Sunday, July 31, 2005

Training Camp Day Three: The pads are on.

Pads are popping, bodies crashing, the feeling is that now, training camp is ON.

Who performed well today? Mike Kahn tells us in his report on

"Wide receiver Jerome Pathon was catching everything in sight, and so has been running back Mo Morris. Tight end Jerramy Stevens continued to show a lot of progress at tight end, with the kind of breakaway speed that made him special in the first place on his 6-7, 260-pound frame."

Then we have this little tidbit from Mike Sando's Blog:

"Michael Boulware was back at practice and picked off a pass. He looks good."

This is great, considering that there were concerns about his ankle. (He tweaked it yesterday, sitting out the afternoon practice.)

This is what I like to hear -- Seahawks catching balls, on both sides of scrimmage -- not just defense.

Thank you, Tim Ruskell.

Separated At Birth?

One is the iconic side kick from the 70s classic TV show Fantasy Island. The other is our second round draft pick's media guide picture from USC.

Me thinks "da plane" for Fantasy Island left from a California airport!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Two Men on Tubbs

While signing Lofa was naturally a big deal, this has to be the biggest news of the day, as reproted on

“Second-year defensive tackle Marcus Tubbs continued to impress, consistently busting through double-teams and is feeling good about what this season brings as opposed to a disappointing rookie season as a first round pick.

“Well, that is good,” Holmgren said. “He should feel that way because last year was a bad year for him and I love the guy. But he did come in camp in better shape. He is a talented man. Now he has to stay with it and prove that he is worth at where we picked him.

“I believe he is. It's like everything else we're going to do this year. He's no different, let’s not talk it out. Let’s just do it and show us.”

So could Tubbs finally be living up to the potential that he was drafted for in the first place? Hopefully so. I happen to think that this guy has tremendous upside.

Could he be the answer to the pass rush we have been looking for? Possibly. If he is able to provide pressure up the middle, it will certainly help the players on the edge by flushing the QB out. Also, if he can draw the double team, that leaves Wistrom, Fisher and Cochran with less to deal with.

Go git 'em, Tubbsy!

Let Me Show You Where I Got My Tatuuuuu...

Seahawks vice president Mike Reinfeldt finally got out of Kirkland and was at breakfast Saturday morning with news. Second round draft choice Lofa Tatupu, the All-America linebacker from Southern California, had agreed to terms and was expected to sign his contract Saturday. It was doubtful that he would be ready to go by the afternoon practice, but Sunday was the target.

“Everything’s good and it should be signed today,” Reinfeldt said. “We’re close on the other guy too.”

That would be Chris Spencer, the center and first round draft from Mississippi. But everyone is optimistic of both deals being completed by the end of the weekend.
The Seahawks also had a new face in camp, although he was a sixth round draft choice of the Hawks in 1998. Wide receiver Bobby Shaw, of late with the Buffalo Bills and San Diego Chargers, signed and was in camp Saturday morning. Shaw, 30, is 6-1, 185 and has played on five teams in his career – the longest stint from 1999-2001 with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ill give credit where it is due: I saw that Alba was the first to find this...

Friday, July 29, 2005

Many Happy Returns?

Click the link above to see who this is practicing returning punts in rookie camp!

Stump Mitchell (in white) better counsel him about not catching the ball with his facemask, but this could be an interesting way to use for one of our recently drafted players, especially if he's as quick and crafty as they say he is.

Separated at Birth?

One of these pictures is of our third string QB David Greene. The other is of last year's #1 draft pick Eli Manning.

My question is, did Archie Manning spend some time in Snellville, Georgia about 23 years ago??!!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

On the Eve of Training Camp

There's a great article in today's ST about the top 10 topics entering training camp, and a decent preview on (where this cool graphic comes from!)

As much as I hate that MNF intro, I find myself unable to avoid asking the obvious question:


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Breaking News: Shaun Alexander Will Sign Tender

From Mike Sando:

Sorry it's taken me so long to get to this but I was in a 90-minute meeting this afternoon at the paper and the cell phone was off.

Shaun Alexander has agreed to report Friday and sign the one-year tender in exchange for the Seahawks not franchising him in 2006, and not trading him (presumably without his permission) before the October trade deadline.



In a compromise move that provides the Seattle Seahawks the services of their premier runner for one more season, but possibly not beyond the 2005 campaign, star tailback Shaun Alexander on Tuesday evening signed a one-year contract with the club and will report to camp on time later this week.

The one-year deal is for $6.32 million, the same amount Alexander would have received had he signed the one-year qualifying offer for a "franchise" tailback, a concession that the Seahawks have been attempting to gain for months.

The deal stipulates that the Seahawks cannot designate Alexander as a franchise player again at the end of the 2005 season. So unless the two sides reach a deal on an extension, which could be tough given the acrimony that built up over the spring, Alexander would be an unrestricted free agent next spring and free to leave.

Alexander will report to camp at Eastern Washington University on Thursday and be on the field for practice on Friday.

Lets Bring Ray Willis To Cheney

Newer update, Sando is reporting that not only has Ray Willis signed, but so has ALL of our draft picks EXCEPT the first two...

going up and over the HILL where the grass is so GREENE following ray willis to camp cheney

Mike Vick in Cardinals Camp!

While I can't get any official confirmation of it, click the external link and you'll see why there seems to be a lot of truth to this rumor...

Monday, July 25, 2005

You Don't Know Jackson

Mike Sando, our friend at the Trib, report that we have officially signed FB/TE Tony Jackson to a three-year deal.

Fullbacks usually take a while to develop in the NFL. But this guy is going to be a good one, I can feel it.

Just like we speak NOW of what a genius move it was to draft Michael Boulware, a linebacker, and convert him to safety, so it will be about converting this young tight end to a 265 lb. fullback.

Just watch- we'll be using him and Mack Strong in short yardage situations this season. read this scouting report to see what I mean, if you haven't already.

Bluefoot's Mail Bag!

Where YOU get to answer. Reply in the comments.

Dear Mr. Bluefoot,

I got cut by the Seahawks the other day. That pretty much sucks. I punted my a** off.

I'm not saying I'm the best ever, but I always gave my best and then succeeded as a punter. Now I'm on the street playing wiffle ball with neighbor chicks.

I haven't given up. I'm revisiting my training program and re-dedicating myself to weird, superstitious habits that all kickers have.

Do you have any suggestions? I really want to get back on the team and take the Seahawks to the Super Bowl.

Down-and-out Donnie Jones

Oh Shaun!

Found this story on Seattle PI and I had to attach it here! It has some very interesting points about Why the Hawks are not rushing to sign Shaun...and also some insite into the way he thinks...

After reading this ...I think there could be a long holdout looming!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Max Hawks Return To The Nest

After a long flight, the Hawk has returned to the nest.

Just in the nick of time it seems, too. Thanx to the season, especially the playoffs, I no longer have a speak of....eheh.. Unfortunatly for you fine Jugheads, that does not stop me from communicating with you.

I just want to say that I missed being here for the season, (what a season to get pulled away from the blog) and it could not be avoided. I will get back to the fun and articals as much as possible from this point on and hopefully be able to spend some much needed time writing about the Hawks and their loser Opponants.

Not much for me to say, or write about, that probably has not been covered so I'll just pop this one in to say "Howdy" and I will get up to speed with the watcha jiggy round here before I stir up some noise.

MaxHawk has returned....Mwahahahaha....

Thursday, July 21, 2005

What is wrong with KRob?


Mike Sando is reporting the KRob is in trouble, AGAIN...from his site thingy:

Three days after pleading guilty to a DUI charge, former Seattle Seahawks receiver Koren Robinson was in jail Thursday for allegedly violating a court order to abstain from alcohol.

Kirkland Police accused Robinson of being intoxicated when he showed up Wednesday morning to serve a one-day jail term on the DUI conviction.

Police confirmed Thursday night that they were holding Robinson in jail on a $25,000 cash bond, and that Robinson has an Aug. 4 court date in Kirkland Municipal Court.

Robinson denied the allegation Thursday in Kirkland Municipal Court, his attorney said.

The attorney, Jon Scott Fox, explained that the Aug. 4 hearing is to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to support the allegation. Two officers said they smelled alcohol on Robinson's breath when he reported to jail.

If guilty, Robinson would likely face additional punishment. The DUI conviction carried a 365-day jail term, with all but one day suspended.

The Seahawks released Robinson last month following a series of off-field incidents.

Robinson, 25, was a first-round draft choice in 2001.

What's wrong with me? I just can't help myself.

Sparring with the mentally challenged

Note: You might want to check it out again. It's getting good.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Six is the loneliest number...

Interesting tidbit from CBSSportsline:

--Media reports vastly overstated the Seahawks' alleged interest in Bills RB Travis Henry. The team talked about adding Henry as part of a draft-day package that would have included trading Alexander, but nothing came of those discussions. Seattle doesn't need to acquire a running back because Alexander has little choice but to sign the one-year tender when push comes to shove. Seattle's new president Tim Ruskell has stressed the importance of acquiring high-character players. Henry's character came into question with his 2001 guilty plea to having six with a 15-year-old girl.
What's wrong with having six, Tim? Not your lucky number? Just to prove a point, I posted a picture of a cow having six.

Bluefoot's Mail Bag!

NEW FORMAT: Where YOU get to answer. Reply in the comments.

Yo Bluefoot,

The man say I haf to go to jail for a day, a hole 24 hours. That gonna be boring shizzle. Whats a brotha got to do in jail fo all that time?

K-Rob in King County

New Offensive Consultant...theres such a thing?

Former University of Washington football coach Keith Gilbertson is expected to be named an offensive consultant for the Seattle Seahawks.

Official word should come shortly, but Gilbertson won't move far from his Snohomish County roots for his next coaching gig. Gilbertson took over the UW program after Rick Neuheisel was fired in 2003, and guided the Huskies to a 7-16 record in two seasons.

A former head coach at Cal and Idaho, Gilbertson graduated from Snohomish High School. He was a Seahawks assistant from 1996-98 under Dennis Erickson, a fellow Snohomish County native.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Seth Polansky, pull your head out!

From a recent article from the above-named author on
"Tatupu is an inside linebacker, but what the Seahawks need is an outside guy. Isaiah Kacyvenski will get one spot, and Tracy White and Kevin Bentley look to battle for the other. There is almost no more depth on either side behind them. However, Tatupu is behind Jamie Sharper and Niko Koutouvides in the middle. If the rookie can develop some skills on the outside, he could be used as one of the more versatile players on defense."

He's got the linebacker roles all Korened up. First of all, Jamie Sharper, after after acquiring him from Houston, was moved back to his natural position, outside linebacker. Tatupu is behind Niko in the middle. DD Lewis (where was he mentioned?) is starting on the opposite side from Sharper.

This leaves White, Bentley, Bates, and Hill rounding out the 2nd and 3rd string outside spots. Kaz is 4th string, not a starter! If you'd like to check for yourself, here's the current official depth chart.

Maybe I'm going a little overboard on this, but I'm not impressed. It's underwhelming to think that this guy wrote this article describing this so-called shortage at outside linebacker, but really didn't do his homework, on the Seahawk's official site, no less.

Unless there is something I don't know about this. If so, I just put my foot in my mouth again.

Am I wrong?

Tuesdays With Morons

Winner TBA.

Seahawks' Season Previews

Looking ahead... from the uninformed jounalists' point of view.

The untalented Mr. Roto

Debate over!

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Buffalo Bills traded running back Travis Henry to the Tennessee Titans on Monday for a third-round draft pick in 2006.
Engel Analysis: Henry to Titans.

Here is the header from an ESPN story that I found today...well I guess that puts an end to one of the biggest debates of the off season. The funny part was that at the beginning of the off the off season I would've thought that it was stupid to get rid of Shaun ...but as I stopped and looked and listened ...I became more open to the idea.

I still do not believe that Shaun is a team player and I really hope that we dont mortgage our entire team to keep a back that may or may not be the answer. To all you shaun supporters I will say this...dont be to excited...I still believe that their is a chance that the front office signs him and then looks to trade him.

But for now all got your wish!!! Lets just hope you're right...

Monday, July 18, 2005

Dont K-Drop The Soap!

Robinson pleaded guilty to DUI in exchange for having the blood-alcohol results (a pair of .191s) stricken from the record, and in exchange for having the reckless-driving charge dropped. He gets 365 days in jail with 364 suspended. He gets 24 months of supervised probation. He gets one year with an ignition-interlock device that forces him to take a breath test every time he starts the vehicle. Those are the basics. Story is online.

"I hope you spend the day (in jail) reflecting on what is ahead of you rather than what is behind you," Judge Albert Raines said.

hope he gets his life straight, but he still hurt our team...i still find this a tad easy on him, but at least its something...

Jesse Lumsden....Heir to the Throne?

Could it be that we already have a suitable replacement for Alexander the great?
Through much on going controversy, we have fans from all walks of the Seahawk fence taking opposite sides of the Shaun conflict. Arguements range from keeping him to continue the Hawks being a winning orginization, to dumping Alexander the greedy and we will be better off without him. Arguements also state the it will be the end of the Hawks as we know it and we will fail miserably without him. Most have spent the entire offseason debating, and hating, about the likes of a player who is on a hall of fame pace, who may or may not really even want to be here whether or not the Hawks can afford him.

The more I investigate Jesse Lumsden, the more comfortable I feel with him being a suitable replacement to Sir Shaun. Comfortable enough that I am more than willing to say, "Be Gone Shaun" We need not your individualistic ways, we have found an un-selfish team player, that will do just fine thank you.

Allow me to introduce you to:

Jesse Lumsden: The Canadian Speedster

The last name of Lumsden is pretty well known in Canadian university football. In the 1970s, it was Neil Lumsden, a running back and kicker with the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees, who led his team to the Vanier Cup in 1975 and moved on to play an outstanding career in the CFL. Then came Neil's son, Jesse, who was nearly unstoppable in 2004 as a running back with the McMaster University Marauders. Lumsden made a career of steam rolling through opponents, setting the CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) single season rushing record with 1,816 yards, the CIS single-season touchdown record (21) and the CIS career touchdown record (43). He also broke the OUA (Ontario University Athletics) career rushing record with 4,328 yards.
One particular career highlight had direct ties with his dad. On October 4, 2003, Jesse had five touchdowns against the Western Mustangs, matching a performance by his dad on the exact same day years earlier.It came as no surprise when Lumsden was named the 2004 Hec Crighton Trophy winner as the top Canadian university football player. A nice way to cap a season that saw him average 227 rushing yards per game and over 10 yards per carry. With a 4.4 time in the 40-yard dash, Lumsden is an explosive runner out of the backfield, a big reason the Seahawks signed him as a free agent following April's NFL draft.
Jesse & Mike Brown "That's one of my best qualities as a football player and I'm trying to expose that as much as I can," says Lumsden. "The Seahawks had a representative at my pro day and I ran real well, and I feel that's one of my best assets." Jesse joins fellow Canadians J.P. Darche, Kerry Carter and Jerome Pathon on the Seahawks roster, but can he speak French like Darche? "Je ne parle pas francais," Lumsden replies. "I don't speak French."

Jesse & Jesse: NFL QB Palmer On Hand To Witness Record Breaking Day As part of the NFL's ongoing efforts to support amateur football in Canada, Ottawa born and trained QB Jesse Palmer, currently with the NFL New York Giants, was on hand to witness a special day in the CIS on Saturday. McMaster star runningback Jesse Lumsden smashed both the CIS single season rushing mark and career touchdown mark in front of his hometown fans.
This report from the Toronto Sun: Toronto Sun to express his gratitude to the McMaster Marauders offensive linemen after his record-breaking day, Jesse Lumsden promised to take the big boys out for dinner. What Lumsden didn't tell the five hogs (their average size is 6-foot-3, 285 pounds) was how he was planning to pay for the big night out. "I'll pay it down the road and get another student loan maybe," Lumsden said after setting three records yesterday, including the CIS single-season rushing mark, in a 32-13 win over the Queen's Golden Gaels in the final regular season game at 48-year-old Les Prince Field yesterday. "I'm going to work (Lumsden is a bartender at a campus pub) tonight, so I'll ask for extra tips to pay for that dinner and maybe I can buy them something nice like a t-shirt."

Humble in all circumstances, Lumsden was true to form yesterday after rushing for 279 yards on 31 carries before 3,782 fans. That total gave him 1,680 yards this season -- with one game left -- topping current Montreal Alouette Eric Lapointe's record of 1,619, set in 1996. The powerful fourth-year running back also reached 4,001 rushing yards for his career, smashing current Edmonton Eskimo Mike Bradley's (Waterloo) record of 3,733. Finally, Lumsden scored two touchdowns to give him 43 for his career, eclipsing Bradley's CIS career high of 41. "If I start thinking about that stuff, you start to lose focus of what's really important," the 6-foot-2, 226-pound Lumsden, the featured attraction at a rare mid-week press conference at Mac this week, said. "The team comes first and this is a team record. I'm not taking sole credit for it at all."
After Lumsden was held to 98 yards on 13 carries in the first half, Mac coach Marcello Campanaro made him the focus of the offence and he exploded for 181 yards on 18 touches in the second half. He set the touchdown and CIS single-season record on a 16-yard run in the third quarter, earning a standing ovation when the accomplishments were announced. "There is a sense of relief but Jesse did such a good job of keeping it toned down ... There really wasn't a lot of talk about it in the dressing room prior to the game," Campanaro said. Among those on hand to witness Lumsden's big day was Hamilton Tiger-Cats coach/ex-Mac coach Greg Marshall. "When he came to Mac that first year, he was tall and thin, but very fast," Marshall said. "But he has got stronger and stronger. Now, you look at him with his shirt off and you think, 'Whoa. He's pretty thick.'

The six-foot-two, 226-pound native of Burlington, Ont., set new single-season marks with 1,816 yards and 21 touchdowns in 2004 and established another record with 47 career TDs. He dominated his rivals like few players ever have in the CIS, averaging a ridiculous 10.2 yards per carry.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Henry Get This Over Already?

CAPTION: Whos holding the bigger chip? Jacksonville or Tennessee?

Despite reports that the Jacksonville Jaguars are close to acquiring Travis Henry, the Tennessee Titans have made the more attractive trade proposal to the Buffalo Bills and are the front-runner in the chase for the disgruntled tailback.

Discussions between the Bills and the two most ardent suitors for Henry have been ramped up, and the situation remains in flux as Buffalo officials continue their efforts trade Henry sooner rather than later. The Seattle Seahawks, who had earlier indicated interest in Henry, apparently are out of the hunt.

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio told the Florida Times-Union on Thursday that the addition of Henry, who has been on the trading block for virtually the entire offseason, could be completed "in the next few days or week."

Show me the Buffalo Chips!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hawks sign LB Wortham

The Associated Press

KIRKLAND, Wash. – The Seattle Seahawks said Thursday they have signed 2005 seventh-round draft choice Cornelius Wortham, a linebacker from Alabama, to a multiyear contract.

Wortham was the 235th overall selection in the NFL draft. He was the third Seahawks draft choice to sign a contract after fifth-round choice Jeb Heckeba, a defensive end, and seventh-round pick Doug Nienhuis, a guard.

Terms were not disclosed.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Not dead in the water after all?

Click the external link for the full story.

According to the News Tribune, July 13,
"The team plans to watch Boulware work out Thursday. The session is designed to allay injury concerns that have left the former Pro Bowl linebacker unemployed since May.

Boulware is set to work out in Tallahassee, Fla., where he attended Florida State University. The Seahawks plan to attend, although president Tim Ruskell was not expected to make the trip."

The microfracture surgery he underwent, has been historically both successful and not so successful. There have been many cases of players who have come back from the surgery and played well after. There have also been many who have never recovered including former Seahawk John Randle, who was the last Seahawk player to have double digit sack totals in a season.

If all goes well in this workout, and if he seems to have fully recovered I fully expect the Seahawks to make him an offer. I for one am crossing my fingers and hoping the knee and toe that have slowed him for so long now are fully recovered, we need a pass rusher badly, and Peter, when healthy definitely fits the bill.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Who Blinks First!

Well it seems that Shaun and the Hawks may be playing a high stakes game of Texas hold em! I just saw a story on ESPN about The Seahawks are renewing trade talks with the Bills for Henry. The jist of the story is that after Shaun made his comments last week ...the Hawks contacted the Bills about henry and are slated to continue talking this week.

The story goes on to say that the hawks may not be to quick to give Shaun long term deal. Is this just a game of who blinks first? or are the Hawks ready to remove the Franny tag from Alexander and trade for Henry? And yes the franchise tag can be removed at any time ...making the player a free agent. The only problem with doing it ... is that the only team in dire need of a RB is the Cards...

My guess is that its a bluff....but Henry is much more the north /south runner Holmgren likes looks like a long week ahead. It should be noted that the Hawks can start talking to Shaun again on Saturday the timing of this story really makes it look like a barginning chip. Also, the Jags are suppose to put taylor through some heavy duty work outs this week to see if they need to find a back up!

Might make for a good week

Friday, July 08, 2005

Truth Stranger Than Fiction!

Click on the picture or the external link for a true story of what it means to be a "die hard" fan!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Supplemental Draft next week...

and there are two DL's available. USC DT Manuel Wright (pictured) and Toledo DE Jerome Walker. Any interest from us? The DT could go in the second or third, not sure about the DE. He is undersized (6-5, 257), and I can't find stats on him. Anyone know anything about this guy?

Also a RB available from Texas Tech, Ivory McCann, but he is tiny, and I think worked out as a CB/WR. 4.3 40 though, if we still want PR/KR help, he could be the man.

FYI, if not drafted in supplemental, these guys become FAs, just like the regular draft. So they could end up in a camp this year anyway.


Mike Martz is just so frickin'
Crazy he takes a lickin'
From Turley who cain't stop hittin'
And our defense keeps on quittin'
We gonna lose the division
I gots the St. Loser bluuuuuuuuues.

que harmonica solo by Tyoka Jackson

Monday, July 04, 2005

S.A. WantsA LongA TermA ContractA

Shaun Alexander has made it loud and clear that he wants a long term deal, or he will sit out the season:

From the Times

Always one to speak his mind, Shaun Alexander's message came through loud and clear. He won't play unless he gets a long-term contract, but he remains confident that will happen.

Otherwise, Alexander is prepared to sit and wait, even into the regular season.

Alexander said signing the team's $6.32 million franchise tender is "out of the question." When asked if it will come down to not playing without a long-term deal, he replied, "Pretty much, yeah."

"I'm pretty strong about my principles," the Seahawks Pro Bowl running back said yesterday at the Adonai Hood Classic basketball tournament at Seattle's Garfield High School. "We're all under the same understanding. It's not like a bitter thing. I've told them that I love playing for Seattle. To me, it's not about money, it's just about a principle."

Alexander refuted any notion he and coach Mike Holmgren have a strained relationship, in part because Alexander fell 2 yards short of the NFL rushing title last season. Still he seems intent on standing fast, despite the fact he wants to be in Seattle and the team has expressed a desire to keep him. The Seahawks gave Alexander the franchise tag this offseason to keep him from becoming a free agent.

Alexander wanted to have his contract extended earlier in his career, he said.

"I told them three years ago that I love playing here and let's do something now. Let's meet," Alexander said. "It was just me and Mike [Holmgren]. There were no agents involved. I said, 'You know what? My wife's here. My family's here. I want to be here until I retire. It's really funny because back then I would have worked for peanuts.

This should be interesting...he sounds emphatic about wanting to be here...anyone buying it? Im starting to...

Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy Independence Day!

Party Hardy...Party Safe!

It's Officially July!

Fourteen days before Shaun can come to the table and sign!

TWM, late entry

Missing TWM is unfortunate, especially on the first of 3 real slow weeks. Here is a FWM, since nobody has posted in days... and this is a pretty funny story. Notice Putin has the ring in his left paw.

My entry...

Putin: "I'm sorry, my english is bad, but it is a beautiful gift, no?"

Kraft: "No"

Putin: "Well, I think its beautiful, thanks."