Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tuesdays with Morons

Behind Enemy Lines

I've been lurking around the STLToday lamb forums, and I found that a lot of them sincerely believe that the Rams are a much improved team this season, and that the Seahawks regressed a bit.

We, of course, know better about the Seahawks. The steady purging of malcontents and additions of good character guys is improving the Seahawks as a team from the inside out.

But what gives with the St. Loser Lambs? I posted this topic in an effort to find out. I linked to it here because I thought it would be interesting and informative to read and comment on from a distance.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

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Defense 101?

Click the external link to read the Seahawks.net article which inspired me to write this.
I have not written an opinion piece in quite some time, so I thought it was time (with no real news to report) to do so. While this opinion piece may (and probably will), infuriate some, probably mostly my good pal Vin, (who I do not mean to offend), bear in mind that, it is just an opinion based on observation.

For years now, we as fans have been patient, (well mostly), with the current coaching staff, thinking that if they just had the right personnel, the coaching staff could get this team to the promised land; after all, Holmgren has been there before. I too have said repeatedly that, for at least right now, there's no one better available to run this team than Holmgren. I believe that he is at the end of his rope, however, and should really only have this one last season to do something more than first round exits from the playoffs.
It's not really Mike Holmgren that I wish to discuss here, however, but rather, Ray Rhodes.
Let me start by giving a quote from the Seahawk.net article I have linked to through the external link. It's an article which I do not wholly agree with but which, nevertheless, makes some interesting and valid points and which I recommend you all read.

"Joe Theismann made an interesting comment at the beginning of the game (Saturday, January 8, 2005) he relayed a tidbit from an conversation he'd had with Rhodes in which Rhodes maintained that he directs the safeties not to break to the receiver until the ball has left the quarterback's hand. After two years of trying in vain to solve the mystery of Seattle's epidemic late safety help, I finally had my answer. The Rams first touchdown of the game (and the 6-play, 75-yard drive it entailed) was symptomatic of this issue. The Seahawks began the game as they ended it, rushing four and dropping seven, leaving enormous gaps in coverage for Marc Bulger to exploit. The third play of the game, a 52-yard pass from Bulger to Torry Holt with took the Rams from their own 37 to the Seattle 11, happened when Holt slipped through Ken Lucas' coverage and beat a late Michael Boulware. Keep this in mind when you criticize Boulware for breaking late in coverage, he is doing what his coach has directed him to do.

The Rams sole turnover was caused by Ken Hamlin's refusal to do this. On St. Louis' second drive, Bulger threw deep again to Holt from Seattl's 44-yard line. Hamlin did not bite on Bulger's pump fake, he instead followed Bulger's progression and was in place for the interception at the Seattle 4-yard line. This writer would like to thank Ken Hamlin for apparently disobeying his coach and making the right play."

I remember very distictly, Thiesman's comments about how Rhodes was telling his safeties not to break on the ball until it had left the QB's hand, and I remember thinking that, telling a player NOT to play instinctively is the WORST possible way to coach an athlete. Telling Michael Boulware, for instance, not to do the things he had been doing which had put him in position to make so many plays for us last year, seemed to me, the epitomy of stupidity.
As it turns out, the safeties did what they were told, and as a result, were beaten deep time, after time, after time, in that game.
My point is this, if Holmgren is on a short leash, Rhodes should be on a choker chain. Supporters of Ray Rhodes have called into question the overall talent on our defense, and have repeatedly said that he just doesn't have the personnel to work with.
I agree (to a certain extent) that this has been the case, though I would argue that our secondary certainly hasn't been so bad the last few seasons that they should have gotten torched late in so many games, giving up huge comeback, after huge comeback. The talent in our secondary man for man, is actually among the NFC's best, just the fact that the majority of fans have looked at our young talented secondary as the defenses strength, nore than proves that.
So what was the problem with the seconday giving up so many late points? Why was it that the "strength" of our defense was exploited for so many late in the game points? Was the lack of pass rush a part of it? Certainly yes, it was. Were all the injuries to our front seven a part of it? Without doubt! However, I would also argue that when a team has shown a propensity for getting beat in exactly the same way several times, there is more than just a personnel problem. I would argue that Ray Rhodes schemes defensively have been very sub-par, as is evidenced by the lack of adjustments made when an offense begins moving the ball seemingly at will against us.
Ray Rhodes has had this same sort of thing happen to him, not just the last two seasons for us, but in fact, on every single team he has coached. Late game collapses and stoggy, untra conservative schemes have been a trademark of Ray Rhodes defenses wherever he has been.

So what exactly am I saying with all this? Am I saying that Rhodes should be fired immediately, as the writer of the piece I have linked to asserts? No, but I will say this; given the personnel improvements we have made on our defense this offseason, Rhodes has no more excuses for giving up big leads and for failing to figure out how to get to the passer. I believe that Rhodes should be given this one last season to get things right or he should be fired. In fact, I will go so far as to say, that the very first time, this team losses because we gave up a big lead, or because a team was able to do the same thing to us successfully, over and over again, as has been the case, he should be fired immediately, even if we're only two games into the season. Rhodes has not earned the same kind of leniency that Holmgren has earned, he has not won at a big time level the way Holmgren has, and therefore has not proven himself to be winner at all. Therefore, the first time that our defense shows the quirkiness of the past two seasons, he should be removed.

As I said earlier, I do not agree with everything the writer of the linked article said, and I think that he is being somewhat overreactive, however, many of the points he brings up in the article have validity and should be honestly discussed.
I feel that, for this coaching staff, one last, last, last chance is in order, but that is really all, no more failures, and no more excuses are acceptible. This coaching staff has had the time necessary to put together the kind of team that they want, (in fact they have now had two rather large scale purges of players they felt were detrimental), they have drafted or otherwise put together this team, both offensively and defensively, so the argument that the personnel isn't good enough, is invalidated by the fact that, this is the personnel the coaching staff wanted.
Bottom line, no more excuses for failure will be accepted, the time is NOW and if they fail to get it done, then it is time for a change.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Get a CRICK out of the Seahawks!

In an attempt to expand the features of our blog site, I have worked with Michael Crick, one of the creaters of Cricklers, to bring you the first Seahawks Crickler!

When you first "crick" through on the "This Week's Crickler link on the subsequent page, you'll see an Introductory Puzzle, which will explain to you how to play Cricklers as you answer the clues. Once you get the hang of it, "crick" the drop down list and select Seahawks-1 from the list, for a puzzle based on our recent draft experience.

If everyone likes it, we'll bring you regularly updated puzzles.

Crick through and let me know what you think!!

(Crickler access and compling assistance generously provided courtesy of Michael Crick of www.cricklers.com.)

The Pepsi-Hawks Get New Uniforms!

SEATTLE (May, 15, 2015) Jeff Gordon, Jr. is pictured at right modeling the new uniforms for the Frito-Lay Pepsi-Hawks.

Gordon Jr., the Pepsi-Hawks starting quarterback, and the son of the ledgedary NASCAR driver known as "the Rainbow Warrior", won his first Superbowl when the team was still known as the Seattle Seahawks, and then added two more championships after The Frito-Lay Corporation bought exclusive naming rights to the franchise, and changed the team name.

The NFL followed the lead of the NBA, which started allowing corporate logos on their game uniforms 10 years ago in 2005. Since then, several teams have sold out their franchises to corporate sponsorships, to allow for additional revenue streams, which promise to maintain single game ticket prices at or around the $1,000.00 level.

Al Davis, standing under the team's signature "Just Whizz Baby" sign said, "so many of our players were actually using the product that when approached me about exclusive naming rights to the former Raiders franchise, it was a no brainer!" Davis' Whizzenators won the AFC Viagra division last season, but suffered a quick exit from the playoffs at the hands of the Duracell Chargers.

While it's taken most fans some time to get used to the new team and division names, as well as the goal posts being replaced by giant Golden Arches, coporate sponsorships has shown no indication of cheapening the game.

Says coach Mike Martz, "I'll admit they were a little uneasy when the makers of KY Jelly took over the former Rams franchise, but now our fans can be heard at every game enthusiatically chanting 'Give it to the tailback, give it to the tailback, and stuff that puppy in our endzone!'"

As you can see, corporate sponsorships have certainly made covering the NFL much more entertaining!

Boulware won't join Bengals' defense

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Not much info here, just an update, but apparently our boy won't be visiting the Bungles, and they say it appears he is heading to Cleveland or Seattle.

And another article (where I found the pic) from his FSU days

Linkage here

It basically talks about how supa-bad-ass he was, as shown in the pic above. Nice and brief. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What's Inside?

Stumbling around Seahawks.com looking for any new news on the team, I came across the Day 1 and Day 2 photo shoot galleries for the new SeaGal Calendar.

Let's just say that these guys are either really good photographers, or the new crop of SeaGals "cleans up nice"! Granted, they're nowhere near Buccaneer quality, but they're certainly looking better than the pictures from the try-outs!

The Missing Man: RIP, Munchausen

You have probably noticed, in the contributor field, a strange bit of text -- "(deleted user)".

This is all that is left of our idealogically imploded freind, Munchausen. He has deleted his blogger account and moved on to greener pastures.

I've been wondering what he has been up to. I know it's the off season, and he's been busy with his course work, and focusing on baseball, but this was alarming to me, since I know he has been busy with PositivePaul with 'Mariner's Morsels'.

I decided to investigate, and found this in his baseball side of the cyberworld. Aparrently Munchausen has fallen prey to the ideology and disillusionment of trying to find spiritual fulfillment in sport. He didn't find what he is looking for and has dropped out completely.

I have to say, he has been one of the most intelligent and soulful bloggers I have ever seen. I've been missing him, and perhaps always will.

I have to leave for a while, but this thread will be dedicated to the memories he has brought to the Seahawks side of the blogging world. If you have anything to contribute from the PI Seahawks blog, please do. I will be back to spend more time with it.

Bid thee well, Munchausen.

Playing QB in the NFL can be "Trickey"

No, that's not a typo, but rather the last name of the head instructor at the Matt Hasselbeck Quarterbacks Camp.

Click the title above or the image to the right for a great self-deprecating article by Greg Bishop (pictured throwing) of the Seattle Times as he attempts to participate in this event. While he certainly could be mistaken for a high-schooler, to read his story is to know he'll never be mistaken for a quarterback!

It gives great insight into the preparation, studying, and mental toughness it takes to be an elite QB, as well as some interesting glimpses into the personalities of some current and former Seattle QBs.

Right Church, Wrong Pew!

Those of you feeling an air of optimism surrounding the Seahawks, and generally enjoying the local coverage of the positive moves the team has been making, may not have noticed that, not coincidentally, Les Carpenter is no longer writing for the Seattle Times.

While metaphorically still in Washington, he is now on the other coast, as a baseball writer for the Washington Post. Ironically, when visiting their site to verify this, the first story I found of his has a Seattle "by line" and is about Ichiro!

Perhaps he'll be able to find the silver lining in this exapansion MLB team, that he could never find in our beloved Seahawks.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

June 1st Looms...

So I'm trying to do my part by hypothesizing about which Seahawk players might be cut. Being no stranger to blatantly opinionated posting, I have decided to let you all know what I think about the subject in the form of a ranked percentage chart. This will give you limitless possibilities with your bickering.

So here's my list of players, in descending order according to my feelings about what chances they have about being cut.

Bobby Taylor – 99% chance of getting cut
Koren Robinson – 87% chance of getting cut
Antonio Cochran – 49% chance of getting cut
Itula Mili – 25% chance of getting cut
Walter Jones – 11% chance of getting cut

Ok, just kidding with that last one. (Unless he kills at least 4 people in the next week AND is caught on videotape.) So have I missed anyone?

Ray Willis nickname: Rain Man!

The latest Seahawk to be interviewed on Seahawks.com is also one of the newest, Ray Willis, OT drafted from Florida State.

While he seems to be a big, smart, eager yound guy, if he doesn't have a nickname yet, he should definitely be known as "Rain Man"! Just listen to this interview and count the number of times he says definitely in less than two-and-a-half minutes!

Reminded me of Dustin Hoffman in the movie..."It's almost time for Wapner...definitely...10 minutes to Wapner"!

Anyhow, it's a good interview, as is yesterday's clip with another former Florida State Tackle, Walter Jones.

Kahn interviews Rang regarding the draft

A more positive review of our draft by Rob Rang, after he had a month to think about it.

Basically says he can now see why we took the players we did, says Tatupu is he favorite pick (even though he is a midget in molasses ;-) ), and generally likes the draft. Amazing how our draft gets better every week! Although we still haven't seen these guys play, and it takes 3 years to properly "grade" a draft, it’s nice to see some in the media giving us props.

On a similar buy entirely different subject... Seahawks.com is far less clunky, I like it. And I like this Kahn guy, and I like Mike Brown. Things are looking up. Go Seahawks.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

1993 Gameday "Diaper" Dan McGwire Seahawks Autographed Card

This is hilarious on so many levels! Click the picture to see this card for sale on ebay.

Not only is Dan McGwire the biggest bust in Seahawks history (We picked him and passed on Brett Favre), but his **AUTOGRAPHED** card can't get a bid at 50 cents!

But there's more - check out the dude's drawers! I didn't know there were ever any Seahawks guilty of growlering.

All I can say is that this seller owes me money for the advertising. I expect this card to sell for over a dollar, just for the lark.

P.S. Maybe I should have saved this for TWM!


Welcome to my al-most prized posession, my Seahawks foam head. Ok, it's not MY actual foam head -- mine has some wear and tear, from being pummelled after the St. Loser Lambs games last season -- but it's pretty much the same thing.

I've got a few other cool Seahawk things acquired over the years. I've got a old logo pin/tie tack; a fitted cap, of course; a geeked out cell phone; some old ticket stubs; a new logo coffee mug; two jack in the box antenna balls w/helmet, one old logo, one new; a Dave Brown b&w autographed picture; I used to have a Zorn jersey when I was a kid, it kills me now, not knowing where it went.

That's about it. It's not much to brag about, but I've got a feeling some of you have some pretty cool stuff. So it's time for show and tell, guys. Watcha got? Any cool autographed stuff? I'd like to know.

While we're at it, I might as well throw out my wish list:

Retro Largent Jersey (I'd like it signed, of course, but what are the odds?)
Shot glass set
Beer Mug Set
Logo polo shirt (for work)
Mouse pad
Boxer underwear (with glow-in-the-dark message that says, "The Rams Suck - do you?")
Koren Robinson signed gloves
A Seahawks logo barbeque.

That's all I can think of for now.

Stevens on KJR Radio

Click the external link to go to KJR Softy show then click on the Jerramy Stevens link to hear the interview.

Perhaps the most interesting thing said was when he specifically called out Anthony Simmons as having a bad attitude, playing for a paycheck. He really had some hard things to say about him.

Also he spoke quite a bit about the new improved attitude since Ruskell has arrived, he said that the last three years there just wasn't the commaraderie but that this year feels much different. He spoke about the participation in the voluntary workouts and how much better (for the most part) it was this year.

He was extremely forthcoming about just how much the first Rams loss took the wind out of their sails last season, called it the turning point of the season.

I know that I mentioned when I posted the breakout player poll, that I honestly believe that Stevens is truly getting his act together, but just the fact that his weight is down and he reportedly looks cut, not to mention the fact that he has gotten almost all the snaps so far at TE; I really am looking for much bigger things from him this year. This was one of the most positive interviews I have heard in a long time, everything Stevens is saying sounds SO good to me, the attitude sounds great and he is really talking up Tim Ruskell's approach. I'm really beginning to buy into the new and improved Jerramy Stevens and after listening to the interview I think you guys will too.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Onterrio Scenario?

According to KFFL, Onterrio Smith is about to be suspended by the league for the season for an incident unrelated to his recent Whizzenator fiasco, pending appeal.

(see Monkey's Post Below!)

With the Vikings planning on a lot of their offense going through Mr. Smith, if he's not around this season, I still say that this situation could break the log-jam in the free agent running back marketplace.

They are bound to start sniffing around Shaun, Edge or Travis, and once one of those guys move, the others will probably soon follow.

I'd love to see Shaun in Seahawks colors next season, but this Onterrio Scenario may be interesting to watch unfold.

Looking at this picture of Shaun, is he dressed in a Toga, or his he dressed To Go? Is he dressed as a Roman, or to go Roaming? Is he a Gladiator, or did Michael Vick get to her first?
(think about it..it'll come to you!)

Seahawks Future to Remain Rocky!

Seahawks Bernard Re-signed
(from www.KFFL.com)
Thu, 19 May 2005 10:28:09 -0700

The Seattle Seahawks have re-signed restricted free agent DT Rocky Bernard (Seahawks) to an undisclosed contract.

Rocky Bernard was the last of our Free Agents to be signed, not counting our Franchise Running Back. Click the Title above or the picture for his Seahawks bio.

You can also click this link to see a totally unrelated Seahawks news item which could also be posted under the same basic Headline!

Onterio Smith Out Indefinitely

Click the thumbnail to see the big picture.

Two seperate interesting reports - from www.KFFL.com
Thu, 19 May 2005

The Associated Press reports Minnesota Vikings RB Onterrio Smith has been excused from the remainder of the team's offseason program. Head coach Mike Tice on Thursday said Smith had been "excused" from workouts, but gave no specific reason. "He's been excused from the rest of the offseason program and he'll be gone indefinitely," Tice said. "I really can't speak about any reasons why or when he'll be back. It's in the league's hands. We'll leave it at that."

Smith Gone for One Year - from www.KFFL.com
Thu, 19 May 2005 13:21:52 -0700

ESPN.com's Len Pasquarelli reports two sources with knowledge of the situation have told ESPN.com Minnesota Vikings RB Onterrio Smith been apprised by the NFL that he faces a one-year suspension for a repeat violation of the league's substance abuse program. The suspension is subject to appeal. Citing the league's confidentiality guidelines on such matters, an NFL spokesman on Thursday declined comment. Sources said the suspension has nothing to do with an April 21 incident in which Smith was stopped at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in possession of a device to circumvent drug tests.(Ya right!)

Can there really be any doubt that the "Original Whizzinator" leaked? Oh well, asking any product to help a player pass a urinalysis in the NFL is a hardjob to do. Guess it didn't remain firmunder pressure. Maybe the "Original Whizzinator" got performance anxiety? I'm sure that's never happened to it before!

So much for the, "that "Original Whizzinator" belongs to my cousin" excuse!

Should this be...

...the official comic of the Adopt-A-Seahawk program?

Click the image or the title above for a full size view of the comic.


42 year old Jerry Rice may be close to getting his wish to play with the Denver B's...the former Seahawk has been miles ahead of defenses, miles ahead of records, and miles ahead in conditioning, but maybe now, we will be a mile high...

Rice and Broncos coach Mike Shanahan, who worked together for three years in San Francisco, were scheduled to talk at some point in the past 24 hours about the possibility of working together again this season. Shanahan also conducted preliminary talks this weekend with Rice's agent, Jim Steiner. Now the question becomes: Can they work out a deal?

It sounds like both sides want to make sure this is the right match before moving forward. The 42-year-old Rice wants to be assured he will have a role in the Broncos offense, and the Broncos want to make sure Rice will be happy playing whatever role he does, even if it is limited. Rice is willing to concede he will not start this season, but he would like to play. Denver would not expect him to start, but with as many four- and five-receiver sets as the Broncos use, Rice might be able to get extensive time. Rice already has turned down one offer from another team, but now he will have a chance to talk seriously with another.

on yet another slow news day (or week)...anything Seahawk is hard to find...but hey, since we've been keeping track of any Seahawk who is released or not re-signed...might as well add the GOAT to the farm

my question to you guys, is...what is your personal opinion with Rice's situation? On one hand, you want him to get his wish just because of his royalty...but on the other, you have to be worried we may watch a legend fall before he retires, leaving us with the most recent memory of him struggling...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Breakout player poll

12 Seahawks Street
Which Seahawks player will have the biggest breakout season?
Marcus Tubbs
D.D. Lewis
Jerramy Stevens
Niko Koutouvides
Michael Boulware
Sean Locklear
Wayne Hunter
Other, answer below

Notice I did not include any of our rookies. That's because they are not the kind of breakout players I am talking about, I am talking about guys who have already played at least one season and have either not reached their full potential or were not given enough playing time or whatever.

I may run another poll just about which rookie will have the biggest impact if you would like me to, but for now I think this is more interesting. Be sure to list the "other" player if you voted other. Let me know why you think what you think about who you voted for. Anyway, have fun with this poll, and like Romey says, "have a take and don't suck".

Boulware visits Texans

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Boulware visited the Texans yesterday, link in title.

Also a blurb on the PI, bottom of the page.


Doesn't seem to be any new info, other than the visit, just thought you guys would like to know. Results of the physical are not yet known.

Oh, and he doesn't seem to be interested in a third down role, wants to be everydown, which I say is fine, as long as he is healthy.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

TWM Entry II

TWM entry

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

This is my desktop wallpaper right now... hated to retire the Stallworth hit, but this one is good too. I love the way the Hammer looks like he is just walking and staring at Boldin like he didn't cause it...


"We'll win the swing dance contest this year for sure 'Quan"

Monday, May 16, 2005

Ex Cowboy/Panther Nate Newton aimed to be "biggest dope man"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Since there is no news, I thought this was kinda funny. He is the ultimate anti-role model, using his competitive nature as an excuse for being a dealer.

Fake interview...

JSC: So tell us Nate, how's things been going?
NN: Pretty good, I just got out of prison. That was pretty fun, lots of competion for anything you could want in there. I still hold the record for amount of cigarettes smuggled in my lower bowel at 407, and am the reiging champion of the "Slippery soap pick up relay".
JSC: Sounds frightening. What would you say you learned from you life experiences?
NN: I learned that no matter what, if you can dream it, you can do it. That's my message to the children. Be it school, athletics, drug running, whatever. Live your dream, I am proof you can do it.
JSC: Well thank you for you time Nate, really appreciate it.
NN: Anytime, hey, uh, you want a dime? Or can I borrow a couple of bucks?

Sunday, May 15, 2005

A Viscious Expectation

In the latest video interview on Seahawks.com, free agent wide receiver Joe Jurevicius divulges what really made him choose to sign with the Seahawks:

"I know this team has an opportunity to get to the Super Bowl, and that was one of the determining factors in coming to Seattle,"

It's a pretty good interview, where he also talks about choosing the Seahawks due to the similarities in the offense scheme.

Windows 100 | Broadband <<<>>> Real: 100 | Broadband (2:32)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Wings Of Change?

I have to say, I just got done watching the Sonics game, and something hit...something we've been missing all these years...

at the end of the game, they interviewed Jerome James...they asked "Many have talked about the respect you guys have been giving them in the paint...how did you change that"...JJ replied: "WE AINT GIVING THEM NO RESPECT...NONE..."...he gave a mean stare and walked away...

his eyes said it all...the city of Seattle is no longer a pushover...why should we respect any players, fans, refs if they never respected us?

During the whole game, I heard something familiar...the refs once again made horrible calls against us, and our fans chanted "Bullsh!t Bullsh!t Bullsh!t" every single time...they booed everytime Bruce Bowen or Tim Duncan got the ball...they made life a living hell when the Spurs tried to shoot free throws down the stretch...the fans are giving this city a boost...

what does this have in common with the Seahawks?...the first time I heard those chants from the fans was during the Rams vs. Seahawks playoff game last year...when a few bad calls were made against us...the fans went nuts...I also saw this throughout the Sonics season when the refs targeted our big men for the stupidest calls...I can see we are sick and tired of the lack of respect, from the refs, opposing players, and opposing fans...so we're sick and tired of being pushovers...and most of all...sick and tired of losing...

they say you need to earn it...

-1995 Mariners...i saw on ESPN a countdown of biggest chokes ever...and the 1995 Angels team got on the list...why? apparently, the 1995 Mariners didnt earn it...the Angels choked it away (considering the Angels fall was weaker then the Mariners rises...this is bull)

-2004-05 Sonics...beat Sacremento...and instead of getting credit, everyone made excuses saying the Kings were horrible, and confused...

-Seahawks...2 years in a row making the playoffs, despite refs literally costing us a few games...they say we should turn in our playoff spot as we didnt deserve it, despite the injuries and refs..yet two teams finished worst then us, and didnt receive as much heat

no mas...

the fans are sick of it, im sick of it, and im so proud of this city gaining an attitude...the world may not be against us, but it sure seems like it sometimes...but we're not taking this crap anymore...the city is on a mission emotionally...we take up for our teams, and they feed off us, they're outspoken more...they arent afraid to speak their minds...and now we have a swagger, and a chip on our shoulders...

if they dont respect us...then why should we respect them? if they wont give it to us...we'll take it...

anyone else noticing a change in this city...anyone else feeling the Wings of Change?

Are You Ready?

To do your duty for the Seahawks that is.

The Seattle Times is running a poll regarding who your favorite local team is, so get off your couch, put down your beer (not out of reach though) and click on THIS LINK and vote for the Seahawks. Please show your support for our beloved team.

Is Zorn Ready?

In keeping with the theme of the posts today, I thought I'd ask this question, since many believe that he would be a great Head Coach for the Seahawks, should Holmgren quit, retire or get fired.

While I hold Jim Zorn in the same reverence as Largent, Easley and other Seahawk Dieties (note that Shaun also understands the need to bow in his presence) I'm not sure if he's really ready to take the reins as an NFL Head Coach.

He has done a great job in bringing Matt up to his true poential as a Quarterbacks Coach, but being a head coach is more about managing your leutenants than directly leading one person or position. Does he have what it takes to be the man stalking the sidelines?

Please understand that I am in no way questioning his legacy, dedication to the Seahawk organization, or ability to rise to the occasion. I'm just not sure if anyone will give him that Head Coaching gig until he's gets some experience at the next level of coaching, like being an Offensive Coordinator.

Maybe if it appears Holmy is going to play out his final two years and then ride into the sunset, and the FO is fine with that, they can name Jim "Assistant Head Coach" or something, and get him the experience and exposure to gain the confidence of the front office and players that he can get the job done.

Is Helen Reddy?

Sorry, I couldn't resist!
(anyone under 35 may need to click the Title above to get the joke.)

Is Seneca Ready?

Click the picture to relive Seneca's brilliant Monday Night pre-season game last season.

Also view this video clip at Seahawks.com about Juggs Machine (as Hass calls him. Thanks to alba for the URL to the clip.).

I know that this is a topic which has come up before, but it's one I am simply not satisfied with yet. I was wondering why it is that the Hawks are looking for a veteran backup QB when in my mind, the vets available really aren't any better than what I have already seen from Seneca. I wonder if we have all forgotten just how good he really looked in the pre-season last year.

One of the biggest criticisms against Seneca has been the criticism that he likes to run too often and doesn't stay in the pocket when he should. So I looked to see if that really is the case, and I have discovered that, at least last year, that was not the case at all. Here are a some stats that support my theory.

Game 1 - At Packers:
Pass - 14/26 135 Yds 1 TD 0 INT
Rush - 3 rush -2 Yds

Game 2 - Denver:
Pass - 12-26 156 Yds 0 TD 0 INT
(couldn't find his rushing stats)
Game 3 - At San Diego
Did not Pass or Rush
[Dilfer] 9/16 79 Yds 0 TD 0 INT
1-rush 9 Yds

Game 4 - Minnesota
Pass - 15/25 148 Yds 0 TD 0 INT
Rush - 1 rush 7 Yds

What I remember from watching him play last year, was a very poised QB with a much better than advertised arm who could make things happen with his feet anytime, which the defenses were forced to respect. He made good decisions, good reads, and most importantly had a good sense of timing with the receivers.

I realize that there has been a lot of talk about getting him on the field any way they can, whether it's returning kicks, or in a slash type role as a receiver. My question is, since we drafted David Greene and we already have Wallace on the roster, what would really be the harm in using him as our number 2 and in all those other roles? Is he really that much more likely to get hurt than otherwise? Not really, players get hurt all the time in scrimmages, practices whatever. Also, do we really want to carry 4 QB's on our roster? A bit excessive IMHO. Considering all the rookies who have done well at QB, would we really be in that much more trouble, if something (God forbid), were to happen to Hasselbeck? Would someone like Tim Hasselbeck (no longer available, just an example) really provide that much more stability than Wallace or even Greene could? If so, then why bother drafting QB's anyway? If our QB's will always be thought of as too inexperienced to play, then when will they ever get the chance to show what they are capable of? Ben Rothlisburger did fairly well as a rookie just last season, and coming into the year, no one gave him much of a chance of doing much of anything. Happens all the time. I just think that we ought to be using what we draft.

I really want to know what you guys think, as for me, I would like to see Wallace get his shot at #2 AND be used in any way Holmgren can come up with. If worse comes to worse, and both Hasselbeck and Seneca went down with injuries, does anyone really believe that we would have any better a shot at going into the playoffs with someone like Jeff George, than David Greene? I certainly don't! I look at the vets who are available and there is simply not one single name I would rather start ahead of who we already have.

Wistrom Ready!

Click the picture to go to Seahawks.com"Grant Wistrom" or the external link for the original story.

According to USA Today, Inside Scoop: Seahawks defensive end Grant Wistrom appears ready to pick up where he left off before he was slowed by leg injuries last season. He even beat Pro Bowl tackle Walter Jones in a pass-rush drill, something Jones almost never loses. ...

Well, I'm impressed! Anyone beating out Jones in any kind of pass rush drill seems ready to me!

I am having visions...visions of Wistrom and Tubbs stepping up and being the players we had hoped they would be last season and the Hawks laughing all the way to the Super Bowl. Oh wait...nevermind, that was just myself flying out of my Clayton.

The Onterrio Scenario

While still one of the funniest stories in quite awhile, this Onterrio Smith thing just may be the catalyst to break the log-jam in the free agent running back arena.

The problem has always been that teams that needed running backs had high draft picks, and got their guys last month, and teams that had the money to pay SA or EJ or TH didn't really need a feature running back.

One of those teams with money is the Minnesota Vikings.

Even if this Whizzinator thing doesn't result in a suspention, it's got to get the Vikings organization twitchy about what their RB is up to, and as a former violator, one more positive test and he's out for a year. And you KNOW the league is going to be testing him REALLY SOON NOW and keeping a really close eye on what exactly is sticking out of his shorts!

So, just like those little tile games, if the Vikings make a deal for either Alexander or James, there will be an open space on the Colts or Seahawks, which would be a perfect landing spot for Travis Henry.

I'd still like to see SA in a Seahawks uniform having a breakout year again in 2005, but if this alleviates a potential hold out situation, or year long distraction, then I say THANK YOU MR. SMITH AND YOUR ORIGINAL WHIZZENATOR*!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

Ignoring for a moment the irony of the two latest stories on this blog being about the Whizzenator and a breaking news item about a Peter Being Released, I got to thinking, what would they have called it if the name Whizzenator was already taken?

While this isn't Tuesday, I still think that this is one of those "moments of clarity" that Jules was talking about at the end of Pulp Fiction, so let's put our heads together (no pun intended) and come up with alternate product names for this marvel of modern science now widely knows as the ORIGINAL Whizzenator!

Just click the View Comments link below and let us know what YOU would have called it, if you were part of the marketing braintrust at Whizzenators, Inc.

Boulware Released, (Peter that is)

Click the external link for the full story.

In what appears to be a cost cutting move, the Baltimore Ravens have cut Peter Boulware brother of Michael Boulware.

According to Ravens.com, "The Ravens terminated the contract of Peter Boulware Wednesday, parting ways with the team’s sack king who missed 17 games due to injury over the last two seasons.

At an impromptus press conference late Wednesday afternoon, Billick praised Boulware’s service to the Ravens and the city of Baltimore, and said the decision had to do with finances, not concerns about the linebacker’s health."

Gee Whiz Mr. Smith!

I realize this is off topic, but it's just way, way, too funny not to bring up.

From foxsports.com Wed May 11 2005- Minnesota Vikings running back, Onterrio Smith was detained last month at a Minneapolis airport after police found paraphernalia used to cirumvent drug tests. Smith was already a repeat offender in the league's substance abuse program. He was caught with four bags of dried urine (insert jokes here) along with a device called, ''The Original Whizzinator'' (insert jokes here).

click here to see the "Original Whizzinator"

Click here to see the Whizzinator, Jersey of the week and to read the very funny story.

According to the Associated Press, Smith was caught at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport with bags in his luggage that authorities originally thought was cocaine but turned out instead to be dried urine.

With his packets of powder, Smith also had in his possession "The Original Whizzinator", a fake penis and bladder that works in conjunction with a jock strap to help people pass drug tests.

Total cost:

The Whizzinator: $150
Dehydrated Urine: $12
Heat Pad to keep urine at body temperature for up to eight hours: $1
Passing the drug screening: Priceless

A third ''strike'' against the league's policy would result in a possible yearlong suspension for Smith. A release is possible too.

Smith claimed the product belonged to "his cousin" (talk about whizzing on your friend, I bet his cousin is Whizzed off now that he's been thrown under the bus).

The NFL has said that just because Mr. Smith had the product does not mean there is anything they can do to him, they reminded the press that players get randomly tested and that they are part of a collective bargaining agreement, blah blah blah...

This may be the first time I have actually been impressed with airport security, not only did they find this "original Whizzinator", but they recognized that it was "the original".

Just to answer before it's asked, yes, they do come in various colors, white, tan, Latino, brown and black. I don't know about sizes.
Okay, let the jokes begin!

Thou Shalt Not Steal

While it's unclear whether the complaint registered in the Comments section allegedly by the Seattle Times is valid, it does bring up a good point about how to keep this blog active and interesting, while at the same time, respecting the rights and privledges of our internet brethren.

This topic actually came up a week or so ago and was being kicked around by the Admins, based on a observation by Mike Sando of the News Tribune about using copyrighted images on our site.

While there are no hard and fast rules and regulations about these things, and the legal ramifications are also pretty fuzzy, I think we all want to "play nice" and keep this site a credible source for Seahawks information, and not thumb our noses at the very sites where we get a lot of our information.

Below are a couple of links that Bluefoot dug up that deal with "best practices" for using images and linking to information from a blog site.

Best Practices Post #1

Best Practices Post #2

For those who are unlikely to click through on these links, or subject to get all glazy-eyed after the first few paragraphs, here's what it says in a nutshell.

1. you should always give credit to your source of information, especially when copying or quoting any of the content

2. if using images, you should condense them to a "thumbnail" size to encourage the blog visitor to click through to see the original (aka the "Good enough for Google" rule)

3. your posts should not provides so much of the source piece that the visitor does not need to click through to the original

4. if someone request that something be removed, you should immediate comply

After reading these best practices, I edited the offending "Hey Koren" post to comply with these suggestions, to provide an example of what they are recommending.

There was also a suggestion awhile ago by one of our contributors that we should be uploading images to free hosting services like www.ImageShack.us instead of directly linking to them, so as not to "steal" the bandwidth of the site, but I'm not sure that this is respective of the original copyright issue.

So, since this issue has been thrust upon us, and seems to be a central concern of all blog sites, I thought I'd put up this post (even though contrary to my initial reaction on the subject!) and see how others feel about the topic.

Sun Tzu evaluates the Seahawks

I'm not one into shameless self promotion -- Albany made me do it!!!

Any-hoo, I truly hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. My wife was looking at me like I'm a nutcase (as usual) as I chuckled out loud.

I always appreciate any and all feedback, except the obligatory "go #$%@ yourself!"

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tuesdays With Morons!

Today's TWM Index

Hey, Koren...

Rams Fan

The Postons & Winslow Video
(not your typical TWM post, but certainly fits the MORONS part!)

How Would You Improve the NFL?

Click on the external link to read an interesting S.I.com article.

Reading this article reminded me of a few complaints that I have always had, namely the stupid overtime coin flip and the pass interference calls that can put a team at the goal line. I have always and will always hate those two things about the NFL.

I actually liked each of his suggestions, I would add one more to the list though; stop treating the QB's like girls in dresses!!!
I hate the way the league protects the QB's! The only reason for the extra protection that QB's receive, is the copious amounts of money that teams dump into that position. I would rather see the league either put red shirts on the QB's and make it so that you just cannot touch them at all or treat them like any other position, rather than the sissy rules they now have in effect.

draft "expert" review

This is a review from one of the many "experts"on the net,giving us a big D- on our draft.
The thing that makes me mad is unless you draft what these "experts"have in they're mocks,they say that you had a bad draft.Thinking they know how to stack a draft board better then guys that do it for a living.The thing is that for the last 6+ years we have been going after the most physicly gifted and the most highly touted we can get our hands on.But has that worked for us?It seem like it has but we have not won games when it counts, in the playoffs.
I give our front office credit for thinking outside the box,giving our team football players that we can be proud of on and off the field.

Click the tittle or arrow for the link.

TWM: Rams fan

What kind of person is a Rams fan? Worse yet, is someone that claims to be a Rams fan a fan of Los Angeles (where the Rams originated) or St. Louis (where the Cardinals used to play)? If you were a Cardinals fan, why not stick with them when they moved to the desert?

In the meantime, we have new photographic evidence of just what kind of man follows the Rams...

Hey Koren...

Click the thumbnail photo to the left to see the original in its native location, then click the View Comment link, to add your own caption to this picture, or to see those that others have added.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Purple Graze?

The city of St. Loser is giving the Rams some new turf to graze on...

The St. Louis Rams, who have long complained about the rock-hard consistency of their artificial playing surface, are getting a new field next season.

A news conference has been scheduled Tuesday to announce the new playing surface for the Edward Jones Dome.

The Rams' lease with the city, St. Louis County and Convention and Visitors Commission requires that the stadium turf be in the top eight of NFL stadiums by July 2005. The stadium will have FieldTurf, which has become the standard for artificial fields in the NFL and has been likened to playing on natural grass.

PS...See guys? I told you I would come through with something new...

So, field experts...is this a good thing for when the Seahawks visit in the future or worse? Obviously, we cant run on it unless we catch the ball first, but nonetheless...how does this affect us and our divisional inferior? Man Rams are butt ugly...

Tim Doesnt Hass Our Back

The New York Giants were awarded quarterback Tim Hasselbeck off waivers on Monday, solving the club's need for a back-up to starter Eli Manning.

Hasselbeck, a four-year veteran, had spent the past two seasons with the Washington Redskins. He was the club's third string quarterback in 2004 and did not see any action.

However, Hasselbeck could not be joining the Giants at a better time as the club is lacking a solid backup. Veteran Jim Miller's availability is uncertain after undergoing recent hip surgery, which leaves New York with just Jesse Palmer and first-year pro Jared Lorenzen.

And they say we have butt ugly uniforms...I personally think Eli Manning won't be that great...his college greatness was because of our Center ;)

Street Closed?

With the lack of traffic on "the Street" I was wondering if someone posted a Detour sign somewhere??!!

Actually, I haven't had anything topical to post in awhile, so I wanted to post something!

Click the title above to see the graphic I wanted to use, which came back when I did my Google Image search on the word "detour."

Happy Monday Everyone!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Comments From the Coach

Although I wasn't able to hear the whole thing, there were some interesting comments that came out of an interview on KJR radio with Mike Holmgren.
Here are some of the more interesting things I got out of the interview.

Holmgren said that KRob is trying very hard and that people need to give him a break and that he'll have to earn his spot this season. In fact, every receiver other than Darrell Jackson will have to fight it out for a spot. Said that Koren missing camp the other day was due to a counseling session, which is a required part of his rehab. He did acknowledge that KRob really has one last chance to "get it", and that he was afraid to cut Koren, in the fear that Koren's life would spin out of control.

On Alexander, he said that he believes that when the dust settles Shaun will be in camp and will be the starter this year for the Hawks. If not, he said that he will start Morris and has full faith in him.

When asked about the pass rush, Holmgren said that they are still looking for a guy to pick up that could help apply pressure from the edge. Said he felt better about the linebackers than at any time since he's been here. That they were the fastest group of LBers he has worked with. Really talked up Tatupu, saying that "Tatupu is a special player". Mike said, That he believe's that Tatupu will be starting THIS year.

Holmgren repeated his earlier statements that, they will be looking for a veteran QB and will sign one if he can come in and help win games. Otherwise they'll go with Wallace and Green.

He also mentioned the work that Tubbs has put in so far this offseason and that he is looking for big things from him. Also mentioned again Jerramy Stevens and the effort he has put forth so far. Seems like Holmgren believes that Stevens has finally "got it".

Pat On The Backer

Several sources have reported (confirmed by ESPN’s John Clayton) that former Seahawks OLB Chad Brown has agreed to terms with the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. Brown had visited with Pittsburgh, Denver, New England and New Orleans since being released by the Seahawks on April 21st.

According to Clayton, Brown accepted a two-year, $4 million contract that will pay him $1.5 million in 2005. Brown can earn another $500,000 in incentives based on playing time and performance.

Rest In Peace, The Hawk Inside Chad...

Friday, May 06, 2005

Nothing to see here folks. Move along please.

APB to all local fans, the People's Champ, Freddie "FredEx" Mitchell has been released. If anyone sees him at SeaTac, please, call security, the FBI, somebody, and keep him out of Kirkland.

Regarding their mini-camps, Andy Reid said "I told him I did not want him here." That is one worthless player, but he is funny as hell. Did anyone see the skit with Eisen where he was wearing oven mitts? In an interview, he thanked his hands for being so good, priceless.

Great for comedy, not good for the team.

Peter Boulware update

A little bad news, but nothing in stone. From Yahoo, link in title.

Boulware told the Baltimore Sun he is open to restructuring his contract, but that won't guarantee him playing time. "I know my role is going to be decreased," the teams' first-round pick from 1997 told the Sun. "They brought Dan Cody in, and if he's everything they think he will be then they should have a good player."

I can't imagine them letting him loose if he is willing to restructure and is willing to take a decreased role. Kinda too bad for us, but as has been said before, having brothers on the team would lead to a bunch of B.S. media types asking stupid questions instead of reporting news.

Plus we seem to have plenty of talented LBers, unless Petey takes Kaz or T Robinsons spot I am not sure I want him.

Better Attitude?

Click the external link to read the story on the News Tribune.

Much has been made of the attitude problem that some of the Seahawks players from last season's squad apparently had, comments by Trent Dilfer and perhaps to a lesser degree Chike Okeafor confirm that at least in the minds of some players, an attitude problem existed within the team. It is interesting in light of that, to read Mike Holmgren's comments yesterday both defending last years squad and praising this years squad. Here of some of the more interesting quotes.

"We had a good attitude last year," Holmgren said Thursday as the team concluded its post-draft minicamp. "We just lost some real tough ballgames."

"Much has been said and it almost implies that our attitude last year was bad, Holmgren said. It was not bad last year. We had a good group last year. That has not been said enough. We had a good group last year that got injured a little bit."

"But the new fellas that we have brought on board and our draft choices are very impressive guys to me in the fact that they have great attitudes. We brought in people that think the way we think."

"Then some of the people that are not here anymore, they probably wanted to be someplace else. You put those two things together and, yeah, I like our attitude."

It sounds to me as if he is saying both that the attitude on last years team, (in his mind anyway), was not as bad as many thought, but that the overall attitude on this years team is better. I realize that both can be true at the same time, but I sort of wish Mike would get down off the fence. I know that it is important to cover the backs of your athletes, but sometimes I would like to cut through the coach-speak and get to the truth. I also wonder just how much Holmgren was really aware of being a coach, not a player, since players are much closer to problems with other players than coaches are.

In any case, whatever the truth about last years squad, whether there was a prevailing bad attitude or whether it was isolated to just a few bad apples or whether the reported problem was exaggerated; it is nice to see that even while defending last years group, Holmgren admits that this years squad has a positive attitude.

He love them too much, too long.

From the Tribune

A day after quarterback Matt Hasselbeck expressed disappointment about imperfect camp attendance, Holmgren offered a softer view. “Well, Darrell Jackson is not here and he will be our starting flanker,” Holmgren said. “I would like him to be here, but he has his reasons for not being here. He comes in and he practices hard when he is here. … Every player in that locker room is different, he is a different guy. It is voluntary.” …

What is with this guy, he lets his receivers do anything and its ok. What happened to Iron Mike, he's gone all soft. I am disgustipated, and becoming a bigger Pathon fan by the minute.