patriot Act" is a long running success, in the mode of "Cats" or "The Producers", and I'm already looking forward to the sequel next year!


Monday, October 10, 2005

Welcome to 12 Seahawks Way

W5: The Streeties

Click the links below to see the recipients of the Week #5 "Streeties" - the 12 Seahawks Street Blog Contributor awards. This was a big week for this team, so expect some pretty special awards. Each award is given for a specific accompishment by a player or the team, which is somehow particular to the sponsoring contributor. Any contributor can create and present a "Streetie", and any visitor can provide comments on each award, either agreeing or disagreeing with the selection logic and winner.

So, without any further review, the "Streeties" go to...

Alan's DOG: Drive of the Game *NEW!

Bluefoot's Weekly Grades

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