Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bloopers World

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Oh Goody, Looks like Bloof wants to play with the big boys. OK Booper, ya just might wanna take a closer look see than my gramma (pictured above) and take just a lil closer look see. We can't post in the comment sections of the topics. Had you wiped the drool ofa yer eye's you just might have noticed the the lil "Green Number" was missing from the top of the colums. You see, I posted two new topics yesterday and I knew that I could do what you did....Volly

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Test Post

MaxHawk, the blog is working fine.

Maybe you're smoking crack.

Maybe you broke your computer.

Maybe the blog won't let you post until you correct the spelling and grammar in your last five posts.

Maybe I should run and hide before you kill me.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Guy Rules

OK, Ladies, this one is for the guys. We, as guys have rules. Sometimes even we don’t understand, but we have rules none the less. For most of us, it’s about beer, broads and ball. If it blows up, implodes or crashes disastrously, we love it. Land, water or air the faster, the better. Big blocks, Small blocks, Hemi, Turbine or Rocket powered, if it breathes fire. It’s what we are all about. Hell, we’ll race anything that moves, even belt sanders. Tools are full of fun impromptu battles that can break out with nary a look, like a much needed nail gun target competition.

So feel free to chime in if you dare but please don’t feel emasculated if you fail miserably, for these be the rules of the guy. Most of you have heard of the man law. I will have you know here and now that this advertisement frenzy was ripped off from yours truly.
I have proof of this for those of you who are bold enough to Doubt Mr. Max. A few years back, I was an Administrator at "" for the Football, Football Teams and General Discussions threads for around three years. Located in the archives of the General Discussions threads is a topic called "Guy Rules" which originated more than three years before the weak and feeble “Man Law”. Great off-season banter was had by all and some of the rules were outrageously funny, but true. Rules like the Wingman taking one for the team by keeping the not so attractive gal busy while your buddy goes in for the score on the beauty. It’s just part of the deal when it comes to being a guy. We communicate with a simple look. “They” say that women use thousands upon thousands more words to communicate than a man does. Now on the surface, this may appear to say that the gals are far more intelligent than we lowly guys are. Fact is, we don’t need all the chatter to communicate with one another because we use telepathy. We do not need all of the Hen cackling to communicate and define things we must do, as guys.

Things like picking the middle urinal and looking straight ahead at all times. ‘Cause checking out another guys Johnson, is a foul, labeling you as, “one of them”. Not that there is anything wrong with being, “one of them”. The exception to choosing the middle urinal is only void if one on the left or right have been taken. It is then, that you must now take the urinal furthest from the other “Urinator”. We have many, many more rules and they must be told. Oh this is not the feebled Man Law of which I speak, or write as it were, real guy rules. And now, with out further ado. We, the guys, will define what are the laws of the land that we must live by.

MaxHawk...12 Street Writer.

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It's All Over

And so we begin again, this ritual of what ifs and will bees. It’s Genesis of the long and agonizing, just plain dull, off-season. We have but one game left to see that most of us will only watch half hearted. The Super bowl just won’t be the same, to us, anymore.
When the 2006 campaign started, we stepped into a new realm of what we expected and deserved. We have new demands of our beloved team.
Demands we didn’t know how to make at the start of the 2005 season. Now we, as fans, have grown into an entity that knows how to unite and contribute to the quest that we have faced for over thirty years. Now we know how to get our team to that next level.

As fans, we have always been feared. The Temple of Doom was revered by many. Even the meanest and nastiest couldn’t hold a candle to what we held. Still we, back then, didn’t know how to finish what we started, much like our team. Now my friends, we as fans have matured and are learning to finish the deal. In earlier years when the team fell, we fell with it. But alas, we have learned the secret of fighting until the very end, never letting the face of defeat slow the pursuit.

With our education, it slowly dawned on all of us that we are an intricate part of this team. When we falter, so does our team. We have re-written the rules on what it means to be a true fan. We are not attending the stadium flinging bottles and other debris onto the field in disgust, literally making fools of ourselves with wild Mayhem. Oh we scold, as should be to a certain extent. We let our troops know when they need to get with it and drop the damn Hammer.
We hold ourselves to the highest of standards as the Seahawk faithful, refusing to lose composure and maintain class and dignity. Simply put, we are the best fans a team could ask for. It is, after all what we, as fans, receive in our team every year, class and dignity. That’s what our team has taught us since the beginning.

This is a new era for all of us. We approached the season as if we, were Hercules, yet we departed wounded Warriors. All of us found out how many things have to go right just to get to the big show, let alone make it back. We entered 2006 with a squad chalked full of quiet Superstars, with one to be added in week four. We all found a new confidence that that most assured us to be the new, never ending dynasty. We were wrong, maybe. As the new begins again, we must twist and tweak players and fans alike, with solid health, hard work and a good, old fashioned dose of luck we can be that team of dreams. We have tasted the promise, we need that blood again.

It starts with us. Take responsibility, take charge and be heard again. This time we need to be louder, we need to do better, need to do more. Be heard like every down though out the season is the Super Bowl winning drive. Never let down your guard against the opposition. Not just at the stadium, but everywhere. At work, local Pub's, at home with the buds. When the buzz floats around the city, even in the off season, it affects us all. Including how our team may perform due to positive energies that are created by it.
Always, be a part of the team. Good things happen when we are heard and we believe, in the form of bad things against our rivals. We create havoc on the field that will confuse and confound. We put in our element and they get out of theirs. When our team doesn’t beat them down, we will, every time. We make them not want to be here, ever!
The new radios that they will try to instate won’t easily solve the problematic menacing number 12 rampantly running wild and unchecked with reckless abandon. False starts are like Td’s to us. Every one we get says the fans just subtracted ten yards from the enemy. We own the NFL with 50 since 2005. That’s 500 yards that “WE” pushed them back. Seems to me, we got ten of those babies against the Giants in the 05 playoffs. I think that’s an NFL record fella’s (Ladies too).
If they do, solve the problem of us as Hawk freaks, if they do, we, like the team, will find new ways to contribute in the game.
It’s what we do. It’s what the team does.

MaxHawk…12 Street Writer

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Please God, Answer Webster's Prayers

Since getting my electronic pink-slip from AOL, I'm trying to see how many valid articles I can post before February 6th, when they officially remove me from the corporate teet.

Here's one about the Titans interviewing two Seahawks Execs for their open GM position, Mike Reinfeldt and Ruston Webster...

[Continue to Seahawks Fanhouse]

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Memo to NFL: Take Away the Guns, Not Home Field Advantage

A major news item in the lead up to the Super Bowl is the judge allowing Tank Johnson to travel with the Bears and play in the Super Bowl, even though he's facing serious weapons charges.

A minor news item reported on KFFL is that new commissioner Roger Goodell is moving ahead with plans to install radios in the helmets of offensive linemen to combat the effects of crowd noise.

It's time for the league to be more concerned about taking the guns out of the hands of its players, and less concerned about new and modern ways of screwing with Seahawks fans.

[Continued on Seahawks Fanhouse]

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Do The Seahawks Have Another Championship Run In Them?

There's a Yogi-like saying in the NFL that goes 'if you're not improving, you're getting worse', and while it seems to be an overly obvious statement, it's actually quite profound.

Thanks to impatient owners, the salary cap, and free agency, the one constant in the NFL is change, and it's already started to affect the Seahawks, with three new coaches added to Holmgren's staff, and two key front office executives interviewing with other franchises.

The Seahawks have a championship caliber nucleus of offensive players with Matt Hasselbeck, Shaun Alexander and Walter Jones, and a stable of talented and interchangeable receivers. Watching these guys being hobbled by injury this year though begs the question, how many more years of dominance do they have left?

[Continued on Seahawks Fanhouse]

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

At least we don't have to go to the Thunderdome!

At this point in the season, unless you're a fan of one of the Final Four teams left in the playoffs, all you can do is turn your focus to next year. And looking at the schedule of opponents for next season, it seems very likely that the Seahawks may have a better record on the Road than at Home.

Of course, it is very difficult to predict these things a full 8 months prior to the start of the season, as we still need to get through the April draft, off season acquisitions and losses, and see what types of injuries may occur during training camps and pre-season, but based on the 2006 season standings, the teams they'll be hosting appear a lot stronger than the ones they'll be visiting.

Continued on the Seahawks Fanhouse

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Official Site of the 12th Man

A Seahawks fan, refusing to let go of the season, lies in front of the team's charter bus at Boeing Field after the team's return from Chicago. Police removed the fan.

41 roster changes. 42 roster line-ups. Man we had more player changes than Carter has little pills. I saw more new faces than I ever saw on Pink Micro-dot. Even my double vision had double vision. We pulled guy's off the street who were accountants the day before and NFL players the next day. We took a man who played for Dallas one week, and used him to beat Dallas the next week in the play-offs. We took them out of diapers and tossed them into play-off games and still managed to win against Dallas and nearly pulled off the impossible in Chi-town.

I hear the kids at the rec center yamering on about how bad the Hawks suck. I know the truth. the Hawks were, simply put, bad ass this season. Many have no clue just what this team battled thru this season. Our humble, tough as nails leader, Matt Hasselbeck had been playing with two broken fingers since the Packers game. That was 8 games he played in people. Now it appears that he has a torn labrum in his left, non-throwing, shoulder that will require surgury. Add to that his four game hiadus due to his shreded knee. I for one did not hear one complaint. Not one excuse. Just "We had to be better" Critics who have no clue to the sheer toughness of this man, playing on the toughness of this team, will undoubtably say that this was just another choker season for the Hawks. In the 12 games that Matt played he was sacked almost three times a game. that means he was hit likely 5 times more per game. Sack or no, those are serious amounts of hits to take. Doing the math with those numbers, they may have layed the Wood to Hass 96 times. On top of that we are losing Robbie Tobeck to retirement. leaving the Rookie, Chris Spencer to fill his position. The shoulder surgury could keep Matt out for 6 months, meaning that he will likely miss spring and summer training camps. Time he wanted to work on timing with Nate and Deion. High priority for Holmgren this season is to bring back the Seawall of defense for Matts offense. We can nary afford another season like this one where Hass suffers four more injuries, or worse, the unimaginable. Seems the better a QB is, the harder they come after him.

Under all the afor mentioned circumstances, I am not disapointed in this season. Our guy's did us proud. Show me one other team that has fought as hard thru this much adversity and never folded it up. There was absolutly no quit in the team all season, none. Not by players and fans alike.

It is now time for us as fans and writers to start deciphering just what moves we need to make. Who, if anybody, has to go. Who need to be picked up. I am getting the feeling that somebody in Hawks management may be listening to us. I, for one lambasted Mo Morris as the absolute worst RB we had ever fielded, and the entire rest of the season, Ole Mo, started whippin' up on the field impressivly for the remainder of the season. Maybe I'm wrong but we are the 12th. This is the official site of the 12th. Somebody has to be paying attention.
Lets see if we can spend these next, agonisingly long, 6 months stirring up enough havok so they have to take notice of us. They said that we matter. Well let us just see how much we matter. Maybe it's time for some player interviews online. The rest of the NFL hears us. Lets make damned sure that our team hears us, the 12th, this offseason too.

MaxHawk... 12 Street Writer.

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

NFC Divisional Playoff Game: Bears 27, Seahawks 24 - Better Than the "Experts" Expected

How about the Seahawks' defense in the second half! They only gave up 3 points despite a couple of offensive mistakes giving the Bears great field position twice. However, they couldn't keep it up in overtime, letting the Bears get into field goal range.

I'm not going to put all of the blame on the defense, however. The entire team just ran out of gas in OT (well, except for Shaun Alexander). The offense started OT with decent field position, went eighteen yards, then ground to a halt. The protection for Plack's punt broke down, forcing a bad punt, which gave the Bears decent field position instead of pinning them deep in their own territory. Then the 'Hawks D gave up a 30 yard pass play on 3rd and 10 to put the Bears in FG range.

Well, the good Rex Grossman showed up today. Of course, it seemed like as soon the Seahawks vs. Bears matchup was set, everyone was debating about if the Seahawks can pull off another miracle whether or not Rextasy would play really well or really bad.

When you get right down to it, you have give the 'Hawks credit for three things:
1. They gave the Bears all that they could handle (and the 'Ain'ts another reason to believe they'll win next week).
2. They didn't fold and pack it in when hit with injuries o'plenty.
3. They took the "Super Bowl Loser's Curse" and sent it to Pittsburgh. (OK, anything SBXL related is officially dead.)

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pains Me to Say It: This Would Be A Monumental Upset

To win, Seattle has to play close to mistake-free football; all while taking some calculated gambles and having some unpredictable factors fall their way. Let’s look at them one by one. The Seahawks can win…

1. IF the “Evil” Rex Makes an Appearance

The issue with Grossman seems to be, in a nutshell, that when you can really put pressure on him his mechanics fall apart, Eli Manning style. Add to that, Grossman’s not shy about throwing the ball up for grabs into coverage. Teams that have seen Evil Rex have typically been able to apply pressure with the front four and/or with blitzes in the center/guard gap. Last week in Dallas the front four was able to generate pressure on Tony Romo without going to nearly as many blitzes as I thought they might need to. Despite not having huge sack totals Seattle’s defense clearly threw off his rhythm and timing, and just as importantly forced him to take check down throws underneath the coverage (many of which came up short). I expect the defense to take the same basic approach to pressuring Grossman. The difference is that Chicago’s offensive line is better than Dallas’s in pass protection by a good bit, and the Bears may be less inclined than the ‘Boys to abandon the deep passing game altogether. The Bears are also good at designing plays to set Grossman up with easy reads and high probability of success throws.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Seahawk Videos

Over at the Blue, 222 discovered a bunch of Seahawk videos through their website.

First, I would click this to make it easier on yourself:


Should say Page Not Found. Keep this window open and replace the '17' near the end with a random number, over 100 at least. Make sure you keep the 'asx' on the end of it...Different videos should pop up in Real Player depending on whichever number you picked...for example:

717 - SeaGal of the week - Kimberly

317 - Make A Wish Kid - Austin

217 - Floyd And Floyd on Food

417 - Hawk Talk Itula Mili

517 - Hanging With The Hawks

617 - Video Games

917 - 2004 TV Campaign Mike Holmgren

1137 - Turf Talk Shaun Alexander 2004

316 - Floyd and Floyd at Morton's

777 - Laundry

Thats what I have found thus far. Theres a billion of them apparently over the last several years that the site has put up at some point. Pretty cool to see.

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Predictions for Chicago game

My fellow Seahawk fans, it's time for you to slap on your turbans, grease up your conjuring fingers, and open that third eye. It's prognostication time. Make a prediction about some aspect of the game versus Chicago--whether it's the final score, time of possession, overall yardage, turnovers, or specific player statistics like rushes, catches, yards gained, scores, etc. (FYI, the line is at 9 points, with most "experts" saying it'll be even more than that...)

Prizes: whomever comes closest in whichever stat(s) they choose will win a lifetime supply of bragging rights. (Sorry, I can't afford anything else.)

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Have you seen my team?

I’m facing a crisis of conscious. While watching games this season, when the Seahawks won I was happy, when they lost I was sad, but it’s not the same as it has been in the past. I don’t have the passion. I don’t even really yell at the TV on good or bad plays. After thinking about it over the last couple of weeks, I’ve decided that this is not the team I root for. This team has been consistently good, sometimes great, for the last 4 years. This is not my team. My team is a team of great guys with good talent, with maybe one or two having exceptional talent. My team consistently botches the draft, be it Tony Dorsett, the Boz, or just about every QB they ever drafted. My team surrenders 36 yards in the final minute when the opposition needs 35 to get into field goal range. My team drops a low pass in the endzone in the final seconds of playoff games. One time my team went 8-8, alternating 2 game win streaks with 2 game losing streaks for a whole season. It was one whole season, defined by unrelenting consistent mediocrity. My team throws pick sixes in OT. My team starts out 2-6, all but guaranteeing a great draft pick, only to win 6-2 to fall once again 8-8. My team never gets calls, and has several of the most famous officiating blunders in the history of the NFL go against them.

I’m not sure how I feel about cheering for a team that is consistently good. It’s foreign to me. When the team flashed it gave you hope, and when they inevitably faltered it let you know your fandom was real. Now I feel like a frontrunner, a bandwagon jumper. I feel like a damn Cowboy fan! And I don’t know what to do about it. Root for Cleveland? Detroit? Arizona? Find a CFL or Arena league team? Nah, I can’t do it. I guess I’ll just stick with this team until they revert back to my lovable losers. At least this team and my team know that desperate measures call for desperate times.

And even though these guys aren’t my team, geaux C-Hox, whoever you guys are.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Return To Soldier Field.

After the first devastating loss to Chicago, one of my first thoughts was that Seattle would meet the Bears in the championship round. Had the Giants won the wild card game against the Eagles, we would be playing the Saints this Sunday. That, however, is not the case. The powers that be are suspecting that it will be the Saints and Bears battling for the rights to play in the show. I, for some unknown reason, think that Seattle stands a more than reasonable chance at winning this bout.

Perhaps it’s the homer in me. Chicago has given the starting QB job to Brian Greise, which is a pretty big slap to Grossman after battling all season going from the number one ranked QB in the NFL to a passer rating of zero. Talk about the rise and fall, poor guy, I’m crying in my beer here.

This is why, one reason I suppose, I am very optimistic about the Hawks chances. Brian Greise is not likely to fair well against a defense that he has yet to face. That leaves the Chicago defense as the deciding factor for winning this game. I figure the defense may put up 14 points. The offense should put up no more than ten points. Likely a rushing td and the field goal for 24 points total. The hawks are 9 point under dogs meaning the odds makers are possibly thinking that Seattle is going to score 15, TD, two field goals and a safety. We may get to Greise, or the rusher in the end zone back field.
Now I’m banking that Holm’s has spent more than a few hours reviewing that Arizona-Bears game. Arizona had them pinned pretty hard, only to not close the deal. A mistake the Hawks have made on a few occasions this season.

Nobody is picking this team to win. This is a far cry from last season. Now the Hawks have a hidden agenda. We can, conceivably, bring the NFC Championship game back to the Qwest with a win in Chicago. This also means that they have nothing to lose. They can play loose. Pressure is hot on the Bears who are without a QB with much, if any, playoff experience to win this game.

Let’s do some comparisons, shall we?

QB advantage clearly goes to Seattle.

RB advantage takes a new swing with Alexander performing very well and the sudden emergence of “Crazy Legs Mo” Morris. Add to that, the two time pro bowl fullback, Maximus Strongimus, gives this back field a decided advantage.

Receivers? come on. Bobby is back, in what seems to be full force, Deion is a slight sleeper that could go either way but may very well decide he can step up to his Super Bowl MVP potential. Hackett has emerged to a top flight NFL receiver.
Does Darryl Jackson have enough time to heal? He has had a career year, performance wise. Offensive line seems to quietly be coming together nicely as well. Anybody else notice that Matt was not sacked against the Cowboys?

Defense, Chicago. While I do expect the Bears will get to Matt a couple of times during the game, I don’t expect them to blitz the QB too much out of respect for the Seattle receiving corps. Brian Urlacker will have to give Stevens some respect because at 6-7, with his speed to break away, Urlacker will be forced to play man coverage on him.

I think we take our chances on defending Chicago’s run and short pass game with Boulware shaking things up in the secondary. Michael is working very hard to redeem himself, as is the rest of this team.

Bring on Da Bears'

MaxHawk 12 Street Writer

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Citizen K Likes This Award 1-06-07

Amazing victory, just amazing.

For at least the fifth time this season the Seahawks pulled victory from the jaws of defeat (or tie-feat,) this time creatively and ingeniously not relying on Josh Brown's powerful and accurate right leg. Instead, their methodology involved a number of big defensive stops, combined with an atypically fairly judged game by the officiating crew and an equally unusual capability of hanging on to routine passes on the part of one much-aligned starting Dawg tight end.

So does number eighty-six exclusively earn the Like award for his almost heroic play tonight? Read the rest of the post to determine the facts...

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NFC Wild Card Game: Seahawks 21, Cowboys 20 - THANK YOU, GOD!!!

What a crazy finish! The Seahawks took care of business when they absolutely had to, and get rewarded with a win and a trip to Chicago.

How about Jerramy Stevens? He redeemed himself by catching the only 2 TDs the Seahawks scored. He also didn't drop the ball at all (a pleasant surprise).

The first half turned out to be uglier than Pink's hair (I call it a mullethawk; part mullet, park mohawk) in NBC's lame intro bit. The Cowgirls took a 10-6 at halftime on a last-second TD pass from Tony "Choker" Romo to Patrick Crayton. The 'Hawks could have had a 14-10 lead heading into halftime, but could only get two FGs in their two trips into the red zone.

The game truly began in the second half. The Seahawks took the lead on a Jerramy Stevens' TD catch, then promptly gave it back by allowing a 93 yard kickoff return for a TD (fire Bob Casullo!). After the Cowgirls added a FG (after a crazy pick was made by Roy Williams, who was BARELY in bounds) to make it 20-13, the 'Hawks went back to work. They got to the Dallas 1 on a PI, then get nothing on four tries. Fortunately, the Cowgirls choke. Terry Glenn fumbles, and the 'Hawks bat the loose ball out of the endzone for a safety (but an A for effort goes to J-Pete and Lofa). Seattle gets the ball back on the free kick, and four plays later, Hass hits Stevens for his second TD. I liked the call to go for two, but execute better, PLEASE!

The next possession was all about choking. First, the 'Hawks' defense chokes, letting Julius Jones run down to the Seahawk 11. Then the Cowgirls can't make a first down, and the Tuna elects to kick the field goal instead going for it on a very makeable fourth and one. The rest is history: Homo Romo Choker muffs the hold, tries to run it in, but is stopped short. Game over.

One last note: if the Seahawks don't do better in the red zone (1 TD and 2 FGs in 4 trips), and don't convert turnovers into points (2 points off of 2 Cowgirl TOs), the 'Hawks WILL NOT make it to their second consecutive NFC Championship Game.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Feeling A Bit of A Draft

I know. I know. The Seahawks are prepping for a playoff game this weekend. (And I fully expect Seattle to vanquish the 'Boys at home.) However, with the college bowl season drawing rapidly to a close and the post-season all-star games on the horizon I thought it a good time to hit you with a few players to watch in the post-season all-star bowl games that might look good in Seahawk Blue this April.

I’ll group the players by bowl game in rough order of—in my humble opinion—the team’s biggest off-season needs (G, DL, S, CB). As of this writing, only the East-West Shrine game has its roster available online.


Offensive Guard

Beekman, Josh – G, Boston College. Beekman is possibly the top guard available (also plays center). He could slide into the end of the first round.

Frye, Brandon – T, Va. Tech. Frye is very athletic, and has played both tackle spots, but may be a candidate to move inside in the NFL.

Downing, T.J. – G, Ohio State. Downing is a very similar prospect to Ryan Sims. He is likely a day two pick.

Other guys to watch: Tala Esera – T, Hawai’i; Dan Santucci – G, Notre Dame; Robert Turner – G, New Mexico

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Musical Tribute to the 2006 Seahawks

Last season it was Joe Tafoya's Greatest Christmas Hits, so you knew I just had to do something to honor the less attrative and more scrappy 2006 version of the Seahawks.

Click the picture of Santa to the left for a Musical Tribute to the 2006 Seattle Seahawks.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Are We Back ?

In the first two possessions of the Seahawk game, Seattle pounded out 10 points in the first quarter taking full command of the running game a-la Alexander hitting holes, driving hard and pounding himself in for his 28th TD of the season… *pop*
Oh sorry… Dreams of last season.
Back-up corner, Kelly Herndon, left the game with a broken ankle that left Jimmy Williams playing at reserve corner exposing the already depleted Seahawk secondary. Marcus Trufaunt, winged last week against the Chargers, was taken out as the only true cornerback. Tampa took full advantage of the weakened secondary utilizing Joey Galloway in a flurry of long, accurate passes ending in a td score for Tampa. Seahawks begin their next convincing driving down field and while Shaun appeared to have been stuffed for a minimal gain, Fox network then goes to the Lions highlights as Shaun fumbled the ball. When we re-tuned into the game it was Holmgren throwing the Flag contesting the fumble that stood.

The Buccaneers, then show Seattle’s run defense weakness’, driving Mike Alsott down field closing the drive with Tim Rattay completing the pass… to Micheal Boulware… who layed the wood to the Tampa receiver… then running the stolen rock to the 37 yard line… only to have Matt and company manage a 3 and out. DJ Hackett is fast becoming a threat to be a premier NFL reciever showing us, once again, that he just may become the number one wide out on this team. Hack undeniably scores a beautiful, 40 yard, TD pass that was yanked away by the Zebra’s. Then, on 3rd and 19, DJ Hackett slaps a first down pass play in the slot, redeeming himself, telling the stripes that he would not be denied. DJ scored a second TD that could not be denied even if John Godi was holding a gun to the officials head in the replay booth calling the shots forcing a second replay of the ensuing TD closing the half.
Damn, Sir Alexander looked pretty damned good. At this point in the juncture, I’m thinking DJ Hackett for the MaxVP award due to his stellar performance in the first half.

The Seahawks turned a stalled drive, opening the second half, with a fake pooch punt by the “Ice Man” leaving Tampa pinned back at the 8 yard line. Tampa coughs up the Pig leaving Seattle with a first and goal at the Tampa seven, only landing the field goal.
The Seahawk defense staggering in the first half opened up with a crucial third down sack executed by “Freak” Peterson for his career high 10th sack of the season.
Seattle following possession shows a tirade of Shaun, Deion and with Lil’ ole Mo Morris finally looking like he can be a viable part of this offense. Two hard fought thirds downs into the drive, Jeremy Stevens provides solid tight end play taking Seattle deep into Tampa Territory driving Sir Shaun down to the 6 with 8 minutes being removed by the long drive. The Ref’s had the blinders on once again with Matt being leveled out of bounds end not one of the striped “bastages” could find their flags.
Godi must still be in the replay booth. Jimmy Williams, the third corner, then goes down with a knee injury leaving Jordan Babinaux as the back-up corner. Don’t ask me how but the Hawks manage to hold the game together in a convincing 23-7 win, over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Overall the Seattle Offense looked strong entering their third consecutive NFC Title with a record of 9-7 on the season.

OK, boy’s, Here we sit barely atop the NFC west virtually backing into the playoffs. I’m just the messenger, don’t hate me for saying it. I didn’t wanna be the guy to do it, trust me.

The report card on the offense looks, to say the least, very promising entering the first round of the playoffs.
It’s the defense that I’m worried about. The secondary is riddled to a level that we haven’t seen since the Super bowl. So the front line had better get serious pressure on the Cowboys offensive front. If Seattle doesn’t get to Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys next week and run stuff, we stand nary a chance of advancing past the next round. Plainly put, blitz the shit out of’m and play some elaborate zone’s because we just wont be able to match up man to man.

Even with the depletion and the Zebra interference, Seattle’s D managed to Hold the Buc’s to 7 points. The Seahawks clearly showed me today that they had heart. Miles, and miles of heart.

While Shaun put up healthy argument for the MaxVP award, DJ Hackett put up even more indisputable evidence to receive the coveted prize, but, I am left with no other realistic choice but to present the Seahawks, as a team, with the award of excellence. They pulled together and would not be denied. When looking at this team as a whole, The offensive line played exceptional, Matt, Mo, Shaun, Hack and Bobby. The Freak, Rocky, and the defense as a whole everybody just stepped up today and played Seahawk football. Great finish to the season.

We do have one decided advantage in the up coming Dallas game. Player number twelve will be on the field louder than the rookie, Toni Romo, has ever experienced in his tender young career.

Can You Hear Us Now?

Bring on the Playoffs…

MaxHawk, 12 street writer.

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Two Simple Truths About the Seahawks

First, a safe, prosperous, and happy New Year to you and yours!

Second, my heartfelt condolences go out to the family, friends, and loved ones of Darrent Williams. He was twenty-four years old; that’s just a baby as my grandfather used to say.

Third, our beloved Seahawks play host to the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday evening in the wildcard round of the playoffs (8pm EDT). The plotlines for the game are thick enough to make easy work for journalists. The ‘Boys, coming off a bewildering loss to Detroit, looked and played the part of a team ready to get this season over with and finished—a feeling fittingly symbolized in the post game comments and body language of one William Parcells. One gets the impression that the season-long drama—the never ending T.O. soap opera, the expectations, the improving but still leaky offensive line, the young Tony Romo and Romomania—has really worn on him.

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What I Learned From... Playoff practice today.

OK, I know this edition is late... But there is a couple things I need to get off my chest:

1. Did you see those kicks Josh Brown sent into the end zone? Kickoff distance used to be his heak point. He has changed that. His weak point now: His contract. He becomes a free agent next season, and he's an elite kicker. SIGN HIM NOW.

2. Jerramy Stevens CAN catch the ball... How about that?

3. The offense's ability to sustain drives continues to be the difference betwween winning and losing.

4. Womack is a giant, gelatinous blob. He doesn't block too well when he's pulling to the outside, but he has terrific helmet-to-helmet.

5. What's this? Alexander ran successfully moast of the game TO THE RIGHT SIDE? Holy crap, I was right -- Chris Gray couldn't move a pile with a U-Haul.

6. Some moron writers are blaming Holmgren for not resting his players, and thusly for the injuries to the DB's - but the reality is, they would have played anyway, with Trufant out.

7. Hasselbeck was the King of Pocket Poise Sunday. He made great decisions with the ball in spite of pressure. He also slipped out of the grab of defenders lika a bar of prison soap.

8. Nate Bureslon is one cool cat. In the 3rd quarter, he calmly stood on the field waiting for the punt. Not just stood there, but he was flat-footed and standing there like he was waiting in line for government cheese. Then, lo and behold, he juked tha pants off five defenders in front of him for an improbable gain. This dude has some serious talent.

9. DJ Hackett has a bright future. He's a RFA next season. TIm Ruskell, you know what to do.

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