Thursday, March 31, 2005

Only the Strong Survive! does it again, bringing us another player interview, this time the star of the video is Mack Strong.

Apparently, Mack gets to pick the music that plays during their workouts in the weight room, and he's not a big fan of grunge or screeching rock 'n roll.

"We play music that's going to get us inspired to go in there and lift weights," says Strong. "Only when we've got some guys that are playing that ear-scratching rock & roll or grunge music do I have to go in there and change it. That's the stuff that makes my ears hurt."

Coming into his 13th year, and threatening to move up to 3rd place on the all time Seahawks record for number of games played, Mack understands the importance of the off season training programs.

"It starts early to come together as a team," says Strong. "You work out as a team, and this is the tough part of football right here: getting better in the weight room. As you're improving and your teammates see you improve, it makes a difference for us as a team."

To view the video in Windows Media Player, click on the picture of Big Mack above.

(memo to - while we love the player interviews, we've seen enough of guys on the chin-up bar already!!!)

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


According to, WR Alex Bannister and C Robbie Tobeck re-signed today! That is GREAT news for both our O-Line and Special Teams units.

From the Seattle PI article today:

Tobeck, 35, will return for a sixth season with the Seahawks. The former Washington State center played his first six seasons with the Atlanta Falcons.

Undersized at 297 pounds, Tobeck compensates by taking excellent angles and using leverage to make his blocks. But his real value is his ability to make the pre-snap calls for a line that allowed Pro Bowl running back Shaun Alexander to lead the NFC in rushing last season while reducing the number of times quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was sacked to 30 -- down from 42 in 2003.

Tobeck will sign a two-year, $1.785 million contract today, a deal that includes a $250,000 signing bonus and base salaries of $765,000 and $770,000.

Seahawks | Bannister Re-signed - from
Wed, 30 Mar 2005 19:08:36 -0800

Mike Sando, of the Tacoma News Tribune, reports the Seattle Seahawks have re-signed WR Alex Bannister to a multi-year deal.

According to the Seattle Times article: Bannister reportedly will make $4 million over four years, including a $1 million signing bonus."

And then there were NONE??...

At the end of the season, all we heard about were the 16 free agents that the Seahawks had on the roster. This caused much concern and hand-wringing, but if you look at the tally sheet, we're not doing that bad.

There are only 3 players left who the Seahawks may still have interest in, and two of them (Huard and Mitchell) are mainly for depth.

Not bad for a front office that seemed to be in disarray a few short weeks ago.

Shaun Alexander RB - FRANCHISED
Alex Bannister WR - SIGNED
Matt Hasselbeck QB - SIGNED
Walter Jones OT - SIGNED
Itula Mili TE - SIGNED
Robbie Tobeck C - SIGNED
Floyd Womack OL - SIGNED

Heath Evans FB - MIAMI
Orlando Huff MLB - CARDS
Chike Okeafor DE - CARDS

Chris Gray OG
Brock Huard QB
Brandon Mitchell DE

Tom Rouen P
Ken Walter P

Ken Lucas on NFL Network

Ken Lucas was a guest on NFL Network where he talked at length about his time in Seattle, his expectation that the Seahawks couldn't afford to resign him, and his happiness about being closer to home.

Click the picture or title above to see the video.

Center of Attention

There has been some speculation out about whether or not free agent center Robbie Tobeck will be back with us next year. He's one of my favorite Seahawks, so I was comforted when I read this comment from the Times, in passing:

Robbie Tobeck is expected to be re-signed.

Having said that, I was equally comforted by the fact that the Seahawks are actively looking for his eventual replacement. From the PI:

The club has scheduled a private workout with Mississippi's Chris Spencer, the top-rated center in this year's draft class.

I tell you what, I have more and more respect for the balanced, patient, and thorough approach Tim Ruskell has demonstrated in adding talent to this roster. Of course, the proof will be in the W/L record this coming season, and I still have my doubts about acquiring LB Kevin Bentley, but I can't help but think that Paul Allen has 'righted the ship'.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

What A Catch!!!

Reposted to highlight the awesome catch he made against the Eagles. Click on the picture of Joe to watch.

Here is another video clip of an outstanding Jurevicius catch.
(videos courtesy of Monkey)

We all thought that Joe Jurevicius was a good pickup for the Seahawks, but this article on removes any shred of doubt there may have been!

He's already completely focused, politically savy, and has that "blue collar" attitude that all the the great ones seem to possess.

"I know we have some great receivers here, and I’m just looking to come here and help this football team win. Whether it’s working in the slot with Bobby Engram and the other guys outside, or maybe add a little bit bigger target in the endzone. I think there are some things I can do. I’m not here to step on toes, I’m just here to help the Seahawks win football games.”

Not much there to diagree with! But not to be outdone by his new hire, "Tinkering Timmy" couldn't pass up the opportunity to throw a few subtle hints at the rest of the WR corp, about the importance of catching the damned ball, and doing the extra things, like downfield blocking. (from the Newsday article on the same press conference)

"He'll do everything he can to catch the ball," Ruskell said. "He'll do the little things. Joe loves to block, and you'll see that in his play. He's a nice presence, a great teammate, a good guy to have on your team."

Jurevicius has already settled in, and seems to be hanging out with the "right" crowd

I played football with Bobby Engram at Penn State, I had dinner with Matt Hasselbeck, and these are the kind of guys that I like being around. When everything transpires on the football field it's pretty important to get along with the guys. Jerry Wunsch was kind of instrumental in getting me here too. I ran into Jerry a couple weeks ago in Atlanta. I do know a few people here and I’m looking forward to working with these guys. They have had success here the last couple years and I’m looking forward to maybe adding something to it. Kind of add my own flare, add my own spice."

Sounds like he's punched in, on the job, and ready to work overtime if needed...let's get this guy one of those blue Seahawks hard hats, and a lunch pail with a thermos!

Rapping with "R" Kelly!

Keeping with their newfound charter to have fresh, relevent content on their site, has an article and video interview with "R" (our) Kelly Herndon.

There's also an article in Wednesday's PI.

Looks like dude took the signing bonus right down to his local Zales for a couple huge chunks of "bling" in his left ear, but he's soft spoken, well spoken and ripped!

I like his take on himself, even if he does use a 3rd person reference...

"I'm not a guy that's scared to tackle, I love to hit," says Herndon. "I feel like I'm a complete football player: inside, outside, wherever the coaches want me to be to make plays. Hopefully I can turn some of those deflections into interceptions so we can go the other way. That's what you're going to get from Kelly Herndon."

And he even threw a little love our way...

"I heard the fans here are really wonderful and they support the team real well. I know Seattle is a great choice and I'm glad I'm here."

Maybe he's just trying to soften us up for that Guest Blogger position!!

Here are the links to the interview videos:

Windows: 100 | Broadband <<<>>> Real: 100 | Broadband


I'm very pleased to announce a new feature at 12 Seahawks Street: Adopt-a-Seahawk!

Now, before you go talk to the old lady about adding on a room, a California King-sized bed, and $1000 a month to the grocery budget, realize that "adoption" is only figurative.

'Adopt-a-Seahawk' is a special feature being added to the site, and is a privilege available to 12 Seahawks Street contributors. On a first-come, first-serve basis, team members may solitarily possess their own separate section of the blog dedicated to the career of a rising star on the Seahawks roster. The 'contributor box' will have the author's profile and picture. The sectioned blog will grow from week to week, as you post updates tracking the player's exploits on the field, articles about his performances, as well as quotes and pictures.

For an example, check out the Ken Hamlin page at Becky's Place. While your site will not follow the same layout, the content will be similar, if you so choose. What you do in the blog is up to you. We're getting an early start to the whole thing so you have the time to get the hang of it before the season starts.

Don't be intimidated by it; it shouldn't take a lot of your time. Depending on the player, you're looking at just one or two posts a week. I can set up the template and get you started. You will just need to set up your profile the way you want it and select an appropriate picture or avatar. After that, my name will be removed and you will have complete control of the section.

So who are good candidates for adoption? Michael Boulware? Joe Jurevicius? Niko Koutouvides? Jerheme Urban? Maybe one of our upcoming draft picks? It's up to you, but be sure to adopt your favorite player before someone else does!

If you want dibs on a player, put it here in the comments. If you have any questions, do the same. We'll take it from there.


ADDENDUM: Players 'officially' adopted so far:

Michael Boulware adopted by Monkey
J.P. Darche adopted by Bluefoot
Kelly Herndon adopted by albaNY Hawker
Niko Koutouvides adopted by Monkey

All other players currently up for grabs!

Seahawks Geek Toys

Yeah, I'm a Seahawks GEEK.

This is my phone. I've got a Motorola V551. It's easy to geek out, like a lot of other camera phones.

But this one is special. I got my Seahawks wallpaper on it, and I sprout wood every time someone calls me.

You can have it, too. I included the file below that works. If your service and phone are geeked enough, you can right click on the picture and email it to you phone and use it for wall paper, too!

<==Here's the picture.

<==Here's a cool Sonics logo, too. I might switch to it when the playoffs start.

Geek stuff rules.


(and Sonics, who, by the way, locked up a playoff spot this evening)

T-I-M Spells TEAM!

Our new GM just used the word "team" twenty-one times in this article on!


He's so fond of this word that I believe that's how his first name should be pronounced!

T-I-M spells TEAM!

This is a great article which covers everything from Jurivicus to Holgren to Hartwell to Reinfeldt...almost every key Seahawk and almost-Seahawk is mentioned...with one notable exception.

I can't wait to see how this all unfolds through the draft and over the summer!

King Of Crap

A mini-thread...Someone tell me why Shaun King is visiting Seattle

if this is our way of getting a veteran backup QB...ill stick with Seneca
if this is our way to steal a Cardinal for revenge...its quite ok, really

opinions? oh, and in case you missed it, or somehow don't know by now, COURTNEY Brown went to Denver (YAY, he didnt come here!)

Monday, March 28, 2005

Seahawk Busts!

With the draft quickly approaching, and not too much other news happening, I thought we might take a stroll down memory lane, or should I say, memory alley, and see if we can agree on the worst Seahawks draft selection of the past.

Is it "The Boz", the dominant college linebacker, with a size large ego, and Bo Jackson treadmarks down his back?

Is it Rick Mirer?...Kelly Stouffer?...Dan McGwire?...or any of our other failed top pick QB projects over the years?

Are there others not mentioned above, who were draft day hotties, but turned into trailer trash by training camp?

Our new front office staff seems pretty well prepared for this year's draft, so I know we're all confident that we should have no problem breaking this vicious cycle!

Please Pardon Our Dust

Thanks for the input, guys. I'm just moving this thread up so your input can be maintained.

Some things to come:

A link in the 'Nav' area to a simple admin blog, just for organization and blogger how-to.(Notice it's started already with the 'join' link.)

A FAQ link.

When the games begin, assignments can be volunteered for, i.e., posts focused on game previews & matchups, rising stars, insight into stats, posts dedicated to certain players.

Thanks for everything you guys do. You're making this the best independent site out there, IMHO.

Whatever you do, have fun.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Open Invitation to

Seahawks Players & Personnel

OK, we know that someone from the Seahawks FO has to be "lurking" here, just look at the recent changes in if you doubt it.

So how about we extend an offer to someone within the Seahawks organization to participate regularly (weekly?) on this blog site?

Headline players have done this on some of the mainstream media sites, posting a training camp journal or road to the superbowl log, so why not here?

Maybe we hit on one of these new Seahawks, like Fisher or Tafoya or Jurivisius, and have them provide some inside perspective to what is going on. Even if it's just an intern in the media relations department it would be worth it.

How cool would THAT be?

What I would tell Alexander if I were his agent (and I would even be telling the truth).

Well, it looks like you are one of the last to sign Shaun, Julian Peterson has now signed his franchise contract leaving just So of course now everyone will begin screaming and making noise for you to sign your contract,well,forget that noise Shaun.
You know that Julian Peterson is respected by the fans and by the 49ers organization. The Niners clearly wanted him back and showed their support for him. Have the Seahawks ever thought to show you that they cared if you came back Shaun?
Funny isn't it, how Walter Jones was given the franchise tag and held out for three straight years and most Seahawks fans supported him throughout the process and welcomed him back with open arms? Where's your love? Why are they already on your case for doing what's best for your career?
Don't be in a hurry to sign Shaun, take your time, look around and see if you can work a trade; after all, what has the front office, coaching staff or for that matter, the fans, done to make you think you are valued, or wanted or needed? Screw em! Screw them all, Signing now won't stop the voices that repeat like some mantra, "he can't block, and he isn't a true west coast running back". You don't owe anything to an organization or its fans that treat you with such disdain and lack of respect.
No Shaun, you would be light years ahead by making them sweat, you know that they don't want to have to replace you by using a draft pick, and you know that Maurice Morris isn't anywhere near the halfback you are. You've got em over a barrel, just be patient.
Besides, if they loved you so much, then why have they never once tried to get you an extension over the four years you have been with this team? If they really loved you, then why let you, their only true superstar player, who has been as consistent and durable as anyone in the league, get into his final year without any kind of real commitment? Sounds to me like they are trying to take advantage of you, sounds to me like they have decided that they got what they wanted out of you and now are willing to throw you away like some prostitute.
No Shaun, don't crack under the pressure, I know that you feel a responsibility to this team and the fans and I know that you are a class guy, who feels like he owes something to this team and it's fans for having been given the chance to play pro football in Seattle. But really Shaun, you don't owe them nothin'.
In fact, after all those years of carrying this team, while their front office was a disaster and while they couldn't get a defense that could stop anyone and while their passing game was inconsistent year after year and while they took care of everyone else but you first and all the while you stayed healthy and durable you were the only consistent scoring threat on the whole damn team, I figure they owe you!

*sniff sniff* Is that a contract year I smell?Part 2 or I didn't know they could pile crap that high. or Monkey's just gotta rant!

What did I say?
I predicted that the media would soon be tripping over themselves trying to write feel good stories about K Rob's efforts to "turn over a new leaf". Now has an article on Robinson, Len Pasquerelli has an article on Robinson, and believe me, these are just the first of many such tender, feel good, B.S. articles to come. *sniff sniff* I smell something and it smells like contract year, media hype, crap.
Here's a quote from K Rob that is just so darn contrite I almost believe he really means it and isn't just trying to remake his image for the contract year.
"Just be accountable," says Robinson. "This is my life, this is my career, and I've been taking it for granted. I think everything that happened in 2004 happened for a reason: so I could wake up. I just had a birthday, I turned 25, and I feel like I really am maturing right now. I guess it took me four years to really get it, and it took the 2004 season for me to open up my eyes and see that I am truly blessed to be in the NFL and with the Seattle Seahawks."

I'm gagging over here, the phony B.S. is piled too high, I can't stand the stench!

If you fellow Seahawk fans fall for this act and buy into this crap, don't say you weren't warned, he will only break your heart in the end.
If you fans think that Robinson is truly suddenly waking up and that we'll ever see the benefits of having drafted him, wake up, it's only a contract year.

The most we will ever see out of our investment into this waste of space is one good year, this year, his contract year. He'll have this one good season then poof, he'll be gone leaving Seattle fans holding the bag, and wondering why Holmgren wasted so much time and effort on him. And that's the good part, because it would only be worse if the team were stupid enough to believe that he really has changed and resign him. I praythat the F.O. isn't that dumb!
Robinson has stolen three years worth of first round draft pick contract money, now he will put together one good season, do just enough to get his big payday and he'll depart laughing at all the suckers who bought into his "opened eyes". Just remember when he leaves us empty handed and heads off to some place out east like Carolina with a big fat new paycheck, I told you so!

A Viscious Reciever

Finally a signing that is more than just adding depth.

It's official, The Seahawks announced Friday the signing of WR Joe Jurevicius to a one-year contract.

The seven-year veteran has 178 career receptions for 2,316 yards and 13 touchdowns. He’s played in 88 career games with 22 starts while playing for the New York Giants (1998-2001) and most recently Tampa Bay (2002-2004).

“He is a selfless player who understands what it takes to win in this league,” said Seahawks President Tim Ruskell.

Oh what a feeling...TAFOYA!

New President/GM Tim Ruskell did his used car salesman routine, reaching back into his past to claim another DE, Joe Tafoya, off waivers yesterday.

Looking through the NFL classifieds, the following ad caught his eye:

99 Tafoya - low milage, economy model with plenty of tread left on the tires, but not really tested much on the open road. Asking League minimum or BO.

On one hand it's a little concerning that he was released, picked up, released again by the Falcons, and didn't play at all last season. But on the other hand, there's a steady growth and consistency in his stats in his first three years with the Bears. The best stat of all has got to be: 4 kickoff returns for a total of 55 yards, with a long of 19!

Not that he's the answer to our kick return question, but maybe he's the kind of guy you can put in the backfield for the "heavy jumbo" set, or line him up as a tackle-eligible, like the Pats sometimes do with Vrable!

Anyhow, if this guy passes the Ruskell Rules of Order, then we can be sure one thing...he's gotta have a clean CarFax Vehicle History report!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Alexander expects deal once season begins

Tacoma news tribune has reported Shaun Alexander expects a deal once the season starts.
Well this is ecouraging,lets hope he makes the offseason workouts and camp.

2005 Draft Board

We're less than a month away from the 2005 NFL Draft, but I'm already giddy at the prospect of having Tim Ruskell at the helm of our scouting group and a plethora of picks in the first four rounds, where Ruskell has traditionally had great success.

Here's a couple of toys to make draft day a little more fun. First, here's an up to date Seahawks pick chart you can print and use on draft day.

12 Seahawks Street - 2005 NFL Draft Picks

To print this table:

1. Highlight just the table with your mouse.
2. Right mouse click, select "print".
3. In the next window, select "print selection", and then "print".

Then viola! You can fill in the blanks as our guys get chosen.

The second feature is a list of prospects, to be used as a personal draft board. The idea is that you print the list in the same manner as the table above, and then check the players off as they are chose by other teams. That way you can see what players are left, and anxiously anticipate the next one to go. (Hopefully Merriman will make it to #23, for instance.)

This list is in the comments section. Click the 'comments' link below if they are not visible already.

Have fun, and


Talking Heads?

The Shout Out conversation on Colin Cowherd reminds me of a post I made to the Seattle Times site awhile ago, about which Sports Talk Radio shows you listen to regularly.

Being on the East cost, my mornings start with Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio, because I find their banter entertaining, and they usually have good stories and interviews. (on commercials I swith to Imus!)

At lunch time if I'm driving around, I'll tune in Jim Rome. Sure he's an egotistical wind-bag, but I kind of like his "take no prisoners" schtick. Some of his callers are entertaining, but some are just plain annoying.

He used to be up against Tony Kornheiser, who I like on ESPN Sports Reporters, but can't take in large doses. One thing I DID like about Kornheiser's show was that if a caller started with "Hi Tony How Are You?" he was cut off! I know it's a common way to start a conversation, but let's face it, it wastes a lot of air time to hear 20 callers in a row ask the host "how are you?"

I do like Colin Cowherd because he strays from the pure sports conversation from time to time, and makes obsure references or analogies to the games. Juding from my posts here and on other forums, does this surprise anyone??!!

Dan Patrick is a little too full of himself, and I can't stand Rob, Ron, Rick errr that Dibble guy, but on a long-winded commercial break from Rome, I've been known to tune in!

There, now we have an official topic for others to post their opinions of the Sports Talk Radio daily menu!

Abbott & Costello Redeux!

Since we made reference to the famous Who's On First routine while discussing Chris Draft, and since we ALL are using computers to some degree, I thought this post was appropriate, even if it is a little Off Topic:

If Bud Abbott and Lou Costello were alive today, their infamous sketch, "Who's on first?" might have turned out something like this: 

(way too long...continued in Comments section...)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Alexander's Back!

If this were a Final Jeopardy "answer", would the question be:

A. What was the location of the alleged stab wound at the end of the season?
B. What will Shaun be lounging on this summer while the rest of the Sehawks are in training camp?
C. What have Seahawks fans been jumping down for the past 3 months?
D. What two words could be good news for the Seahawks 2005 Season?

Never being one to shrink from a challenge, I decided to take the bait in the Shout Out section, and post a thread supporting the distinct possibility that Shaun Alexander could still be Seahawks property on when the 2005 season kicks off.

I'm not a stat hound, so I'm not going to prattle on about 1600+ yards, and 20 TDs and almost 5 yards/carry average, or the fact that he's been a very durable back for the past 5 years.

Looking at it from a reality stand-point, there really aren't too many places he can go, anywhere he goes he's going to demand a big salary, and many teams don't want to take a chance on him until they see what he's really made of. Coming back to the Seahawks and having another ProBowl year will convince these teams that he's worth what he's asking.

Looking a little closer and SA vs. FO, you have a classic definition of at loggerheads, mexican stand-off or conundrum.

As possible trade opportunities continue to evaporate, and with other "keepers" like Hutchinson entering their contract years, it's not likely that the FO is going to throw the long term deal as SA that he craves. Not to mention that whatever cap money is left right now is earmarked to fixing the defense or allocated to the draft.

However, Shaun's gotta know that even though there's a tremendous risk of injury, he has to play this coming season, if he hopes to land a big payday at the end of next year. The likelihood of there being a RB glut in the market next season is somewhat less, and if he holds out the entire year, he'll be perceived as even more of a risk and a prima donna.

To use the classic line from Cool Hand Luke, "what we have here is a failure to communicate!" Both sides are going to have to realize that they really need the other, at least for one more year, and eat a little crow.

The front office has extend an olive branch, and soon, before his attitude toward the team is irreversible, and let him know he's a vital and valuable part of the 2005 plans.

Shaun has to realize that he's got to take the same approach to 2005 as he did to 2004, that this is another "contract year" and he's on a 16 game interview with his next employer.

And if he truly wants to improve his opportunities, as well as his skills, he'll hear the criticisms launched by the pundits, and work on his blocking and route running skills, to prove to the other 31 teams that he's a "complete" back, and not just a "sweep left" kind of guy.

If Ruskell can pull a rabbit out of his ass...errr...hat and somehow get Shaun on the field, with his head screwed on right, and determined to prove everyone that he's perfected his game, and worth the big contract and signing bonus, then it could be the classic win-win situation.

And "Alexander's Back" may just be the most unlikely answer to the question:

What carried the Seahawks into Superbowl XL?

OK Monkey, how'd I do?

(And JoshFromKent, did you notice I'm not stealing bandwidth?)

*sniff sniff* Is that a contract year I smell?

I was doing so good. I was still feeling contrite after my argument and bad behavior last week with Vinny, and so was doing everything in my power to keep my cool.
I had behaved like a perfect gentlemonkey for nearly a week without even once blowing my top.
I was beginning to believe that I had truly turned over a new banana, that I had become a quieter gentler monkey; then I read a post by Shonuff, which got me to thinking about just how irritated I am at one particular turd, excuse me, player, and my blood pressure began to rise.
Then upon opening my email, I came across an article in the Trib titled Holmgre: Robinson got wake up call, and all my kinder, gentler monkey thoughts went right out the window. Now the angrier, crankier monkey is back, and he's just gotta rant!
My problem is this, *sniff sniff* I smell something, *sniff sniff* it smells vaguely familiar. *sniff sniff* Ahhh yes, now I've placed it! I smelled that same smell last season when a "new and improved" Ken Lucas began to spin the media. In fact, I have smelled it many times over the length of my lifetime, it's the odor of media manipulation, it's the scent of a contract year.

I read quotes like "I plead guilty to the fact that I just didn't throw him on the trash heap" -Holmgren- or "I think he's a talented guy and a good person, he just needed to get a wake up call" -Holmgren- and something just goes haywire in my head. I know that I am supposed to read things like that and feel forgiving. Instead I think that if he were such a good person, then why does he have such lousy character? Isn't good character what makes a good person? Hasn't he already had several wake up calls?
I know that when I read quotes like "But he is not malicious, he is not hurtful. He cares, he wants to compete. He just had these demons."-Holmgren- that I am supposed to be able to relate to "the Grip's" struggles against his personal demons. I know that I am supposed to understand that because his actions weren't malicious or hurtful, that they should be chocked up as foolish mistakes of youth and forgiven. But there's a problem, *sniff sniff*, I have smelled this stuff before *sniff sniff* I always seem to smell it when a player is entering his contract year. Especially after that player has badly screwed up his first several years in Seattle.
Why can't I seem to feel sorry for a guy whose coach has come to his defense time and time again, a guy who has admittedly checked himself into a rehab center and worked his way through the program? It's that damnable odor of media manipulation during a contract year.

My problem is that I am just too cynical and callous to fall for the media games at this stage in my life. I hear Koren's mother saying things like "He had become a little frustrated with the situation I guess, and just got off track. He was able to rethink some things", or "He finally realised what he could lose and what would be missing in his life" and I hear them very differently than they were perhaps intended to be heard.
What I hear instead, is, Koren just got a little frustrated with the situation, of not getting the ball whenever he damn well wanted to get the ball, and with playing in Seattle, a city he never really wanted to play for in the first place, and he got pissed. So he acted like a big spoiled jerk and decided not to care or try anymore, and decided that he would instead, spend his time partying it up with his homeys. But now that it's a contract year, he is going to reinvent himself because he's scared that he won't get the big payday he wants and won't get to play in another city where he would really rather be.

I read about how Koren's mother has decided to move herself and Koren's 3 year old son,in with Koren, her 25 year old son, to keep him focused and to keep his eye on the prize; and I think to myself, sounds like mommas gettin' worried. Momma sees the end of the the gravy train coming and realizes that unless she does something quick, she'll be stuck with an adult son who will never grow up and a grandson who she'll surely have to raise without the aid of those big NFL dollars. I can hardly believe that a 25 year old man needs to have his mother move in with hm to keep him "focused", doesn't say much about his character if you ask me.

Here's the thing, I am happy that "the Grip" is apparently going to make a concerted effort to get his life back together. I even believe that he's going to have a great season this year. In fact, I would be willing to bet anything that he puts together his best season, by far, as a pro. But I won't be rooting for him.
I won't be rooting for him, because even if he puts together a 1600 yard, 12 touchdown season I'll still feel like he owes me three more years just like it. I'll still feel that, no matter how well he does next season, it's three seasons too late. No matter how well he does next season, he still did absolutely nothing to earn his NFL paycheck for his first three years here in Seattle.
I'll always know that he only put together that one great season, to get the big pay check and to get outa town.
You see, no one has ever questioned Robinson's ability to become a great NFL reciever, he has the ability to put together a great season anytime he damn well wants to, but that's the problem. Since he is so darn talented, I can only assume that his three years of underachievment here in Seattle had nothing to do with talent but rather had everything to do with heart, character and effort.
I could forgive Koren for three lousy years, if he simply wasn't very talented, but was working his ass off to try to earn his paycheck. I could forgive Koren for all those dropped passes, had he simply ever cared enough to show up to work on time, and had he put a little effort into correcting the drops problem before now. But now that it's a contract year, no matter how well he does this season, I will only feel cheated. In fact, the better he does the more I will feel cheated, it will only be that much more salt in the wound. The better he does, the more it will prove to me that he was dogging it all along, and that he never ever cared about winning or about Seattle or it's fans. To me, there's no greater sin than not trying, not caring. To me, there's no more unforgivable thing for an athlete to do, than not give real effort, than to spend unearned paycheck after unearned paycheck, while wasting God given talent.

The worst thing for me is that this article in the Trib, was only the first of what I expect will be many stories like it throughout the next season. I expect that towards the end of next year, the media will be just gushing with warmth towards K-Rob, because he will be having such a good season. They will all be tripping over themsleves to write the story of how he managed to turn his life around, and how much he has matured and what a really good guy he really is and really was all along. But I for one, will never ever buy it. Because I will always know that it's about one thing and one thing only to "the Grip", *sniff sniff, sniff sniff* Is that a contract year I smell?

Alexander the Ingrate

Have you heard? Shaun is already holding out. And Ruskell has drawn the line.

And so it begins. I'm going to post quotes from two different articles that will speak for themselves.

The first is taken from the Trib, entitled "Ruskell's Law":

"Tim Ruskell will not tolerate Seattle Seahawks players uncommitted to the team concept, on and off the field.

"The Seahawks’ new president hasn’t had time for many interviews since diving into his work one month ago. But his message came through clear in a letter Ruskell sent to players earlier this month.

"In the letter, Ruskell demanded full participation in the team’s offseason workout program. He stressed the need for players to believe in the team concept without worrying about who receives the credit. And he outlined good citizenship as a value that is non-negotiable.

"“These things alone do not guarantee success,” Ruskell wrote, “but a lack of complete team-wide participation in the aforementioned areas almost always guarantees failure.”"

Couple this with the "Hawk Talk" bit in the PI:

"As expected, Pro Bowl running back Shaun Alexander is not among the players participating in the Seahawks' offseason conditioning program, which started Monday. Alexander was given the franchise tag last month, but has shown no indication that he is ready to sign the $6.32 million tender."

Mark my words: Shaun is gone.

What a jerk. He's letting his team down. He's letting the legions of fans, the 12th man down. Six million dollars ain't enough?

Get lost, Shaun. You just lost one of your biggest fans.

Do you know this man?

If you don't, then maybe you should. With the rash of injuries we had last year, and the late game collapses, he could be the most important coach on the Seahawks' staff.

So if you do not recognize this face, or if you always wanted to know what a "China Squat" was, then this article is a must read!

Polishing Turds

I just don't understand why we haven't delt off Koren Robinson yet,I think at this point we can still get a cheese sandwitch or something for the guy.It is time to rid our team of distractions
and problems.It seems in the draft that the biggest requirment to be a reciever is having top end speed and size,I never heard much about Robinson until after the combine.The talking in the latest draft is about the top two recievers but a guy who people almost dismiss is Mark Clayton a guy who is tough,goes over the middle great hands and an excellent rout runner.
Reminds me of guys like Hines Ward or Derrick Mason,this thread may not have a point
but I am tired of drafting recievers who can run higher and jump faster.How about drafting recievers that can catch the ball and run good routs.Who the hell is Troy Williamson,never heard
of him until the combine.

I don't get Coach Holmgrens Boner for Robinson,I got it we can package up both Robinson and Stevens send them to Oakland for one of Al Davis's sweet jump suits.

There's a New Sheriff In Town!

And Tim Ruskell's the name!

In the Comment section of this post is a letter that someone on the PI forum got from another forum, which supposedly went out to season ticket holders. The paragraphs that get into building the front seven seem a little too specific for a letter of this type, so I'm not sure if it's authentic.

However, there's also a story in the News Tribune about the stamp that Ruskell intends to put on this team, which comes just shy of calling out Shaun and Koren by name, that tends to lend additional credibility to this letter.

Go to the Comments portion to see the season ticket holder letter, and judge for yourself!

Seahawk Memories: Kenny Easley

Talk about a wicked hit down memory lane -- I found this tribute to Kenny Easley over at Becky's Place.

To be honest, he was my favorite player back then -- closely followed by Steve Largent, Curt Warner, Brian Millard, Curt Warner and John L. Williams.

They don't make Seahawks like they used to.

Check it out, it's a MUST READ for Seahawks fans. Especially if your name is Michael Boulware or Ken Hamlin.


Regardless how you feel about him, This is Funny!

Photo credit goes to IrishGreg on the PI Fan Forum.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bronc's won't match

Cornerback Kelly Herndon is coming to the Seahawks.

The Denver Broncos will not match the five-year, $15 million offer sheet the restricted free agent signed last week with the Seahawks, Broncos coach Mike Shanahan said today at the NFL owners' meetings in Hawaii.

I am a bit surprised at how much the offer for him was, especially in light of the over 3 million signing bonus. I would have been surprised if the Broncos had matched this offer, for a below average cornerback. In my mind 3 mil/yr for five years, just seems a bit high for a corner who up till now, no one had ever heard about.


Well, Vinny wanted this posted so this one's for you...

Former #1 draft pick of the Cleveland Browns, Courtney Brown (DE 6'4" 280 lbs), is visiting with Seattle. Brown has missed 33 games (that's thirty-three freakin' games) in the last 4 seasons (slighly over half of the team's games). Of course Seattle will be looking carefully and probing intently into his injuries. Washington, Denver, and Jacksonville have already expressed interest, with the 'Skins, and Bucky's old team offering incentive laden contracts. The Browns would like to resign him as well.

Also scheduled for visits are DE Marcellus Wiley, who seems to have a ton of talent but has seriously under acheived in recent seasons, and ex-Saint WR Jerome Pathon. Pathon, you may remember played for the Huskies, and fought his way into the NFL. Pathon is a legit deep threat, possessing great speed, but average size.

Seahawks RG in recent years, Chris Gray is visiting with the SF 49ers, and IMO they can keep him.

Also, the league awarded the 'Hawks a 3rd and a 7th round pick as compensation for departures during FA last year. That gives the 'Hawks 9 picks, and 5 of the top 100 selections. So this draft has potential, no?

ESPN also reported that the 'Hawks have hired Mike Reinfeldt full-time as the vice president of football administration. Is this new, or have we already covered it here?

Whoa! You're not going anywhere...

...we're not done yet!

The News Tribune has a story today where Mike Holmgren talks candidly about how close he came to leaving the Seahawks at the end of last season.

Appearing relaxed in shorts and sunglasses, the Seattle Seahawks’ coach opened up about his six-year tenure as never before. Buckled last season by dispiriting on-field setbacks and worn down by petty infighting that made office life miserable, Holmgren acknowledged that he came closer to walking away from the Seahawks than the public ever knew.

Thank GOD that CEO Tod Leiweke came on the scene to provide a buffer between Holmgren and Whitsitt, and probably was the voice of reason in Mr. Allen's ear which lead to the eventual departure of the right guy.

Leiweke’s addition doubled the number of executives with regular access to ownership. Holmgren still reported to Whitsitt, but he and Leiweke managed to meet for lunch after Reinfeldt’s departure. Their relationship had to help.

“I just kind of opened up to him,” Holmgren said. “I got to know him a little bit, he got to know me a little bit. “After the season, I told him that Kathy and I would go down to Arizona and I would just have to think through this.”

Leiweke seemed sympathetic.

Now, with Reinfeldt back on board, and with Ruskell firmly in place, it appears the entire front office is pulling together in the same direction, rather that pulling each other appart.

“In the preliminary stages of free agency, before Tim was even hired, Tod and I worked very hard at meeting with Paul and trying to paint a picture that we can get this thing done,” Holmgren said. “I emphasized the fact that I thought it was important to bring Reinfeldt back in. “Fortunately, Paul did that. And then boom, Mike went to work and in two weeks he got (Hasselbeck and Jones) re-signed.”

It sounds like Mike Holmgren is once again feeling like this is HIS team, but this time he's got HIS players in key roles, so even though we've got some holes to fill on defense, there seems to be a lot to be hopeful for next season!

Don't Kill the Golden Goose!

According to a recent article in the Seattle Times, the owners and the union are not only at odds over the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) but that there seems to be in-fighting among the owners between the "haves" and "have nots".

The NFL is held up as the stongest and most thriving of the major 3-and-a-half sports, due largely to the CBA and the salary cap. Allowing this to go by the way side will be blindly wandering down the same dark alley that sent Hockey into a season long coma.

Hell, these blog sites and web boards are as active now as they are during the regular season, again, as a direct result of the salary cap. This genius invention not only keeps the sport in check, but provides year-round interest in the moves (and non-moves) that your team makes (or doesn't make) in the off-season.

Not renewing the CBA, and worse, going forward without a hard salary cap, could be the death knell for the NFL as we know it.

Blog Feedback

I've gotta go, please put your feedback here, especially the negative. I'l see what I can do later.


Monday, March 21, 2005

Terry cut, Locklear and Hunter to fight it out for spot.

As of March 19, it seems that Terry's character issues finally became more than the Seahawks could put up with, and so they have cut starting right tackle Chris Terry, opening the door for what should prove to be an interesting competition for his spot.
Although Terry's personal problems played a large part in his release, clearly, finances had quite a bit to do with it as well. His contract will now count three million dallars against the cap instead of the four million it would have had they not cut him.

So now my question is, should the Hawks pursue a RT in free agency, or in the draft, or will either Hunter or Locklear be ready to start? What do you guys think?

Confused? Me too!

Cornerback Kelly Herndon, still officially Broncos property, has signed a five-year, $15 million offer sheet with the Seahawks that includes a $3.6 million signing bonus and $900,000 base salary in 2005. The Seahawks, who lost Ken Lucas on the open market to the Panthers, view Herndon as his possible replacement. Denver has until Wednesday to match Seattle's offer. Because Herndon was not drafted, the Broncos would get no draft-pick compensation if they refuse to match.
-- Rocky Mountain News

This whole thing seems a bit strange to me.

Top Players Available In The Draft

at the request of someone (have no idea which one of you)

I have found a list of the top Prospects available...its the best I could find, gives a mini scouting report on each player, and their projected rankings. The only thing it does not show is the Combine results (but some have their 40 times)...but hey, its better then nothing! When or if I find another draft ranker, complete with bigger scouting reports and combine results, idd add that to this thread

click on the headline for the link, so i dont screw up the margins

P.S. Merriman's scouting report hasn't been made yet...but he is 19th overall

Seahawks Edged Out

Altanta Goes "All In" to get Hartwell

Well, he's a bird, but not a Seahawk.

Here's a story announcing the signing from the Las Vegas Review Journal, of all places.

Looks like Atlanta is taking a heck of a gamble putting all their chips on PURPLE with an enormous guaranteed contract.

But is wasn't about the money..yeah, right!

Now that's a Nice Piece of Hass!

Seahawks Interested in Hasselbeck

KFFL is reporting that we may be interested in acquiring Tim Hasselbeck to back up his brother Matt.

Jody Foldesy, of the Washington Times, reports there were some indications the Seattle Seahawks have interest in Washington Redskins restricted free agent QB Tim Hasselbeck. Since Hasselbeck was tendered at $656,000, a team signing him away wouldn't need to provide draft-pick compensation to the Redskins since Hasselbeck went undrafted.

The lovely young lady pictured above is Mrs. Tim Hasselbeck, who was a Survivor contestant and is now a Co-Host on the ABC Daytime chick-talkshow The View.

I figured after the HART-breaking news I posted above, and the trio of handsomely-challenged individuals below, the Seahawks faithful could use a little "eye candy" to brighten up this dreary Monday.

And the evolution continues...

There's a GREAT aricle in the News Tribune today regarding the Seahawks organization, how they're viewed by the rest of the league owners, and what new leadership's ultimate goal is within this venue:

CEO Tod Leiweke foresees a day when the Seahawks’ relevance extends beyond their Super Bowl-winning head coach. His vision goes like this: “That we’re respected by the league, that we’re smart in how we run the team side and the business side, that our expertise is coveted at committee levels and our opinion is sought overall.

It gives a good snapshot summary of how the Seahawks allowed themselves to slip into a state of irrelevence within the NFL over the years, but shows that the new leadership that's in place in Kirkland hopes to turn that around over the next few years.

The most telling and encouraging quotes though came from Holmgren, who seems to be benind the "new guys" 100%

“The organization has been outside the window for a long time,” Holmgren said. “But we have a tremendous management team in place and we have people who would be good on those committees. “Tod will become involved naturally. Tim is going to be great. Reinfeldt is outstanding. Gary Wright is the best at what he does.

Let's hope these plans take root and we'll earn the respect within the NFL higher echelon by earning victories and championships on the field!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cigar!

As I'm watching the moves the front office is making, I can't help but think about the psychological impact we're going to suffer having to root for guys from our hated rivals.

Herndon from Denver, the source of so many years of pain at the hands of that horse-toothed marvel of a QB.

Fisher from the Lambs, our newfound nemisis and perennial division rival.

And now Jurivicius and Darby from the Bucs, the fair-haired step brother who is the same age, on the honor-roll, and "made it" with the head cheerleader, while we haven't even gotten to the prom!

I'm gonna be behind these guys the whole way next year, but I'm sure I'm going to have some issues to work out in the proverbial 50-minute hours! Ah, what the f*ck....I'll only find out it's all my mother's fault, or something to do with toilet training anyway.

GO SEAHAWKS....Whoever you may be!!!!

Anyone Want To See a Good Chartric?

Looks like Ruskell pulled another ace from his sleeve, and he didn't have to go "all in" to get him!

The PI is reporting we just signed him to a 3year, $3M contract, with an $800k signing bonus. We may need to change our name to the Seattle Sea-Bucs, but if these guys can get the job done, I'm all for it.

Here's the "Deal" on Chartric Darby

Too bad he wasn't from Kentucky, I wouldn't have to go with the "card trick" reference!!!

'Vicius' Rumors?

It looks like the Seahawks and Joe Jurevicius are getting serious. According to the Tampa Tribune, the clutch receiver has been in town since Tuesday, and is only going back to attend a boat show he comitted to with Bucs fullback Mike Alstott. This is interpreted by the article as "heavy courting" by the Seahawks.

In any case, it certainly seems Ruskell is putting his 'stamp' on the Seahawks roster.

Does anybody have any scouting info on Joe? It seems that since the WCO is not so much a vertical passing game, that he might be a good fit. He is known for good hands, which we so desperately need. But he's coming up on his ninth year, which is usually near the end of most receivers of his caliber.

But if he can catch, he's an upgrade. Any thoughts?

Who would you draft with our #1 pick

Since our Hawks news is lackluster at best who would you draft with our number one and what position would you look for in the second and third?

Friday, March 18, 2005

Bad Case of Dissin' Terry

Chris Terry was released today. The on again, off again, one armed for half the season, gone for the other, right tackle was scheduled to make $3 mil this year, but now he'll have to get another job.

He ranks as the #2 Seahawk of all time called by two androgynous first names, closely behind 1980's center Blair Bush.

What Can Brown Do For You?

Since we're all just hanging out waiting for Hartwell news, I thought it may be good to talk about someone else for a change. The Seahawks have expressed interest in the ex-Brown Courtney Brown.

Stats from

He came from Penn State, which is always good for D Linement and LBs, and had a monster rookie year. His production trailed off, and last year was non-existent due to injury.

What do you think? Is there an UPShot?

A Bird in Hannam...

The Seahawks resigned restricted free agent tight end Ryan Hannam to a one-year deal. Dude was 'making it happen' toward the end of the season.

Question is: Is Jerramy Stevens still a keeper? It seems like Ruskell has really grabbed the reins of the personnel department, and Holmgren's 'pet' players no longer have immunity. If Simmons and Terry were cut, Huff and Evans lost without a fight, Where does that put Stevens? For that matter, Koren Robinson?

Email Edgerton Hartwell!!!

Mike Sando af the Trib reports that "Linebacker Edgerton Hartwell, who visited Seattle this week, plans to choose between three teams."

Now's our chance! I found Ed Hartwell's web site and he has an email form. Send Edgerton an email, asking him to sign on with the Seahawks. Tell him why it would be such a great move. Do it repeatedly. Ask your freinds to do it. What will it hurt? If he got a phone call from his peeps saying that there was a swarm of email from fans asking him to come to Seattle, that could be just the thing to put us on top.

We don't get to do too many things to make a difference to this team but yell a lot, and now, yell a lot on the internet.

He will reportedly decide by the weekend at the latest. GET CRACKING!!

POST SCRIPT (3/18): I bumped up the date/time stamp on this post so it won't get shelved if you put up any new threads. Post away, my Seahawks brothers!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I Herndon Thru The Grapevine

Hawks Hire Herndon
By John Clayton,

The Seattle Seahawks hope they have filled their second most important defensive need Wednesday by reaching a five-year, $15 million deal with Broncos cornerback Kelly Herndon that includes a $4.5 million signing bonus.

The reason that they can only hope to fill the need is they have to wait seven days to see if they get the Denver Broncos cornerback. Herndon is a restricted free agent even though he doesn't require any draft compensation from the Seahawks. The Broncos have seven days to match the offer or let him go to the Seahawks.

Herndon played 99 percent of the Broncos' defensive snaps last season even though he was projected to be the No. 3 cornerback behind Champ Bailey and Lenny Walls. According to Stats Inc., Herndon led the league with 23 passes defensed and had only 51 percent of the passes thrown in his direction completed.

The Rest of the Story

PreSeason Schedule

The Preseason Schedule has been released, all dates and times TBD:

Week 1: Seattle at New Orleans

Week 2: Dallas at Seattle

Week 3: Seattle at Kansas City

Week 4: Minnesota at Seattle

i think it's interesting that Holmgren ends up playing Minnesota every year, whether in season or preseason.

Man, I Hate the Rams

This is not the timeliest of articles, but I've got to get this off my chest.

I was over at the STL boards this morning looking for Bryce Fisher info, and couldn't help getting into a tussle with them. My sig over there has a banner that says "NFC West Division Champs" and love to rub their noses in it.

But the crazy thing is that they, for the most part think that they are they real champs and are so much better than us despite our better record. It's easy to shoot down, but I'm just sick of it.

Bottom line is that we need to whoop their a$$es next year. To me, it's bigger than a playoff game. I look forward to them shutting up.

So what do you think? Would it be better to play on their turf first, or beat them in the Q?

Franchise Holdout, the sequel...

For those of us who love Shaun, and would like to keep him around for a few more years, it appears we have good news. While the Hawks are open to trading him (the most recent rumor involves Westbrook and a pick) is reporting that they also have a plan in keeping him:

"Because Alexander wants (we hear) a signing bonus in the range of $15 million to $20 million on a long-term contract, the Seahawks will instead continue to apply the franchise tag to Alexander until either an acceptable long-term deal can be negotiated or the team opts to let him hit the open market due to, for example, injury or diminished skills.

Seattle adopted a similar approach to left tackle Walter Jones, who wore the tag for three straight seasons before signing a long-term contract last month."

To me, this means that they will be trying for a long term deal, the same as they did for Jones. It might be a long shot, but it worked on Walter, maybe we can get Shaun in long term within the next 2 years.

Rumor Mill

Just a place to post and comment on the rumors you've been hearing. This will be a 'sticky' until it dies out.



Could we have our Hart(well) of our defense settled finally?

The Seahawks could also be close to shoring up a need at middle linebacker.

Ed Hartwell, another former Raven, had what his agent called a "great visit" with the Seahawks and left town yesterday excited about the prospect of playing for defensive coordinator Ray Rhodes. "He was extremely impressed with coach Rhodes," agent Harold Lewis said. "He told me, 'Harold, talk to them, because I could be very happy here (in Seattle)."

With Huff in Arizona, the Cardinals are likely out of the running for Hartwell, who made them one of the four teams he visited.

Also, KC is eliminated for signing Bell...

Who knew Ray Rhodes is great afterall? (for those who hate him...unlike me, I only had qualms once in awhile...but not overall)

on a side note, Brad Johnson has narrowed his teams down to Seattle (sports car), Minnesota (SUV), and Chicago (Bus)...which would you rather drive? ;)

Darren Howard probably isn't coming here, as he wants a ridiculous 16 mill signing bonus with whichever team he signs a longterm deal with...bleh, hes good...but thats a little much...hes barely better then Wistrom, and Grant himself was overpaid, and the most obvious reason being the signing of Fisher

im sorry I made a thread over more heavy rumors...but man I gotta spread the word!!!

We're SO CLOSE...and the Sonics won again!!! yay...and the Mariners kicked butt...even more yay! chock full of yay today...bleh im rambling...ok anyways...awesome news...

So tell me you think Hartwell coming here is a good ideal? (gee, I wonder)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

We Landed a Big Fisher!

Bryce Fisher leaves Rams for Seahawks
By Jim Thomas
Of the Post-Dispatch

Defensive end Bryce Fisher, the Rams’ sack leader in 2004, is headed to the Seattle Seahawks. Fisher agreed to terms Tuesday on a four-year deal with the Seahawks worth $10 million.

It will be a homecoming for Fisher, 27, a native of Renton, Wash., who attended Seattle Prep High.“I get to go home, so I’m excited about that,” Fisher said Tuesday afternoon. “I get a chance to play in front of the home fans every week.”

But Fisher also expressed some disappointment that the Rams didn’t make a contract offer.

“I’d been in contact with the Rams coaching staff and told them that I think Seattle’s going to make me an offer, and that if they make me an offer I’m probably going to take it,” Fisher said.

But the Rams have made a commitment to Anthony Hargrove as their starting right end in 2005. They were interested in re-signing Fisher only as their No. 3 defensive end -- and at No. 3 defensive end prices.

Fisher wanted a chance to be a starter, and be paid like a starter, an opportunity he will get in Seattle.

So now, when the Rams play Seattle twice a year in what has become an intense and entertaining NFC West rivalry, they will face former Rams at both defensive end positions for the Seahawks: Fisher and Grant Wistrom.

After being released by Buffalo at the end of the 2002 preseason, Fisher revived his career with the Rams. He appeared in only four games for St. Louis in ’02, but became a regular part of the defensive line rotation in ’03, finishing with 47 tackles and two sacks.

When Wistrom signed a free-agent deal with Seattle following the ’03 season, Fisher took over for him in the starting lineup in St. Louis. Fisher started the first 14 games of the ’04 campaign before giving way to Hargrove in the starting lineup.

He finished the season with a team-high 8½ sacks and was seventh on the team in tackles with 77.

Link to Story

(damn the Seahawks website I HATE to have to link to the Lamb's site for this story!)

Cardinals Walk Off With a Huff

The following appeared at

Cards Agree To Terms with LB Huff

The Arizona Cardinals announced Tuesday that the team has agreed to terms with free agent linebacker Orlando Huff on a two-year contract. In accordance with club policy, terms were not disclosed.

His departure is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. In training camp in 2004, equal snaps were given to KAz, Kout and Huff. After the starting job was given to Orlando, he had this to say:

"I didn't expect anybody to come up to me and hand me balloons or horns. It's a job. This is what I get paid to do. It's a business. If they make me a starter, fine. If they don't, then I got to do what I have to do to be a starter somewhere else. I'm happy I'm here, and I'm happy I'm starting."

At the same time, DC Rhodes complimented Niko's rookie training camp performance.

"Koutie had a strong camp," Rhodes said. "He's going to be a guy that's going to be a hell of a mike linebacker, and we know that. And at some point, he's going to be right in the thick of things."

Rhodes was right. After 14 games "Koutie" supplanted "The Huffer". Now he's gone, knowing he's been beaten.

Good luck, Orlando. You started 14 games last season at MLB and only registered 51 tackles. Add to that 1 sack, 2 forced fumbles and 1 pass deflection. Wa-hoo. You got beat out of your spot by a rookie. 'Nuff said.

Say 'hi' to Chike for us.

Alexander traded?!?

This may be premature, but in surfing around I have discovered reports coming out of Philadelphia radio stations that say the Eagles and Seahawks have worked out a trade that would send Alexander to the Eagles for Brian Westbrook and a second round draft pick.

Again, this may be premature, but I nailed it early on the Dilfer thing, and also the Eagles had showed alot of interest in Alexander, remember McNabb talking to Alexander about becoming an Eagle.

Although this is unconfirmed, I think it may be right, if anyone can find out more, please post any details.

Here's a link

Poll Question: Who's Better This Year?

Seahawks Street Poll
Who is our bigger intra-division competition next year?
St. Louis

Monday, March 14, 2005

Slowing Their Pace

the Rams are deadmeat...especially Bulger

NFL Network reports the Texans and Orlando Pace all but agreed to terms on a contract. If the Texans and Rams can agree on compensation, he'll be in Houston by Wednesday.

It looks like it will happen. Houston is willing to give up the #13 overall pick in the draft and has two third-rounders possibly available. The Rams want two first rounders, but are expected to settle for less. Terrible news for Marc Bulger; great news for David Carr

Bulger sucks under pressure...and now he will be exposed like no move by the Texans...


How many picks will Bulger throw this year? Place bets here...

ill say 24

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Seahawks Street Poll: Grade the FO

Seahawks Street Poll
Grade the front office for the period from end of season to present.

Have we been conditioned to expect Failure?

Feeling a pit in my stomache everytime I read about another team signing a big name free agent, even though they may be over priced or not right for our scheme or organization, made me start to wonder where this feeling might be coming from. The more I thougth about it, this jealousy, or "pigskin envy" could be deeply rooted in the seasonal excercise in futility of being a Seahawks fan.

It's like being the younger Baldwin brothers, seeing the older one get all the choice parts, Kim Bassinger, fancy houses and stuff. I'm sure they just expect to always come in second when compared to big brother Alec.

It seems as Seahawks fans, we're also rapt with this immediate sensation of jealousy as soon as we see any other team do something that we think our team should. Instead of beliving in our own abilities, and concentrating on maximizing our own strenghs, we're constantly measuring ourselves against other teams, which not surprisingly is not providing the good warm feeling that we seek.

* 30 years of mediocrity will do that.
* Countless first round QB picks that fall on their faces will do that.
* Crazy bastard owners who can't pick talented staff and players, and try to move the team to Cally will do that.
* Continual coaching carousels will do that.
* Phatom touchdowns, giving up 17 points in 8 minutes, blowing the biggest MNF lead, more phantom touchdowns, and blowing two critical on-side kicks will do that.
* Having to endure the hollow sympathy of your friends and family, and the scorn and ridicule from football devotees from other teams will do that.

The question is, HOW DO WE TURN IT AROUND?

There's a saying that goes "Insanity is doing the same thing, the same way, over and over again, and expecting different results!" That being said, WHAT is it that we can do differently as a franchise, to elicite diffent results?

I'm not sure what the ultimate answer is, but I hoping that we're on the right track. I think as an organization, we need to ask ourselves "what would the Seahawks do LAST year", and then do the exact opposite thing.

Last year we threw as much money as possible at the biggest free agent names available....and it appears we're trying very hard not to do that again.

Last year we allowed 15 of our STARTERS to reach their free agency year AT THE SAME TIME...hopefully we can structure deals so that this does not happen again.

Last year we got KILLED by the injury hopefully this year guys will pag a little more attention to conditioning.

Last year we lost at least TWO games do to special teams blunders, and kept several inferior teams in games due to long returns.....this year we have a new Special Teams coach who is focused on STs and not trying to use the gig as a stepping stone to a coordinator or head coaching position.

Sorry for the long and winding post, but this is something I've been thinking about for a long time.

And no, I'm not a psychologist.....but I DID stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!

(repurposed content from ST fan forum post)

Got Pork?

Womack Re-Signs with Seahawks!

While we are all still hungry for some defensive help, Seattle seems to have locked up another key player, and a versatile cog in our offensive machine.

It seems that Ruskell and company are not only "talking the talk" but "walking the walk" of resigning quality character guys who are more interested in playing for a TEAM than in lining their pockets with the most free agent cash.

Gone are "Pay-me" Okeafor and "Ken a brother get some cash" Lucas.

While Mili and Womack are not coveted free agents on the open market, like a Hartwell or a Dyson, having them re-commit to Seattle is an major step in reconstructing this team around attitude as much as around skill.

It's also getting the foundation bricks set properly so when we start adding the upper floors, through free agency or the draft, there's a solid base on which to build.

Being an East coaster, I sure would like things to happen faster, but I really like the way they're unfolding, so I'm learning to be a bit more patient.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

An Opinion Piece

I am writing this post in light of the recent comments from Chike Okeafor and the Trent Dilfer comments given to KJR radio.

I have had, for a long time, a suspicion, that the reason the Seahawks have had so many difficulties landing good free agents had less to do with the fact that Seattle seems a long way away from anywhere, than it does the attitudes of the players and coaches. After all, players are used to flying, they are used to hopping on a plane to go to their favorite place to shop, hunt, fish, water ski, buy marijuana, etc..., so why should living in Seattle, (a great place to do any of those things) be a problem?
I remember very clearly when Holmgren first got brought in to coach, how, many of the players balked at what they percieved to be an innordinate amount of ego from him. (Not saying that's right or wrong, or that it's Holmgren's fault).
I remember hearing and reading quotes from players who saw Holmgren as an ego maniac.
Then came the massive purges, and I had hoped that the problem had been rectified. Unfortunately, many of the players drafted and brought to the team were of the same whining ilk as the ones released, ie. Simmons, Stevens, Robinson, I could go on.
I even remember how after John Randle was brought here, in his last remaining seasons in order to bring leadership and a winning attitude to the team, the resistance that he got from many of the players when he tried to be that leader.
I don't think that any one player or coach can be blamed for this, I think it's a widespread attitude problem that exists on the team, which resists hard work and accountability. I think that there are still several players here who have never bought into what Holmgren is preaching.
This problem cannot be fixed overnight, but it must be fixed if we are ever going to become more than just a mediocre team. Dilfer talked about it very plainly, now we here much of that sentiment echoed in Okeafor's statements.

For years now, the Seahawks have been a mediocre team with extraordinary talent. Though I would hardly call them Super Bowl contenders every year, last season they certainly had the talent to be. If underachieving isn't an indication of leadership problems and attitude problems, I don't really know what is.

The one hope that I have, is the statements made by Hasselbeck after signing his contract. He was elated that now he feels he can have some real say, some real control over this team. And that's how it should be. I sincerely hope that between Hass and Jones, (who are now going to be playing for the greater part of their careers here), one or both of them can take hold of the teams leadership reigns, and begin to set a winning tone on this team.

Talking Seahawks

I'm going a little nuts as this is technically my FOURTH Seahawks forum that I have joined, and it's really hard keeping up with them all, not to mention the the stress that it's causing at home and at the office! I'd like to be able to settle on ONE place to feed my "Seahawks Jones" but each place has it's own benefits, as well as some shortcomings.

I've also noticed that some of the people on this Blog are regulars on some of the the other forums, so I'm wondering if we should start trying to get ALL the regulars together in one place, to discuss and debate our favorite football team, namely HERE?

I know I'm a newbee and hope I'm not overstepping my bounds, but I thought I'd lay out the pros and cons of the other forums and see what others thought.

Seattle Times

This is my favorite place, probably because it was my first and I've built kind of a "street cred" on the board. It's loosley moderated so you can pretty much speak your mind, but if someone starts flaming or spamming, they are dealt with pretty quickly. The topics lay out is really straightforward and they provide a large input area for your post, as well as a large area when reading through the threads.

There is a NEW indicator on Topics with new posts since your last visit, and clicking this indicator brings you to the first new post in that Topic. A post counter exists under everyone's screen name, so you can see if they're new or a vet subscriber, and the system can remember your login and password so you don't have to log in each visit.

There are point an click controls on font size and color, bold and italic, and you can sneak in some HTML tags like 'quote'. You can see the previous posts when making your reply, which makes cutting and pasting text very easy, and links are automatically hypertexted without requiring tags. Posts can be easily edited and deleted at any time, and you can also create a 4 answer poll when creating a new Topic.

The site doesn't need much improvement, perhaps placing the New Topic and Submit buttons at both the top and bottom of the window, and a Search feature, to help find an archived post or topic. The ST used to only sporadically include a link to the chat site with selected articles, but recently has made it a consistent link at the top of their lead Seahawks story. It would be nice to get the link to the forum as a persistent link in the ST web site navigation.

A recent benefit to this site is a subscriber who appears to have an inside track to the Seattle front office, and he's provided some advanced news on things, such as the Mili signing.

Seattle Post Intellegencer

I come here mainly when the conversation dies down on the ST site, or when I want to check the AP and TSN newswires. There seem to a larger number of subscribers on this site, so there seems to be many more active topics and many responses within them.

The site is more strictly moderated, and there is automatic content control which will prevent a post from being submitted if it includes foul language, although you can get around this using the spammers lexicon (i.e. @ss) . The topics are arranged the same as the ST site, with the one with the newest post showing first, but there is no NEW indicator to show you which Topics have been responded to since your last visit.

The area for input and viewing of posts is very narrow, due to the design of the overall PI web site, which makes it very hard to read a thread which may have several posts and replies. Subscribers to this site are not dilligent at posting within existing Topics, so you'll find several Topics on the same item, which gets confusing. There are clear directions at the top of the window for submitting your post, and even hints on how to use the common HTML tags available on this forum. Unfortunately, you have to use the "link" tag to paste in an active URL, and the target page opens in the same pane, instead of in a new browser window. There is no facility for saving your access info, so you have to authenticate each time you decide to post.

I like the fact that the Hawks Forum is a persistent link in the left hand nav of the PI site, and there are convenient links right under it for the AP and TSN newswires. The web board could be improved with a larger area for posting and reading, as well as more convenience for logging in and seeing recent posts. The subscribers also need to do a better job of not creating a new thread if one already exists.

Seahawks Listserve on Yahoo Groups

This could potentially be the most convenient place to talk Seahawks, since it is all email based, however, many subscribers probably like the web boards since they can maintain a level of anonymity. Subscribing to this group and your first few posts need to be approved by the moderator, which is a little cumbersome, but once he realizes you're a Seahawks fanatic, and not a commercial spammer, you're able to post and reply directly.

While there are 115 people subscribed to this forum, it is one of the least active that I'm involved in, which is a little disappointing. Since it's a Yahoo group, you get all the benefits of a web based forum, along with full calendaring and polling, and the ability to upload files, pictures and database information.

Improvement to this site would be a more active subscriber community, and perhaps providing unmoderated posting priviledges a little quicker to encourage more frequent discussion.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Kevin Bentley Signed

I am so seething with frustration, sarcasm, and disgust right now, I'm just going to post the facts and bite my tongue.

The Seahawks signed LB Kevin Bentley, formerly of the Browns, to one-year, $650,000 deal that includes a $150,000 signing bonus.

He started during most of 2003 in Cleveland without distinction. Bentley, 24, a fourth-round draft choice in 2002, was scheduled to be a restricted free agent, but the Browns failed to tender him an offer.

Bentley started 14 games at strongside linebacker for the Browns in 2003, and was third on the team with 113 tackles. Last year, he was limited to three starts and finished with 62 tackles.

A Cleveland Browns Blogger's take on Bentley

2004 scouting report on Bentley
Bentley has outstanding quickness, good overall speed, he is a sideline to sideline backer that can make a lot of plays on the perimeter. At times you like his angles to the ball, he plays with good efficiency, and he always seems to be around the football making plays. He has good range, can get to the perimeter, he can break down in space, he can be a solid open field tackler, but he is not an overly tough guy. He is a little bit of a soft finesse type player, probably figures better as a nickel linebacker that can be used in coverage situations and in space, and not have to mix it up inside.

Kevin Bentley RFA Browns – In his second season (2003), Bentley was essentially handed a starting job on the strong side. His play didn’t stand out in any single area and came off of the bench the following season (Chaun Thompson started over him). Bentley, when he’s at his best, has good pursuit to the ball but he’s not a big hitter and lacks good striking ability. He has decent cover skills which makes him a decent nickel linebacker.

Also a discouraging quote from the PI:
One AFC scout who attended the Huskies Pro Day at the University of Washington yesterday offered his analysis of Bentley: "He's not a true thumper, but that's not the way Ray (Rhodes, Seahawks defensive coordinator) wants his linebackers to play. This kid impresses me with his quickness and speed. He makes a lot of plays on the perimeter and always seems to be around the ball. He can be a starter for the Seahawks."

A scrub who can't hit or tackle from the Browns is a possible starter for us. Great. He should fit right in.

So far, he's our biggest defensive signing of the off season.

OK, I need to stop there. My rage is knocking at the door and I don't want to let him in. He's a jerk.

As the Football Turns

I don't like where this is going.

1. The Seahawks told Shaun Alexander's agents (yes, he apparently needs two agents) that they are interested in trading him for less than a first round pick. He was a first round pick when we drafted him, which means that the Seahawks think that the RB's coming out of the first round are more valuable than him. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't, but either way, it's a SLAP IN THE FACE to him.

2. He was reportedly 'franchise tagged' with out so much as a phone call. That's a SLAP IN THE FACE to him.

3. He was 'stabbed in the back' last season. I'm sure he'll remember that SLAP IN THE FACE the next time Holmgren doesn't call his number.

4. Nobody in the NFL is beating down his door for a trade, even in his 'bargain bin' status. **SLAP**.

I could very well be overstating the impact all these things has on Shaun's psyche. After all, he is a professional, and he's done nothing but produce for his entire career.

But I've got a funny feeling about the way the Seahawks have treated him. It could have been better. And running back is a position that is all about talent but magnified by heart. I just think Shaun's may have been turned away.