Sunday, December 31, 2006

Week 17: Seahawks 23, Buccaneers 7 - Carnage in Tampa

The Seahawks got a little momentum to go into the playoffs with a 23-7 win over Tampa Bay. The win, however, came with a price. Kelly Herdon broke his left ankle in the first quarter, Jimmy Williams, his backup, got carted off with a left knee injury in the fourth quarter, and Leroy Hill got a concussion.

The offense got back on track this week. Matt Hasselbeck went 17 of 29 with 216 yards and a TD pass to the above-pictured DJ Hackett. Shaun Alexander rushed 28 times for 92 yards and a TD. The offense did a good job of sustaining drives, having 4 of their 9 drives go for 10 or more plays. They dominated time of possession, 37:20-22:40, including having the ball for the last 9:33 of the game.

Seattle will host the Cowgirls next weekend at Qwest Field for a NFC Wild Card game. It promises to be a shootout, as neither team has much of a pass defense. The Cowgirls finished their regular season with a two-game losing streak, including a 39-31 home loss to Detroit today. It will be Hass, Shaun, Deion, (hopefully) D-Jack, and DJ vs. Tony Homo Romo, Sharpie Boy (TO), Terry Glenn, Jason Witten, and Marion Barber.

UPDATE: The game will be on Saturday, January 6, at 5:00 pm PST. (televised on NBC)

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Gameday, SEA vs. TB: It's time to prove it

We know it. The players know it. Even the pedomorhic broadcasters at NFL Network know it.

The Seattle Seahawks have a lot riding on this game. Not in standings or seeding, that means nothing now. There is nothing to be gained or lost. Literally, the Seahawks could activate the Seagals for today's contest without effect.

This is all about confidence. The Seahawks, as individuals, have talked about how good they are. Their actions belied their claim. It's true, there is an abundance of talent on this squad, but they so far are only as good as their record says they are.

Sure, they've had a lot of good reasons, with the injuries to key offensive players. But that's over. The cavalry has returned. It's time to make it happen.

This team knows it needs to have a good win under it's belt, which is why Holmgren is NOT resting any starters today. THEY MUST PROVE THEY ARE AS GOOD AS THEY THINK THEY ARE. They need to give themselves reason to believe that they belong in the playoffs, and that they can, and will, experience success.

The only way they can to that is to friggin' OBLITERATE the Bucs today. I look forward to it.


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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Branch Seeks Advice From Jerry Rice

No, he's not looking for dance moves. He's not looking for stock tips.

He just wants to catch the damn ball. As reported by

""I feel I let everybody down. My teammates. Friends. Family,'' Branch said of his disastrous day in San Diego's 20-17 comeback win over the slumping Seahawks (8-7).

""I never want to have that feeling again."

"Branch sought out advice recently from the now-retired NFL record holder for receptions, yards and touchdowns.

""Jerry told me, 'I never made every catch, either," Branch said,

Note to self: When I'm underperforming, call Jerry Rice. He'll make me feel better as I stand in the unemployment line.

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Tweaks for Geeks

I'm playing around with the site again. I would appreciate some feedback, if you don't mind, on some changes:

1. I've added a Google search dedicated to this site and subsites, as you can see in the left pane. Hopefully, this will eliminate the need to use categories (like some sites use) and will render the archive menu obsolete. Right now, it doesn't work. Google Co-op is fixing the indexing system (This is still in BETA). Eventually the search will work, but the cool thing: The results will show up right here!

2. I adjusted the font color in the left and right hand panes. It sucked before, with that annoying blue. What do you think now?

3. I added a gradient, lighter color backdrop. You can probably only see it, past the edges of the blog, if you have your resolution wider than 1024 pixels. Is this better or worse?

4. Soon to come: A revised menu system. A web site can only be as cool as its menus.

5. Also soon to come: "Latest Posts" will truly reflect the most recent posts to the blog, not just the ones that were posted previous to the one you are currently viewing. That always bugged me. Now, with the latest in RSS technology, we can have it, with a little coding.

You got any other ideas?

BTW, what does Colleen have to do with this subject? I'm pretending to be her on this post, talking to you. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to be in the bedroom for a while... alone.

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's All Brandon Marshall's Fault

I came neither to praise Michael Boulware nor bury him. He certainly has his limitations as a safety but it's funny how the "great nose for the ball" he had two seasons ago now apparently suffers from a major sinus infection. (Remember the game-saving pick against the Dolphins; the huge forced fumble against Tom Brady in what eventually turned into a loss at New England?)

Rhythm and momentum are fickle things, both within the context of a single game and within the context of a season. Except for one play, what would the press be writing about "Marty Ball" and "trying to win with a young quarterback in crunch time" in San Diego? What would they be writing about the Seahawks “rounding into playoff form?” The reality is that Seattle's secondary has played poorly virtually since game three. This is in part an indictment of the overall talent in that group and in part an indictment of the defensive line’s step backward this season.

Continued on Page Two...

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Power of the 12th Man

I must be the only one not pissed off by the Hawks game.

Let it be known, from this day forth, I have the absolute coolest daughter on the planet. You see, I am, was rather, a Qwest virgin.

I know, I know, you guy’s are thinking... WHA….??!

“The MaxHawk” has never been violated at the Qwest??

No my Com-padres, as hard as is to believe, the incredulous “MaxHawk” had, until Sunday, never gone into the military zone.

I was set to spend Seahawks Sunday “AND” Christmas Eve with my first offspring, which in it self is a double bonus for me. Bar hop’n Pioneer Square & hooking up with the girl and the Groz from KJR Sports Radio at the J&M. Sounds like a riot to me. I figure the brat can finally see what a nut case her father is at the “Suds House” when the Hawks are battling.

Oh she’d seen me watch the game at home many a time and tilted an Irish toast or two with me at the beer swillin’ meat market but hadn’t the chance to see the real deal when I’m stirring the patrons up at the local watering hole during the game.

When I arrived at the pub to meet my long lost girl, she slapped me…………………..
With two tickets to the Charger game.

Third row up, just below the Crows Nest in the corner of the end zone. Sir Alexander ran that TD right up my alley. Saw the hole open from around twenty-five yards out, saw him burn the turf right down our throat for the score.

Bitch’n seats.

Now how in Sam Shiester can I be the loudest guy at the bar, when I’m at the game getting snuffed by 68,000 screaming Maniacs? Damn it Man!

Guy’s… she doesn’t even like football…. And she took me to the house. She sat there, in the pourin’ rain for three and a half-hours, watching her freak father unload his terror, along with the rest of the Seahawk faithful, on the Charger offense.

THAT, is the coolest part of that, my friends.

That is why I am giving the MaxVP award to the fans for this game. We were a solid factor in giving the Seahawk defense 40 yards of offense. Tipping the scales of the NFL leading 50, count’m, 50 false start penalties against opponents with Minnesota trailing 2nd at a distant 37.

While I may have been a Qwest virgin, I have spent many a day in the Temple of Doom. I know what loud is.

EX Seahawk and KIRO play by play man, Steve Raible, claimed during that controversial “Can you hear us now” Giants game, “This place has to be as loud as the Kingdome”.

As much respect as I have for Steve, I was ever skeptical. I know first hand how loud a Jet engine was in the Kingdome. Heard it damn near every game I attended.
I don’t see how it could have gotten any louder in the stadium than it was on Sunday. It was, plainly put, nipple hard loud.

Was it as loud as the dome? No.

However, it was close. It just didn’t have the same snap in it that the old girl had in her. We are the loudest outdoor Stadium in the NFL, they all admit to that.
I’d say, “with 50 false start penalties, WE ARE THE LOUDEST STADIUM IN THE NFL!!

Pipe that noise out ch’yer Keister.

With fans like Heather, making sure that the loudest guy she knew was at the game, giving support to our boys in neon green and blue and helping to make us the best fans of all ‘cause my big ass mouth finally showed up.

It’s just one more in a long line of reasons, that that the fans won this game, even if the Hawks didn’t.

We kicked San Diego’s asses, plain and simple. The 12th man did not lose this game.

Punky, I’ve seriously got years worth of bragging right’s over that little stunt.
This is my best Christmas ever, I’m such a lucky dog.

Hope y’all have a MaxHawk Christmas like I did.

Thanks Brat, you just made a really great memory. How cool are you?

Oh and uhhh…. I’m still wearing the ticket.

A very humbled, MaxHawk, 12 Street Writer

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What I Learned From... Playing the NFL's best today

Ugh, that touchdown pass was hard to swallow. But for once this season, I was proud of the effort. It's rare I feel like this after a loss. Let's just hope that feeling's occasion stays rare.

1. I was proud of the 12th man, who brought it all game, and made a difference. I'm proud to be among them, win or lose.

2. I was proud of Shaun Alexander, plowing through defenders for much of the game.

3. I was proud of the defense for making the Bolts a one dimensional team.

4. I was proud of the way the defensive front seven, with the help of Boulware, held Tomlinson to 2.9 yards per carry in 21 of his 22 touches.

5. I was proud of the team for not losing focus after the refs brought back Burelson's TD on the basis of that egregiously rediculous holding call.

6. I was proud of this team for grappling back the lead. That was tough to do against a strong running team.

7. I was proud of Bobby Engram making a difference in his comeback.

8. I wish I could tell you how freaking amazing that 72 yard punt was, to see it in person. Most long punts get that way from bobbling along the ground for much of the distance. This was that long in the air. It was sorely needed, and made the difference in a 0-0 game. Game ball for Plack.

9. I was proud of Kelly Jennings, for playing so well for Trufant. He made some great coverage plays. Game ball for Twig.

10. My heart sinks for Boulware. I mean, really, I feel bad for him. He let the winning TD go over his head, and that's why he was benched in the first place. His contributions to the game can't be ignored, though, I think he was a big difference in keeping Tomlinson at bay for most of the game. But that had to hurt, in the context of this season. Have you heard his comments after the game? Mike Sando provides them here. It's a must listen. His forthrightness and determination are commendable. Something like this could be a real turning point...

11. Having said that, I would like to see Boulware at the starting SS in the base set, with Babinaux in that position in the nickel, similar to the way Bierra was handled on '04. (Ironically, that's who Boulware replaced mid-season that year.) But that may not be feasible with Trufant out.

12. What's wrong with Branch's hands? It looked like he was trying to catch the ball with axe handles. Suck it up, millionaire.

13. Tatupu was a Pro-Bowler Sunday. He played like it.

14. For once, Stevens dropping balls is not a topic.

15. Garlic fries RULE!

16. The Seahawks are NFC West Champions again! Thank you Santa!!!

Here's to boner-worthy moments!

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Week 16: Chargers 20, Seahawks 17 - Christmas in Seattle!

The Seattle Seahawks have clinched their third NFC Worst West Division Championship. They celebrated by giving the San Diego Chargers a last-minute win. Once again, the Seahawks secondary blew a coverage, and Philip Rivers connected with Vincent Jackson for the second time for the game-winning TD.

But enough of the negativity. (I'm sure that "realist" "pessimist" will bring plenty of that along with his/her incorrect spelling of "Seahawks") Here are the bright spots:

1. The 'Hawks didn't get down trailing 10-0 and 13-7. They came back and got the lead.
2. LT didn't score, and with the exception of his 62 yard run in the second quarter, was contained.
3. Shaun Alexander outdueled LT, outgaining him 140-123 and outscoring him 2 TDs to 0.

4. The Seahawks won the NFC West (OK, by default, but I'm going to take it) and are going to be in the playoffs.

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Well, Here Goes Nothing...

In a few short hours I'll be leaving with a caravan of the 12th man's finest over Sonqualamie pass to grace my face with Seahawks football and garlic fries, and damn, I'm nervous about this one. The Chargers are on a roll, rock solid fundamentally, and our Seahawks are knocking hard on mediocrities' door.

At this stage of life, I can only afford to go to one of these games per season. But I sure know how to pick 'em. What a pivotal game. If the Seahawks manage to pull out a win against what is arguably the hottest team in the NFL right now, it will do wonders for their confidence heading into the postseason, and change the outlook on a playoff run considerably.

If they lose? It'll validate everything I fear about the state of the team.

But I'm still gonna do my job as the 12th man. Time to yell. Relentlessly.

First, a couple of keys to the game for the Seahawks:

1. Catch the damn ball.
2. Get ahead early. The best way to slow Tomlinson is to take the game away from him.
3. Keep focused on offense. Play like your season rides on this game.
4. Sign a 278 lb fat dude's NFC Champs hat in section 207.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Hunt For Lombardi

Does anybody actually think that the Hawks stand a snowballs chance against the Chargers? Do any of you really think with the way this team has been performing that we will get past the wild card round in the playoffs with the sad state in which our highly talented team has bungled this season?

We were talking about the high probability of this team having home field advantage this season. Now we are murmuring a possible wild card birth. If Frisco wins out and the Hawks drop Tampa and San Diego, Seattle my friends, is a wild card. Hmmm, seems to me that NOBODY saw San-Fran possibly winning the division, with an 8-8 record at that. We, as fans, foolishly assumed that we would be 10-6 at worst this season. Nobody figured that we could wind up 8-8.

No Siree, Bob. We did not. I assumed, as stated earlier this season, that Seattle would split with Arizona, which we did, then sweep the 9ers. We did not. Had the Hawks simply taken care of the boys in the bay we would be 10-4 right now, still in the hunt for home field advantage. If not, at least through the first two rounds. The cold hard facts of reality are stating that the hunt for Lombardi is fading at a blinding rate. History tells us that at 8-6, we will not make it to the show. Not this season.

Oh we have the talent. But we keep losing damned good talent and replacing it with damned good talent. Had Seattle managed to keep a few key players as well as acquired the bad ass talent that they have amassed, things could be much different. Seattle might be a Juggernaut by now.

Case in point. Ken Lucas. Even I saw that mistake a mile away. Notice, since that bungled move the Hawks have been getting burned a lot more by the long ball.

Chike’ O-Keifer. I’m not sure that many have noticed that since his departure, long runs against our defense have well, swelled to say the least.

Steve Hutchinson…………….. How important is it to protect the QB? Not much else I can state here but the obvious. Other than the biggest screw up by our new GM, Tim Ruskell, of his tenure.

Jurvy, What can I say? We lost attitude and swagger in the wideout slot when we lost that guy.

Can I rest the demise of this season entirely on these player losses? No. But it’s entirely plausible that we would not have lost Matt had it not been for the Hutch fiasco. That alone would account for two losses against the season and you know that losing Shaun accounted for at least a game putting Seattle at 11 up and 3 down when we see it in that light.

Now don't even get me started on injuries across the board. Matt, Bobby, D-Jack Pork Chop, Tobeck, Sir Alexander and has anybody even seen Jamie Sharper? How much money did that cost again?

If this team decides that it can beat anybody in the NFL, we may just pull off the same unlikely scenario Pittsburgh pulled off last season.


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Monday, December 18, 2006

Give Me A Reasom To Believe

I need a little help here. I need help from the Seattle Seahawks and the my fellow twelfth men and bloggers. In this two game losing streak I find myself looking for hope, looking for inspiration, looking for a reason to believe and I need it from you guys.

I’m not looking for excuses to the reason that we have lost two very winnable games and haven’t clinched the division yet and are crappy 8-6. No I don’t want to hear about the injuries we had this season, and I don’t want to hear about the loss of Hutch.

Seattle has the talent and the potential to get to the top to win the Super Bowl but they haven’t been able to show that as of late. I don’t know why but the high powered offense that the Seahawks possessed for the past few years has been really crappy as of late. The line really doesn’t seam to get a push up front for Alexander. Finally they got their act together and learned to pass protect but now Hasselbeck can’t find a receiver and when he does they drop it. We turn the ball over at the most inopportune times and can’t sustain a drive. The defense well they miss a lot of tackles, pressure isn’t always there but this is about blasting the offense.

All this stuff that’s wrong with the offense mind boggles me. In the past few years we have had a really good offense. 2 years ago we dropped balls left and right and we were still a top ten offense. A few years back Hutch got injured and was out but we still had a good offense. A few years ago we got used to getting a big lead so that the defense could blow it in the 4th quarter. Now we have to hope that the defense could hold up before the offense decides to come up with a miracle 4th quarter to win it.

Except for the Cardinals game which was about a foot short every time the offense needed a game winning drive in the 4th quarter we got it. So I kind of know we can do it, but for some reason the offense doesn’t play with that kind of urgency every drive. I don’t know how Hasselbeck can have that much time in the pocket like he has had recently and not find an open receiver, its absurd.

As the saying goes COME ON SEATTLE. Win the next two games in a convincing fashion. Show me that this offense can start clicking. Give the defense a chance to play with passion. Give me a reason to believe that we can make it to Miami.

So my fellow Seahawk fans give me that reason. Reassure me that we can win again and make it to the Super bowl. I know it hurts right now but lets think big, hope big dream big, and maybe come Sunday the Seahawks will give us all a reason to believe again.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sundays with Idiots

Post challenge: avoid the use of gay clichés. True, they are always good for a chuckle, but try to prove your wittiness by working in some other genres of humor.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Citizen K Likes This Award 12-14-06

After a little deliberation Citizen K decided to bestow some Like Awards upon select Seahawks following their vanquishment by the 49ers. Considering the game's outcome, there seems to be little to like about the game. However, if you really look at the game as a whole, (and are myopic enough to be able to ignore that flashing yellow "24-14" on the scoreboard,) there were several positives to take from the effort.

Citizen K likes D.J. "DJ Hackett" Hackett, the Hawks' leading receiver each of the past three games. The coaching staff and quarterbacks are starting to believe in his abilities, and his play is justifying that confidence. He seemingly always makes great grabs, on a variety of routes; he's been sent in the flat, up the middle, on the fly patterns, and on the out routes, always managing to get great position and catch the ball securely with his hands. Hackett would make a great free-agent target by some club in need of a good wide receiver, and Citizen K predicts he'd have a breakout year if given a starting slot. The Hawks must lock him up this offseason, and use him as the third WR.

Thus, if this isn't Bobby Engram's last year in Seattle, well, something's wrong. With Jackson, Branch, and Burleson locked up for awhile, and with Hackett's emergence, the uncertainty surrounding Engram's "thyroid condition" can be a simple pretext for dismissing him for next season. No questions will arise, and the Hawks will get a new third WR with more speed and size than Engram, with similar route-running and catching abilities and a common discernment for the first-down markers.

Citizen K likes (liked?) the first half defense by the Seahawks. "Al" (nice one, Bryant Gumbel) Gore was totally stuffed, limited to less than 40 yards at less than 2 per carry. The passing game was in shambles, with the Hawks' D-backs playing relentless defense. Three-and-outs were the standard for the visitors. The defense did their part, however the offense was mired in a critical bout of dropsy. Without that crucial assistance from the opposite side of the ball, the undersized "pre-Viagra" D was typically unable to keep it up for the entire game.

Citizen K does not like Kelly Herndon. He gave up his usual huge pass play, and far more detrimentally, failed to finish his tackle, missing an easy sack on a third down, which directly benefited the 49ers when Smith subsequently tossed his first TD strike. He did have a big hit or two (which, to his credit, he normally performs in a game,) but overall his negatives far outweighed his positives.

Citizen K similarly did not like "Make A Play--Any Play" Babs. His undersizedness was totally exposed as he tried to make plays—kind of like that creepy old guy who used to frequent the area under the bleachers at the Little League field... Not that either the creepy old guy or Babineaux are truly that scary, though; when either of them get their hands or body on a guy, he inevitably finds a way to break away, so no worries, Little Leaguers...

Err... Citizen K likes the Offensive Line. This unit, for the most part, kept the 49ers rush well at bay throughout the game. Hasselbeck was given loads of time, and the rushing game was pretty good in the first third to half of the game. Unfortunately they were betrayed by their more speedy squadmates' inability to hang on to third down catches. Stevens, Branch, and Burleson each had at least one potential first down whiff through their fingers—Stevens, most egregiously, at least twice. If the Hawks could just quit turning the ball over and dropping it their record would likely be much, much better. Turnovers have played an even larger role than the drops, however. Last season the Hawks were +9 for the season, good enough for third in the NFC, whereas they're currently -5, at twelfth in the conference. That speaks volumes for the commonly-bemoaned "incosistency" plaguing the team. If they could just hang on to the ball--both on catches and while running, they'd be so much better.

That's all--gotta go watch "Talladega Nights."

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What I Learned From... Getting Outplayed By the San Francisco Packers

1. There are more dropped balls with the Seahawks than the "Heaven's Gate Away Team".
2. If they kept a grip of their balls, this game is completely different, just like CitizenK said.
3. I HATE THE NFL NETWORK. Bryant Gumbel is the rich man's Steve Urkle. And an effing idiot.
4. The offense is in the toilet on 3rd down. I think part of the reason is they are in such a damn hurry to run the next play, they aren't thinking. It's sort of like trying to clean the house while it's on fire.
5. I think part of the reason the defense crapped out late is that the offense was in such a damn hurry, they got off the field in nothing flat and hung the defense out to dry.
6. I called out Julian Peterson last week, doubting his fire. He showed a lot more this week. Thanks for reading the blog, JP.
7. "Realist" is a living, breathing, mound of human feces. He's probably gratified to read this, but I am even happier to have delete his classless post. I will be even happier to continue this activity.
8. Hasselbeck is still a true competitor.
9. San Francisco, like Arizona, is a team on the rise, whether I like it or not. Just like steam rises from a pile of dog crap.
10. Holmgren is a good coach. He's the same one that was a genius last season. Unfortunately, his name will continue to be defecated in blogs, boards, and columns, because his receivers won't catch anything short of a handoff, and therefore kills any chance of success for which to give him credit.
11. The referees did a poor job keeping DB's honest last night. They were getting away with unlawful carnal knowledge on Seattle's receivers. It didn't cost Seattle the game, but it sure didn't help Seattle catch any passes either.
12. Seattle's defense tackled ok early, but it was their own offense that was their worst enemy.
13. I'm too pissed to write about much else.


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Miles and Miles and Miles

Gene Hackman played a professional coach in a movie loosely based on the NFL strike. With Keanu Reeves as his quarterback, his team was high flying, having fun, and winning games. Brett Cullen crossed the picket line, and rejoined the team as the starting QB to try to make a run at the playoffs. At halftime, the team was losing, and no one could really figure out why, or what it would take to come back. Hackman makes reference to another movie, “Damn Yankees”, and in doing so prescribes the cure for the rest of the Seahawks season. “Miles and miles and miles of heart.”

When I watch this team, I don’t have the sense that anything specific is wrong. I watched the Cardinals game live, and it never seemed like they were doing anything that was seriously detrimental. The turnovers hurt, and big plays stung a little, but overall they should have been easily overcome. As I watched the 49ers game, I saw much of the same thing, minor mistakes, but nothing that should have hindered the team. But I did notice that the team is not playing with the same fire they once did.

Many people will make comparisons to last season. I agree fully with Mike Sando that last season was something to be proud of, but not something to expect every year. My complaint about the fire and passion being gone isn’t related to last season, it’s related to my entire life of watching the Hawks. I have difficulties remembering any Hawks team that didn’t play to win. Even during the lean years, I can remember defensive players flying around and making big hits, and offensive players playing above their potential and doing everything in their power to get things done. But this year I see drops, arm tackles, poor blocking, confusion by blitzers, and I wonder where it all comes from, and where it all ends.

Is it coaching? I’m a huge Holmgren supporter, but is he really doing everything he needs to in order to get the team up for every game?

Is it leadership? From what Gumbel was saying last night, Hutch used to get into peoples faces to get the O-Line straightened up, and no one is doing that now. Maybe he was a loss, not from a playing standpoint, but from a leadership role?

Is the team reading the reports? Negative news can drag a team down to a point where they have no energy too.

I don’t have answers for everything plaguing the team. 7 different O-Line combinations is awful tough to overcome. Losing your QB and star RB for much of the season is debilitating for most teams. Losing WRs to injury and illness can drag an offense down. We can complain about injuries and inequities all day long, but really, the thing that seems to be hurting us the most is the listless play. And to fix that, they’ll need heart.

Miles and miles and miles of heart.

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

What I Learned From... Playing Down to the Level of My Opponent

1. Matt Hasselbeck is a true competitor.
2. No matter how much talent and heart you have, you can't expect to pull a magical, game winning drive out of your ass every 4th quarter. Sometimes you need to win in the 3rd.
3. During a booth review, Julian Peterson was laughing and bumping around with Cardinals players on the field, right after it became apparent that the Seahawks were going to lose. JP, where is your shame? Wipe that grin off your face. I want some accountablity here, dammit.
4. I sincerely believe that Matt Hasselbeck was one of the few players on the field after the game that was truly pissed about losing.
5. Josh Brown splitting the uprights--on a kickoff--was a moment I will remember forever.
6. Sucker-punching an opponent after they get a touchdown is abysmal, classless Bull$hit. Adrian Wilson, you are a piece of crap.
7. Seattle recievers CAN catch the ball. This week.
8. In the 3rd quarter, Holmgren got away from the run, and the game got away from Holmgren. If he stuck with the run, Dennis Green would be updating his resume this evening.
9. DJ Hackett is an emerging star, period.
10. This team needs to improve at RG and RT, period.
11. NFL refs are finally making good decisions deciding what plays deserve a booth review.
12. Julian Peterson has rediculous talent, but I am beginning to wonder if he has the fire to lead this defense through the playoffs. Just wondering.
14. Rocky Bernard is hurting.
15. I'm pissed. Just pissed. Pissed that this team has the mysterious ablity to 'turn it on the end', but they know it, took it for granted, and came up short. Pissed, I tell you.
16. Running a 17 yard route on 4th-and-20 leaves something to be desired.
17. Arizona is a team on the rise. (They have to be. They couldn't go any lower, and they won a game.)

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Week 14: Cardinals 27, Seahawks 21 - Choke Job at the Pink Taco

It's 2004 all over again ...

I keep bringing up the 2004 Seahawks because this year's team plays so much like them. So much talent ... yet can't play defense or play well on the road (including a loss in Arizona). I've got to do my Dennis Green impersonation here ... give me a sec ...


You can't give up 14 points off of turnovers in a tight game and expect to win. I don't care if you are playing the Cardinals, YOU CAN NOT DO THAT! You can't be minus 2 in turnover differential against a team that wants to ruin your season in their house. If the Seahawks didn't lose three fumbles, it's 21-13 Seahawks at least, possibly 28-13 or even 35-13. The last fumble by Mack Strong killed all the Seahawks' momentum ... and the underachieving defense gave the Cardinals the lead back.

Another thing about the (lack of) defense, HOW THE F--- CAN YOU HAVE ZERO SACKS AGAINST THE CARDINALS?!?!?!? I know people are saying the Cards have improved their O-line in the past couple of weeks, but not getting a single sack and barely any pressure on Leinart???

It's not all the defense's fault of course. As mentioned above, the lost fumbles (Hass, SA, Strong), along with the drops (D-Jack, Mo, Hackett) and the three sacks at the most inopportune times (3rd and 12) also helped lose the game. (Note to Deion Branch: when you catch a ball short of the first down, stretch BEFORE you hit the ground, not after.)

Yet after throwing away a chance to clinch the division today, the 'Hawks can still clinch the division by beating the 49ers at Qwest Field on Thursday night. (I love the NFC Worst West!)

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Game Day: Seahawks @ Cardinals

Welcome to The Pink Taco!

Is this game going to be a hot and spicy delicacy, or a sloppy mess of rice and beans? Will it be the Cardinals going down like hitch-hiking George Carlin in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, or in their first trip to the Pink Taco, will the Seahawks wind up with a premature mess, like pimply-faced virgin on Prom Night?

There's a lot riding on this game for the Seahawks, and the Cardinals are playing with nothing to lose. Here's some links to enjoy while waiting for the kickoff, and don't forget to drop in at the Seahawk Blue GameDay Chat.

Mike Sando's SeahawksInsider
(Matchup-Breakdown, Seahawks Resigning Asst. Coaches, Pre-Game PodCast)

AZ Cardinal FanHouse
(Enemy Perspective of Offense, Defense and ST matchups)

Five Questions with Enemy Blogger
(Worth checking out if only for the picture!)

SeahawkBlue GameDay Chat

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Beware of the Trap

There is something about this game that makes me extremely nervous. I kind of felt the whole time that we would beat the Broncos I never thought we would for a second think that we would not win and that’s the honest truth. But this game against a 3-9 Cardinals game makes me nervous. Seriously I have turned into adp this week with my nervousness.

The Seahawks are clearly the better team on paper, and talent wise and should probably beat the Cardinals in every aspect of the game but I can’t seem to get rid of the jitters. Maybe its because the Seahawks don’t play as well on the road as they do at home, or maybe its because we are coming off a big win and kind of expect a let down against a inferior opponent, no it’s the former.

For one the Hawks are crazy inconsistent, Fitzgerald and Boldin will kill us if we can’t learn how to tackle damn it. I swear Trufant is the only guy on that team who knows how to tackle. The Cards have been operating a lot more out of the gun since Leinart got the job and that will make it harder to get pressure, and without pressure the Cards have all the skill positions to tear any defense apart. So we need to stop the Cards and get a win, they aren’t going anywhere but boy would they love to tear our season apart.

This is the most important game of the season so far. With a win and a 49ers loss we clinch the division for the third year in a row, but more importantly Dallas and New Orleans are playing each other this week. If we win this game based on the Cowboys, Saints game we will either be in the drivers seat for the 2nd seed in the playoffs or have Dallas off of our backs I want the 2nd seed so go Cowboys.

Lets take advantage of this lets get a win. We are the better team we need to show it on Sunday for 4 quarters. We should win convincingly but I am still nervous. Beware of the trap. Beat the Cardinals take destiny into our own hands.

Only good thing is last time I was this nervous about a trap game we won 42-0 against the Eagles last year, lets get the same results.

Quick Keys to the Game

Run the Ball
Be balanced: I mean when I say run the ball don't do it 6 times in a row like in Denver.

Bring Pressure

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Congratulations SquareHead!

Lost in the last second victory over the Donkos last week wass the fact that we have a new Champion in the second half Knock Out pool, so take a minute to congratulate SquareHead for outlasting the competition.

For some odd reason, first round Champ CalFan decided to go with the Raiders this week, TO WIN, and challenger RockySeahawk was undone by the Browns upset victory over the Chiefs.

It pains me a little to give SquareHead this award though, as he won it by betting on the Stealers. However, given the scarcity of Pittsburgh victories this year, I guess he deserves credit for choosing them on a week that they actually show up to play.

This should do it for scantily clad women in boxing ring settings this season. Thanks to everyone for participating.

Contenders and Picks

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Seahawks Make Roster Moves. Parrish the Thought!

According to Mike Sando on the Seahawk Insider blog, Seattle has made some roster moves today, including placing injured Special Teams ace Josh Scobey on IR, and waiving 4th string quarterback Gibran Hamdan, for the second time this season.

While the Seahawks are sweating out the waiver period, hoping the 49ers don't snap Hamdan back into their fold, another roster move made by San Francisco today may bode well for Seattle's "hit but don't tackle" secondary. In order to make room for much needed Linebacker depth, the 49ers had to release veteran strong safety Tony Parrish, who may very well end up playing against his former team in two weeks...

[Continued at Seahawks FanHouse]

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Welcome Back, Old Friend

Mr. Renner, I presume?

Missed you, man. Seeing "Vinnyhawkalugi" in the blog has ablsolutely made my day.

How are you? Where you been? How about them Seahawks?

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Alba's Dark Angel Award: Week 12

She's Not Under Here - Keep Looking!In preparing for this post, I noticed that I have been remiss in handing out the Dark Angel Award for two weeks now. I could chalk one of them up to an inexplicable loss to the Niners, and the other to the short week after playing on Monday Night, but champions don't make excuses, so I guess I'll just have to own it!

And speaking of champions owning it instead of making excuses, that's what the Seahawks have been doing as well. Sadly, as noted on other posts, they have yet to put together four consecutive quarters of championship caliber football, but despite their mistakes and sloppy play, they've been scratching and clawing and willing themselves to victory each week.

Which brings us to this week's Dark Angel Award. If you think Alan had slim pickins for his D.O.G. award this week, you can imagine how difficult my job is with the way the Seahawks played on Sunday night.

I could take the easy route and give it to Mike Shannahan, who decided to start his rookie QB against the Seahawks, probably hoping that his alleged cannon for an arm would take advantage of Seattle's suspect play in the secondary. Hell, I could give it to Jay Cutler himself for that matter, who seemed to be throwing to visiting team as often as he was targeting his own guys. But I hate the Broncos and everything associated with them, so Mike and Jay better be content with just missing the playoffs and getting a mid-round, vanilla draft pick.

On the Seahawks side of the ball, I gave consideration to backup Tight End, and even further down the depth chart, backup Fullback Will Heller. Nobody ever expected to see 103-year old and strong as an ox Mack Strong leave the game due to injury, but when that happened, Heller was there to answer the bell. After a bit of a shakey start, he seemed to settle into the position, and actually helped Shaun Alexander get going in the second half. But with no rushes and only one catch for 4 yards, we need to look a little further for this week's winner.

Enter Darryl Tapp. On an off night for the defense, and an even worse night for the offense, by halftime our rookie defensive end had more receiving yards than Darrell Jackson and more touchdowns than Shaun Alexander. His heads up play on the Jay Cutler "whirlybird" put Seattle in the game, but ended up being the difference maker in the final score.

Honorable mention has to go to Special Teams standout Josh Scobey, who once again provided outstanding blocking on returns, and great coverage on kicks, being there to down two Gus the Mule punts within the 2 yard line. Scoobs broke a bone in his arm or shoulder in that game, so his availability is unclear for the stretch run, but we wish him a speedy recovery as he's that important to our Special Teams unit.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Potential is Worthless

Dave Boling hits the nail on the head with his latest article, capturing the essence of the Seahawks and their seemingly great potential but perplexing performance. Here's a tidbit:
"How bad was the offense? Well into the third period, defensive end Darryl Tapp had more “receiving” yards than receiver Darrell Jackson, having returned an interception 25 yards. And linebacker Julian Peterson had more “rushing” yards than Shaun Alexander for most of the game, having recovered a fumble and run 25 yards with it."

On thing about this time of year, though - many teams that have spent the first half of the season "playing up to their potential" are beginning to stagger and burn out. Many are beginning to languish from a growing list of key injuries. But some teams, like the Seahawks, are moving ahead late in the season with key players intact, and are positioning themselves for a fine late season run, the fabled "peaking at the right time."

Is that where the Seahawks are right now? It's tough to tell. They haven't put together a solid 4 quarters of football yet this season. For a half, maybe. But there have been too many injuries to key players to build any cohesion or momentum. Every win has been a scrappy dogfight, rather than an excercise of greatness.

But 'potential' is one of those crappy words I hate. Similar to modern use of the word 'closure', the application is vague and leaves the user and listener with a false and contrived understanding of the reality of the situation. A player or a team may appear to have great potential, because of previous moments of luminous performance, followed by an abysmal ability to sustain it.

But the reality is that either a player or team is great because they do great things, or they are not because they don't. 'Potential' is an abstraction that all contenders possess. Who cares if your team has it? I'd rather have the Lombardi trophy. You can keep your potential. The championship belongs to the team that does what it takes to win.

Which is what the Seahawks are doing.

Here's to ramping it up against the 'Tards and Sixty-Niners the next two weeks. Boling is right-- this playoff engine needs some tuning if we're gonna drive this bus all the way to Miami.

What do you think? Are the Seahawks about to hit their stride?

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Alan's D.O.G. at Denver




Oh, yeah, I wrote this. You should read it and leave comments.

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Week 13: Seahawks 23, Broncos 20 - Ice Cold at Mile High

Despite a poor first half, the Seahawks came back and beat the Broncos in Denver, 23-20. I only saw most of the first half, thinking, "Uh-oh, here we go again." Fortunately, the 'Hawks came through once again.

A couple of good things FINALLY happened tonight:
1. The Seahawks won the turnover battle, 5-1, picking off Broncos QB Jake Plummer Jay Cutler twice and recovering 3 Broncos' fumbles.
2. Shaun Alexander scored a rushing TD (the Seahawks' only offensive one).

Like I said before, I only watched most of the first half, so read Cit K's and Bloof's posts for some good analysis. And of course, add your own in the comments.

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Citizen K Likes This Award 12/03/06

Citizen K likes firstfights between retarded midgets. Tonight's spectacle in Denver caused his skin to break out in joypox. Read what he thought about it at Citizen K Likes This, (and pass the Calamine!)

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What I Learned From... Punking an Old Rival Today

I usually post some introductory crap here, but I'm just gonna cut to the list:

1. The Seahawks just won. IN DENVER.
2. There isn't a kicker in the NFL I'd rather have over Josh Brown.
3. Josh brown should treat every FG kick like a game winner.
4. If Josh Brown hit the early misses, the Seahawks could have taken a knee instead of another time out.
5. This team usually wins the ugly games.
6. There needs to be a better backup to a 90 year-old fullback than a 3rd string TE.
7. The commentary by John Madden on Hasselbeck's throwing mechanics it true, but WAY overblown, and the final drive proved it.
8. I still haven't learned why the fellas in the secondary can't tackle.
9. Holmgren should consider giving the halftime speeches before the game.
10. I think teams may have figured out Lofa Tatupu.
11. You heard it here first: Shaun Alexander has lost a step.
12. Holmgren secretly kicks himself for putting Leonard Weaver on IR.
13. Darryl Tapp deserves more playing time. Until then, teams will continue to prosper by running at Wistrom.
14. If Russell Davis gets hurt, this defense will give up rushing yards in egregious bunches.
15. Can I hear an AMEN for Ryan Plackemeier getting a game ball?

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Seattle at Denver: Matchups Analysis

Historically, Denver has been something of a house of horrors for Seattle, especially during the Terrell Davis years. As a fan, you knew that Seattle’s defense knew that Denver was going to hand the ball to Davis running downhill. You knew that Seattle’s defense knew that on 3rd and long Denver would throw deep to Rod Smith. And, you knew that Seattle’s defense knew that they were powerless to stop it. Fortunately, this Sunday, with both teams at 7-4, and looking to establish new identities, none of that history is likely to matter much.

These are new times in
Denver. Mike Shanahan's decision to bench erstwhile golden boy Jake Plummer for rookie Jay Cutler has proven once again that the backup quarterback is always the most popular guy in town. Since this is a Seahawks blog I don’t care to get wrapped up in Denver's QB controversy but I will make one observation about Cutler. Rarely has a rookie QB entered the league with such anticipation without the benefit of most fans and analysts having seen him play many (if any) college games. Vanderbilt, the red-headed stepchild of the fabulously overhyped Southeastern Conference, rarely found itself on national TV. I watched Cutler with some regularity over the 2004 and 2005 seasons, living as I do here in Steve Spurrierville. Ironically, the QB Cutler reminds me of most is Jake Plummer (with a better arm); right down to his penchant for playing his team into games with his right arm and his guts, and out of games with killer picks forced in to double and triple coverage. I anticipate truly interesting times ahead for Bronco fans.

In this game, even the “homerest” of Seahawks homers would have to concede that it would be an upset for
Seattle to leave Denver with a win. Given its overall inconsistency there are too many "ifs" for Seattle to be favored. Denver has played better this year notwithstanding its own inconsistencies. Nevertheless, Seattle has more than a puncher's chance once we look at the matchups closely and factor in some of Denver's unknowns. I will start with special teams then look at both defenses and offenses.

For the rest, turn to Page Two.

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Madden Curse Gets Shoved

It seems weird, but does anyone else get the feeling that Shaun Alexander's 40 carry, 201 yard performance is being overlooked?

The reigning MVP absolutely tees off on the Green Bay defense and the main topic of discussion has been on whether or not Jerramy Stevens can catch a football or not. To me, this makes no sense what so ever. One of the best players to don the Seahawk uniform announces to the league that he's ready to go, possibly adding "Come get some" and we talk about Stevens (who, if I may go old school, is a lucky hooker....he doesn't catch anything. Please tell me you got that reference to last year)

As I thought about this game, does this shut up those yuppies that seemed overjoyed that their beloved "Madden Curse" would carry on for one more year.

**We interrupt this column for a quick rant about "curses"**

Curses do not exist in sports, or anywhere else for that matter. Why do Super Bowl losers not make it back? Injuries, mostly. Its not some voodoo curse. Why have the Cubs not won a World Series in 100 years. Some tin-can eating goat? No, its called fielding a terrible team for 100 years. Why do Madden cover boys go down? Its a physical game, injuries happen. There is no black magic coming out of the EA Sports laboratory. So please, for your own sake, please stop believing in curses.

**Resume not as angry portion of column**

When the player gracing the cover of Madden goes down, SportsCenter barely has enough time to sweep the confetti off the anchor desk before air time. For at least the past three seasons, the demise of these players has been the most anticipated story of the year.

As you might tell, this annoys me just a bit.

So, Shaun goes down with a broken foot, struggles before that, and it seems like the "curse" lives on for another year.

Then Monday night happened. And, I have to ask those who believe that Trip Hawkins is dripping sheep's blood on a #37 jersey, does this one game change your perspective? Perhaps if he'd scored a touchdown it would seem more jinx breaking, but Alexander's performance seems like a good way to start.

For a night, he was himself again. He was the MVP we remember, and its impact was immediately noticeable. And if he can put up these numbers again for the remainder of the season, I think we can finally bury the Madden Curse once and for all.

And then salt the Earth so that it never comes back again.
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Knockout Pool: Week 13

Holy Hannah! There's a Game Tomorrow Night!

Of course, anyone with NFL Network has been getting those "Run To The Playoffs" commercials shoved down our throats since April, so it's really not surprising news afterall. I've just been very busy at work and since I got knocked out, this post hasn't been my number one priority!! I promise I'll update the Contenders and Picks link this week though.

All three remaining contestants survived last week, although I'm sure CalFan was a little nervous during the first 30 minutes of the MNF game.

Your pick must be submitted the day before the game, and if you don't submit a pick for a week you will be DQed. To submit your pick, either post it in the Comments section, or email me at I will post the picks in the Contenders link, along with the teams used each week.

Good luck!

This Week's Matchups

Contenders and Picks

Official Knock Out Pool Rules

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


In light of the recent steroid debate heating up again thanks to Mark McGwire having the nerve to have his name on the Hall Of Fame ballot, and with our old rival meeting up with us once again...I find it fitting to introduce you to two big figures. One literally.

Meet Jay Cutler:

Yes, that, believe it or not, is the most famous of the Jay Cutlers.

Hes got pecks. Hes got arms. Hes got a good hair cut. Hes clearly not shy. But hes not Joe Tafoya. Or his twin brother, Craig Terrill.

Meet Jay Cutler Number Douche...Oops, I Mean Deuce:

Hes getting picks. Hes got two arms...ughhh ok not so much compared to the other guy. And his haircut is as uneven as Dennis Rodman. He may be a little shy cause he clearly hasn't gotten out enough to know that his haircut went out of style after Mo Howard retired from the Three Stooges. I couldn't look at him eye to eye...I know that much.

The former Jay I cant provide depth on. But with that physique you'd have to guess that there is some space to rent between his ears.

The latter Jay is someone who could be decent in his career. He has very good accuracy. His arm strength is enough for him to survive. Hes a very good thinker in the pocket. He has the leadership abilities and the confidence to have players feed off him. Hes tough and athletic. And has a good pocket presence. You must wonder why his college team sucked so much. Can he win in the big leagues?

The biggest problem for him standing in his way is the pressure of the playoff race, while running into a team that is poised to reclaim its throne.

Somewhere, in the great Northwest, someone is breathing heavy. Someone is out for blood. Someone wants him to fear them. The Seahawks. Are the Seahawks finally ready? Or was the last game part of the inconsistency? My thoughts are that this team is ready. Noone knew when they would come back. They were forgotten in the middle of the new powers rising. Does Denver know what they are getting into?

Hush hush.

Jay Cutler, meet the Seahawks---eye to eye.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jerramy Stevens: Ready to Breakout or About to Bust?

I'm not the biggest Jerramy Stevens fan. I got the impression while he was in college that he might be one of those players who always leaves you wanting a little more. I felt Stevens and Seattle would have been better off without each other given his reputation, rap sheet, and the demands of the position in Holmgren's version of the West Coast offense...

See the rest on Page Two

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Matt Hasselbeck Meets Old Man Winter

Oh My God! This was War! In the first quarter Matt was 2004, unsure and inexperienced. In the second quarter, Matt was 2002. Matt has 9 interceptions this season. Not bad considering that the team record is 7-up and 4 down. Thru 11 games Cool Hand Luke has 9 picks. Could be worse. But then again, Matt had only nine thieves cashing in on his ill-gotten bootie though out all of last season, including the Playoffs and the Superbowl. Matt threw more picks last night than the chain gang working on the Rail Road in 1864.

Ok, Ok. So I’m being a bit hard on Mathew. He has after all, given Seattle it’s only Superbowl birth in Franchise history. You’d figure that I would cut him a little slack.

Sorry Matt, that’s the price you pay for tea in China. That’s because you have raised my expectations as a Seahawks fan and for that I thank you. Before you arrived, all we had was Dave Krieg and a couple of really great playoff years. Now we accept nothing less than excellence.

Enter Old Man Winter. He was your Mentor. He showed you what NFL tough was really about. Though you only played under his Tutelage for a meger three years, you and your coach, were wisked away into the Seattle Abyss to start a new Quest. (<---noted)

Mike Holmgren has now been a coach in Seattle longer than he was a coach for the Pack. I didn’t realize that it has been that long.

Bret Farve entered the game as the Lion on the hill. Old Man Winter has played in 16 stadiums that no longer exist, this was his Quest Field debut and it looked for all intensive purposes that he would own this one too. He showed his student that tough still throws laser passes after 13 years as well as long bombs that connect to Donald Driver After the student popped up two picks in his first two possessions. Before we knew it, 12 seconds passed and the Master had racked up yet another TD in his storied career. It wasn’t looking good for Hass. What it was looking like was that the master was going to school the Lamb convincingly. Only there was one small problem, make that two big problems. Mike wasn’t about to let his new student lose to the old student.

Make that his new steam roller. Matt found his Gonya, and rode the Coat tails of Alexander The Great, who took it upon himself to gallop to a Paultry 200 and one of I still love you Shaun, yards. Alexander put this game on his shoulders and Matt followed suit. DJ Hackett fired the first spark late in the first half and Holmgrens half time pep talk fired up the Hawk offense that we have waited the entire season to see. Little did we notice that the Seattle defense refused to not only give up yards, but they refused to give up points thru the third quarter. Had it not been for a few errand passes from our humble leader, the Green bay Packers would have likely put up a mere 10 points in the Monday Night Malay.

Tho I have not been an avid supporter of Jeramy Stevens, I think a record crowd of 68,000 people need to get off his back. All of you fools that are booing him for last nights efforts need to take a reality check. You try taking the shots that he took, like a knee to the ribs at 30 mph in the back and hang on to the damned ball. Go ahead, try it. I'll wait...Tick tock....Thats what I thought.

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Alan's D.O.G.: Week 12 vs Green Bay

It was a tale of two halves, and in the second half, Matt Hasselbeck showed his mentor why he's an elite quarterback in the league. In this week's episode we discuss what a bit of confidence can do for you, attack a marching band, and hand out a D.O.G.

Just not to Jerramy Stevens, because he'd drop it...

or would he?

Find out here.
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Monday, November 27, 2006

Week 12: Seahawks 34, Packers 24 - Matt's Back ... in the Snow!

Matt Hasselbeck played his first game in five weeks, and led the Seahawks to a 34-24 win over the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football. He was rusty, as I'm sure people expected, only throwing for 157 yards and 3 INTs, but he also had 3 TD passes.

Shaun Alexander was THE MAN tonight, running for 201 yards. Unfortunately he didn't get into the endzone, but he carried the offense down to the red zone, and let Hasselbeck, D. J. Hackett, D-Jack, Jerramy Stevens, and Josh Brown score the points.

Since I work nights, I wasn't able to watch the game, so once again I will have to rely on the commentors' excellent analysis. But at least the 'Hawks have a two game lead again in the division, as it should be.

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Keys to the game? How about key to the SEASON

Looking at the outcome of some of yesterday's games, there is still a glimmer of hope to the Seahawks earning HFA in the playoffs. With the Bears taking a boot to the head, the Rams and 49ers taking turns knocking each other out of the NFC West hunt, the Holy Grail of home field is still within reach, provided that Seattle can finally get a run together.

Which takes us to tonights game vs. the inglorious cheeseheads - at first glance, there are the usual overplayed storylines of Holmgren, Farve, Hasselbeck, and whatever the hell else, other than football, that the media likes to talk about. But the real story today is that this season is at a critical juncture for the Seahawks.

Hasselbeck and Alexander are playing together (supposedly healthy) for the just second time this season. We all know what an accomplishement it is to be 7-4 in their absence, but the question still remains:

Will they be that good when they return?

In my opinion, much of the outcome of this season rides, not so much on the arm of Matt Hasselbeck, but on the rusty shoulders of Shaun Alexander.

Think back at the last few games, with Seneca Wallace at the helm. Think about a play where he scrambled out of the pocket in sheer athletic brilliance. Now picture that same play with a definitly less mobile, and slighly injured Hasselbeck. In your mind's eye, do you see what I see? I see a sack, dammit. Not to mention a stalled drive.

Bottom line: Shaun needs to step it up. He needs to be a threat to the opponent's defense, to take the pressure of of Hasselbeck. He also needs to do it to take the pressure off the Seahawks' defense, which plays much better with a lead. Without him, this offense is average, this defense is impotent.

Bring it, Shaun. Make your contract money sing. Put yourself in the ring of honor, not the pit of despair.

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Don't Overlook Good Fortune

There's an old joke about a southern pastor who decided to test his faith when the river overflowed its banks. As the flood waters were rising, a pickup truck drove by the church and the driver called in "Hey father, hop in the back and I'll drive you to safety." To which the preacher replied, "No thank you son, my faith in the Lord will save me."

The waters kept rising and the preacher went to the second floor to seek refuge. Just then a row boat came by and the guy in the boat yelled, "swim on over father, I'll take you to safety." And again the preacher declined, replying "my faith in the Lord will save me."

The water kept rising and the preacher now found himself on the roof of the chapel. Just then, a helicopter swooped by and let down a rope ladder, and the pilot's voice came over the loud speaker, "father, grab the ladder and we'll take you to safety." Steadfast in his beliefs, the preacher declined for the third time, professing "my faith in the Lord will save me."

Sure enough, the waters kept rising and the poor preacher was swept away and drowned.

To say he was a little bit steamed when he reached the gates of heaven would be a bit of an understatement. When he finally got his audience with St. Peter, he vented, "I devoted my whole life to my faith and service to the Lord, and on the ONE day that I needed you, you abandoned me!"

To which St. Peter replied, "What more do you want? We sent the truck, we sent the boat and we sent the helicopter!!!"

Why do I post this story on the blog today? Because with the events of Sunday, I hope the Seahawks don't overlook the same good fortune provided to them by the likes of the Rams, Redskins, Titans and Patriots.

The Rams kept San Francisco at bay, protecting the Seahawks lead in the division. The Redskins and Titans surprised the Panthers and Giants, respectively, taking care of other close NFC competition. And the Patriots delivered another loss to the slumping Bears, making NFC home field advantage a race again.

Tonight the Seahawks have a chance to help their own cause by beating the Packers, at home, in front of a national audience. Let's hope they acknowledge the signs and take full advantage of the opportunity!

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Fear No Team Starts Tonight

A common phrase thrown around on various message boards is "Fear No Team". For Seahawk fans, to use this phrase in ernest is kind of weird. Those you that built that fan schooner that some people are currently jumping off of
don't have to to think back to far to the days when we more or less feared everybody.

Suddenly, we get a championship caliber coach, a high tempo offense, and a defense that can actually play and all of a sudden the expectations go up. Add in the Super Bowl run, and Fear No Team literally means "Fear No Team".

At the beginning of the season, it was still weird to look at the schedule and think twelve, thirteen wins were not out of the question. Granted, thats no longer a possibility. Injuries and inconsistant play have made this season gone down a path no one thought it would (except for maybe realist, but no one really pays attention to him).

But, as we sit at 6-4, the Fear No Team mentality should still be there. And it starts tonight against Green Bay.

"We have nothing to fear!" you're surely muttering right now. Of course, you probably said that last week against the 49ers. We shouldn't have anything to fear, but as they say, this is why you play the game.

But, Matt's back, Shaun's back, the 12th Man's back, and Fear No Team can be back with a dominating preformance over the Pack. If the offense can click against Green Bay and the defense can get the job done, this game can be a spring board into the home streatch of the season.

If the Seahawks click tonight, if they find "it", that elusive ingrediant that was in so many of last season's games, they can make a statement. A dominating win would say to the rest of the up for grabs NFC, the road to Miami still runs through us. The theme this Sunday was how mediocre the conference is. The Bears are turnover prone, no one want to win the South, the Giants aren't good, and sure Tony Roma's good now, but what about the playoffs?

Not that the Seahawks are without problems, but a big win tonight puts the NFC on notice: we're still here to play, come get some. Let's get that swagger back tonight.

Look at the schedule, why should we fear San Diego or Denver? Why should we fear the Bears in the playoffs? Why should we fear anyone?

If we take care of business, we won't have to fear anyone. But it all starts tonight.


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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Here's To Getting Old Friends Back!

As I look forward to the Monday Night Football game this week, I can help but get excited about all the old names and faces that are making their way back into the starting line up.

Seeing Shaun return to action last week, even in a losing effort, is reason enough to be thankful. However, getting our field general back in action, under the national spotlight, against a pseudo-rival is HUGE! "We want the ball and we're going to score" can be paraphrased to "We've got our starters and we're going to win!"

And speaking of starters, where the hell have all the regular contributors to the Street disappeared to? With apologies to Mike and ADP and others who have been sustaining this site this season, I miss the "old neighborhood gang" from last season.

Bloof, JoSCh, Alan, CitK and even check have made cameo appearances, but it's nothing like the constant banter that we had last year. Monkey is just M.I.A. and I'm ashamed to admit how much I miss his rants. There are 23 contributors listed in the lower left section of the front page, but only a handful have shared more than few topics on this site since the beginning of the season.

I know my interest has been fragmented by my Seahawks Fanhouse gig, but I still try to make a few exlusive posts this site to keep it active. Should we be actively solicting new contributors from other fan forums? Should we send out the search dogs to find our old "regulars?" Or should we just phase out the Street?

I'd like to know how others feel.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Will Jerramy Stevens Ever Be Great?

Thanks to Joey Porter during Super Bowl week, and a knee to his groin during the MNF game with the Raiders, the whole world knows who Jerramy Stevens is. Too bad none of it has to do with his skills as a tight end.

And since I'm one of his sole defenders on the various Seahawks fan boards, allow me to introduce him to you. Jerramy Stevens is the incredibly tall, deceptively fast, under-achieving starting tight end for the Seattle Seahawks with a checkered past and an unknown future.

Listed as 6-7 265, he's bigger than most NFL tight ends, and when he's on his game, he shows signs of being one of the best. However, since dropping several key passes in the Super Bowl, and missing the first 6 games this season due to injury, the flashes of brilliance have been few and far between.

[Continued at Seahawks Fanhouse]

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Knockout Pool: Week 12

Thanks to the Titans knocking out Donovan McNabb and the Eagles, all but three contenders were knocked out of the pool in Week 11.

Remember to get your picks in before game time if you want to pick a Turkey Day matchup. And in the spirit of the holiday, as you're enjoying this week's boxing-chick picture, conjuring mental images of things to be thanking her for, save some gratitude for TheBigO, who provided the jpg for this week.

Your pick must be submitted the day before the game, and if you don't submit a pick for a week you will be DQed. To submit your pick, either post it in the Comments section, or email me at I will post the picks in the Contenders link, along with the teams used each week.

Good luck!

This Week's Matchups

Contenders and Picks

Official Knock Out Pool Rules

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Week 11: 49ers 20, Seahawks 14 - Does Anyone Know How to TACKLE????

Once again, the Seahawks decided not to show up to a road game, losing to the Niners, 20-14. The D couldn't stop 49ers RB Frank Gore, who rushed for 212 yards.

The offense couldn't get a running game going, only gaining 70 yards on the ground. Senaca Wallace threw for 252 yards and 2 TDs, but also threw 3 picks. The 'Hawks had five turnovers total, and the Niners took advantage of them, scoring 13 points off of TOs.

I quit watching the game halfway through the second quarter. After seeing all the sloppy play, I had a bad feeling about the game, so I turned off the TV. I decided to beat the 49ers playing Madden 07 on my PC instead.

Oh well, at least the Lambs lost too. And I am going to say, the NFL should require head coaches to wear suits on the sidelines.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ten Random Thoughts on Seattle at San Franciso

Approximate reading time: 1:00.


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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Some Things in Life Ain't Fair

I don't know if you noticed, but Julian Peterson has a few things going for him.

  • Freaky muscles and stuff
  • Lower body fat than most third world starving people
  • Millions and millions and millions of dollars
  • A game for a job
  • A bikini-laden chick for each day of the week
  • Just the right amount of chest hair
  • The opportunity to beat up on his old team this week
But there is one thing he doesn't have -- His old college number.

This preseason he hoped quite a bit. Since league rules make allowances for swelled training camp rosters, they will tolerate linebackers playing with numbers outside of the normally perscribed range of 50-59 and 90-99. So naturally, Peterson donned his No. 44 jersey while he could, and maybe, just maybe, the league might allow him to keep it, since he is capable of playing nearly every defensive position on the field.

Well, when the regular season started, we all can see what happened. The poor tortured soul had to settle for No. 59. It's true, when I look at the guy play, I say the number doesn't suit him, it's much too plain-Jane. But all the cool ones were taken, and to his credit, he didn't put up a fuss when the hammer came down from the league office.

Enter rookie LB Lance Laury. Click the link for yourself. Julian Peterson doesn't have everything.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Alan's D.O.G. vs Saint Louis

Hey remember when I did this all the time? Weren't those days awesome? Relive the good old days when we handed out Extremely Corny Bronze Racecar's like nobodie's business. I'm so happy to be back, I give out some ribbons as well.

See what all the fuss is about over at Alan's Drive of the Game.

Plack Report will be coming soon as well.

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Knockout Pool: Week 11

The Giants not only missed an opportunity to improve the Seahawk's bid for HFA, they knocked out poor F-12 in the process. The Jags and apathy took care of five other contenders, so we're now down to the Elite 8.

Remember that if you have picked against the 49ers in Round Two (like I have) you may not select the Seahawks this week.

Your pick must be submitted the day before the game, and if you don't submit a pick for a week you will be DQed. To submit your pick, either post it in the Comments section, or email me at I will post the picks in the Contenders link, along with the teams used each week.

Good luck!

This Week's Matchups

Contenders and Picks

Official Knock Out Pool Rules

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Alba's Dark Angel Award: Week 10

She's Not Under Here - Keep Looking!This is the first live, on-site edition of Alba's Dark Angel Award, having enjoyed the game in person this Sunday. As as a tribute to the gaggle of seahawks fans from across North America, and England, that assembled for the game as part of the gathering, I'll be handing out an honorary Dark Angel Award this week to someone outside the Seahawks organization.

But first, to the game.

And what a game it was. As much as I would have liked to have warm weather and clear blue skies, since it was my first Seahawks home game experience at Qwest Field, I guess it's only appropriate that it be on a cloudy day with steady rain. Dark and omninous weather brought to you by the Angel of all angels! On the field, it seemed like every player on the 53 man roster eligible for this award, given to the player who steps up, or out of obscurity, to have a profound impack on the outcome of the game, was trying to out maneuvre each oher to come away with this week's trophy.

[Continued on Dark Angel Sub-Blog]
(not AOL Fanhouse!)

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Monday, November 13, 2006

It's Tuesday Moron's

OK, Why is that Cheerleader so damned happy to see him fire that football out his Ass? Is it because that could be what it feels like to give birth?

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