Friday, March 31, 2006

Seattle Slew!

According to reports in the Minneapolis Start Tribune, and confirmed by Seattle's own Mike Sando, the Vikings will not match the offer Seattle tendered to thoroughbred Nate Burleson, meaning the Seahawks will once again have a "slew" of wide receiver talent when training camp opens in July!

Burleson will be joining a talented and experienced receiver corp that includes veteran Seahawks Darrel Jackson and Bobby Engram, newcomer Peter Warrick, up-and-comer D.J. Hackett, and depth guys like Jereheme Urban, Maurice Mann, and "Collarbone".

While Nate will not a part-for-part replacement for the size, intensity and lockerroom presense of a Joe Jurevicius, he is noteworthy for having just as clutch a set of hands, and for being able to produce yards after the catch.

The irony here is that we lost JJ to the emotional pulls of playing for his hometown Browns, and picked up Nate who was eager to return to Seattle and play for his hometown Seahawks. Let's hope the familiar settings and grandma's cooking has as much effect on Nate's game as it did on Bryce Fisher's improvement last season!



This isn't a count down to the midnight Eastern deadline on the Nate Burleson offer, but rather an indication that with everything else that's been going on, Seattle has been systematically knocking off their unrestricted free agents and re-signing them to the team.

KFFL is reporting today that reserve LB Kevin Bentley has been resigned to a 2-year agreement, leaving Maurice Morris, backup Safety and special teamer John Howell and Punter Tom Rouen as our last three unrestricted free agents.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that MoMo has agreed in principle to a new deal, and all signs seem to indicate that John Howell will re-up once he returns from his Australian hunting adventure with Joe Jurevicius, making Tom Rouen the only unresolved position from the 2005 roster.

While the major losses of Steve Hutchinson and Joe Jurivicius have been well documented, as have been the minor departures of Marquand Manuel, Ryan Hannam and Rodney Bailey, what has seemed to go somewhat unnoticed is that in a little less than a month, Tim Ruskell & Co. have corralled the remainder of the herd before losing them to the wolves, while poaching a few USDA Grade A choice heifers from the other stables as well.

Shaun Alexander and Mack Strong have been effectively signed to 'lifetime' contracts, and each should appropriately retire from the game as Seahawks. Rocky Bernard, who most thought would be gone in free agency for sure, after his breakout season in 2005, was retained, along with roll players Jimmy Williams, Joe Tafoya and Peter Warrick.

And as if that wasn't enough, they've added marquee names like Julian Peterson and Tom Ashworth, and other roll players like Will Heller and Russell Davis.

And this is all with a few weeks remaining until the DRAFT!

Suffice it to say, with all the talk about the "Curse of the Superbowl Runners-Up", uncertainty about Holmgren's future, and how the Offensive Line will adapt to the loss of Hutch, the front office seems to be doing everything it can to improve the overall roster and make a confident push to return to the Superbowl.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

There's a New Marshall In Town!

In a long anticipated move, Mike Sando is reporting that the Seahawks have finally made it official, moving John Marshall into the Defensive Coordinator's spot and shifting Ray Rhodes into a consultant's role.

“They switched offices now,” coach Mike Holmgren quipped from the NFL owners meetings Tuesday. “John got the big office.”

Marshall, 60, had refused to take Rhodes’ office last season out of respect. Rhodes, 55, had been Seattle’s coordinator since 2003.

The two will continue to work together, but now their titles will reflect each man’s responsibilities.

In other moves, Former quality control coach Zerick Rollins has taken over for Marshall as linebackers coach, and former Ram Defensive Coordiator Larry Marmie will be working with Teryl Austin in coaching the defensive backs.

Apparently, the front office is working to improve the defensive in other ways besides bringing in better players through free agency.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Street Gets Repaved

As you probably already noticed, I installed a new template a few minutes ago. There are still a few tweaks left to take care of, but for the most part, this is the new and improved(?) 12 Seahawks Street.

For the most part, while visually a bit different, the blog fundamentally carries the same features, but with some navigation aids that we've been needing for a long time. Let me see if I can outline the changes:
  1. Notice above the main artice area, there are a couple of links that change, depending on which page you are currently viewing. They essentially serve as 'back' and 'next' links, taking you to the article named in the link. Try it out, I think you'll like it.
  2. We are now using cookies, which enables you to post comments without re-entering your handle.
  3. The comments posting function no longer takes you the clunky Blogger comment utility. Previously, we had a hybrid methid of posting comments. Now we have one streamlined utility at the bottom of each post page. This is my favorite part of the new template, with a much more seamless operation.
  4. The banner is something I just threw together. I would welcome some well assembled banners to replace it, if any of you have the time and tools. I am working on a script to cycle the banners with each reload, much like, so that you frequently get a fresh picture to look at. It would be nice to have an occasional retro pic, with maybe some players from the 80's, maybe a defensive theme, or maybe a collage of crazy fans, kid's artwork, etc.. Feel free to be creative, I think it has the potential to be pretty cool. And don't forget, if it's a work of art, sign it! NOTE: The finished banners will need to be 740x200. UPDATE: I have finished the script and added three more banners into the random mix. I look forward to seeing yours!
  5. The 12 Seahawks Street Forum is Dead. May it rest in peace. It was a slow, painful death, by starvation. JoSCh's horrid signatures will be missed. The Newsinator is alive and well, however.
  6. I will have a collection of templates available soon for sub blogs. Also, page 2, the Newsinator, and Gameday Chat will be updated soon so it wil be concurrent with the new theme.

Anyway, your feedback is appreciated. Any questions or comments, leave them below. I think this will take some getting used to at first, but will be well worth it once you get the hang of the new methods of navigation.

Thanks, and


Remember when?

Friday, March 24, 2006


Excuse me, watch out...Pro Bowler coming through!

The Mack Daddy of all trucks has resigned for 3 years, according to ESPN...details later...

Revenge So Green And Blue!

Seahawks have signed Nate Burleson to offer sheet...and a funny one!

From Sando:

The Seahawks signed Vikings WR Nate Burleson to an offer sheet today, giving Minnesota seven days to match or lose the three-year veteran to Seattle.

Get this: My understanding is that the offer is a seven-year, $49 million deal with $5.25 million guaranteed and two hilarious poison pills guaranteeing the contract if he plays a certain number of games in the State of Minnesota, or if his average-per-year exceeds the average of the highest-paid running back on the team. The poison pills are obviously direct retribution for the contract Minnesota used to sign LG Steve Hutchinson from the Seahawks. Obviously this deal will be reworked after a few years, but they did what they had to do to make this look like the seven-year, $49 million offer the Vikings made to Hutchinson. I'll need to confirm these terms but that is the initial word.

If Minnesota does not match the Seahawks' offer, the Vikings would receive Seattle's third-round choice in the upcoming draft. It's a low third-round pick given that Seattle advanced to the Super Bowl last season, but the pick would still give the Vikings ammunition should they try to trade up the draft board.

The timing of the offer sheet is perhaps a little surprising given that NFL teams have until April 21 to make offers to restricted free agents, and this is a league that sometimes needs a deadline to get things done. But Seattle's interest in Burleson has been well established since the team visited with him last week at Seahawks headquarters. Seattle also might be looking to move proactively after suffering some free-agent losses, notably Hutchinson and WR Joe Jurevicius. The team also fell short in a recent attempt to acquire DE John Abraham from the Jets.

If the inital reports hold up...thats absolutely hilarious!


Nate Burleson's offer sheet with the Seahawks is ultimately a four-year, $14 million contract.The rest of Burleson's seven-year, $49 million contract is full of dummy years intended to prove a point to the Vikings and the league.

(Click the picture of Johnny Cash to see a hidden message from Tim Ruskell to the Minnesota Vikings)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

How Much Is Your Ashworth?

According to Mike Sando and KFFL, the Seahawks have agreed to terms with Patriots Tackle Tom Ashworth, best known for his VISA commercials with Tom Brady. To answer the parenthetical question above, it's a a 5-year deal reported to be paying him $4.5M in the first year. Here's Sando's take on him:

A veteran of 30 regular-season starts in four NFL seasons, Ashworth also started at right tackle in Super Bowl XXXVIII against Carolina. Panthers LDE Julius Peppers finished that game with two tackles, no assists and no sacks, for what that might be worth (and those things are generally worth quite a bit to offensive linemen, given that they generally get attention only when the bad guys get the best of them).

The wild speculation can now begin about where Ashworth will play, Right Tackle or Left Guard, and where the other guys will fill in. Suffice it to say, the only position on the O-line that is locked up seems to be Walter Jones' Left Tackle spot. All the others are now officially up for grabs.

So, if the moves the Seahawks front office have made over the past two seasons weren't evidence enough that they're trying to emulate the Patriot's blueprint on becoming a modern day dynasty, Mr. Ashworth has just provided a 6-foot, 6-inch, 305 pound heap of "identify theft assistance!"

Breaking News: Its Hammer Time!


From the PI:

Seahawks safety Ken Hamlin has been cleared to resume playing football next season, his agent said Wednesday.

Hamlin, 25, suffered a fractured skull in a fight outside a Pioneer Square nightclub in October. He spent nearly a week in the hospital and suffered cerebral bruising. He was placed on the injured list two weeks after the incident, ending his season.

Lawrence Temple, Hamlin's agent, said Wednesday his client had undergone examinations and would be ready for training camp in July.

That provides some clarity on the shape of the Seahawks' secondary for the future, which had been subjected to subtraction so far this offseason.

Sorry Shaun, Rocky, and Julian...this is the best news of the offseason for so happy his career will continue, let alone next year, and even moreso with Manuel wearing tampons---er---i mean being tampered with


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Moonlight Graham Award

Given the recent signing of Joe Tafoya, I thought it was only right that we resurrect this post...

In the same vien as the Superbowl Shuffle and the new video from the Cincinnati Bengals, the Seahawks wanted to pay a musical tribute to their finest season in club history. Naturally, they turned to team leader and vocal virtuoso, Joe Tafoya, and given the Holiday Season, decided not to just cut one song, but an entire Christmas album.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Breaking News: Seahawks Nab Peterson; Hutch GONE

Wake up, wake up...its the 1st of tha cash your checks and come on!!! all over the news this year baby!!!! hahahaha!!!

One of the busiest teams of the offseason struck again when the Seattle Seahawks reached agreement with former San Francisco linebacker Julian Peterson on a blockbuster seven-year, $54 million deal.

The deal, which the Seahawks and agent Kevin Poston spent today finalizing, includes $18.5 million worth of guarantees, including $10 million this season.

A Seahawks official confirmed the agreement in principle with the linebacker the San Francisco 49ers designated their franchise player one year ago.

-Linked from NFL Network...story by Adam Schefter

As for Hutch, the PI's front page has a little blip:

Hawks to let Hutchinson go
Hours after losing a ruling by an arbitrator, the Seahawks apparently have decided to let a deadline pass to match a rich offer sheet to offensive lineman Steve Hutchinson, who will become a Minnesota Viking. Details shortly.

FRONT PAGE...not the Seahawks front page...

A Seahawks Fan, Tom Condon and Steve Hutchinson Walk Into a Bar...

For the purpose of providing potentially meaningful discussion and a pathetic facsimilie of closure, please consider the following hypothetical situation:

It's Monday, 6:30 pm in Seattle. You're on the way home from work and heard the news on the radio that the Seahawks lost their arbitration case with the NFLPA and Steve Hutchinson, which means he will wake up in the morning a Viking. Rather than head straight home, kick the dog and yell at the TV, you decide to pull into a local watering hole and cool down with a longneck.

You head into the bar, still tossing around mixed emotions about the whole deal. Good riddance? Is it a sad loss? Is Hutch a prick? Or is he making a decision any sane person would make if given the opportunity? Is he welcome salary cap relief? Is it much ado about nothing, since he is only a guard anyway?

Well today, one cold one leads to another. Pretty soon you're venting to the barkeep about the Hutchinson deal. Before you get too far, he stops you, and silently nods and points for you to turn around and look over by the window. You give a glance to a booth behind you, and you are stunned.

It is none other than Steve Hutchinson himself, along with some snazzily dressed gentleman with three cell phones. He cooly takes another drink of his Pacifico, as if to reflect on the last few moments as a Seahawk, waiting for the 9pm PST deadline to pass before his signed offer sheet with the Vikings turns into a full blown contract.

"WOW." You think to yourself. "This is a chance of a lifetime. I can't just let this go. I have to say something." You take the last swig of your beer. "Nah, screw him. It's a done deal anyway."

It doesn't work. The longer you sit there, the more you think of things you want to say to him. By the time Hutchinson lets out a smug chuckle, you've finally had it. You set your beer down and strut over to his table. With just enough liquid courage to boldly make sense, you plant both feet on the floor and attempt to look him square in th eye.

"Mr. Hutchinson? Excuse me..."

What would you say? Would you thank him? Would you curse him? Would you pick a fight? Would you ask a question?

I know a lot of you will have some good ideas. Let 'er rip.


Special Master Rules Against Seahawks

Surprise, surprise!


Hutch deal guaranteed if Hawks match

NFLPA attorney Richard Berthelson just explained to me over the phone exactly what happened in the Steve Hutchinson case and what it means. Basically, it means that Seattle has to guarantee the $49 million in Hutchinson's contract if the team matches the offer sheet from Minnesota. The Seahawks have until 9 p.m. PST do match or lose Hutchinson to the Vikings. If and when Hutchinson becomes a Viking, his deal with Minnesota will not be guaranteed. But it will be guaranteed if the Seahawks match the offer.

Here is what happened according to Berthelson:

The Vikings made an offer to Hutchinson that specified that he must be the highest-paid offensive lineman on his team for the duration of 2006 or else the entire $49 million is guaranteed. The offer specifically said that he had to be the highest-paid guy at the time he signed the offer sheet. The Seahawks wanted to change the terms so that the money would be guaranteed only if Hutchinson were not the highest-paid offensive lineman on his team at the time Seattle matched the offer. Seattle then went about reworking Walter Jones' contract so that Hutchinson's offer would average more money per year, thereby making Hutchinson the highest-paid guy if and when Seattle matched. "Their plan was to argue that the offer sheet the Vikings had given to Hutchinson should be interpreted to be saying he only had to be the highest-paid player at any time in the year," Berthelson said. "It was a pretty fractured interpretation of the language and the special master didn't buy it. The only way for Seattle to win was for the special master to agree to that interpretation."

Berthelson added that it was a "longshot" for the Seahawks to win this hearing today "because the plain meaning of the words used and the circumstances surrounding it leads to the inescapable conclusion that the Vikings meant for him to have to be the highest-paid offensive lineman for the whole year beginning with the offer sheet."

Berthelson said a special master can allow changes to a contract only if the player agrees and/or the changes benefit the player.

* * * ORIGINAL POST * * *

From Sando:

"Special master" Stephen Burbank ruled against the NFL Management Council and the Seahawks today in their attempt to match the Vikings' offer to LG Steve Hutchinson under altered terms. That means the Seahawks have until midnight tonight EST to match the Vikings' offer to Pro Bowl LG Steve Hutchinson, or he will become a Viking.

A clause in the offer called for the full $49 million to become guaranteed if Hutchinson weren't the highest-paid offensive lineman on his team in 2006. The Seahawks tried to get around that be reworking the deal of LT Walter Jones. They had also apparently tried to alter terms of the offer in some way.

"Special master Stephen Burbank has determined that the additional language that the Seahawks proposed to include in the Steve Hutchinson contract would alter a principle term of the Vikings' offer sheet," league spokesman Michael Signora said today. "The Seahawks have until midnight Eastern to decide if they'll match the original offer sheet."

One guy over there posted something that summed up what I was thinking:

Bnemhaus: It sure seems like this opens Pandora's box. I can't imagine what kind of clauses we'll start seeing now. I'm shocked. gonna become an agent now and start putting in secret clauses that cause my clients to get a 100 million dollar raise if they are in a Blue uniform...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hawks land another former NFC West foe

Len Pasquarelli of is reporting that the Seahawks have signed yet another defensive tackle, Russell Davis, formerly of the Cards. Financial terms of the deal have not yet been posted.

Russell is 30, missed most of last year with a bicep injury, apparently is a team guy who will fit in well on the Seahawks.

Here's hoping another addition to the defensive line will be announced in the near future (Abraham.)

Looks to me as though the Hawks are planning to upgrade the defensive line through free agency and the secondary possibly through the draft. I wouldn't mind seeing Peterson join the club, but I've never been convinced that he's worth big money. We'll see what happens!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rocky V (point IV)

John Clayton is reporting on that Rocky Bernard has agreed to keep the Sugar Bear Shake in Seattle for 3 more years, with a $13M deal that includes a $5.8M signing bonus.

The Chiefs flew in Bernard on Tuesday and were trying to talk him into a contract. The Seahawks kept in touch the entire time and wouldn't let him go.

In other news, Seattle has also agreed to a one-year $1M contract with free agent WR/PR Peter Warrick, as well as hosting visits with John Abraham, Julian Peterson and Lawyer Milloy.

My guess is the Seahawks have decided what they're going to do with Hutch, and are now "getting busy" in free agency while they tie up $49M of the Vikings money.



Monday, March 13, 2006

The REAL Back-Stabber!

Adam Shefter on confirmed that the offer sheet that Steve Hutchinson signed with the Vikings indeed includes a "poison pill" making it virtually impossible for the Seahawks to match.

The $50 million offer sheet that Hutchinson signed Sunday with the Vikings includes a provision dictating that he be the highest paid offensive lineman on his team this season -- or the entire $50 million contract becomes fully guaranteed, according to someone who has seen the offer sheet. Well, Seattle offensive tackle Walter Jones averages $7.5 million per year, while Hutchinson's contract pays him an average of $7 million per year.

So if Seattle matched Hutchinson's offer sheet, it not only would have to figure out how to squeeze in this year's $13-million-plus salary-cap figure, but it also would have to guarantee a whopping $50 million to Hutchinson, making it the richest cash contract in NFL history by a cool $15 million.

While I understand the Front Office had their own fiscal objectives in mind when choosing to place the Transition tag on Hutchinson, it was also a good faith gesture to avoid the acromony and protracted contract impasses and holdouts that usually accompany the use of the Franchise tag.

Hutchinson, who usually espoused a desire to remain in Seattle then took that good faith, whittled down the tip, and stuck it right into the collective backs of the Seahawks organization.

The deal, devised by Hutchinson's agent Tom Condon, makes it exceedingly difficult for the Seahawks to match. One person involved in the composition of the offer sheet predicted the Seahawks cannot match it; the ramifications would be way too severe.

Thanks to this little underhanded manuever, I no longer think that the loudmouthed midget known as Drew Rosenweasel is the slimiest agent operating in football.

I also think it's truly ironic that the guy everyone thought would bolt town in a heartbeat, or bend the Seahawks organization over a barrell demanding to be the highest paid player at his position, Shaun Alexander, is the one who signed a reasonably priced, cap friendly deal to stay in town. While the quiet and reserved hulk of an offensive lineman, who everyone thought would be true to his word and dedicated to the franchise, is the one who turns out to be the money grubbing egotist.

I hope the $17M that we're currently under the cap allows us to sign two or three good free agents that we have our eyes on, while we make the Vikings twist for 7 days waiting for an answer.

And while I'd never wish injury on a player, or any human being for that matter, I'm hoping that the Vikings contiue to suck and that they never even get a sniff of the playoffs during the tenure of this contract. As a matter of fact, I hope Hutchinsuck has to play every stinking down on offense, as they wallow in mediocrity for the next seven years.

But most of all, I can't wait until Walter Jones and our new left guard "whoever" are blowing open truck-width holes for Shaun Alexander, as he puts up a 200 yard game on Minnesota when they visit Qwest field next Fall.

So, for an illustration on how I now feel about one of the previously well liked Seahawks, or for the message that this deal is sending to any GM who feels the need to bargain with his players on good faith, click the picture of Hutchinsuck above.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

To Match or Not to Match?

That is the question.

The Vikings have called our Transition Tag bluff, and now it's time to see what kind of poker face Ruskell & Co. really have.

Minnesota went "all in" with a 7-year $49M offer that includes in $16M guaranteed money, and Seattle is wondering if it's worth pulling for the inside straight.

Matching the offer eats up a good deal of our attractive cap situation, but maintains consistency on arguably the best offensive line in football.

Not matching the offer relieves Seattle of the $6.3M of cap burden allocated to the Transition Tag, so we could start signing free agents like drunken sailors on shore leave!

The question is, can Pork Chop and Willis and Spencer and Locklear (and even Hunter) fill in for arguably the best offensive guard in the game?

The good news is that this happened quickly, so the seven day matching clock has started to tick, and it also removes our paralysis from being active in free agency. We now know what cap room we'll have, with or without Hutch, so we can make some offers to other guys while we tie up $49M of the Vikings payroll for a week.

When all is said and done, I think we resign Hutch, especially since Ruskell seems to prefer the "low hanging fruit" to the big name free agents, and we'll still have about $10M in cap space to sign more high-motor guys like Darby and Herndon and Tafoya.

What do you think?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hello, I Must Be Going!

***** NOTE *****
As of 3/13/06 I have stopped updating this list. Check out
this link on which lists team by team comings and goings in free agency.

Losing sentimental favorites like Joe Jurevicius and Marquand Manuel on the same day, after only one hear of service to the Seahawks, may seem like some old Marx Brother's farce of a plot...but it's true.

Welcome to the other side of the salary cap and free agency coin.

Here is the list of free agent signings by team, so we can see who we will face next season, and if they've gotten better (or worse):

Bills - TE Robert Royal (Redskins), WR Andre' Davis (Patriots)
Broncos - resigned DT Gerrald Warren, RB Ron Dayne, TE/LS Mike Leach
Browns - WR Joe Jurevicius (Seahawks), C LeCharles Bentley (Saints), DT Ted Washington (Raiders)
Buccaneers - resigned FB Mike Alstott, DL Chris Hovan & PK Matt Bryant
Cardinals - DT Kendrick Clancy (Giants), OL Milford Brown (Texans), RB Edgerrin James (Colts)
Chargers - S Marlon McCree (Panthers)
Cowboys - OG Kyle Kosier (Lions)
Dolphins - CB Andre' Goodman (Lions), LB Sedrick Hodge (Saints)
Eagles - TE Matt Schobel (Bengals), DE Darren Howard (Saints)
49ers - resigned PK Joe Nedney
Giants - resigned QB Tim Hasselbeck & KR/PR/RB Chad Morton
Jaguars - CB Brian Williams (Vikings)
Packers - S Marquand Manuel (Seahawks), resigned DE Aaron Kampman
Panthers - DT Maake Kemoeatu (Ravens), resigned RB DeShaun Foster & QB Chris Weinke, OC Justin Hartwig (Titans),
Rams - S Corey Chavous (Vikings), LB Will Witherspoon (Panthers)
Ravens - DE Trevor Pryce (Broncos), DT Justin Bannan (Bills), resigned LB Bart Scott, RB Mike Anderson (Broncos)
Redskins - WR Brandon Lloyd (49ers), WR Antwaan Randle El (Steelers), TE Christian Fauria (Patriots)
SEAHAWKS - S Shaunard Harts (Chiefs)
Steelers - resigned LB Clint Kriewaldt
Texans - FB Jameel Cook (Buccaneers), QB Sage Rosenfels
Vikings - resigned WR Koren Robinson, RB Chester Taylor (Ravens), LB Ben Leber (Chargers), PK Ryan Longwell (Packers)

(3/13/06 06:41 PST)

So long, Mr. Unlucky Hooker!

Well, it's official.

We've lost the man who effortlessly caught everything, he was named the "unlucky hooker".

Going to the Browns for 4 years and $10 million, so it seems obvious why the front office bid him farewell. With his history of injuries, and a 19-game season with significant playing time added to his odometer, it's a pretty rich contract for a guy with seemingly little tread left on his tires.

We lost Marquand Manuel today to the Packers too, for a very similar contract, which again, is a lot to pay a backup up Safety.

Here's to both of them having continued success in Cleveland and Green Bay, and here's to Ken Hamlin's health and D.J. Hackett's maturity!


Wednesday, March 08, 2006


ESPN Radio and are announcing that the Owners have approved the final proposal submitted by the NFL Players Association.

This means that the salary cap number is now rougly $105M and that the free agency will officially begin as of 12:01am ET Thursday night. This also removes any fears of uncapped years, lockouts, strikes for the next 6 years.

Now, the only question remains, with $10M extra dollars to spend, how soon is the new contract Hutch going to be announced?

Who the Hell is Shaunard Harts?

The newest Seahawk by way of Kansas City, that's who!

According to Mike Sando's blog, the Seahawks signed KC Safety Shaunard Harts, a veteran who has collected 166 tackles, 2 sacks and 2 interceptions from 2001-2004, but who was cut by the Chiefs before the start of last season.

The Seahawks apparently worked him out last year, so he seems to be a guy they've been keeping an eye on.

He looks to be another depth guy signing, and possibly a hedge against losing Marquand Manuel to free agency. Ironically, Harts comes from a huge family like Manuel, having 12 brothers and sisters!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pack Tampering?

I saw this during my normal NFL news search and on Sandos blog. As I said on Sandos, I find it interesting that Mr. McGinn is reporting that the Packers are tampering to a degree that even the supposed contract number has been agreed on, and then he reports that that is indeed what is happening, and nobody has a strong opinion on that, particularly the NFL. Especially in light of the rumors, wild or not, that the NFL officials tampered with the integrity of the game during the StealerBowl. Now they are tampering, or allowing tampering, during the offseason? Between these issues and the labor talks between bazillionaires, multi-millionaires and mere millionaires I'm becoming more and more disillusioned with the NFL. At least there is yard work to do now so my weekends aren't totally ruined by the No Fair League. I may have to go back into my self imposed exile...

Oh, and I hotlinked that picture from JS online, I know that it is essentially stealing their bandwidth, but if I've learned anything from the the article, its that I can do whatever I want when I want with no regard for rules, written or implied. Thanks Mr McGinn, way to report "just the facts" with enough intrigue to piss me off. "In reality" had I not stolen the picture and bandwidth, "I would not have been doing my job".

Monday, March 06, 2006

Alexander to Stay in Seattle

Numerous sources are reporting that Alexander has agreed to re-sign with Seattle for $62 million over 8 years with an estimated $15 million of it guaranteed. The total value of the deal is in the range of contracts signed recently by LaDanian Tomlinson, Clinton Portis, and Deuce McAllister.

The Tacoma News Tribune's Mike Sando has more detail on the deal at his Seahawks Insider blog. Sando mentions that he understands that the guaranteed money in the deal can only be spread over four seasons, as per the current collective bargaining agreement. He describes those terms as "locked in" (i.e., NOT subject to any subsequent extension of the CBA). Hence, the deal appears to be front loaded, with most of the guaranteed money paid out early in the life of the contract. Seattle's rather healthy cap situation apparently allowed for this kind of deal, one that at first glance looks like a win-win. Alexander's bonus money--as I understand it, and I may very well be incorrect about this--is less than the bonuses paid to Hasselbeck and Jones but won't be stretched out over as many years.

Seattle certainly appears well positioned to now re-sign Steve Hutchinson, lock up other priority free agents, and potentially even dabble a bit in the market.

You really have to give a lot of credit to Seattle's front office for making the tough decisions necessary to put the financial house in order (e.g., cutting Sharper and Dyson) while at the same time understanding the need to take care of key people. This was a horrible offseason for Alexander to be on the market with so much cap uncertainty around the league and a reasonably deep crop of running backs available in free agency and the draft. Seattle could have easily waited him out and probably re-signed him to a similar, perhaps even slightly smaller deal, but not without building in a lot of acrimony in the process. Keeping Alexander off the market was, in my opinion, not only a class move but the right move for everyone involved.

Now, I'd love to see the team get something done for Hutch. However, Hutch may personally be better off actually testing the market after the CBA is extended.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Breaking News: Shaun Alexander Agrees To EIGHT Year Deal

From Fox Sports: has learned that the Seattle Seahawks have agreed to terms with Pro-Bowl running back Shaun Alexander on a whopping eight-year, $62 million deal that includes a total of more than $15 million in the first year in bonuses (signing and roster) and salary.

NFL MVP Shaun Alexander will return to Seattle and help the Seahawks try to get back to the Super Bowl. (Harry How / Getty Images)

The Alexander deal is not contingent upon a new CBA getting done as the Seahawks have the necessary cap space to make such a move. However, the contract still has to get approved by the NFL front office and Alexander needs to sign the contract.

This is interesting!!!

SIDE NOTE: The Seahawks have tendered their RFA's with the one-year, $712,000 tenders. Those include SENECA WALLACE, JOSH BROWN, and surprisingly, WAYNE HUNTER

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Official: Andre Dyson and Jamie Sharper Released


Look for the Seahawks to release CB Andre Dyson, as reported, and LB Jamie Sharper, as expected. I expect both moves to happen this afternoon. The team is also expected to release CB Michael Harden, but Dyson and Sharper are the bigger names here. Both had roster bonuses coming later this month, Dyson for $3 million and Sharper for $1.5 million. By my unofficial math, Dyson will now count $2.4 million against the cap instead of $4.26 million. Sharper would now count $2 million instead of $4.5 million. Don't take these numbers to the bank until I confirm them, but off the top of my head these moves would save $4.36 million. a little surprised they didn't wait until you know...they needed the extra money, for Dyson's release

I don't care for this move. (Dyson's)



NEW YORK -- A few hours after NFL owners voted to continue their standoff with the players' union, the league extended its deadline for free agency by three days and resumed talks.

The breakthrough came with a mutual agreement between the NFL and the NFL Players Association Thursday afternoon.

Without a new deal, teams that expected a cap about $10 million higher would have to cut players to become cap compliant, casting more players onto the market, but leaving little cap space to sign them. That deadline has been pushed back until 6 p.m. ET Sunday.

Now, there is a little breathing room to try to do a deal.

[The Whole Story]

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bloody Thursday Has Begun!

A little ahead of schedule, but the blood is starting to flow in the streets of the NFL, and the heads of big name players have started to roll!

The link above is to the NFL page on, which already has three separate stories about teams releasing marquis players, and two speculatations regarding Warrick Dunn and Will Sheilds.

The Broncos have release three, Trevor Price, Mike Anderson and Jeb Putzier (ok, not everyone released is a household name!)

The Panthers have also release three, Brenson Buckner, Steven Davis and Rod Smart.

And the Bill have released three, former Seahawk Sam Adams, Safety Lawyer Milloy and TE Mark Campbell, but are still trying to restructure things to hold on to Eric Moulds.

No word from the Seahawks yet, but with guys like Buckner and Adams hitting free agency, the price for Rocky should start to deflate, and if the rumor about Sheilds is true, it may effect Hutch's value on the open market.

Not sure how much an impact Anderson, Davis, or "He Hate Me" will have on Shaun's asking price, but the next several days should be VERY interesting!!!

Here's a running list of released players so far:

Position - Name (Team Cap Savings)
CB - Howard, Reggie (Dolphins $1M)
CB - Law, Ty (Jets $7.6M)
CB - Lehan, Michael (Browns $417K)
CB - Madison, Sam (Dolphins $2.625M)
CB - Starks, Duane (Patriots $5.1M)
DT - Adams, Sam (Bills $3.5M)
DT - Lang, Kenard (Browns $5.1M)
DT - Legree, Lance (Jets $1.45M)
DL - Pryce, Trevor (Broncos $8.5M)
DT - Buckner, Brentson (Panthers $1.5M)
LB - Green, Barrett (Giants $1.375M)
OG - Whittle, Jason (Giants $1.7M))
OT - Fabini (Jets $3.2M))
OT - Hopkins, Brad (Titans $4.6M))
OT - McIntosh, Damion (Dolphins $4.48M)
QB - Fieldler, Jay (Jets $6M)
RB - Anderson, Mike (Broncos $2.565)
RB - Davis, Stephen (Panthers $2.8M)
RB - Smart, Rod (Panthers)
RB - Sowell, Jerald (Jets $551K)
S - Coleman, Marcus (Texans $585K)
S - Gibson, Derrick (Raiders $9.4M)
S - Jones, Tebucky (Dolphins $6.5M)
S - Milloy, Lawyer (Bills)
S - Wilson, Jerry (Chargers $1M)
TE - Campbell, Mark (Bills)
TE - Putzier, Jeb (Broncos $1.5M)


Did Ruskell Just Get Lucky?

As long as we're playing "what if" games this week, while the NFL and the Union plays with the future of the league, here's a new one for you.

What if Tim Ruskell just got lucky last season?

What if Spencer turns out to be a bust, and Lofa and Hill were just dumb luck picks? What if Herndon and Darby and JJ were great pick ups just because he had great info on them from his Falcons/Buccaneer days, and he really isn't that good of an evaluator of talent?

The bar is set pretty high for him in Year 2, and the contract situations of Alexander and Hutchinson, as well as the long list of free agents, amid the unrest of the CBA will be a difficult proving ground for Mr. Ruskell to continue his mastery of the roster.

While nobody can argue that he had to have SOME affect on coming into the Seahawks organization and taking them to their first Super Bowl, what if it was all just luck or borrowed intel from other teams?

I hope year two of the Tim Ruskell era is worth much more than the two dollar bill!