Friday, June 24, 2005

This Explains a Lot!

Jaguars | Taylor Speaks on His Injury
Fri, 24 Jun 2005 06:46:20 -0700

Jeff Elliott, of the Florida Times-Union, reports Jacksonville Jaguars RB Fred Taylor was interviewed on radio station WZNZ, 1460 AM Thursday, June 23. Taylor revealed that the knee injury he suffered in the Green Bay game last December was more serious than what was stated and that the Jaguars kept it under wraps. "It was a lot worse than initially thought," Taylor said about last year's knee injury. "How that came about, I don't know. It definitely was. They kept that under wraps. "I had an MCL and PCL combo [tear]. The thing that I heard was that it was just under the severity of an ACL, not as bad, but just below it because of the combination of the two. And that's what people failed to understand. Every time people saw me, they were thinking, 'Why are you still on crutches? Why aren't you walking correctly now?' Taylor said he was encouraged by his rehabilitation and that he expected to be ready to play in time for the season opener Sept. 11 against Seattle. He also said he didn't see the necessity to play in any of the Jaguars' four preseason games.

Now the fog has lifted and the picture becomes clearer! For all the denying that the Jags did, that they were seriously talking with the Seahawks about a trade for Alexander, I think there can be no doubt that it was true. And now we see why.

I wonder what the chances are that it still could happen? Even though Taylor said he'll be good to go when T.C. starts, I now have my doubts, he's always hurt anyway, but if this was as serious as he said, then we just may see SA in a Jags uniform next season. My guess is that the Jags will try to wait it out and see how Taylor looks in camp, but if he's a no go, they would be incredibly silly, to not go for a third rounder for the NFC's leading rusher last year, this would be an upgrade over Taylor anyway.

Available Free Agents, Anyone Interested?

Click the external link for the story from by John Clayton.

I know, I know, it's John Clayton, so take it with a grain of salt, but the list is complete and there are a few names that could be interesting for the right price.

Here are some of the names I find mildly interesting, (for the right price, as I said earlier).

Tai Streets, I think he's better than most people do, not that we really need another #3 type WR but, it's a thought.

Amos Zereoue, a tough runner who could be of some help, if SA continues his hold out.

Scott Gragg, I don't know how Clayton has him ranked so high, he's not that good, but if no RT steps up in training camp, he is a fairly reliable veteran who could help solidify that RT spot. Problem is, I think he'll want more money than we could give him, so this is both a long shot and somewhat unnecessary.

Ellis Johnson, aging, but serviceable. Also probably not a real consideration since we added yet more DT's to our roster, and with Tubbs healthy.

Vinny Testaverde, Adding him would be slightly ironic, but that aside, if the coaching staff is not comfortable with Seneca as our #2 going into the season, I agree with Clayton (OMG did I just say that?!?) that he is the best fit for us of the remaining available veteran QB's. He's ancient, but he can still play enough to be a backup. I would still prefer to just go with Seneca, but if we must add someone, he would be my choice.

What do you guys think? What are your thoughts on the way he ranks these guys, and who we could use. Is there really anyone here who could help us?
I am not sold on any of these names, except Peter Boulware, if he is healthy. That is the only guy on that list that I actually hope we add, again, provided he's actually healthy.

Also, isn't it interesting how many ex Hawks made that list? Some may look at that and say that we've lost a lot of talent, I look at that and sa, that we have lost a lot of headaches and we have replaced some very talented players with others who are just as good, or at least close, but are much better team players. This gives me a great deal of hope for this season, our team as a whole is stronger.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Remembering Steve Largent

The Sporting News has Steve ranked at #46 in the top 100 football players of all time.

I say thats pretty damn good. considering that this team has had some awfully good players that could be on that list too. But its very tough company in the NFL and we here at 12 Seahawks Street are very biased twords our players. We would probably have at least 10, maybe more, players on that list. When in reality, not many people really know who most of our favorites are. Sure, other players know just how good the likes of Kenny Easley, Dave Brown or Jacob Green were. But this is a very tight list of players and Nationaly we get very little recognition by anybody in the world of football.

Yet this man is the one guy that nobody could overlook. everybody knows who, quite probably, the single "greatest" player to ever grace the NFL is. Steve owned almost every recieving record that was on the books at the time he retired. It took a man like Jerry Rice to eventually break most of his records that went on to become arguably the best player in the history of the NFL. But Rice may not be the greatest player by certain standards. The standards that were set for every player that will ever follow the legend of Steve Largent.

There is but one who has graced us with his presence. One that taught us what it meant to be unselfish. One that set the bar very high for us to be a class act orginazation, filled with honerable team players. A team that had no room for primadonna's and selfishness. Thats just fine by me, MaxHawk.

Call him the master of illusion. When Steve Largent ran pass patterns, he always ended up here and the defender over there. That was the special magic of the record-setting wide receiver, who emptied his bag of tricks over a 14-year career with the Seattle Seahawks. When Largent zigged, everyone else in the stadium usually zagged.

Longtime Raiders cornerback Lester Hayes called him "the master of tomfoolery," a reference to Largent's ability to deceive cornerbacks. But he also will be remembered as a consummate pro who squeezed everything from his ability with a meticulous, cerebral approach to his craft. He didn't have great speed and had less than ideal size (5-11, 187), but he more than made up for those shortcomings with exceptional lateral quickness, great balance, body control and soft hands that seemed to pull balls in like a magnet.

Covering Largent was like a game of cat and mouse. He could run the same pattern on three straight plays and beat the cornerback in three different ways. He would use a move on one play to set up a later one, throw two or three incomprehensible moves into one feint and run unusual routes that played with the defender's mind. Largent was unsurpassed in his preparation, a picture of total concentration. It was all part of a precise plan, conceived and executed by pro football's ultimate possession receiver.

Largent was a 1976 fourth-round pick of the Houston Oilers but was traded during his first training camp to the Seahawks for a 1977 eighth-round pick. By 1989, he had carved out his place as the greatest pass catcher in NFL history. When he retired, he owned records for most catches (819), yards (13,089) and touchdowns (100), all marks that have since been broken, and his eight 1,000-yard seasons still rank second only to Jerry Rice's 12. Largent, who once caught passes in 177 consecutive games, earned seven Pro Bowl selections.

"When I got here and had a chance to watch him on a regular basis, I was amazed. In my mind, you can take every superlative you can think of and apply it to Steve Largent. He's that good."
former Seahawks G.M. Mike McCormack, 1984.

Steve had 70 or more receptions six seasons, 50 or more 10 years. . .Led NFL in receiving yards, 1979, 1985. All-Pro, 1983, 1985, 1987. . . Picked for seven Pro Bowls. . .Missed only four games with injuries first 13 seasons. . . Born September 28, 1954, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a 5-11, 187-pound wide receiver with only average size and speed but armed with exceptional determination and concentration, became one of history's most outstanding pass catchers during his 14-season, 200-game career with the Seattle Seahawks from 1976 to 1989.
Steve was enshrined into the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame making him the only true Seahawk to have ever been blessed with this honor. Steve was a true Seahawk, playing his full career in Seattle.

Largent returned to Tulsa in 1989 and soon became active in politics. However, he didn't make his first run for office until 1994. That year, 1st District Congressman Jim Inhofe ran in a special election to succeed Senator David Boren, Largent entered the Republican primary for the Tulsa-based district. He won the nomination and went on to win easily in November. He was reelected three times, never winning less than 60 percent of the vote in the heavily Republican district.

Like many of his colleagues in the Republican freshmen elected in 1994—when the Republicans took control of the House for the first time in 40 years—Largent's voting record was strongly conservative. However, Largent was one of the few "true believers" in that freshman class. He devoted most of his time to issues important to the religious right. One of his first bills was a "parental rights" bill that died in committee after it attracted opposition even from other Christian conservatives. Another one of his early bills would have abolished the federal tax code at the end of 2001, a measure that only made Republicans appear fiscally irresponsible in the press. He opposed ending the 1996 federal government shutdown, and when it ended was one of the major players in an attempted coup against House Speaker Newt Gingrich. After the Republicans suffered heavy losses in the 1998 midterm elections, Largent was one of a group of Republican congressmen who drove Gingrich into retirement. Largent himself tried to take advantage of discontent with Majority Leader Dick Armey by challenging Armey for the post. However, he lost because he wasn't seen as a team player.

Despite this, Largent decided to run for Governor of Oklahoma in 2002. He easily won the Republican nomination, and resigned his House seat to devote all his energy to the race. Initially seen as an overwhelming favorite against Democratic state senator Brad Henry, his campaign lost ground since most Oklahomans outside of the Tulsa area didn't know where he stood on issues. It didn't help matters that an independent conservative was also in the race and siphoned off much of Largent's base. Perhaps his biggest misstep occurred when he swore at an Oklahoma City television reporter who wanted to know where he was at the time of the September 11 attacks. Largent lost to Henry by just under 7,000 votes.

When Largent retired, former NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle said, "It took only seven months to find my successor, but it will be years before anyone with the character, human decency and on-the-field skills will be found to replace Steve Largent."
Largent's farewell reception featured videotaped congratulations from two presidents - Ronald Reagan and George Bush.
Largent told the crowd, "I wish I was as neat as you all think I am, but I'm not."
He was shrewd and tough. He would give defensive backs sportsmanlike "nice-play" taps with a hand as he was getting up after being tackled, a gesture that discouraged cheap shots.
His toughness was never more evident than in 1988. Denver safety Mike Harden threw a right forearm to the left side of Largent's face, shattering the facemask, dislodging teeth and leaving Largent briefly unconscious and with a sprained left knee. Fourteen weeks later, Harden intercepted a pass intended for Brian Blades and headed up the sideline. Largent took off after him like a cruise missile and hit him so hard he fumbled. Largent recovered the ball.


"Thank you for your kindness to me over the years & thank you for the honor of this moment. I want to share this honor equally with my wife Terry, who has made every good thing in my life possible. I also want to share it with my children: Kyle, Casie, Kelly & Kramer, who make my life wonderful. My most significant accomplishments have always come in victory and defeat, especially Jim Zorn & Dave Krieg. My story, like so many others, is a story of mentors. Of people who challenged me when I questioned myself. Of people who believed in me against all the evidence.

My mother never missed a game or a practice, and kept me from quitting football as a sophomore in high school. My grandfather stepped into the gap after my parents were divorced. My coaches--Jerry Rhome, Steve Moore, Chuck Knox & Jerry Potter-- taught me the game of football and the meaning of leadership. When I close my eyes, I still hear their voices. They still shape my character and direct my life. I was one of those players who was labeled early as: "too small, too slow".

I came to depend on people who actually saw me as bigger and faster than I was. We all need people who believe in us. They expand the boundaries we place upon our lives. In my case, their influence did more than improve my performance in this great game, it filled a hollowness I could not explain, or even understand. When a child grows up without a father, there is an empty place where someone must stand, providing an example of character and confidence. If no one takes that place, a child can live in a shadow all their lives. Their emptiness is often filled by despair, by anger, or even violence.

Quarterback Jim Zorn:
"He brings a lot of good information back to the huddle. He doesn't just think of himself. He's seeing how other receivers can get open."
"He can make his legs go one way and his upper body go another way." -

Seattle offensive coach Jerry Rhome:
"I'd rather have a guy like Largent, who can change directions, than the fastest guy in the world."

Source: Unknown
The Pride of Z-eattle By Jim Natal
Zorn also has a unique trio of favorite receivers, each with his own style of running a pass pattern. Coming out of the backfield, Don Testerman doesn't so much run a pass pattern as charge it. Sherman Smith, the other running back [who was a receiver in college], doesn't run either; he's so smooth he flows. As for Steve Largent, the Seahawks' leading wide receiver, Zorn has called him "a circus in himself." Zorn divided his passes almost equally between the three of them last year, Largent catching 33 passes, Testerman 31 and Smith 30.

Steve Largent:
"You can't think about the Kingdome without thinking about the fans. They're the ones who gave this gray, drab building an atmosphere... I've got a lot of blood, sweat and tears invested in that building. The memories are indelibly etched in my mind. I still follow the team every day...It is a place where we worked - a stark, gray building that reflected the type of team we were: a no-frills, down-to-business-type franchise."
"The thing that motivates me more than anything else is people telling me I can't do something."

Largent knows he'll never run a 4.3 forty, so he has worked on becoming the best move maker in football. He has honed his concentration so it will cut through rain, sleet, and helmets to the ribs.
He is a poet among panzers. If his greatness goes largely unnoticed, it's for the same reason people don't seek out marching bands to hear the flutes.

Largent's teammates call him Yoda because he is a master at making cornerbacks commit themselves, at baiting their traps.
It's the quickness of his second move that sets him free. Or the third, if he needs it. What distinguishes Largent is the body control to make that second move while the cornerback is still reacting to his first move. "It happens all the time to everybody," Dave Brown says.

December 25, 1989
DEC. 24 -- Seven thousand fans showed up at a party to say goodbye to Steve Largent after he had played his last game for the Seattle Seahawks. "I wish I was as neat as you all think I am but I'm not," Largent told the capacity crowd at the Washington State Convention Center.
Seattle's homeless will benefit from the $70,000 the party produced, including $5,500 given by Largent's teammates.
"I'm overwhelmed by all of this," he said.
Largent, the NFL's all-time leading pass receiver, never went to a Super Bowl but he became the favorite player of Seahawks fans, for his overachievements on the field and his humble demeanor off it.

Mike Haynes, Los Angeles Raiders defensive back, sent Largent a telegram, saying: "For a guy too slow and too short, you sure fooled a lot of people."

Largent, 35, also received videotape messages from President Bush and former President Reagan.

"You are one of those people who really have made a difference," Bush said.

"I offer my heartfelt thanks not only from the community of Seattle but from this president."
Said Reagan, "Several times when I've watched you, I wanted to shout, 'Win one for the Gipper.' You are truly a role model for the rest of us."

Largent said his retirement hadn't really hit him yet.
"It's just the end of another season," he said. "It may even take until next May or next September when I'm not putting on a football uniform to realize my career is over."

The end of Largents career truly marked the end of an era that we my never see the likes of again. His legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of those who were fortunate enough to watch him play his career here in Seattle. The others may have their Championships and their Superstars, but we had Steve.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Largents enshrinment into the Hall of Fame. That means that it has been 15 years since he played his last football game. Hardly seems that long. The memory of Steve stays fresh in the mind and it seems like it will never fade away.

If we, the Seahawks, never win a Superbowl, it will be of little consequence to me because we have already won the greatest game that could have ever been played, Largents career was a 14 year long game filled with "Did You See That"?!?!

Nothing will ever match the legacy of Steve Largent. You helped me grow to love this sport with un-dying passion. I too was the guy they said was too small. They soon learned that heart hits hard and runs fast. Thank you Steve for being an inspiration to me. It was my pleasure to follow your career. I mourned the loss of you as a player for my team. I honor the memory of what you gave to us, both on and off the field.

Number "80", I will never forget. MaxHawk.

Special thanx to for the cerimonial induction speech and many other parts of this artical and to

Also, you have all probably seen these but, I never tire of looking at them (added by monkey):






Name That Hawk 3 UPDATED!

OK, you guys have showed me that you are the real deal. I'm like a crack dealer, the first 2 hits are free, then you have to pay. Time for some homework boys.

I was voted to the Probowl twice.

Originally drafted by the Oilers.

Was one of the last picks in the expansion draft in 1966.

Came to Seattle in 76, was with team until 78 but did not play in 78.

Played in 10 out of 38 games but played in 138 straight games (club record) before coming to Seattle.

Played in 3 Superbowls.

Interesting notes:

First contract was for 10,000 dollars with a 1,000 dollar bonus.
Was blocking Too Tall Jones and somebody landed on him breaking his knee, the Seattle injury curse must have begun on that fatefull play.


Drafted by the Vikings, backed up Fran Tarkenton.
traded to the Patriots and backed up Jim Plunket.
came to the Hawks to back up Jim Zorn.
Released from the Hawks after 2 games to the Steelers and relaced injured Terry Bradshaw.
Sometime after 1977 he was traded to Green Bay, backed up Bart Starr. He played half a season when he had a fairly severe knee injury that ended his career.

Look at the names this guy played behind!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Name That Hawk 2

I'm a bit leary of giving you guys this one. Just seeing his face might give it up. here goes.

I had 8 catches for 173 yards on MaxHawks 19th birthday.

I played with Steve Raible.

Efren Herrera kicked four feild goals when I caught 2 td passes in a win over Huston.

My son Jason plays safety for Mercer Island high.

Jack Patera fired me as a player rep during the 82 strike claiming they didn't need me in light of young talent, when actually it was due to my union activities and the Seahawks were accused of union busting. The Players Association protested and filed an unfair labor practices action with the National Labor Relations Board.

I figure you guys are going to slam me on this before I get out of bed again, so I have some extra points without pics or many clues for you all to chew on while I'm working on a much tougher one as I type this but I'm having a hard time finding the pic I want..

Extra points...

4 ex players......

My son Ryan, plays WR/DB at Inglmoor high in Juanita. I played as a QB.

My son Sterling plays at Woodinville high as a CB. I also played CB

My son Brandon plays for lake Washington High as a WR/DB. I played DB

My son Justin plays for Kentridge high as a TE/DE. I was a LB that made a music video.

Ghost, you can't play nomo....;' ] Take your football and go home.

I figure he'll be the early bird again guys.

Name That Seahawk

This is a first in a series I am creating to battle the offseason fatigue. It has been well documented that I am a self proclaimed Sad Sack during the offseason and will do just about anything, legal or otherwise, to keep me from jumpimg off a bridge while waiting for the Genisis of yet another season of Football.

The title is pretty self explanitory. I will provide clues to pictures given from college careers or pictures of present and former Seahawks players in civilian clothes, maybe a baby picture if I can find one. Anybody can play and winners get nothing except the soon to be, highly acclaimed and coveted bragging rights.

I considered awarding prizes but poverty has prevented me from awarding anything better than an old used tissue, some holy underpants with skid marks, old food wrappers licked clean by me an my dog Hogan, an empty Old English 800 can or maybe an old newspaper stolen off a bum downtown while fighting for extra covers to keep me warm at night. So without further Ado...

Name that Hawk...


Consensus All-American
Finished 9th in Heisman Trophy
First Team All-Pac 10
UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame
National Football Foundation Hall of Fame
UCLA retired jersey
AFC Defensive Player of the Year

I should take a couple of these clues out because it just might make it a bit too easy but for the first time, I'll just let'er rip.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

2 Birds Written In Stone

The Hawks announced today that they have signed former Oregon State OL Doug Nienhuis as well as free-agent OL Andy King.

Press release is attached for your reading pleasure.

The temptation is to discount the signings of late-round picks but we all know those guys occasionally make it big.

I have also attachced a file containing a positional look at every draft choice in Seahawks history. These lists have appeared in the paper before the draft and I've updated them to reflect the 2005 picks.

ALSO: Please look in the comments section (comment #5) for by-round signing-bonus breakdowns for 2004 draft choices.

-Mike Sando...and those curious of money/ the bottom comment and go check it out through the link in the headline

now my 2 least favorite draft picks for us have signed...i want Tatupu to be next

TWM Tubby And Holms

Whats Going On Here???

So Mike, Is it a boy or a girl......

That remark was curtousy of my 11 year old girl....

I was thinking more along the lines of.....

May I have this dance, Mike?


You think that yours is big Tubbs, check this out. They don't call me the Walrus for nothing you know?

TWM: A New Direction!

Huchuba $igns First

From the Seattle Times (click the external link for the full story)
KIRKLAND — The Seahawks signed fifth-round draft choice Jeb Huckeba to a multiyear contract yesterday, the first of the team's nine draft picks to sign.

Terms of the contract were not released.

Huckeba was an all-Southeastern Conference selection as a defensive end at Arkansas, and one of two Razorbacks taken in this year's draft.

A native of Searcy, Ark., Huckeba had 56 tackles, 13 tackles for loss and 6.5 sacks last season. He had 210 tackles and 32 tackles for loss in his college career.

Also mentioned in the article were the signing of two veteran backup quarterbacks. The Browns signed Doug Johnson and the Bungles signed Craig Krenzel.

As the list of available veteran QB's grows smaller and maller, I for one, get happier. None of the names on that list were half as talented as Seneca and with each QB signed away by another team, the likelihood that we go into the season with Seneca as our #2 grows. Personally I think it's time to give this kid his shot at #2, after all, can he really be any worse than Jeff George?

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Football Withdrawl Jones'

I'm not sure if you can help me but I try very hard to over come this dilema during the offseason but things look very bleak for me right now. You see, the problem becomes more and more difficult with the passing of every offseason, and I believe that this may just be the last season that I can take it anymore.

Plainly put, I'm a Seahawks Junkie. I became addicted at the tender young age of 16 when I would stand outside the local restaraunt lounge while playing pinball and listening to the bar erupt on every great Hawks play. I would race to the door and peek inside to catch a glimps of the replay and watch everybody getting crazy wishing I could go in and join them.

I'm 44 now and the anquish of the offseason just gets worse every year. During the offseason, I scower every website, newspaper or just about anything I can find to help me get thru. I have tried taping many games to get a fix here and there during the summer months when my symtoms get really bad. I'm irratable, miserable, moody and just plain nasty without a Hawks game to watch and its got to be the real deal, live. I'm just not sure how much longer I can go on.

Then, to make matters worse, the season goes by like a flash. Basketball and baseball seasons are so long and they help my problem to a certain degree. But alas, nothing seems to work to get me over the football withdrawl Jones'. I got it bad man.

I have a background pic on the puter of the Hawks, in the Temple of Doom, lined up at the 20 against the Donks and every so often I have an illusion of a man in motion or a flag being thrown. sometimes I see a man jump offsides, the QB do a hard count or maybe change the play at the line. I can see the fans rustling around in the stands or motion on sidelines like a coach calling in a play.

Does anybody know how can I beat these offseason blues? I am afraid there isn't much time left as it has taken its toll on me. Keep in mind, If I go to the pub to watch the game, you know I am there. I am the guy who gets everybody charged up. definitly the loudest guy in the place. With this in mind, do you have any suggestions, before its too late, to help me get thru the dry season?

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Jurevicius takes a novel approach to playing WR, he tries to CATCH the ball first!

From the Seattle P-I comes this startling revelation, that it works better for a reciever to catch the ball before trying to do anything else, (click the external link for the complete story).

"What I've noticed so far is the ball coming in there close in tight coverage and Joe is grabbing it and not letting go," said quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, who returned yesterday after missing two days of workouts following the death of his grandmother. "Sometimes a hand slap gets the ball out of there, but he's showing that he holds onto the ball well."

The catch: It's a matter of repetition, a lesson Jurevicius learned from his father and then his coach at Lake Catholic High School in Mentor, Ohio. The more balls you catch -- from the QB during practice, off the ball machine after practice -- the easier it becomes to catch.

"The biggest thing is focusing on the ball, and if you're able to focus on a football it's going to make your chances of catching it that much better," he said.

On one hand I think that it's absolutely awesome that we finally have a reciever with terrific hands (other than Engram, the forgotten reciever) but on the other hand, I have to scratch my head and wonder how it got so bad, that the press is writing articles about a reciever who can actually catch.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Which are your most hated teams?

Alright, I admit it, this is not my idea originally, the P-I blog site is doing this same thing, but I thought it was kinda fun and people seem to like to vent, so here goes.

What are you least favorite teams in each of these sports and why?
NFL - Raiders, Rams, Vikings, Cowboys, in order of hatred.
MLB - Yankees, actually my most hated franchise in any sport period!
NBA - Lakers
NHL - I really don't care enough about hockey to have favorites or most hated, though I've always kinda liked the Canucks.
NCAA - Any school from Florida, especially in football, but mostly Notre Dame. I am a big Navy and U.Washington guy myself.

Engram named the starting split end

From the Seattle P-I today (click the external link) comes this quote from coach Mike Holmgren, "Right now, Bobby is our starting split end," coach Mike Holmgren said after the team's minicamp practice.

As in, it is Engram's job to lose?

"I would think so," Holmgren said.

"It's funny, Engram is kind of the forgotten man," Holmgren said of the tortoise-and-hare situation. "He's a good football player and we need him."

"I'm just going to keep working," Engram said when told of Holmgren's declaration. "It's early in the year, but that's good to know -- that you've got a chance to battle and get a starting position. I think that's what everyone in this league works to get."

My take on this is threefold, first, I have no problem with Engram starting, none at all, I have always and will always think that he is a very underrated reciever in this league.

Secondly, why so soon does he announce this? Why not even wait for training camp? I think it's partly because he is flexing his muscles just a little after the Ruskell dominated offseason. Ruskell brought in Pathon and Jurevicius to compete for a starting job, but Holmgren has already apparently decided to go with Bobby. Could this be a little bit of a cat and mouse game with Ruskell? Perhaps Holmgren's way of saying that Ruskell may be calling the shots personnel wise but he is still the guy who makes the decisions on the field? Just a thought.

Lastly, this may explain a great deal of why the decision was made so soon. KFFL.COM 6/14/05)
Mike Sando, of the Tacoma News Tribune, reports Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren criticized WR Jerome Pathon's conditioning after practice Tuesday, June 14. Pathon seemed to look good in the previous camp, but apparently he may need a wakeup call from the coach.

Crying Like A Baby

Aging Cornerback Bobby Taylor (shown in a recent photo) continues the new tradition of departed Seahawks trashing the team and organization on the way out of Seattle, ala Chike Okeafor and Ken Lucas, in the article from the Duluth News Tribune.

"...he (Taylor) said he was happy they released him. He didn't like what was going on there (Seattle). And he actually paid tribute to the Eagles, because he said that that team didn't have the structure we have here (Philly), and they didn't run it as well as Coach Reid does here."

I'm willing to admit that with enough guys making reference to the lousy team attitude last season, there's gotta be some truth to it, but whatever happened to keeping your mouth shut, not burning bridges, and being a professional?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ray's Scheme Too Simple?

I snagged the picture (which is funny, I don't care who you are) from .net.
Here is the link to the thread at .net where the picture is from and which inspired me to write my own take on Ray Rhodes defense.

I know that this has been discussed among Seahawk faithful ad nauseum, but I ran across a statement from Andre Dyson, at which was intended to put me at ease about how quickly Dyson is picking up the defense, but only caused me heartburn, thinking about how simplistic Rhodes defense is.

From, (click the external link to see the entire story)
"Another defender, newcomer Andre Dyson, is finding it easy to settle into defensive coordinator Ray Rhodes' scheme.

"I'm getting better knowing the system," says the fifth-year cornerback. "It's a lot easier than the system I came from (in Tennessee). There were a lot of checks, a lot of different defenses. Here you just play, you beat the person in front of you. No tricks, no gadgets, you got the man in front of you and you just beat him."

Let me say that again so you all get what he said, he said that in Tennesee, there were checks and different defenses, which there aren't here, and he said that there are no tricks, no gadgets. Really? Seriously? Now I am frightened!
In all seriousness, the cynical side of me wants very badly to look at that statement and say "well this sure explains a lot! This explains why we start out so hot defensively, but then over time, when offenses have a chance to see us on film or any little injury happens, which lessens our overall talent on defense, we go cold."

I realize that I am prone to overreacting to statements, but to me this is simply confirmation of something I had already suspected, (if not believed) to be the case with Ray Rhodes defense. What do you folks think? Am I overreacting, or is this yet more proof that Rhodes defensive schemes leave much to be desired, that his schemes are just simply too basic and simple for the NFL?

I Know It's Ridiculous To Do This So Early But...

OK, here's the deal. Below is a list of our games we play this season, in order of appearance, what I want you guys to do is copy the list, then paste it into the comments with either a "W" or an "L" behind it. Then at the bottom of the list you can tell me why if you like, or just tally up the total and we can argue till we turn blue. Sound like fun? No? Well, tough, I'm going to do it anyway!

*Home games in bold*

Jags -
Falcons -
Cards -
Redskins -
Rams -
Texans -
Cowboys -
Cards -
Rams -
49ers -
Giants -
Eagles -
49ers -
Titans -
Colts -
Packers -

Here's mine, just to give an example:

Jags - L
Falcons - W
Cards - W
Redskins - W
Rams - L
Texans - W
Cowboys - L
Cards - L
Rams - W
49ers - W
Giants - W
Eagles - L
49ers - W
Titans - W
Colts - L
Packers - W
10-6, division champs and a playoff win!

On the Road to Cheney!

2005 Training Camp Dates

The Seahawks will hold their first practice in Cheney on Friday, July 29th at 8:45 am.

The team scrimmage will be held on Saturday, August 8th at Woodward Field on the Eastern Washington University campus, and the Seahawks will break camp on Sunday, August 20th.

All practices will be open to the public, and full details will be posted shortly on

Top 50 players

Pete Prisco, a CBS sportsline senior sportswriter has written his annual 50 best players article (click the external link to see the story).

Not surprisingly (or surprisingly depending on how you look at it), only one Seattle Seahawk made the list of 50, Walter Jones, at #13. Here's the remark about Jones: "13. Walter Jones, T, Seahawks: An outstanding pass protector who plays like a man much lighter than 300 pounds. Now that he has a long-term deal that will have him in training camp for the first time in a few years, he will be even better."

It wouldn't have bothered me that other Seahawk players were left off, if I had not seen the rest of the list, which included things like; 26. Ahman Green, RB, Packers: He is a fantasy player's delight. The one knock on him is that he fumbles too much.

A fantasy players delight? First off, I had Ahman Green on my team last season after drafting him in the first round and there was no bigger disapointment on my team. Green had a terrible year fantasy wise last year! Secondly, if he is rating these guys by fantasy stats, Shaun Alexanders numbers were FAR better last season. How does Ahman Green get ranked #26 when Alexander whose numbers were far better last season, not even make the list?

Here's another one that killed me. "33. Jeremy Shockey, TE, Giants: The only thing holding him back is injuries. He and Eli Manning will be special together this season. "

Are you serious?!? Jeremy Shockey is not even in the top ten of TE's much less #33 best player in the NFL! Shockey is a product of the east coast media, nothing more. Last year, Shockey was one of the most dissapointing players in all the NFL by far, he had a lousy season. His numbers have tailed off horribly since his rookie season and other than his mouth (which is clearly in prime pro bowl condition) he is nowhere near being a pro bowler. Can anyone honestly tell me that Jeremy Shockey is a bettter overall player than say, Shaun Alexander, Steve Huthinson, or even Matt Hasselbeck? No way!!!

Just What Is a Yello Strom?

This is kind of like a Tuesdays with Morons post, because I think we'll all just make our best guess at it, but if anyone knows just exactly WHO or WHAT a Yello Strom is, I wish you'd share it with us.

This is also a case for NOT selling advertising on team uniforms or sponsorships to the superbowl, because I don't want our beloved Seahawks to one day reach the big dance, only to take home the Massengale Disposable Douche Lombardi Trophy!

Click the external link to check out the official Yello Strom web site, and unless you speak Dutch or German or whatever that is, your guess is as good as mine what they're about.

I think it is rather funny though that they have an Info & News and FAQ links, since these are both English language web site standards.

TWM: Yee Haw!

Seneca Making His Case

Please click the external link to read the entire story, it is terrific!

Once again Seneca is making his case to be the #2 QB behind Matt Hasselbeck. His throws are terrific, his speed and agility makes him dangerous and his understanding of Mike Holmgrens offense, has come a long way.

Although they are still talking about adding a vet, it is appearing more and more likely that we will head into this season with Seneca Wallace #2 on the depth chart.

Here's a quote from the article I linked which I absolutely geeked over, "These days, Wallace is sending the message to Seahawks coaches that he wants to be, and can be, Matt Hasselbeck's backup. As recently as last week, he drew praise from Holmgren for his efforts in the current minicamp. Yesterday, Wallace took all of the snaps with the No. 1 offense in the absence of Hasselbeck, who was tending to a personal matter.

If nothing else, Wallace has Holmgren in his corner. The coach proclaimed himself "a fan of Seneca's" after a practice last week.

"It builds your confidence, knowing that at least somebody out there is respecting what you do," Wallace said. "It helps you when you go out there and play, especially when it's the head coach."

Also reported in the article was that Pork Chop Floyd was back in camp after dealing with his family issues.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Finally a prediction I can agree with!

From FOX by Phil Barber, titled tuning up.
He rates all the different teams by full throttle, accelerating, cruise control, parking brake on, and in reverse. The Hawks he said are accelerating, whereas the Lambs have the parking brake on.

Seahawks: The Seahawks did a good job of plugging holes. Defensive end Bryce Fisher and cornerback Andre Dyson were brought through the free-agent "in" door as Chike Okeafor and Ken Lucas were leaving through the "out." The Seahawks also pounced on outside linebacker Jamie Sharper as a replacement for Chad Brown. Grade: B

Rams: The Rams should have eight new starters, including five who are new to the roster. The changes don't appear to be sweeping, though. Free-agent additions Chris Claiborne and Dexter Coakley are expected to fill two of the linebacker spots, and coach Mike Martz is hoping rookie Alex Barron can jump in at right tackle. The team will miss end Bryce Fisher. Looks like 8-8 again, eh? Grade: C

Couldn't agree more! I especially loved this line, "The team will miss end Bryce Fisher."

Omar Nazel signs with Browns

Browns | Nazel Signed - from
Mon, 13 Jun 2005 14:21:18 -0700

The Cleveland Browns have announced the team has signed free agent LB Omar Nazel (Seahawks). Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

So what you say? Well I think that this may affect how hard the Browns pursue Peter Boulware now.

Browns | Door Still Open for Boulware? - from
Sun, 12 Jun 2005

Patrick McManamon, of the Akron Beacon Journal, reports the Cleveland Browns are still pondering whether to sign free agent LB Peter Boulware (Ravens). General manager Phil Savage has indicated that there is some concern about Boulware's health. Boulware hasn't played in more than a year due to knee and toe injuries. "The door has not been closed,'' head coach Romeo Crennel said.

Although they say the door has not been closed, after signing Omar, you have to wonder if the door isn't at least beginning to swing shut.

Perhaps, more importantly to the Seahawks, is the admission once again, that the Browns have concerns with Boulware's injuries.
After reading that Boulware had micro fracture surgery, which is a difficult surgery to come back 100% from, perhaps it's best to hold off on signing this guy until we can work him out, or until we know what other options may present themselves.

Also, does anyone remember Omar? I don't know anything about him, other than that he was a USC DE and we picked him up as a free agent last season and he never played.
here is all I was able to find out about him.

Seahawks Win Championship!

OK, so this isn't the Lombardi Trophy, but two members of the Seahawks roster can boast of winning a championship, even if it is the World Bowl of NFL Europe.

B.J. Tucker (CB) and Ryan Dutton (P) found themselves on the winning side of this event, while three other Seahawks, Michael Harden (CB), Christian Mohr (DE) and Kevin Miller (K) were on the roster for the runners-up. Honorable mention should also go out to Gibran Hamdan (QB) who was playing well for the eventual champion Amsterdam Admirals, before suffering an injury early in the season.

Hopefully the championship experience that these guys picked up "across the pond" will carry over to the mainland, and they'll be able to contribute to the overall goal of reaching the ultimate championship game this season.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Nuff' Said!

St. Louis has this

An arch, big deal, anyone hungry for McDonalds?

Seattle has this

A testament to brilliance in architecture.

Rams fans think this is a scary mascot

Oh ya, that's baaaad. I mean, it's a SHEEP for cryin' out loud!

Seahawks fans think that this is a more intimidating mascot

Can there really be any question?

Poor delusional Lambs fans, the choice is clear!

Nuff' said!

Travis Henry

I was reading today on ESPN's rumor central that the Seahawks are now a dark horse trading partner for the Bills Travis Henry. I found this to be interesting because I am not sure I understand the logic. Dont get me wrong ...I have said since the draft that they should trade SA and get Henry...but the timing is strange and the message about Shaun's future with the Hawks remains very cloudy to me. Hopefully some of you can answer some questions for me:

1) If the team knows for a fact that they dont want to move forward with Shaun as there running back, why do they keep waiting for him to come in and sign his tender?

2) On that same not, why not remove the franchise tag from Shaun and make the trade for Henry? and what is it about Shaun that No team is willing to part with a second round pick?

3) If Shaun is not the type of RB for the west coast offense...why are we talking about a long term deal? would it be only to get him to sign it and then trade him?

4) How much of a distraction will this become if Shaun does hold out and we have not made a trade for some one Travis?

I think that Shaun is a pretty good running back ...but the lack of interest in him has led me to wonder if their is a reason...Its not often that someone who put ups the numbers like him comes out on the trading block ...what gives?

But I believe that if the Seahawks dont want Shaun...they need to make a move now and not let it become a distraction.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


Click the external link for the entire story. Also the Lofa Tatupu adopt a site has been updated to include this story along with a new picture of Lofa from camp, which shows him standing next to Kascevenski, our largest LB, and I think you will agree that looking at the two of them together will dispel any ideas that Lofa is too small to play in the NFL. link to Lofa site >

On NFL network last night, Schefter said that:
When the Seahawks traded up in the second round to grab USC linebacker Lofa Tatupu with the 45th overall pick, some NFL personnel men felt that Seattle reached. But after watching Tatupu in minicamp and OTAs, the Seahawks think they've reached greatness. Tatupu picked up the Seahawks defense so quickly that he actually was allowed to call all the team's defensive signals during practice one day. He knew not only his assignments, but his defensive teammates' ones, too. Rookies aren't supposed to be able to do that.

KFFL Updates

Seahawks | Dark-horse to Acquire Henry? - from
Fri, 10 Jun 2005 15:02:18 -0700's Len Pasquarelli reports there are some rumblings the Seattle Seahawks could be a dark-horse to acquire RB Travis Henry from the Buffalo Bills, should Seattle trade RB Shaun Alexander.

Also of some Interest:

Seahawks | Wallace Working on Return Game - from
Fri, 10 Jun 2005 20:31:50 -0700

Mike Sando, of the Tacoma News Tribune, reports Seattle Seahawks QB Seneca Wallace, WR Taco Wallace WR Bobby Engram, and RB Maurice Morris, worked on punt and kick returns at the team's minicamp this week.

Obviously, this first update is very interesting from the Shaun Alexander perspective.

I think that it's also interesting to see Seneca Wallace is still working on returning punts. Obviously Seneca has the speed and shiftiness to make a terrific punt returner, but I think that if they really do use as a punt returner, it makes the likelihood of picking up a veteran free agent QB even stronger.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Truth is Funnier than Fiction!

Click the external link to see an unbeliveably ironic image on the official Seahawks Lost and Found page.

Too funny to be accidental!

This Week's Crickler

This week's Crickler is titled "Apres Le Koren" and covers the activities at mini camp during the first week of practice since the troubled wide receiver was released.

If you're familiar with Cricklers, click external link or Word Bird icon to go directly to this week's puzzle. Otherwise, go to the Crickler Corner page for a little introduction before proceeding to the puzzle.


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Who will be the MLB?

12 Seahawks Street
Who will be the starting MLB this season?
Niko Koutouvides
Lofa Tatupu
Cornelius Wortham
D.D. Lewis
Jamie Sharper

OK, for me this is a very difficult question to answer, (no less because as for Lofa and Niko, I have a personal interest), but I feel that this will be by far, the most hotly contested race in training camp, so I just had to ask.

Tell me who you think will start, at what point in the season they will start, and why you think so.

As for me, I personally think that Niko will start the season at MLB, but that Lofa will play about 40% of the time. If Lofa outperforms Niko, then he will slowly be given more playing time until eventually he is the guy getting the larger percentage of plays.

I realize that this question is almost impossible to answer without seeing any preseason games, not to mention that they aren't even in training camp yet, but hey, it's fun, and no one will hold you to it.

Broken Bannister

Seahawks special teams ace Alex Bannister broke his collarbone at practice Wednesday.
The team expects him to be ready for week one, but that is far from certain. The former Pro Bowler suffered the same injury last season.

More details to come: courtesy of both Rotoworld and confirmed by Mike Sando...he is out until September

"I am a fan of Seneca's ...

So the coach is back in the fold early, seemed to be in good spirits, and said a couple of funny things as reported by everyone.

I am not saying that he is over "failing" with Koren, but I think he will have a re-dedication to his other project, young Mr. Wallace. And that is a great thing. He is widely respected as a teacher of quarterbacks, and with the turmoil of last season, the FO, and Koren, I don't see how he was able to spend enough quality time with Seneca. Or Matt for that matter. You could tell that Matt was pushing to pick up slack, and I feel some of the slack was the coaches, he just couldn't finish last year.

They continue talking about bringing in a veteran to back up Matt, but as stated in this linked article, "just to bring in a guy who has some experience that I don't think will perform as well as Seneca, that doesn't any sense to me either."

I really think that Seneca is going to be the backup. And with his reported work ethic, obvious athletic skills, and the coaches attention, I think we'll be in great shape if Matt cannot play. And that has to be good for coaches heart.

Heres hoping that Seneca gets to ice about 20 games this year!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

You Would Think The Bucs Would Be The Pirates

arggghhhhhh ye steal more Bucs personnel...

The Seattle Seahawks have hired former Tampa Bay Buccaneers scouts, Mike Phair and Mike Yowarsky, the team announced today.

“Mike Phair has been with the Buccaneeers for three years, played at Arizona State and will cover the West for us,” said President Tim Ruskell. “He is a young, up-and-coming scout who is an excellent addition to have on our staff.”

Yowarsky joins Seattle after spending the previous 14 years with Tampa Bay as its Southeastern region scout. He joined the Bucs in 1991 after spending the previous year as a graduate assistant at the University of Florida under head coach Steve Spurrier.

"Mike will be our Eastern regional director who was scouting the Southeast for the Buccaneeers the past 14 years,” added Ruskell. “He brings a wealth of experience, contacts and know-how to the staff and myself.”

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

St. Loser Lamb Fans are Generally STOOPID

I know the concept behind the title to this one is generally proven and accepted, but once and a while you find something about Lamb fans that is, "OMG, I can't believe how stupid they are."

Stupid Lamb Fan Product

More to come...

Chest Discomfort Sidelines Holmgren

Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren was not at the team's practice today after experiencing discomfort in his chest yesterday afternoon and being taken to a hospital.

After he was examined yesterday, doctors told Holmgren, who turns 57 on June 15, to rest for a couple of days. Holmgren is expected back at practice Thursday.

Tests showed no heart or any other problems, and Holmgren was released from the hospital yesterday after his examination. Offensive coordinator Gil Haskell ran today's practice at team headquarters.

-From the Seattle Times

You Gotta be Kidding!!!

If you have access to .net or .scouts insider stuff you can read the article in the external link, otherwise...
I have posted the lines from the article that grabbed my attention (grabbed me somewhere else too, it Wizzinatored me off!), the authors name who wrote this crap is, Nick Athan.

"Clearly Robinson received little help from the Seahawks organization. They quite likely turned their heads and hoped they could keep him focused on playing the game on Sunday’s and cared little about getting him to and from the practice field and game days’ ready to play football. But they obviously don’t have the infrastructure internally in the organization to handle a player with the problems that are haunting Robinson. Winston has that experience and expertise to help Robinson become a better person before he becomes a better football player.

Fortunately the Chiefs are blessed with people inside the organization that can get Robinson back on track both personally and professionally. Lamont Winston, who works in the Chiefs front-office, has helped young and troubled players adjust to life in the NFL."

Who is this jerk kidding? What was done to help Koren has been well documented, I cannot believe that someone would have the arrogance to print this crap. If anyone can find a way to respond directly to the author, please provide a link somewhere in the comments section of this thread, I would like to chew on this guys head for a while.

And, as to the Chiefs being able to deal with Koren in a way the Hawks couldn't...ya, right, good luck with that!

Del Rio Says It's Untrue

I hope you guys get the log splitting reference.

From (click the external link for the full story.)(June 7)—Jack Del Rio denied reports the Jaguars are pursuing a trade for Seattle running back Shaun Alexander, and maintained the position that Fred Taylor's rehab from offseason knee surgery is on-schedule and without setback.

“No, we like the group we have,” Del Rio said when asked if he was interested in trading for Alexander or Buffalo running back Travis Henry. “At this point in the offseason, guys are looking for stories and throw that out there and see what sticks on the wall. We have nothing on the burner right now. We'll let you know if there's anything going on,” Del Rio said.

Martz is a NUT!

A funny article, at least to me it is, click the external link for the full story. I have lifted some of my favorite parts.

"When second-year quarterback Jeff Smoker arrived at Rams Park this past weekend for minicamp, he found a spanking-new number 15 jersey awaiting him.

Martz believes that some numbers carry bad karma and that 9 is one of them. Trouble was, Smoker had worn 9 since his junior football days and didn't want to give it up. So that's what he wore during his rookie season.

A highly placed team source said the new number was accompanied by a threat from Martz that Smoker would be released if he didn't comply. ``No, he didn't say that,'' Smoker insisted. ``But I kind of took the hint and switched the number. So, I guess I'll be 15 now.''

But Smoker hasn't quite adjusted to 15 yet. ``I think it makes me look fat, the two digits,'' said Smoker, 6-foot-3 and 223 pounds. ``I liked just the one digit. It kept me looking more slender and athletic. But, whatever. It's just a number."

Seriously, could Martz really be any weirder? And apparently Smoker ought to be playing with the Retardinals considering the "I think it makes me look fat" comment, perhaps he would rather strut his stuff in a "cool" new Retardinals uni.

While looking for anything related to this thread that also may be funny, I noticed that the P-I forum had also run a similar thread. While reading the comments, I came accross this comment from our very own NYHawk Freak which I thought was terribly funny and also quite clever.

"If #9 is a bad karma number -- Martz CAN NOT be happy with his schedule this year:
His #9 regular season game of the year: SEATTLE SEAHAWKS at home
If you want to really bug him out: Count the pre-season games (4) and it means Martz and the Ram's 5th game of the year AT SEATTLE SEAHAWKS is the NINTH overall game for the Rams.
On a side note - did you see Smoker's comment about the switch:
I think it makes me look fat, the two digits,'' said Smoker, 6-foot-3 and 223 pounds. ``I liked just the one digit. It kept me looking more slender and athletic. But, whatever. It's just a number.''
That's the kind of old school football mentality I like to hear......from other team's players. :)
Hey, Martz -- have you met our new kicker, Niney McNineinstein?


You gotta love the thinking that went into that post, nicely done Freak!

Mili in Camp and Lighter

The external link takes you to a story which most have probably already read, and which I believe has already been linked here, so for those of you who have already seen it, or for those of you who don't want to read another long story just to get to the point of this thread, here is the statement:

"Veteran tight end Itula Mili appeared considerably trimmer after reporting to the previous camp at 290 pounds. Mili’s weight tends to fluctuate during the offseason. …"

Needless to say, I think this is very good news, while I am still believing that Stevens is about to finally have a real breakthrough season, it always helps to stack the deck. After the contract Mili signed last year, and given the fact that he has been among the most reliable hands guys on this team, this is simply good news.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Hasselbeck's Comments on Who Should Replace Robinson

Since the link requires that you are a Hawk Mail member, I will post what I felt was the most interesting statement made by Matt. If you have Hawk mail, the entire article is worth reading, so click on the external link.

"Rapidly climbing the depth chart is Jerheme Urban, entering his third year with the Seahawks. The 6-3, 215-pounder has great speed, if not quickness, with sure hands, strength and general athleticism. A Division III star at Trinity in Texas with All-American recognition, Urban has caught six passes for 117 yards and a touchdown in two games, while essentially being a practice player filling out the roster for two seasons.

Nevertheless, his pure talent and extraordinary work ethic have not gone unnoticed. While many of the other young players got a kick out of legendary receiver Jerry Rice's presence on the roster last season and provided them with an anecdote to tell their children and grandchildren, Urban transformed into Rice's shadow.

"There were about seven or eight guys saying, 'Wow, playing with Jerry Rice is pretty cool,'" Hasselbeck said. "But they all missed a chance to learn. One guy (Urban) said, 'I'm going to annoy Jerry Rice with as many questions as I can think of. I'm going to follow him everywhere he goes, and learn everything I can by watching the way he handles everything.'

"That's Jerheme's work ethic. Every year, he's improved. From last year to now, he's improved more than any other player on the team, and I'm not just talking about wide receivers."

What the... Are You Thinking D Jack?!?

Seahawks D. Jackson does not Practice - from
Mon, 6 Jun 2005 17:37:28 -0700

Mike Sando, of the Tacoma News Tribune, reports Seattle Seahawks WR Darrell Jackson did not show up for the team's voluntary minicamp that started Monday, June 6. He missed the team's last set of voluntary workouts as well.

And from "There were four players missing from the first day of workouts: Seneca Wallace was sent home sick, and Floyd Womack is in Mississippi attending to a family-related issue. Shaun Alexander has yet to sign his tender offer, while Darrell Jackson was a no-show.

And while camp is not mandatory, Holmgren feels Jackson should be in attendance.

“I’m disappointed he’s not here," Holmgren said. "He and I have talked about his reasons for not being here a lot. In his mind it’s a matter of principle. When he’s here he’s a good team guy. I’m hopeful he’ll come in."

To me this is simply inexcuseable! He has had FAR too many problems with drops to be missing any camp. Now with Koren gone, and more effort needed out of the recieving corps, we have a player pulling this crap? And after he signed a ridiculously large contract too? Stuff like this makes me want to scream obscenities!

Fox Sports New Team Report

Click the external link to read the story.

Also, here's a link to the new Michael Boulware post in the Michael Boulware adopt a site. It contains the same information as the external link.

Perhaps the most interesting comments made, (aside from the almost obligatory remarks about why Robnson was released), were about Jordan Babineaux, Micheal Boulware and Jaimie Sharper.

The report said that the line for most improved player so far, forms behind Babineaux, who has gotten both stronger and more knowledgeable.
Apparently he has used the offseason to bulk up and to study film and it is translating well on the field.

The report mentioned that Rhodes has been using Boulware at both safety and at MLB in the Nickle defense, and may decide to continue doing that. It also mentioned that Boulware too had improved greatly, in his understanding of the defense. Gone are any uncertain first steps, which cost him some completions last season.

It also mentioned just how much the Hawks are counting on BIG things from Sharper, who will apparently replace Chad Brown on the strong side rather than playing MLB.


So what are we up to?

Seahawks | Alexander Deal Discussed? - from
Mon, 6 Jun 2005 18:12:21 -0700

Adam Schefter, of, reports the Seattle Seahawks have quietly discussed a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars where they would trade RB Shaun Alexander for a third-round draft pick. The strange part, according to Schefter, is the Jaguars are the ones balking at the deal. Right now, they're not willing to pay the Seahawks or Alexander.

A third round pick???!!!
A third round pick???!!!

Peter The Retardinal

one more small news clip...

if the Seahawks and Browns don't come to an agreement with Boulware in the next week...he will most likely visit the DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN...Retardinals...he is currently decided over where he wants to play (duh)...but both Seattle and Cleveland has said he passed his physical

the reason Cleveland is very heisitant is because they could not work him out and see how he can play on his injury...not because his physical was horrible...i imagine Seattle had the chance to work him out

Browns | Nothing to Happen too Soon with Boulware - from
Mon, 6 Jun 2005 06:34:13 -0700

Jeff Schudel, of the News-Herald, the Cleveland Browns plan to see what happens with the Seattle Seahawks before making their next move regarding free agent LB Peter Boulware (Ravens). They would prefer giving him a contract with a low base salary and heavy with incentives. "I don't expect anything to happen soon," head coach Romeo Crennel said. Crennel also indicated he was disappointed the Browns could not workout Boulware when he visited last week.

and finally...the clip above

Just an update on Boulware

Numbers Game Part II

More Seahawk numbers taken:

#94 - Bryce Fisher
#91 - Chartric Darby
#21 - Andre Dyson

on an interesting side note, Oha (screw spelling his name) settled a case with Clinton Portis on not getting the money to use his jersey number...they avoided trial...what is the sports world coming to?

and to throw it in for no apparent reason...Sean Taylor could be facing a MINIMUM of 3 years in prison for pointing a gun...yet alone shooting it...apparently Florida laws are harsh

Randy Muelling Dolphins...

nothing big here...but Randy Mueller has been hired by the Dolphins as the GM...he worked with our Seahawks for awhile before leaving to the Saints in the early millenium

I was one guy who wanted him to come back when Whitsitt got fired

The Fickleness of Being a Fan

Seahawks Game Face and Wig: $49

Good seats to a Seahawks Game: $150

Ability to change your opinion about a player or coach at a moments notice: PRICELESS!

Isn't it funny that a couple of weeks ago, if a Lambs fan wandered into a forum and attacked the skill level of Koren Robinson, many of us would have fought over eachother to be the first to defend our player with stats and past feats of greatness.

This week however, we kick him to the curb and treat him like the scraps from last nights dinner.


Being a hard core sports fan is like being in the Mafia (well, so I've heard!).

When someone is IN the family, they can do no wrong, and nobody better speak badly about THEM or the FAMILY!

However, if for some reason an individual finds himself OUTSIDE the family, then they become an insignificant piece of garbage who gets the bejeezus beat out of them on the way out the door, and at worst, they become part of the upper deck at the Meadowlands! (and does anyone else see the irony of the daughter on the Soprano's being named Meadow??!!)

There's some on this and other boards who take offense to people lashing out against the Coaches. Whether it's Holmgren or Rhodes, for every person who thinks they may be dinosaurs whose best days are behind them, there's at least one or two who will step up and defend them.

There's some that think it's unfair to continue to bash Koren Robinson, after all, he's a human being suffering from an addictive behavior, and he's no longer a Seahawk, so why should we continue to ride him?

The answer, in my opinion, is at the top of this post.

As fans, for the most part, we represent middle America. We're guys who have to work for a living, pay for our transgressions, and even in our best year may not earn in salary what one of these guys pays in fines for pretending to moon the crowd! So, the way we justify and rationalize the amount of money these players and coaches earn for doing something they love is to de-humanize them to a degree, and give it to them with both barrels when they mess up.

Is it right? Maybe not. But it's what happens to everyone in the public eye, politicians, movie stars, recording artists, celebrity attorneys.

As fans, we live and die by the success or failure of our team. Our friends know it. Our family members know it. Our coworkers know it. So when the team fails, we take it personally, because it costs us personally in the eyes of these people.

And when someone like Koren messes up the proverbial "wet dream", it's not enough to just wish him well in his next endeavor, and hope he conquers his demons. We need to drag him and his name through the mud as a symbolic gesture of trying to kick some sense into him, or at least pay him back for the tremendous disappointment and let down we feel as fans.

If Koren cleaned up his act as promised, and had a breakout year, we'd all be first in line to shake is hands. He would have been a "MADE" man.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen, and since we cannot dispatch Luca Bradzzi to Medina to make him "sleep with the fishes", we lash out at him through these forums, sometimes sophomorically, sometimes crudely, but as long as we're footing the our share of the bill for their services, it's our God given right as Americans to do so.

So to apologize for it would be un-American.

You should celebrate and exercise the right of Fan Fickleness at every opportunity!