Sunday, April 30, 2006

In The 7th Round, The Seahawks Select Ryan Plackemeir P/Wake Forest

Ryan Plackemeir

Scouting Reports:


Has a great leg...Experienced and very productive...Gets great hang time...Shows excellent placement...Good hands and gets attempts off quick...Versatile and can also kick field goals in a pinch...Hard worker with top intangibles...Also kicks off.

Is still a bit too inconsistent at times...Can do a better job on his directional attempts...Needs to work on his mechanics...Is not much of a field goal kicker.

Won the 2005 Ray Guy Award as the nation's best punter and was a consensus first team All-American...Has a career average of 45.3 on 220 attempts with 50 placed inside the 20 yard line and a long of 82 yards...Should start in the NFL.

Scouting Report 2
Scouting Report 3
Personal Site
College Career Overview
Fact And Records Article

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In the 5th round, the Seahawks select David Kirtman FB/USC

David Kirtman has been described as a relentless lead blocker, having reciever hands, and a physical player. He started at FB his final year at USC.

He is a local guy, from Mercer Island.

Scouting Report NFL Draft Countdown

Height: 5-11
1/2 | Weight: 233 | 40-Time: 4.65

An excellent receiver out of the backfield with great hands...Has pretty good speed...Can run after the catch a little...Part of an elite offense that featured two Heisman winners...Hard worker with top intangibles...Experienced special teamer.

Does not have the size or bulk you look for...Is not much of a runner and didn't get many carries...Can do a better job blocking although he tries hard...Is not as physical as you'd like...Was only a full-time starter as a senior...Lacks upside.

An overachiever who gets the most out of his ability...Lack of ideal physical tools and blocking ability will limit him when it comes to the draft...Best shot will likely come serving as a versatile backup and special teams ace at the next level.

He sounds like a total Ruskell type of guy. Hard worker, likes to play, and knows how to play. Perfect eventual replacement for Mack Strong. Although he doens't have much success running the ball, he has the drive to improve that so he will have to be respected every so often, a la Mack Strong. Great hands will mean he will get reps his rookie year as a possible receiver and on special teams.
A not too enthusiastic scouting report from ESPN Insider (They think he is a 7th rounder or a free agent)

But frankly, I think he is exactly the type of player for the Seahawks next fullback. They need a guy that will work hard, hit hard, and pave the way for Shaun Alexander to dominate for the next 4 years. This is the guy that will get it done.

According to Mike Sando, Kirtman's neighbor on Mercer Island is Mike Holmgren.

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With the 4th round, the Seahawks select Rob Sims OG/Ohio State

Rob Sims started at left tackle his sophomore and junior year, missing one game with a groin injury. His senior year he moved to left guard and started all the games there.

Scouting Report from NFL Draft Countdown

Height: 6-2 3/4 | Weight: 307 | 40-Time: 5.24

A pretty good athlete...Has excellent strength...Smart and a good technician who displays great footwork...Has the tools and can dominate at times...Versatile and has played both guard and tackle...Experienced and was a three-year starter.

Does not have the height you look for...Is not very mobile or agile and struggles in space...May lacks a nasty streak...Needs to be more consistent...Needs to get in better shape and his stamina is a question mark...A bit of an underachiever.

His father, Mickey, played for the Cleveland Browns from 1977 to 1979...Played guard for most of his career but started 11 games at left tackle in 2004...Has the ability to start at the next level and most of his weaknesses can be corrected.

Sounds like a guy with some good upsides and good athletic ability, but is a couple years from making any sort of impact. Which is good considering the depth on the offensive line. This is a guy that might be able to step in to a starting role or a primary backup role in a year or two and fill a hole that the Seahawks might have on the line.

Scouting Reports from:

ESPN Insider(If you have access)

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Seahawks 2nd Round Pick Is...DARRYL TAPP

Scouting Reports:


Very productive pass rusher at the college level...Shows great strength...Intense and has a motor that never stops...Instinctive and flows to the ball...Technically sound and knows how to use leverage to his advantage...Has a great burst and really closes well...Does a good job of adjusting in space...A team leader and hard worker with top intangibles...A playmaker who is always around the action.

Lacks idea size in terms of height...Speed, quickness and natural athleticism are only average...Doesn't do a great job versus the run...Can be overwhelmed by larger offensive lineman...Needs to hit the weights and get stronger...Must develop a wider array of pass rush moves for the next level...Could be a classic case of a top college player whose game doesn't translate well to the pros.

The type of player who doesn't have the measurables you look for but just makes plays once the whistle blows...Could be a controversial prospect who doesn't go nearly as high as his college press clippings would lead you to believe...You never want to underestimate someone with this guy's fire and positive attitude.

Check's Take:

Darryl Tapp, DE, Virginia Tech, is one of those high motor, high energy, hard working, good character types that Tim Ruskell absolutely loves.

At 6'1" and 260 lbs, Tapp is strong, well built and powerful, plays quick, but not with great top end speed which caused him to drop a little during the draft. Slightly undersized for a DE, but is an excellent pass rusher who played hell with D'Brickashaw Fergusen and . He is a quick, tough and active type player that fits well with Seattles current DE and overall defensive philosophy. He is a smart, hard worker that is willing to put in the time in the weight room and the film room, from what I can tell.

The overall impression I get is that this is the prototypical Ruskell pick. A+ attitude, and possibly the hardest worker in college football last year. My personal opinion, is that given what Tatupu and Hill did for us last year, this is a superb selection, and I anticipate a definite and noticable impact.

No doubt ADP will post something soon, I'm just covering the void.
Response: Thanks for filling in Check! This was an unexpected visit that came outta left field. I have this updated with a ton of new information. - ADP

Scouting Report 2
Scouting Report 3
Scouting Report 4
Scouting Report 5
Scouting Report 6
Predraft Question And Answer
College Career Overview

Interview With Ruskell On Tapp From Mike Sando's Blog

Images From And

MUST SEE Video - Courtesy Of Seahawk Blue (Thanks Again, TC!)

Seahawks 1st Round Pick Is...KELLY JENNINGS

Kelly Jennings

(my #1 choice for Seattle to pick...oh yyaaaaa im good!...I picked this before the whole nation started picking him for us)

Scouting Reports:


Very smooth with great athletic ability...Has good height and the frame to get bigger...Very quick with excellent speed and a burst...Has fluid hips and good feet...Changes direction and recovers well...Has pretty good ball skills and will pick off some passes...Has a lot of experience...Will stick with receivers step-for-step in man coverage...Smart and instinctive...Hard worker with top intangibles

Lacks the bulk you look for and really needs to add some weight...Needs to get stronger...Is not very physical...Doesn't support the run well...With his slight frame will he hold up physically at the next level?...Won't fit in every scheme

The latest Hurricane cornerback who will make his way to the NFL...Similar in a lot of ways to former 1st round pick Philip Buchanon...Pure cover corner who has just about everything you look for in terms of height, speed, and athleticism

Scouting Report 2
Scouting Report 3
College Career Overview
Pro Day Diary
ESPN Insider
Workout Results
Prospect Profile
College Career Overview
Video Report (Thanks Seahawks Blue!)
Interview with Ruskell Re: Jennings from Mike Sando's blog.

My thoughts:

Best possible pick for Seattle under the category of 'realistic'...the only guy I would of wanted more after the top 10 picks would be Cromartie. Top 3 CBs in the draft...people wonder why he was taken this low...its because he is undersized. Great player in terms of fitting into Seattle's style. I love this pick...LOVE IT

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Seneca Back in Blue - A $721k Benchwarmer?

Mike Sando reports that QB Seneca Wallace has signed his signed his one-year, $721,600 RFA tender.

It's kind of a bummer, if you ask me. While I am very glad to have him on the team for another season, I feel bad that he hasn't had the playing time that will earn him a bigger paycheck, because the guy's talent should bring him more than $721k in this market. All he needs is the opportunity.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not out standing on a ledge, ready to jump. The guy will make $721,000 this year, for chrissakes. That's a lot of roadside soda cans for me to collect, probably ten years worth. And who know if we will still have soda cans in 2016. Cokes might get beamed right into our gullet. Then what the hell am I gonna do?

The point is, Seneca is a very lucky man, even with his comparitively meager salary. I just think he can do better when given the chance.

Holmgren, get a veteran backup QB in here and break the dude out. He's too good to be holding the clip board.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hawks address safety position

Local radio is reporting, and the Bears website is confirming, that the Hawks have traded their 6th round pick for veteran safety Mike Green. Over the past five seasons, only middle linebacker Brian Urlacher had more tackles among Bears defenders than Green.

Get the full story:

East Coast Bias

Midwest Bias

Northwest Bias

Click on his picture for his stats at
(which features the wrong link in their article about the trade!)

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2006 Draft Day Coverage Strategy

The 2005 NFL draft day coverage on 12 Seahawks Street was a HUGE success last year.

How good was it? Let me put it this way -- The amount of traffic generated last April was the most in this blog EVER. It even dwarfed the traffic generated by the Super Bowl coverage.

But I have to hand it to you contributors - you all played your repective roles in the process, stayed true to your commitments, and thus provided the most in-depth and up-to-the-minute coverage of the Seahawks draft pics ANYWHERE.

Seriously. Some sites did very well providing current lists of the draft picks. Some sites provided excellent depth about the players, but it was the next day before we saw the article. This site had the best of both worlds, because everyone did their job, and the resulting content was easily navigated by visitors as well.

So, here we are in 2006. What is in store this year? Much of the same. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  1. We will have a completely open and free draft day chat blog set up - no registration, signup or fees required. It's as fast loading, footloose and fancy-free as can be.
  2. On the main site, we will have a topic posting for each draft pick, with links to scouting reports and background information for each draft pick as they become available.
  3. The main topic on the site will serve as 'welcome screen', and a constantly updated index to all the other draft pick topics.

But the success of this year's coverage depends on you, the contibutor. Here is how you can participate:

First of all, I would like for contributors to place "dibs" on a draft pick or picks to be responsible for featuring. Do this on the comments to this thread. No ifs, ands, or maybes, just commit concretely to the pick you'd like, so the other contributors see clearly what picks are left and respond accordingly.

Here is what you have to choose from:

1 (31) ADP
2 (63) ADP (will announce Darry Tapp?)
3 (I forget the number)

'Contingency' position and cover trades and resulting picks: OPEN
Maintain welcome post and links to pick threads: OPEN

4 (128) Gumbostu
5 (163) Gumbostu
6 (200) JoSCh
7 (239) ADP
7 (249) Bokonon

'Contingency' position and cover trades and resulting picks: OPEN
Maintain welcome post and links to pick threads:

Once you know what picks you have, your respective jobs is to be alert to the Seahawks' turn to make their pick and announcement for your selections, and post a new thread reflecting this announcement with the players' name mentioned. You might even have a new post ready, so all you have to do is type in the name of the player and immediately post. This way others can comment immediately on the pickup. Don't get caught up in commenting on the selection just yet, you have more work to do.

Next, you need to go back and edit your post. Add a picture, and a brief comment if you like. Repost the thread. Go back and edit the post again.

Now, go surf the net and find good information on the new Seahawk and copy the links over to the post you are editing. As soon as you have some good stuff, publish it again. As long as you keep finding good information about the new pick, keep coming back and posting it to the official thread. Feel free to comment at this point as well.

The whole objective in this organization is to keep topics contiguous, double posting to a minimum, all the while keeping the information as up-to-date as possible. It will enable visitors to get information and comment in real-time.

We also need a volunteer to maintain a thread "always on top" that serves as the introductory 'welcome screen' with links to chat and other features. Most everyone on the Seahawk universe will be looking for draft info, so *please* keep off-topics to an absolute minimum.

If you guys can help with this it will be ABSOLUTELY COOL. Last year, draft coverage put this site on the map. Not to mention it's a whole lot of fun.

If you are a new contributor, and a little rusty on posting pic and links, don't worry about it. Check out the "How to Blog" in the Nav menu, and dive in anyway. We help each other around here.

I can't wait. So which pick(s) do YOU want? Please use the comments area to volunteer for specific picks and/or duties. This post will be updated to reflect your commitments.

Thanks again, and GO SEAHAWKS!

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Sign Up for Email Alerts!

Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could be notified when a new topic is posted on the 12 Seahawks Street blog?

Well now you can with the new 12 Seahawks Street blogger alert system!

To sign up for this exciting new feature, just click the image to the right and send a blank email message to the prepopulated address. Anyone can sign up for email do not have to be a Contributor.

Anytime new content is added to this blog site, or any of the Adopt-A-Seahawk, Contributor Awards, Crickler or other sub-blogs, you'll receive an email alert almost immediately.

So, if you ever find yourself without browser capabilities, but with access to your email (i.e. Blackberry or Palm Pilot) you will still be able to keep up with the traffic on the Street.

Don't let yourself be dead-ended, send a blank email message to and get on the free way and into the fast lane of Seahawks news.

Email is delivered via a Yahoo Groups listserve. Your email address will not be displayed, shared, sold or used for any other function by the 12 Seahawks Street administrators.

Upon further review...

No, this isn't another Superbowl officiating thread, but a piece regarding an exciting new announcement from NFL Networks.

Starting this season, NFL Network will begin airing games from the pervious Sunday on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. There will be two games each night, with a 5:30pm and 8:30pm ET start times.

NFL Game Re-Airs will play in a 90-minute fast-paced format without halftime and other elements not critical to the outcome. NFL Game Re-Airs will tell the story of the game with additional features.

In order to give the games context, NFL Network will add sideline and on-field sound captured during the game and postgame press conference sound bites.

For example, if NFL Game Re-Airs was featuring the Colts-Steelers AFC Divisional Playoff where Jerome Bettis fumbled late in the game, viewers would see related comments from Bettis, Bill Cowher and others immediately after the play, as well as slow-motion footage showing the play as it unfolded.

For those who get NFL Network, this offers up to 75 more potential opportunities to catch the Seattle Seahawks in action. Unfortunately, for those of us with Sunday NFL Ticket, it furter devalues the service with each nationally available Seahawks game!

I'm guessing this will be a replacement for the abbreviated Games of the Week that NFL Network used to show last season.

In my opinion, this is a GREAT announcement, as it will give us more chances to see our favorite team in action, complete with behind the scenes coverage, or at least to scout upcoming opponents who we may not get to see locally.

What do you think?

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Friday, April 21, 2006

It's Mock Draft Time

Here is my latest mock draft.


No. Team Player, Position School Comments

1 Texans Reggie Bush, RB USC

Bush is the top overall player and potentially a transcendent talent. Houston would be foolish to do anything else.

2 Saints D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT UVa

Ultimately I think Ferguson is the guy for N.O. but perhaps not at this spot.

3 Titans Matt Leinart, QB USC

This just makes too much sense not to do—unless he’s off the board. If so they take Ferguson or Williams.

4 Jets Mario Williams, DE NC St.

Williams is the consensus #1 defender on the board. Even the Jets cannot mess up this draft. They should end up with Leinart, Williams, Ferguson, or Hawk.

5 Packers Vernon Davis, TE Maryland

Think, "Antonio Gates with sicker athleticism."

6 49ers A.J. Hawk, OLB Ohio St.

Hawk is the consensus #2 defender.

7 Raiders Haloti Ngata, DT Oregon

Ngata could play 4-3 tackle or 3-4 nose guard.

8 Bills Broderick Bunkley, DT FL St.

Bunkley is a major disruptor. FSU had the best college defensive line I saw last season.

9 Lions Michael Huff, S Texas

The Lions need a little of everything. Virtually no selection in this spot would surprise me.

10 Cardinals Vince Young, QB Texas

Denny Green, who needs a young QB, is probably the best hope for Vince Young who needs to go to a place where he will be properly developed.

11 Rams Jimmy Williams, CB Va Tech.

Williams ran a little slower than expected but is considered by many the best of a deep crop of corners.

12 Browns Winston Justice, OT USC

He had a fantastic pro-day but the question about him is whether he has matured.

13 Ravens Tye Hill, CB Clemson

Hill will provide some quality depth in the nickel immediately.

14 Eagles Kamerion Wimbley, DE FL St.

Off the charts athleticism but limited experience.

15 Broncos f/ Atl Chad Jackson, WR Florida

Jackson has good size and surprising speed. He may not start but the Broncos have no depth behind Smith and Lelie.

16 Dolphins Ernie Sims, OLB FL St.

Sims brings speed and provides leadership.

17 Vikings Jay Cutler, QB Vanderbilt

Should any of the top 3 QBs slide down I doubt they would get past Minny.

18 Cowboys Jason Allen, S Tennessee

Allen has blazing speed. There is no consensus on him because of the hip injury, which may be degenerative.

19 Chargers Jonathan Joseph, CB S. Carolina

He has speed for days but frankly looked really raw in college. I suspect he's even less ready to contribute than last year's #1 out of S. Carolina who ran his way into the first round, Troy Williamson (WR, Vikings).

20 Chiefs Manny Lawson, DE NC St.

Lawson's quickness is somewhat reminiscent of Simeon Rice.

21 Patriots Bobby Carpenter, OLB Ohio St.

NE needs talent/depth at LB in the worst way. Carpenter is good value. But after surprising everyone by selecting OT Logan Mankins last year, who knows what NE will do?

22 49ers f/ Den Donte Whitner, S Ohio St.

Whitner is a tough, hard hitting, intelligent safety--with 4.4 speed no less.

23 Bucs Eric Winston, OT Miami

Winston is a bit light for some tastes but is a very athletic tackle that brings something in every area.

24 Bengals Antonio Cromartie, CB FL St.

Cromartie is a huge gamble because of his inexperience and injury history. But, I could see Cincy rating him highly based on his size and athleticism. And, Cincy really sticks to its board.

25 Giants Chad Greenway, OLB Iowa

Greenway will likely slide because of workouts but the kid can play. He's a great value.

26 Bears Kelly Jennings, CB Miami

Jennings is a burner with some size at 5'11. I bet Seattle hope he drops just a tad.

27 Panthers Marcus McNeil, OT Auburn

McNeil is better than either current tackle on an o-line that has held Carolina back for 2 yrs now. Of course, the Panthers could go RB but since they'll be looking for someone to split carries with DeShon Foster they could find better value at RB later.

28 Jaguars Ashton Youboty, CB Ohio St.

J'ville loves big corners with speed.

29 Jets f/ Den DeAngelo Williams, RB Memphis

Williams reminds me of James Brooks. It’s a buyers' market for RBs so I think they will all slide.

30 Colts Laurence Moroney, RB Minnesota

This looks like it should be pretty good value and fit.

31 Seahawks Richard Marshall, CB Fresno St.

Marshall is a very good corner from a well regarded college program among NFL types (coached by Pat Hill). Seattle might also think safety (e.g., Darnell Bing from 'SC) or DE (e.g., Kiwanuka from BC).

32 Steelers LenDale White, RB USC

LenDale may have torn a hamstring but he does not appear to have suffered any miss-meal cramps. Coming up short on 4th-and-gotta have it on his last meaningful collegiate carry coupled with an off-season in rehab (and perhaps on the banquet circuit) may conspire to push him out of the first round.


33 Texans Darnell Bing, SS USC

Bing is a true SS with range, in the mold of former Chicago Bear Mark Carrier

34 Saints Santonio Holmes, WR Ohio St.

Holmes is a flyer with good hands. He merely needs more polish.

35 Jets Nick Mangold, C Ohio St.

Mangold is perhaps the best interior lineman in the draft.

36 Packers DeMeco Ryans, LB Alabama

He's smart, versatile, and could potentially start right away.

37 Broncos f/ SF Marcedes Lewis, TE UCLA

Tall, slender, pass catching TE reminds me a good bit of former Sun Devil Todd Heap.

38 Raiders Matthias Kiwanuka, DE Boston College

Kiwi has fallen on some teams’ boards, despite his productivity, based on a lackluster Sr. Bowl, okay workouts, and a bum shoulder. Some see him as a one-trick pony; a speed rusher with a quick first step. He could be a big bargain.

39 Titans Abdul Hodge, LB Iowa

Hodge is smart and a hitter; a Kirk Ferenz player. He’s a bit smallish and lacks blazing speed, which limits him to the inside.

40 Lions Davin Joseph, G Oklahoma

Joseph is more of an athletic than road-grater type guard, with some potential to even play tackle. He is likely the #1 pure guard.

41 Cardinals Sinorice Moss, WR Miami

His breakaway speed is uncoachable. He could be a gamebreaker in the return game right away, a la Dante Hall.

42 Bills Daniel Bullocks, S Nebraska

He is a ballhawking FS with range and speed. He really impressed in the Sr. Bowl workouts and in the game.

43 Browns Gabe Watson, DT Michigan

He seems like the prototype 3-4 NT. If you run that defense you have to go get that guy.

44 Ravens Max Jean-Gilles, G Georgia

A mammoth road-grater guard that had trouble with his weight a few years back that seems under better control. He has played a little tackle but is best as a run-blocking guard.

45 Eagles Joseph Addai, RB LSU

Addai is uber-versatile and big enough (214 lbs) to carry the load.

46 Rams Tamba Hali, DE Penn St.

Hali provides quality depth, and the ability to start in a pinch for St. Louis. The quality at the position drops off dramatically for St. Louis after the two starters.

47 Falcons Ko Simpson, S S. Carolina

Simpson has the goods. The questions about him surround his maturity—and he’s already 23.

48 Vikings Thomas Howard, LB UTEP

Howard has safety-type speed and adds some pass rush. The Vikings need depth at all three LB positions.

49 Cowboys D’Qwell Jackson, LB Maryland

Jackson played inside in a 3-4 at Maryland.

50 Chargers Ray Edwards, DE Purdue

Edwards is a big (270+) all-purpose end that could be effective in a 3-4 or 4-3.

51 Vikings f/ Mia Taitusi Latui, G USC

Latui is a big guard with some athleticism.

52 Patriots Maurice Drew, RB UCLA

Drew’s versatility is much like a young Kevin Faulk’s.

53 Redskins Demetrius Williams, WR Oregon

Williams is a big possession receiver that uses his body well and has enough speed to get himself open.

54 Chiefs Travis Wilson, WR Oklahoma

Big things were expected of Wilson but he did not put up big numbers last year playing in an unstable QB situation.

55 Bengals Babatunde Oshinowo, DT Stanford

Oshinowo is probably best suited to play in a one-gap scheme or next to a double-team magnet like Sam Adams.

56 Giants Orien Harris, DT Miami

Harris is a two-gap, run stuffing tackle. The Giants lost just such a tackle in Kendrick Clancy this off-season.

57 Bears Joe Klopfenstein, TE Colorado

Klopfenstein is a tall, lanky tight end who distinguished himself at the post-season all-star games.

58 Panthers Leonard Pope, TE Georgia

Pope is a down the field, tall tight end with a great frame; everything you need to eventually be an all-pro.

59 Bucs Stanley McClover, DE Auburn

McClover has great speed (4.7) for his size (262) and put up nice numbers (15.5 sacks in 2 years) at Auburn.

60 Jaguars Darryl Tapp, DE Va Tech

An undersized but strong end that plays the run quite well and has a burst off the edge. He's another prospect that may be off the board just before Seattle selects.

61 Broncos Daryn Colledge, OT Boise St.

A light (< 300 lbs) and athletic tackle with good technique and instincts in pass protection.

62 Colts Mark Anderson, DE Alabama

Anderson should be a rotation DE on virtually any team that rotates defensive linemen.

63 Seahawks Dominique Byrd, TE USC

Unless his injuries scare teams off this is right around where Byrd should come off the board. If Tapp is available Seattle probably takes him. I love Byrd's ability to be a featured tight end or play a secondary role in the run game. He's deadly in the red zone and can get behind LBs in a cover-2 scheme.

64 Steelers Maurice Stovall, WR Notre Dame

Stovall’s size and game is reminiscent of Plaxico Burress from a few years ago.


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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shaun Alexander + Madden 2007 Cover = UH OH

Say it isn't so.

Tonight at 6:00pm EST, ESPN will announce live on SportsCenter the Madden NFL 07 Cover Athlete. Specualtions abound, but Shaun Alexander is a heavy favorite in fan polls.


Crap, crap, crap.

I have my own idea of who I think the 'recipient of doom' should be, but I have a feeling Bill Leavey is already cursed beyond belief.

I also never truly believe in the curse thing, but this one has me worried. If Alexander goes down with a bone sticking out, I'm boycotting Madden for life.

Curse Data Source: Wikipedia
Late Update: Damn.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The first thing I'd do is fire Mike Holmgren...

And so goes the payoff line from the "bizzaro world" NFL Network commercial where every fan's prediction about the 2005 season turns out to be dead wrong.

So what would be the corrected non-bizzaro-world translation?

Signing him to an Extension!

I have it from a reliable source that Tim Ruskell and company are taking another step toward retaining their own free agents, and the final details are being worked out to keep coach Mike for two more seasons!

Look for an official announcement sometime within the next few weeks.

Scheduled Maintenance will be down for scheduled maintenance for about an hour starting at 4:00pm PST, 7:00pm EST.

The 12 Seahawks Street Contributor Draft!

* Fancy yourself a junior sportswriter?
* Have strong opinions about the Seahawks?
* Or are you just a feedback whore like myself?

No matter what your motivation, this may be the place for you!

As we lead up to the NFL Draft next weekend, we are looking to draft some new contributors for the 12 Seahawks Street blog.

To become a 12SS Contributor, just drop either myself or Bluefoot a message indicating your interest.

Those who have built a "reputation" and/or name recognition on this site or in another forum will be easily approved.

Anyone who is new, or unknown may be asked to use the open comments section of the blog first so the other contributors can get an idea of your style. In other words, it's our means of "troll control!"

We'd like to add a handful of new contributors to the list to keep the site fresh and to include as many different styles and viewpoints regarding the Seahawks as possible.

You can use this thread to post any other questions you may have regarding becoming a contributor, or about the blog in general.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Spencer For Hire!

Contributor's Note: While NFL teams are behind closed doors preparing for the 2006 NFL Draft, we are experiencing an 'informational famine' in Seahawks land. To help ease the pain, I'll be resurrecting some old posts associated with last year's draft. This first installment was orginally published by albaNYHawker on April 24, 2005. Be sure to listen to the audio - It's a good refresher of what we could be looking forward to in Spencer's emergence as a team leader this season. has a few audio interviews with and about our #1 pick, and he sounds like a real down-to-earth kid who is genuinely excited about the opportunity to play in Seattle.

"I’m so excited; I’m trying to stop sweating. I can’t move right now."

"I’m real excited. All those veteran linemen they have up there, I want to get up there and learn from those guys, and block for Hasselbeck. Right now I’m speechless, my heart is racing fast."

"She’s (his fiance') from Vancouver, BC. She’ll be close to home, and her family will be excited. Her mom has been hoping that I would play in Seattle for a long time."
The kid sound pretty talented too.

"I think the strength of my game is run blocking. I was the high school state champion in power lifting, and my high school team played in the state championship game, and we ran the ball every down. We didn’t throw it one time. My high school team was a big running team. Getting in college, that is just something I love to do, and I really enjoy doing that."
And he passes the Ruskell "quality of character" test.

"They call me 'Hollywood'. They said I was running for mayor, because everybody on campus knew me, everybody in town knew me. Every where I go, my friends hated to go with me, because somebody was going to stop me and talk to me."
Spencer on being a Seahawk Windows Real

Ruskell on Spencer Windows Real

Holmgren on Spencer Windows Real

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

And then there was ONE!

In case you've been held hostage by Libians, or stranded on a desert island, you may not have noticed that the Seahawks have only ONE remaining unrestricted free agent, backup Safety John Howell to be exact.

At this point last year, we were reeling from the off-season losses of "key" players such as Ken Lucas, Chad Brown, Orlando Huff, Chike Okeafor, Anthony Simmons and Koren Robinson.

This year the Seahawks have suffered two huge free agent losses, in Steve Hutchinson and Joe Jurevicius, and a few backups in Ryan Hannam, Rodney Bailey and Marquand Manuel.

The off season additions, however, tend to balance the scales in their favor, with pick-ups such as Julian Peterson, Tom Ashworth, Nate Burleson, Russell Davis and Will Heller.

Oh, and let's not forget that the front office signed or retained most of the other free agents, some guys you may have heard of, like Shaun Alexander, Rockey Bernard, Mack Strong, Maurice Morris, Peter Warrick, Jimmy Williams, Tom Rouen, Josh Brown, Kevin Bentley and Joe Tafoya.

In addition to the elusive John Howell, restricted free agents Wayne Hunter and Seneca Wallace remain unsigned, but all indications point to them being back with the Seahawks next season.

Why have I taken the time to enumerate all these off season moves? Well, first of all, because nothing new has been posted here in like forever! But more importantly, to illustrate the stability and new attitude of this perennially shakey franchise.

The curse of the Super Bowl Runners-Up as as much to do with losses of key players and coaches, as it does to injuries. Coming off the best season in franchise history, the front office made a pledge to "keep our own first", and for all intents and purposes, has lived up to that pledge.

Not only that, they've made huge improvements in the roster in key positions, while only surrendering one draft choice, and still remain at least $10M under the salary cap, indicating they're not quite done yet.

Watching Tim Ruskell come on board a few weeks before the draft last year, and then pull some rabbits out of his "Clayton", namely Tatupu and Hill, we're all eagerly awaiting April 29th, and not just because it's my daughter's sixth birthday!

As you watch the draft, look for the man in the top hat, white gloves and cape in the Seahawks war room, as this is the command performance of the "Great Ruskelltini", who once again, will dazzle us with perplexing selections and amazing prestidigination!

Never in my 30 years as a Seahawks fan have I been *THIS* confident heading into a season. The team is hungry, they feel slighted from their last game, and apparently other than Mr. Howell, they're all "Thurston" for another run at the championship!


Thursday, April 06, 2006


Well, here it is. All times are Pacific. After a week 14 game at Arizona, the 'Hawks get all of three days to prepare for the 'Niners (but then 10 to prep for the Chargers). Two Monday night games.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bad News for Nails


Jose Miguel Romero reports that strong safety Ken Hamlin will be engaged in the team's first minicamp next month.

"I have to talk to our [team] doctors and see," Holmgren said today at team headquarters. "He is going to participate, it's my understanding, in our minicamps. He's gotten the OK to do that. So that's the first step. I have my fingers crossed."

This is great news. Hamlin is unquesitonably a leader on defense. He not only makes impact plays, but he bring a tough, agressive, fearless, take-no-prisoners attitude that permeates the rest of the defense.

With the smarts of Tatupu, the talent of Peterson, and the heart of Hamlin, this defense has the potential to be something very special, very soon. My only hope is that Hamlin can continue to make progress without pensive hesitation and without re-injury.

Godspeed, Ken Hamlin. "Do what we do."


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Are you ready for the Bigger Dance?

Have you ever thought to yourself, "March Madness is cool, but wouldn't it be better if there were HOT women involved instead of college basketball teams." Your prayers have been answered.

The local sports radio station is kicking off it's annual BIGGER DANCE and I'm going set up a 12 Seahawks Street office pool for those interested in participating. It's just like March Madness but instead hot women are pitted against each other and people call in to vote for who's hotter. There are 64 entrants, 4 regions, etc. For the all the details check out:

No money is involved, just 12 Seahawks Street bragging rights. So if you think you know hot women, send an email to and I'll send you an invite to and join the 12 Seahawks Street office pool. The brakets are up, the scouting reports are out, the voting starts next Thrusday. You can follow the pool over the web from 7-10 PST once it starts.

Oh, by the way, the grand prize is an all expenses paid trip to any sporting event in the world. Also they have a play money sports book if you want to bet on the match ups.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

2006 Draft Predictions Kick Off!

Well, I reckon it's about that time again to get geared up for the upcoming annual ESPN hosted event, "THE MEL KIPER'S A TALKING HORSES ASS PARADE." In other arenas, this is alternatively known as the NFL DRAFT, so for simplicity, it will be addressed as such here.

This post is to generate a little interest for all those whiny, complaining, overzealous, anxious, intelligent, cranky, disoriented, maladjusted, opinionated, friendly and ambitious friends and foes of 12 seahawks street, and their grandmothers, who undoubtedly also have an opinion on who the 'Hawks should/could/or would draft in the first round. NOTE: New referees are not eligible in this years draft.

Well, lets kick this bitch off with a summary of what everybody on the web said. In other words, this is a synopsis of what the experts think. Of course, these aren't FOOTBALL experts, but experts at various other activites that revolve around a computer, programming books, web-page design, and possibly some lotion and "alone-time."

The first pie chart shown is a wrap up of over 50 online source first round mock draft positions. The leading candidates from the wizards in cyber world are Mathias Kiwanuka and Max Jean-Gilles. The Kiwanuka is a large defensive end out of Boston College, and Jean-Gilles (I think that's pronounced zhan-gill-lay, but I have no supporting evidence to back that up) is the highest ranked guard in the draft. I could give you more numbers and rankings, but that would have defeated the purpose of including the links, so USE THEM!

From the analysis front though, it may be more important to determine what positions the rest of the world thinks the 'Hawks will shoot for (which really is a moot point, given the 'Hawks propensity for drafting best player available rather than to fill a need).
So it looks like we are going after defense. Huh, maybe the 'Hawks should have addressed that in FA. Oh, that's right. THEY DID! Feel free to draw your own conclusions, I won't spoon feed all of them to you.

But lets avoid "...well, the guard predictions are because they lost Hutchinson..." DUR!

My conclusion from the data shown is that we are drafting an athletic 340 lb guard because our defensive secondary is soft and we will play him at free safety in light of Ken Hamlin's potential lag from his injury. Anothe note: CB Antonio Cromartie from FSU was a freaking animal if you drafted him on Madden 2005, so they should consider picking him instead.


PS: Damn you to hell Blue, if you post that crap about Simeon Rice above this on the main page!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Changing of the Guard, Center, but Probably Not Tackle

With the recent dereliction of All-Pro guard Steve Hutchinson, and the unfortunate reality that a couple of linemen are getting pretty long in the tusk, I thought it would be fun and interesting to take a shot at predicting the starting five offensive linemen for game one of the regular season.

I honestly believe that there is such an outstanding depth and flexibility to this group, Hutch's absence will be barely noticeable. However, pinpointing his replacement will be a complicated issue. There are at least five current linemen on the squad that could potentially fill the LG slot, and they could also fill other slots as well.

Nonetheless, here is my starting lineup prediction:

LT - Walter Jones (duh)
LG - Tom Ashworth
C - Chis Spencer
RG - Pork Chop
RT - Sean Locklear

That's nearly a complete overhaul, but I think this lineup will be best in the long run.

What is your prediction?