Saturday, December 31, 2005


It's an hour before 2006 here in Seattle and this great topic just came into my head. But this is my first post so let me know.

The 2005 Seahawks Season has been amazing, spectacular and a mission from God. The season started out with a loss at Jacksonville and many started thinking these are the same old Seahawks I know I did, but they were dead wrong the 2005 Seahawks are anyhting but those same old Seahawks.

The 2005 Seahawks are unstoppable on offense being ranked number one in the NFL. They know how to make the big drive and play when it counts the most.The defense plays hard on every down. The defense knows how to keep a lead and shut the door on opponents. Say good bye to opponents having 4th quarter come backs. The coach calls a balanced game. The refs are still screwing it up but not as badly never mind the refs still are into get us.

In a season that the team will at worst finish the season 13-3 a new team record their isn't much to be mad about but this team has went through alot.

After Jacksonville we won two at home before losing a squeeker to Washington our last loss.
We beat our arch enemies the Rams twice adn everyone else in the division too.
Ken Hamlin got beat up at a night club after a big win.
Defensive coordinator Ray Rhodes suffered not one but two strokes.
The defense has been banged up and so has the offense but everyone has stepped up.
We won two huge games against Dallas and New York.
We killed the Eagles 42-0 in our only Monday Night Appearance.
Won the game after the bye and have another bye in the playoffs

After the 2005 season we are 13-2 on a 11 game win streak and have home field advantage through out the playoffs. This team isn't the same old Seahawks other than they haven't won a playoff game since 1984 but that will all change, but thats all about to change

As good as 2005 was 2006 is when it matter if you can't perform in the early month of 2006 your 2005 magical season was a waste. In 2006 we need to stay magical. We need to do everything that we did but do it a bit better. We have to stay focused on the goal and that a superbowl. Lets stay on that win streak all the way to Detroit and come back to Seattle Champions. I don't think anyone is better than us in the NFL. The only one that can beat us is us. We have to play 60 minitues of Seahawk football every week from here on out.

As good as 2005 was 2006 is where Champions are made!

For alba and all the others who wanted to know how i got the name o-meezy here it goes. My real name is omar and some of my friends call me o-meezy i don't know why. When i was tryin to find a name all the cool seahawks names were takin and i didn't just wanna be omar so i got o-meezy.

The Under Card!

Wild card weekend saw 3 road teams victorious, and one Under Card contestent knocked out. Farewell C-Hawk Up, you fought the good fight.

Kudos to HawkCrazy for getting within a TD of the actual final score. NYHawkFreak would have done better, but his estimate was based on the Giants actually scoring some points too!

The same tie breaking rules apply, so remember to post your total scores with your selections. If you want to speed things up, feel free to pick a Saturday winner and a Sunday winner, as we're running out of weeks to crown an Under Card Champion!

As usual, you only need to pick the winner of one game, no point spread. Since it's the playoffs, all teams are eligible, even if you've already picked for and/or against them. However, you'll also have to include a point total for the game. You can pick the same team as another contestent, but not the same point total.

So, if you think the Giants will beat the Panthers 24-17, you would submit your pick as Giants over Panters (41). If two people pick the Giants, the winner would be the one closest to the actual total points, WITHOUT GOING OVER.

One more tie-breaker rule change is that all picks need to be submitted via the Comment section of this post on the blog. Do not send your pick via email. This way you can see what games/point totals have already been picked, without waiting for me to post the info from my email.

If all contestents get knocked out, all will carry over until the final week. We'll continue until the Superbowl. If there's still no clear winner at that time, the one with the closest guess to the actual total points in the big game will be declared the winner!

Don't get too caught up in these new rules. Just remember, submit your guess for total score along with your winner, submit via the blog, and let you game do your talking!

Here are this week's picks:

HawkCrazy - SEAHAWKS over Redskins (41) and PANTHERS over Bears (30)
NYHawkFreak - SEAHAWKS over Redskins (44) and COLTS over Steelers (47)

KNOCKED OUT (Week) - check (1), CitizenK (1), Mobius Dick (1), Bluefoot (2), CougsCorner (2), EnglishHawk (2), JoSCh (2), WhenDoWeWin (2), Alan (3), Vespa (3), bokonon (4), DeepSea (4), Monkey (6), Mrs. DeepSea (7), albaNY Hawker (7), C-Hawk Up (Wild Card)

C-Hawk Up
AGAINST: Texans, Jets, Saints, Ravens, Titans, 49ers, Bills, Packers, Raiders

AGAINST: Texans, Jets, Lions, Ravens, Eagles, Lambs, Bills, Browns, Saints

AGAINST: Texans, Rams, Saints, Bills, Titans, Ravens, Lions, Browns, Raiders

Friday, December 30, 2005

Why Must the Show Go On?

(this is a reply to a post on the ST forum that I thought was too good not to share with my fellow bloggers! CAUTION: the cheerleader and Reggie Bush links may be NSFW)

Is there ANYTHING worse than a Superbowl halftime show?

Aged rock stars or the 'diva du jour' lip syncing on a overly decorated pyrotechnic stage, while cheerleaders and schoolchildren in indescribable customs parade around aimlessly with banners and flags and other implements of distraction.

The accoustics are horrible, the choreography is off step and it's a collasal waste of time, money and a great opporunity to go to the bathroom and refill your beer mug.

I understand that it's an 'entertainment event' and that the league has to justify a 4-digit face value ticket price, but why do they have to subject those of us viewing at home to this debacle?

I would rather see a marching band, punt, pass, kick competition, highlight/blooper reels from the season or even chimps on motorcycles!

Maybe they should give the other 3 networks that DON'T have broadcast rights to the game the rights to televise their OWN half-time show, of their own choosing, with no approval from the league.

Granted, with all the reality TV programming, we could wind up with executives from the 49-ers, Texans and Jets eating bugs or getting covered with rats for the rights to draft Reggie Bush.

But I have faith in good old American competition, and believe me, even if they do broadcast the NFL version of Fear Factor, it would certainly be more compelling that what we're going to get!

Two Things that Chap my Willie

I couldn't sleep last night. I woke up this morning, not in the mood I wanted to be in. So now I just need to get a couple of things off my chest, before I lose all good judgement and blurt out some nasty surprises to those who work with me.

Here we go again. I heard several times yesterday, from multiple nationally syndicated sports radio programs, that the Seattle Seahawks are the favorite "letdown team" for this year's playoffs. The speculative reasons ranged from "no playoff wins in 20+ years" to "they really struggled against better teams, barely squeaking out wins" against teams like Atlanta, New York, and Dallas.

WHAT? Didn't we just come out and show the world the last few weeks what this team is all about? And didnt' we WIN those games against the tougher teams? Idiots. I'm glad this team has the maturity to not listen to these ignorant clowns that sell us short.

If you feel the same way, keep this in mind: In the NFC, history says the bye team wins 82% of the playoff games of the divisional round. Add to this the fact that Seattle has a tremendous HFA and a record of WINNING the tough games against ATL, NYG, DAL.

My feelings about the pundits? Screw 'em. Their picks will get them in the end.

Shaun's Alexander's contract situation. This is a very fun and happy ride this season. I am very grateful for the tremendous offseason from Tim Ruskell and Mike Reinfeldt. Locking up the long list of important free agents was nothing short of a miracle. But where are we headed this offseason? The thought is lingering in the back of my mind - How are we going to afford both Shaun and Hutch? The Seahawks have $3 million in cap space at the moment, and I know that will change. It is also too soon, and there are too many variables to say that we can afford one, but not the other. But both of them merit elite contracts for their position. It's not at all out of reach to say that a tough decision will probably have to be made.

What would you do, if you had to make the choice? The pure business side of me says sign Hutch. Linemen play effectively into their 30's, but running back performance drops precipitiously at that age. For the money, and best case-long term scenario, a team is better off going with the strong offensive line through the years and plugging in good running backs than putting all their money on one pair of aging legs and hoping holes will open up for them.

One problem that I will hate with this situation is what is going to happen in the PR side of things. We are already dumb for not signing Shaun already. If he gets the MVP trophy, he is going to be dreadfully expensive, more so than he was last offseason. The talking heads are already saying that if we let Alexander go, it will be one of the biggest FO blunders of all time. Signing Shaun to the one year contract last season sure seemed like a good idea at the time, but now all signs point to a public relations nightmare.

But thankfully, we don't have to think about it now. Shaun and Hutch have been the epitome of good judgement and professionalism about the situation, and we can enjoy this great season and the playoff run with pure joy and without distraction. Both sides appear to be content with winning games and working it out after the season. We can face the truth later.

But their are clouds on the horizon. Be sure to enjoy the sunshine.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Only Worry

Please read this article as my topic for this post relates to it

WARNING TO SKIMMERS: (alba this means you!)
This post is a very-long winded post and may cause extreme drowsiness and lack of concentration.
Although the content herein is witty, challenging, extremely well thought out, and brilliant; please take caution while reading this post.
Do not mix this post with alcoholic beverages, as it may prove to be an overwhelming combination, when mixed.
Also bear in mind that the author bears no responsibility for any actions taken after reading this post.
Although there are statements within this post which may be misconstrued to seem "anti Seahawks", it is utterly untrue that the author has any anti Seahawk feeling whatsoever.

For weeks now, I have been doing my mon-KEYS posts, and have been avoiding making pass pressure a mon-KEY every week, in spite of the fact that I think it is.

I have also been hollering and hollering about the zone defense the Hawks have been running, the so called, "bend don't break defense", until everyone here is sick to tears of hearing about it.

When I first started doing the mon-KEYS posts, I did include pass pressure as a mon-KEY every week, but after a while realized that as long as the Seahawks insist on playing that soft zone defense, it will always be a concern, so in my mind, when I write my mon-KEYS posts, it is in the back of my mind as sort of a permanent mon-KEY.

So, why am I mentioning all of this? Because of my only fear, the only thing that worries me about this Seahawks team going into the playoffs.
I mention it because I truly believe that, if the Seahawks lose in the playoffs, it will be because of this zone defense/lack of pass rush, which leads to the secondary having to cover recievers far longer than they should, and consequently, getting beat on third and long situations, which keeps opposing teams drives alive, and give opposing offenses tons of yardage.

I am writing this post to try to show that, there is a correlation or a commonality, between the teams that have beaten us or otherwise given us troubles this season.
Or put another way, there is a certain type of team, that gives us more matchup problems than others, because of the specific makeup of their team.

I will also attempt to prove that the reason that these certain types of teams find success against us, is the bend don't break/zone defense.

read the rest of this post

A thing of beauty is a joy forever!

To see a video clip of Shaun's 27 TDs this season, click the picture of the external link.

Thanks to RavenHawk from the Sando blog for putting this together.

Qwest Field Special


That's right - just bring a professional football team in on any given Sunday in January and sit back and watch them get the $hit kicked out of them for 3 hours by the 2005-06 Superbowl Champion, Seattle Seahawks.

Note: Qwest Field is not responsible for any fatalities that may occur to any visiting team's players, coaches or fans.

Act now – and you may be eligible for the bonus giveaway. Yes indeed - Bob Casullo, Hawk's semi Special Teams coach, has sex with the back-up QB's wife in the locker room at half time. You hear that, Patrick Ramsey?

For all those who decide they want to take a swing - only one warning applies:

Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

mon-KEYS to the Game

I am going to appologize in advance for the fact that this edition of mon-KEYS will probably be the worst one I have ever done here.
It's not my fault though, it's not my fault that the Hawks have already wrapped up homefield advantage throughout and have absolutely nothing to play for other than keeping the win streak alive, and maybe some personal records. It's not my fault that the offensive studs like Hasselbeck, Alexander, Jones etc... will likely only see two drives at most.

In any case, here are the mon-KEYS for whatever they are worth considering I have absolutely no idea how much or even if our starters will even play.

read the rest

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Anyone else see this?

With everything wrapped up, the Street seems a little meandering, I thought this fit right in...

Dateline: Boulder, Colorado

In an unprecedented move, former FEMA head Michael Brown has purchased the rights to Sunday's game between the Houston Texans and the San Francisco 49ers. Brown, who recently started a Disaster Preparedness company, paid the NFL an undisclosed amount of money to showcase his firm's ability to handle disasters like Sunday's game. A source close to the NFL described the amount paid as, "a feakin' #$@!-load."

Given carte-blanc by the NFL, Brown has announced several format changes to Sunday's game to showcase his out-of-box thinking when facing disasters. Here are some of the changes:

  • Sunday's kickoff will be Thursday at 5 P.M. The halftime show will be the previous Tuesday.
  • Beer sales will stop at the end of the first quarter, but before then, kegs will cost a nickel.
  • The second quarter will be played by horses--not the computer generated graphics famous in beer commercials, but real horses wearing football helmets.
  • The game will be scored by the metric system: TDs are worth 'G' points, FGs are worth 'hector' points, and safeties are worth 57 points.
  • The game will not be televised, but will go straight to betamax as a claymation dramatization.
  • The final two-minute warning will be moved to just before the Apocalypse.
  • The third quarter will be divided into two 10 minute periods and one 5 minute 3rd quarter overtime--called "Brownie time".
  • In case of a tie, the game will be decided by a sudden-death, "Closest to a Ho" cheerleader contest.
  • The game loser will get Reggie Bush in a gift wrapped box, literally. The winners will be shot on sight.
When asked about the unprecedented move, a NFL spokesman said:

"The opportunities created by the change with Monday Night
Football made the league realize that it had too look at new ways to expand the sport's reach. When we looked at Mr. Brown's proposals we could see
countless opportunities. Seriously, we're still counting the the
reason, it's a #$@!-load"

When asked how he thought fans would respond to the game changes, Brown responded, "What do you think of my new coat?"

Tuesdays with Morons!

Tuesday with Champions, Part II

Tuesdays With Champions, Part I

Ok, I admit this one is a little weird. Let's see what you got.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Alan's D.O.G vs Indianapolis

Because of sluggishness, due to one too many hits off the egg nog carton, there are no fun illustrations this week. But, I hope you enjoy it just the same.

Now...where'd I put that egg nog...?

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Citizen K Likes This Award

Huh? Oh, I'm sorry... I thought you said the Seahawks had beaten the Colts--everyone's favorite, almost-unbeaten, invincible team of destiny. Don't the Seahawks only beat sucky teams? What gives? Oh, of course--the Colts didn't play any starters, their coach's son died, yada yada yada... No surprise, then--any team could have beaten Indy today. In fact, because the Seahawks did beat a team in mourning I think they should actually drop in the rankings because of their insensitivity. The Bears should definitely pass the Hawks, as should the Bengals, Panthers and Broncos, whereas the Colts ought to stay in first; if they'd have been at full strength there's no way they would have lost to the horribly overrated, pathetic NFC Champs, so why penalize them for actually doing so?! Obviously this win means absolutely zero! (Read more at Citizen K Likes This)

GAMEDAY: Colts @ Seahawks

While this game has lost a lot of luster due to the Colts getting beat last weekend, and everyone wishes it didn't have to be played under the circumstances surrounding the Dungy family, the show must go on and there's home field advantage at stake!

So say a prayer for the spirit of James Dungy, go to Mass early (for the non-Christians in the group, order the Chinese for lunch and hit the matinee!), and then get your game face on and root on the Seahawks to victory!

Join us in LIVE GAMEDAY CHAT by clicking on the #12 jersey below!

See you in chat -- all Seahawks fans are welcome, no membership, no registration.

Where are you coming from? Click the Map and let us know!

Where are you coming from? Click the globe and let us know!


Friday, December 23, 2005

Seahawks/ Colts not so different after all

All the following information comes froma story on ESPN ...from their insider section. To make life easy i took the highlights and posted here. If you have insider great read. The title is Seattle Indy...closer then you know. The story starts off by talkning about how tommorrows game has lost a lot of its flair...which we all know. Then it goes on to say how he got laughed at by saying that the 2 teams are actually very similar or carbon copies. so he goes off to research the the teams and here is what he found:

Seattle number one Offense - 381.3 yards per game Colts number four - 371 yards per game
Rushing offense Hawks are number four - 156.1 yards per game Colts are 12th with 117.8 Passing offense colts are number 3- 253.2 yards per game Hawks are 12th - 225.1 yards per game Manning best QB in the AFC Hass best QB in th NFC.

At this point he talks about how eveyone says that the Hawks have not beaten anybody ....and then goes on to say hold on...neither have the Colts: Combined records of the teams face: The colts faced teams that are a combined 87-109 The Hawks faced teams that are a combined 78-118 Thats a difference of nine wins!!! 9 wins seperates unbeatable to "not the best team in the NFC" .

On Defense: The hawks rank 7Th against the rush The Colts rank 10th against the rush Against the Pass: The hawks are 24th The colts are 13th Sacks: The Colts are 2nd in the league The Hawks are 3rd in the league.

Well there it is in black and white...the teams are actaully very close ..but the general belief is that indy is great while the Hawks are just ok. The author goes to offer a reason why...and thats because the colts play in the heart of the country compared to the far west coast. his other reason that it is fashionable to support the AFC and the NFC is just out of style. from what I see here...its time to destroy this team and then blast our to the super bowl ...Maybe the Ranger shirt says it best: "Kill them all...and let God sort them out"

Go Hawks... No Mercy!!!!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Surprises and Disappointments

As the 2005 season winds down to an end, with only one more meaningful game on the schedule, I thought we could turn our attention to the biggest surprises about the Seahawks this year, and of course, the biggest disappointments.

The biggest and best surprise, of course, is the organization itself and the position the Seahawks are in. Best record in the NFC. Longest active winning streak. Playoff bye week wrapped up. Home field advantage well within striking distance of the fearless talons!

Drilling down, this surprise is heightened when you look at a roster on defense filled with perrenial second teamers, over-acheiving rookies and a few cagy veterans. Specific surprises have to include the contributions of Lofa Tatupu and LeRoy Hill as rookies, and the impact that newcomers Chuck Darby and Joe Tafoya have had in our defensive tackle rotation, and specifically in raising the level for Tubbs and Bernard.

Defensive disappointments have to include Jamie Sharper and Andre Dyson winding up on IR, the Ken Hamlin situation, and Marcus Trufant suffering a bit of a let down this season. On the offensive side of the ball, I expected much more out of Peter Warrick and am not quite sure what's holding him back.

I don't want to get into too many specifics, so it leaves the slate open for you to provide your own takes on surprises and disappointments in the Comment section, but I will name my biggest Surprise and biggest Disappointment.

On the Disappointment side it's got to be Special Teams coach Bob Casullo. When he was hired, a big deal was made about him being a special teams maven, and having no aspirations to become a coordinator or otherwise rise to a different coaching level. Looking back on the season, our special teams have not been that particularly special, and almost are getting worse as the season wears on.

The season started with Josh Scobey fumbling away the openig kick return. Josh Brown rarely kicks the ball beyond the 10 yard line, and the opponents drives often start on wrong side of the 35. Last week there was the blocked FG and the first down given up to a fake punt. If it wasn't for Tru sniffing out the fake FG, and the Darche recovery of the kickoff fumble, both in St. Louis games, the season would have been completely underwhelming, other than Josh Brown's consistency on Field Goals and PATs.

Of all the choices, my biggest 2005 Seahawks Surprise is none other than the franchise RB who is leading the league in rushing, Shaun Alexander. As the start of the off-season was looming on the horizon, and things were still not worked out with his contract, I thought this was going to be the death knell hanging over another promising Seahawks season. Even after signing the franchise tender, I worried about his contract situation becoming a major distraction, and him begrudgingly playing out the year with disinterest and apathy. Instead, he not only is having a career year, but he's improved aspects of his game, such as blocking and route running, as well as established himself as an emotional leader and spokes person for the team.

So there you have it, Alba's Surprises and Disappointments for 2005.

What are yours?

Terrible news from Tampa

Tony Dungy's 18 year old son has killed himself last night. This story broke about 20 mintues ago and not alot is known....I posted this on th Seattle Times as well. I feel terrible Tony is a first class guy.

here is alink to a tv station that has the header running.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Alan's D.O.G. at Tennessee

Better late than never, right? Call it an early Christmas present. Or, one more Haunaka gift. Spin the Dredel below to see which drives took home the racecar.

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Pro Bowl Rosters Announced!

Just posted at

KIRKLAND - Seattle Seahawks RB Shaun Alexander, QB Matt Hasselbeck, G Steve Hutchinson, T Walter Jones and FB Mack Strong were selected to represent the club in the 2006 Pro Bowl, it was announced by the NFL Wednesday. Seahawks K Josh Brown, LB Lofa Tatupu, and C Robbie Tobeck are alternates and will make the trip if a selected player is injured or chooses not to play.

>>>> ORIGINAL POST <<<<<
Today at 1:00pm PST (4:00pm EST) the NFL will be announcing the AFC/NFC Pro Bowl rosters.

Seahawks sure to be mentioned are Shaun Alexander, Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson. Probable additions are Matt Hasselbeck and Mack Strong.

Due to the relative youth, injuries and deep rotation, we're probably not going to send any defenderst to Hawaii, but long shots could be Lofa Tatupu, Rocky Bernard and Bryce Fisher.

During yesterday's press conference, Coach Holmgren even made mention of my sentimental favorite, and longest of long shots, Josh "12:30" Scobey.

Who else do you think may win this prestigious trip to Hawaii?

Fantasy Time!

Hi All,
How about alittle Fantasy!! and no Alba we are not talking about Jessica Simpson or Jessica Beil! I'm talking about playoff fantasy football. The great part is its a shorts season and its much harder then regular fantasy!

So that said...who's up for the challange?? who wants to be crowned king of the board? Oh did I forget to mention... should you be the best in the country you could win a trip for 2 to super bowl 41!

Anyone who is intersted should send me an email at!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tuesday with Champions! Part II

Tuesday with Champions!

Who's gonna beat the Colts?

Well, the question has been answered, and while the Seahawks didn't get the chance to be the team to do it, it should help them wrap up HFA on Sunday. Kudos to ADP for correctly calling the Chargers.

>>>>> original post from 10/12/2005 <<<<<<

As the last undefeated team left standing, I took a quick look at their schedule, and there's only a few teams left on it that have a shot of knocking them out of the ranks of the unbeaten.

Next week they got the Rams, so 6-0 should be in the bag.

Sandwiched between two sure Ws, the home and away series with the Texans, the next real challenge for them is the November 7th game at the Patriots.

However, the Pats seem to have lost a little of the luster from their championship runs, and the Colts are certainly due for a little karma in Foxboro, like we were in St. Loser.

At Cincy and home for Pittsburgh certainly aren't cake walks, but are winnable games, especially if Ben Bacon-Double-Rothlesburger doesn't bounce back from his knee injury.

December opens with a walk against the Titans in Indy, and then a couple more tough contests at Jacksonville and home for the Lightning Bolts, but the heats not so bad in Florida in December, and the clocks gotta strike midnight on Drew Brees at some point this season.

Their season ends at home against Arizona, but not before having to travel to Seattle to play the Seahawks.

Yes, ladies and gentlement, I believe that the 1972 Dolphins will be pouring the Dom Perignon on December 24th, and toasting the Seahawks for providing them with an early Christmas Gift (or a little late Hanakkuh gelt) as they bounce the Indianapolis Colts up and down the Qwest Field Flubber Turf, and perserve Miami's legacy as the only NFL team to go through a season unbeaten.

Monday, December 19, 2005

This One's on Check Award (SEA @ TEN)

Lately I've been handing this "prestigious" award out to groups of people or units that have failed so miserably that they make the French armies defense during WWII look like "a moral victory." This time I will return to the basics and single out one individual to hand this award out to, though it won't strictly be for bad play, but also for a dirty play, and sheer stupidity.

[WARNING: The following is just bad and tasteless journalism. Don't read it.]

Sunday, December 18, 2005

monkey's Banana Peel Award

The award given to the offensive and defensive players who best slip up the opposition.

I'll take an ugly win over a pretty loss any day.
In some ways it is hard to call this an ugly win, because our offense was anything but ugly, it was a sight to behold, but man that defense today was flat out U-G-L-Y!
We'll have to play a whole lot better next week defensively if we want to even stay in the game against the Colts high powered offense.

12-2 and on the way to homefield advantage throughout the playoffs!
Is this for real? I mean somebody pinch me, have I really finally lived long enough to see my lifelong favorite NFL team in the drivers seat to the Superbowl?

On second thought, don't pinch me, because if I am dreaming, I like it, and do not want to wake up.

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Citizen K Likes This Award

We saw the predictions: "24-9," "42-3," "56-0." The result today was a lot closer than any of those scores, even the most conservative ones. However, looking at the big picture, the ultimate result today was being one step closer to homefield advantage and--dare we say--the best...(read the rest of this sentence--and lots more--at Citizen K Likes This)

W15: Moonlight Graham Award

5...4...we have ignition...3...2....1...we have a WEEK off!

This is the Moonlight Graham Award post, and the NASA countdown is included as evidence that this version of the Seattle Seahawks has definitely ascended past the earth's atmosphere and the perrennial gravitational pull toward mediocrity!





Ground control to Major Tom...Ground control to Major Tom...take your protein pill and put your helmet on!!

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The Shaun2K Report: Week 15

Well I haven't been posting this the last two weeks because the 2,000 yard psuedo-goal seems to be a fleeting fancy.

Which is just fine. This team is all about the 'W's, not the 'I's, right? But after another outstanding game, I thought you might want to know where he stands:

Wk Opp Yds Att Avg TD
1 JAC 73 14 5.21 0
2 ATL 144 28 5.14 1
3 ARI 140 22 6.36 4
4 WAS 98 20 4.90 1
5 STL 119 25 4.76 2
6 HOU 141 22 6.41 4
7 DAL 61 21 2.90 0
8 Bye - - - -
9 ARI 173 23 7.52 2
10 STL 165 33 5.00 3
11 SF 115 24 4.79 2
12 NYG 110 31 3.55 1
13 PHI 49 19 2.58 2
14 SF 108 21 5.14 1
15 TEN 172 26 6.62 1
16 IND        
17 GNB        
TOTAL   1668 329 5.07 24
Games Played: 14
Games Left: 2
Projected Season Yards: 1906.29
Current Average Yards Per Game: 119.14
Yards to 2,000: 332
Average Needed: 166.00
Yards to New NFL Record [2,106]: 437
Average Needed: 218.50
TD's to New Record [28]: 4
Projected TD's: 27
Average Needed: 2.00
Total Points: 144
Points to New Record [177]: 32
Projected points: 164.57
Average needed: 16.00

12-2: Welcome Back, Jack


The Seahawks are freaking 12-2.

And it's not a dream.

In the back of my mind, I was afraid this would turn into a trap game. It did. The Seahawks survived. But they also semed to gain something from it.

I have to say I was disappointed in the play of the defense. Without any turnovers, this unit can struggle at times. But fortunately, the offense has a way of taking control of a game on its own. It scores when it really needs to. There seems to be a feeling that when their backs are against the wall, there is no stopping them.

Hang on to that feeling! We're gonnna need it.

Feel free to treat this like a post-game reaction thread. The awards will be filling up the blog shortly.


GAMEDAY: Seahawks @ Titans

Join us in LIVE GAMEDAY CHAT by clicking on the #12 jersey below!

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Mon-KEYS to the Game

Where are you coming from? Click the Map and let us know!
Where are you coming from? Click the globe and let us know!


Friday, December 16, 2005

mon-KEYS to the Game

At first glance, this game vs. the four win Titans appears to be an extremely lopsided afair.
Actually at second and third glance it does too.

If games were played on paper this one would be easy, but games aren't played on paper, and often games that look like blowouts on paper end up being much closer in this parity driven NFL than one would expect.

The Titans are one of those unfortunate teams, like the Forty Niners and Rams who had an incredible run just a few years ago, but ran into salary cap hell, and are now in rebuilding mode.

There is not alot left from those recent glory days, but there are still a few key components who can give any team, any time, any where, trouble.

read the rest

NFC West Inspired Debate

I usually do the NFC West Update. Some of you were probably wondering last week, where is it? Well, it was finals. And that means I didn't have time to scout the other guys. We're done playing them. We all know what happened.

As it stands now the NFC West holds the 2nd, 7th, and 13th picks in the upcoming draft. Basically, this means the division sucked.

Bill Simmons (who is loved and adored here) wrote a column about this last week. This fine piece of literature can be found here. If you don't want to read it, I'll summarize: a lot of teams sucked this year, pariy, blah, blah, blah, I love the Patriots.

Meanwhile, while the NFL slips closer and closer to that magical year where every team goes 8-8 and the B.C. Lions are forced to play the Chicago Rush in the Super Bowl, there is an incredible player coming into the league next season. His name: Reggie Bush

The numbers don't lie: the man puts up numbers, and will probably put fans in the stands.

So, is it any wonder that some teams might intentionally lose games to get a talent like Bush, or attemp to get a higher draft pick.

So, now the question arises. Does the N-F-L institue a draft lottery? this gives anyone who didn't make the playoffs, a shot at the number one pick. This should then, keep everyone competetive throughout the season.

Great idea on paper, until you realize two things.

One, the teams are still competetive. You think Dom Capers wants to instill a losing attitude in his team? You think that attitude will magically change next year when Reggie Bush comes. No. You "play to win the game" Sidenote: Edwards' team disproved that they were trying to lose ball games by beating Oakland last Sunday)

Secondly, while teams aren't guranteed the number one pick, they can certainly give themselves a great chance of getting it. (An explanation of how the NBA version can be found here. Scroll down to Weighted Lottery System 1990-Present.

Besides that, a draft lottery goes against everything the NFL wants. The NFL wants that glorious season to come where everyone goes 8-8 and the B.C. Lions face the Chicago Rush in the Super Bowl. (By the way: that is the official name of the goal)

Lets say Pittsburgh misses the playoffs this year. They end up getting the number one pick. They were so close to the playoffs this year, and they elevated themselves by just enough to get there next season. Meanwhile, teams like Houston, San Fransisco and the Jets get screwed over just enough to stay terrible for a few more years.

And on to of all of that: if you put in a draft lottery there is no reason for anyone to watch Houston-San Fransisco in week 17. This game will be hyped because of the draft implications. If anything, the new system allows for teams to remain somewhat watchable before they begin watching the playoffs.

And in case you're wondering this week in the divion sees Arizona at Houston (draft implications) Philadelphia at St. Louis, and San Fransisco at Jacksonville.

Enjoy the games,


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Knock Out Pool


At the conclusion of the 12th round (how appropriate!) we have a clear and decisive winner. Irish Greg knocked everyone out and now owns bragging rights to the blog for the remainder of the season. Pleaser remember, Irish, that with this championship comes responsibilty for you to conduct yourself with class and professionalism, as you now represent the entire blog.

In other words, don't go all "Michael Irvin" on us, okay??!!

Feel free to continue making your weekly picks and exercise your dominance over this domain. (while you still can!)

To the rest of us, I say, Better Luck Next Year!

(I know I already posted these results, but I finally got the time to give Greg his due with an apporpriate graphic!)

This Week's Picks
IrishGreg - DENVER over New England

Teams Used

Week Knocked Out
12. mfan
11. Parkhill Seachicken
10. ADP
8. Vespa
8. Hawks24
7. brett
3. Bokonon
2. DeepSea
2. DickFitts
2. Ghost of Knox
2. JoSCh
2. TwoDogs
1. albaNY Hawker
1. Bluefoot
1. check
1. CitizenK
1. Dallas Hawk
1. Monkey
1. NYHawkFreak
1. OakHarborHawk
1. PaulieP
1. SteelBlueLime
1. Unbeliever
1. WinnipegHawkFan
1. whendowewin

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Waiting So Long...

I have to say this, genuinely, straight to the point. I have two tickets to paradise.

Mack Strong deserves to be in the Pro Bowl. Maybe this year, or maybe not, but he deserves the vacation and recognition he hasn't gotten in a long time. Mack Strong is currently 3rd in votes for the NFC.

This FB is one of the, if not, THEE last of a dying breed. Fullbacks used to block full time, and nothing else. Now there are hybrid FBs everywhere (or, in my opinion...TEs in the backfield). Yes its great, grand, yippy...but what about the guys who put grass on their ass, and dirt on their shirt? FBs now are fast with every pass, and want to work in their skirt (what the hell am I saying?)

Give a salute to a dying breed, and to a class act, who has been a top player for years, one of the few that never complained, never changed teams, and never took credit for how they play. Im not saying this as a Seahawk saying this as an NFL fan.

Vote at the link above and get this guy into the Pro Bowl before time runs out. Endangered species eventually become extinct...and the final Blocking FB deserves one taste of life in paradise.

More Wednsdays with Champions!

More Wednesdays with Champions


Click on the picture or the title to check out the latest publication from our Irish Greg.

It's a MUST read!

Wednesday with Champions!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ding Ding, All aboard!

I want to boot his silly butt off this train but I must admit that this is funny.
Irvin joked and teased about having been on the bandwagon all season, then admitted that he picked the Eagles over the Hawks, and put himself on "Jacked up" because after making that stupid pick he got "Jacked up!"

I am not sure how much having his crack pipe taken away from him by the police has to do with this seeming smart move...perhaps it's just a coincidence?

Very soon now, there will be "Seahawks fans", who only last year were wearing a Patriots jersey, coming out of the woodwork.
Personally, I say jump on board all you bandwagon fans, there's PLENTY of room on this train (just don't ever try to convince me that you have "always" followed the team).

Some of those bandwagon fans might actually stay put and next year, maybe, when I look at a sports catalog, I won't see *not available in Houston, Arizona or Seattle* next to the product I want.

Alan's D.O.G. vs San Francisco

This award gets more and more fun to hand out. Plus lots of colorful pictures depicting what happened to the 49ers.

For how the ownage went down....

[Read Full Story]

Monday, December 12, 2005

This One's on Check Award (SEA v SF)

Oh Christ! I'm broke! I can no longer afford to hand this award out! What with last weaks lambasting of Philly, they were so putrid that I had to buy drinks for half of their team. Now this week, the hapless 49ers... Crap, I can't think of one person to buy this for, so I'll have to get one for the whole team, cause you guys just all suck. And the biggest bitch of the matter is...

[WARNING:While not quite as vile as last week, if you are offended at potty humor or disparaging remarks about homosexuality, and even the handicapped, I urge you not to follow this link.]

Can You Believe This? has posted their playoff scenarios, and while I think everyone understands this, it was just unbelievable to see it there in black and white:

Seattle clinches a first-round bye with:

1) SEA win OR
2) SEA tie + NYG loss or tie + CAR loss or tie + TB loss or tie OR
3) SEA tie + NYG loss or tie + CHI loss OR
4) SEA tie + CHI loss + CAR loss or tie + TB loss or tie OR
5) NYG loss + CAR loss + TB loss

Forget 2-5 above and just read #1 again...

Seattle clinches a first round-bye with a WIN

That's it. Elegant in its simplicity.

No wishing for six other teams to lost to inferior opponents to give us a shot.

No worrying about wild card implications.

No complex mathmatical possibilities of sticking around for at least another week.

No moral dilemmas of secretly hoping the best players on remaining opponents get hurt before they play us.




They control their own destiny.
Are masters of their own domain.
Cooks in their own kitchens.
Captains of their own ship.

You know I could go on, but I'll leave it at that.

And how delicious is the irony that the team that perennially struggled with games after a bye, would work so hard to get the one that really matters.

Yes, my friends, this team not only has a date with Destiny, it's on a mission from God!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Citizen K Likes This Award

Citizen K spent the afternoon in his basement art/computer studio, as he normally does during Seahawk contests. However, today he was not watching the television. Instead, he was ripping out a wall, passing the carcass through a busted-out window, bagging up the rest of the debris, and loading all of the above materials into a cargo van for transport to the local landfill on the morrow. As a result, he only has Steve Raible's and Warren Moon's subjective opinions of the game's occurrences, plus the box score, to tell him about how the game today went down. Did he get a clear picture of how the Seahawks played? Well, read about it on his awards blog... (Citizen K's awards blog is also featuring a possible new 12 Seahawks Street header; feel free to comment on that as well as Citizen K's missive.)

Interesting Tidbits

Wanted to share this on the front too, like I did last week:

-ROY Candidate Tatupu had 3 T, 1 A, 1 Sack, 1 Int, 1 FR
-ROY Longshot Hill has 5 T, 1 A
-Seahawks Gained 444 total yards, not including sacks (or sack)
-Seahawks backups lost the total yards battle 139-96 to the 49ers team (please note our backups played 1 quarter, while SF starters played the whole game)
-Hass threw and completed passes to 8 different receivers
-Hass stat line: 21/25, 226 Yards, 4 TDs, 1 Int
-Seahawks swept their division for the first time in franchise history, 6-0 (before the conferences realigned, there was 5 teams in their division, meaning 8-0 was a sweep)
-Seahawks set new record winning streak of 9, topping their franchise best 8, set in 1984
-SF Alex Smith has still not thrown for a TD in his career
-Seattle held the opposing run game to a player-high, 33 yards (Barlow), and 62 total rushing yards
-Shaun Alexander has rushed an NFL record 9 straight games with 100 or more yards against a division opponent
-Seattle held SF to the lowest amount of Total Yards in Seahawks history
-This was the 2nd highest back to back scoring in Seahawks history, behind 1988 Broncos, 42-14; Raiders, 43-37 in back to back games
-This was the highest margin of victory in back to back games in Seahawks history, breaking the old record by 11 points
-Hasselbeck completed 84% of his passes, 2nd highest in franchise history by a QB

A little story on Hass, speaking of him, from the PI:

After Hasselbeck took a big hit in the first quarter, center Robbie Tobeck congratulated him in the huddle for taking one for the team. "I do remember him saying that, I but I wasn't really in a humorous mood," Hasselbeck said. Well, maybe he can smile about this line from Tobeck. "Despite the way he dresses, he is tougher than he looks," Tobeck said of Hasselbeck.

Moonlight Graham Award

Twas the night before Monday
and all through the house
we wondered about this game
A close contest or a rout?

With me in my Sweatshirt
and my son in his 'Hawks cap
we watched every play
from the kickoff to the last snap.

[continued on page 2]

We're on a mission from God!

So in the spirit of the Christmas season, allow me to introduce you to the Father, the Son and the Holy SCHNIKIES Batman...we're 11-2!

monkey's Banana Peel Award

The award given to the offensive and defensive players who best slip up the opposition.

I think that this was the most complete game the Hawks have played yet this season; everything was clicking offense, defense, running, passing, run D, pass D,...this was simply a great all around game. Homefield advantage throughout the playoffs sure will be nice.

Since the score says everything that needs to be said about this game, I will get straight to the awards.

read the rest

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