Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Super Bowl Thoughts...four months later

(I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Why is there a picture of Bill f*@#$*! Simmons on this site. Bear with me)

Its been awhile since I've posted here, and I've been wanting to post something. Anything, just to be around. Then, thanks to everyone's favorite writer, Bill Simmons, insperation struck.

This is from his latest mail bag.

Q: Did you READ Peter King's MMQB column this week? Where on the scale of "most ridiculous unjustified whining well after the game is over" scale do the '05 Seahawks rank? I'd say at least an 8.9. It's been more than three MONTHS and they're STILL whining! Look, it's one thing if the call certainly cost you the game (e.g. the Tuck Rule game, the '72 U.S. basketball team, etc.), but come on. The Seahawks have no one to blame but themselves. Get over it.
-- John Gale, Albuquerque, N.M.

SG: Hear hear. I think Mike Holmgren is keeping it up to deflect attention from the fact that he mangled the clock management at the end of both halves. Seriously, did that game even crack the top-100 worst officiated games of the past 25 years? What about the Don Denkinger Game, or Game 6 of the 2002 Kings-Lakers series, or Game 7 of the 1993 Sonics-Suns series, or the Pats-Raiders playoff game in 1976, or the Jeffrey Maier Game, or the Hart-Michaels match at the 1997 Survivor Series? Let's face it, that was just a lousy Super Bowl -- the officials stunk, but so did both teams. Deep down, the Seattle fans know that their team didn't do enough to win that game. You guys should be worrying about more important things -- like figuring out what the HELL is going on with Felix Hernandez.

I'm sitting here at my computer, reading that part I put in bold over and over again, and wondering two things.

1) How can a man be such an idiot and get paid to write a sports column? I think this is a good time to remind people that he's proud of the column he handed in drunk.

2) How can I write him and not make all Seahawk fans seem like conspiracy theorists?

(Confession: I like Simmons, he's probably one of my favorite writers. Very biased most of the time, but when he's not writing about the Patriots or Red Sox...that one column per year is great.)

A third question then pops into my head as I'm formulating this...can a person say that a game was one of the worst officiating jobs ever, and not blame it on his team's loss? The answer is, of course, yes.

I'm not going to go over the calls because we know what they were. There's no sense in talking about individual calls. (though, in the post below this one, I have to give props to the Hass hitting so hard he gets a penalty. If it were award giving time, that line would probably get an Extremely Corney Bronze racecar.) However, let's consider this singular statement.

After the game, almost universally, the national media was very critical of the officiating. On every program, and nearly ever columnist admitted that the officiating was at the very least, a bit odd. Even my good pal Skip Bayless ripped into the zebras.

So, the ball is in your court, Mr. Simmons. If the officiating garnered that much reaction from the national media, how does it not even crack your top-100. And, further more, if it had been your beloved Patriots that had been on the recieving end of those screwjobs, where would the game rank? First? Would you create another level of losing in your pantheon?

Personally, I don't think Seahawk fans blame the officials for the loss. there are some that do, but the Seahawk fans that know football know that while the calls made it harder to win, we still should have done it. It boggles my mind how we lost this game. Won the turnover battle, gained more yards, and held the ball longer. We missed the big play. there were clock management issues. We know that. We did after all watch the game.

We'll grumble about the officiating. It was, after all, bad. But, please don't confuse that with blaming the loss on the referees. The Seahawks have enough trouble getting national attention, we don't need to be painted as whiners.

So, I'll offer a truce to the national media. Stop bringing up the officiating when talking about this game and we'll let it go to.

After all, this time of year, we have a lot of complaining in regards to the team that plays across the street.

(Thank you for letting me rip into Simmons. And sorry to bring up a sore subject, but something had to be said.)


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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Untitled Topic

The Seattle Seahawks 2006 schedule was announced Thursday, April 6th, by the National Football League. NFC Champions in 2005, the Seahawks will be looking for a return trip to the Super Bowl and their third consecutive NFC West title.
Seattle’s schedule features four prime time games and four against 2005 division champions. The Seahawks will play on NBC and the NFL Network once and will play two Monday Night Football games for the first time since 1987 and host two for the first time since 1986.

Seattle takes on the NFC North Champion Chicago Bears in a Sunday night matchup on NBC October 1. Seattle will host former AFC West rival the Oakland Raiders on ESPN’s Monday night telecast November 6, and take on the Green Bay Packers Monday, November 27. The NFL Network, in its first season of broadcasting live games, will air the Seahawks versus San Francisco 49ers contest on Thursday, December 14.

Seattle opens the season on the road for the sixth time in the last seven seasons when they travel to Detroit, site of Super Bowl XL, to take on the Lions on September 10. The Seahawks will return to Qwest Field for a pair of games versus the Arizona Cardinals (9/17) and a re-match with the New York Giants (9/24).

The Seahawks bye falls during week five following the NBC Sunday night game.

Aside from the Raiders, other inter-conference opponents in 2006 include games at Kansas City (10/29) and Denver (12/3). Two of the finest running backs in the NFL, Shaun Alexander and San Diego’s LaDainian Tomlinson, will square off Christmas Eve when the Seahawks host the Chargers.

After sweeping the NFC West last season, Seattle travels to St. Louis on October 15, San Francisco on November 19, and Arizona on December 10.

The Seahawks wrap up the season on New Year’s Eve at Tampa Bay (12/31).

Six of Seattle’s opponents will feature new coaches in 2006 including Detroit (Rod Marinelli), Green Bay (Mike McCarthy), Kansas City (Herm Edwards), Minnesota (Brad Childress), Oakland (Art Shell), and St. Louis (Scott Linehan).

Correct me if I'm wrong. But doesn't the NFL usually schedule a re-match between the two Superbowl contenders during the following season?

Maybe the NFL doesn't want the rest of the football lovin world to see how bad the Hawks would actually destroy the Steelers on national TV.

MaxHawk 12 Street Writer.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hasselbeck in Crutches!!!

Reason unknown, condition minimized

AP Reports:

SEATTLE -- Super Bowl and Pro Bowl quarterback Matt Hasselbeck reportedly was using crutches on his way into an airline promotional event at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Thursday.
Seattle Seahawks quarterback said the injury was a minor, bruised foot tendon, according to Don Wilson, a Port of Seattle employee assigned to the event.
Hasselbeck was inside an airport terminal helping promote AirTran Airways' first day of summer, daily nonstop service between Atlanta and Seattle.
Wilson said Hasselbeck arrived in the airport's Concourse A using crutches. He said curious fans asked the star quarterback what had happened, and Hasselbeck said he had a bruised tendon in his foot and he was only using the crutches to keep the foot from swelling.
"He only used them to go long distances," Wilson said. "I'm sure he must have needed them, but he wasn't limping."
A spokesman for AirTran Airways, Matt Alverson, left a promotional advisory phone message with The Associated Press before the event. In it, Alverson said Hasselbeck would be present, and added that the quarterback would be appearing on crutches.
Alverson said Thursday evening that he saw Hasselbeck only during the event itself and did not see him using the crutches. Wilson said an airport employee held the crutches off to the side during the event.
A Seahawks official said Thursday the team had no knowledge of Hasselbeck being injured recently. He said the quarterback is not currently on any in-house injury lists that are updated each week during the offseason.
A representative for
David Dunn, Hasselbeck's agent, said Dunn was not available to comment on Thursday. Hasselbeck could not be reached for comment.
Hasselbeck participated in each practice of a mandatory, three-day minicamp May 5-7, and then all of a voluntary, four-day passing camp that ended May 11. He, league MVP
Shaun Alexander and other veterans did not participate fully, as the Seahawks focused on developing younger players during the camps.
Hasselbeck then hosted a high school football camp at Qwest Field that began on May 20. He was not using crutches then.
The Seahawks' next minicamp begins June 5. Training camp starts during the last week of July

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Damned If I Knew.

On Jan. 30, a van carrying six players -- including league MVP Shaun Alexander and Pro Bowlers Matt Hasselbeck, Steve Hutchinson and Walter Jones -- struck a mechanical security fence while trying to enter a downtown parking garage. The players said they were jolted from their seats, but no one was injured.

Uhhhhh....Guys? Who hired the driver? Its no wonder we lost the Superbowl, half of our offense was playing with concussions.

Officials Blame Seahawks Loss on Seahawks
The NFL officiating crew who called the Super Bowl XL match-up between Pittsburgh and Seattle has sounded off on the outcome of the game, blaming the Seahawks’ 11-point loss on the horrible play of the Seahawks.

“I’m not one to usually blame the players after a game, but that was one of the weakest displays of football I’ve ever seen. Their players should be ashamed of themselves,” said head referee Bill Leavy.

Leavy and the rest of his crew pointed to numerous instances of the Seahawks losing the game.

“I can’t even count the number of passes they dropped, or how many times they failed to convert on third down,” said back judge Bob Waggoner. “And we all saw how poorly they managed the clock and how their coaches were out-coached in pretty much every facet of the game. As soon as the game ended, we all had a bad taste in our mouths because we knew we had witnessed one of the worst performances by a team in Super Bowl history.”

In addition to the numerous mistakes cited by Waggoner, Leavy pointed to other ways the Seahawks gave the game to the Steelers.

“I don’t want to imply the game was fixed, but it definitely seemed there was something fishy going on,” said Leavy. “The fact that Seattle missed two field goals and that they didn’t make a single big play the entire game while, in comparison, the Steelers came through with big plays whenever they needed them really jumps out to me. The league can fine me for saying this if they want, but I definitely think the Seahawks played a major role in the Seahawks losing that game.”

League spokesman Greg Aiello says the league will review the performance of the Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

“Since the Super Bowl is the NFL’s showcase game, we want to make sure that everything involved with it is of the highest quality so fans are happy and content with the result,” said Aiello. “That said, we may have to decide that the Seahawks won’t be allowed to appear in the Super Bowl ever again because after initial review of the game film, they really, really, really sucked and definitely did not deserve to win by any stretch of the imagination. NFL fans deserve better than that from a team appearing in the Super Bowl.”


This guy is taking some serious drugs that I would like to become that whacked on.

Are we done bitching about being ripped off yet? It could well be that this is the one Superbowl losing team that gets remembered. In the past, it was obvious that the Superbowl winners were clear winners without said controversy. Had the Seahawks brought their A game to the show, we would have stomped the Steelers and the Refs into submission. But maybe the Hawks did bring there A game and lost it when the officials stole Darryl Jacksons TD in the first quarter.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Getting Jiggy With It...

Thought I would add a nice little gimmick to the site. I have made some interactive Seahawk jigsaw puzzles to enjoy or kill off time. Click the name to go straight to the appropriate jigsaw puzzle.

The default 'cut' is 20 pieces, classic style. When you get there, on the left there is 'change cut' which allows you to do an enormous variety of cuts, with increasing numbers of pieces. The 3 hardest are "247 Piece Triangles", "240 Piece Squares", and "184 Piece Crazy" that order, if you got a nice chunk of time to kill and want a challenge. Also, it keeps records...for bragging rights (record for EVERY cut). I have the following ready to go:

Matt Hasselbeck
Shaun Alexander
Lofa Tatupu
Marcus Trufant
Eye Of Seahawk
Seahawks Logo

Im going to add more to this topic, and hopefully some will try it out and we'll see what happens. Personally, id like to make a jigsaw puzzle using every masthead on this site. I work in an office now, and have a lot of free time there, so I do alot of these...and trust me, they are addicting (if you go for a harder puzzle). Im just asking some of you give it a chance and a little feedback if you can. Thanks, and enjoy.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Lofa "Lightning Rod" Tatupu

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MaxHawk, 12 Seahawks Street Writer.

They said he was too small. They said he wouldn't make it. We all know they've said that before. Steve Largent to name one off hand....Come to think of it you needn't say anymore. Those who have paid close attention have witnessed the birth of the one position that hasn't been present for many years in the Seahawks defensive line, MLB. In his rookie season, he amassed 104 tackles, four sacks, deflected 6 passes and racked up 55 yards of defensive offense with is pigskin theivary thru interceptions and fumble recovery's. Lofa Tatupu is no joke my freinds. He gets any better and I'll personally start reffering to guys like Singletary and LT.

Scoff if you must, but pay close attention to the man who was voted defensive rookie of the year. My man Lofa even slipped a TD into his nfl debut.

Selected with the 13th pick in the second round (45th overall) of the 2005 NFL Draft. Highest choice used on a linebacker since Anthony Simmons was taken 15th overall in the 1998 draft.

With his lower center of gravity he has the abillity to sneak in low and behind a reciever to snatch the ball from the waiting recievers fingertips without the unsuspecting offender even knowing he has been there before its too late and Lofa has disapeared down field. At 238 pounds, Tatupu has the power of a big RB when he has personally turned the defense into his offensive playground. Give Lofa the ball and fun things happen.

(source of the following, Maike Kahn, Seahawks insider,

Edited by MaxHawk to condence.

John Marshall, the linebackers coach of the Seattle Seahawks said. “You can learn about a rookie real fast by the way they respond to a challenge. What everybody noticed on the first day he played in training camp – he belonged.

Rarely does a rookie jump right in, call signals and set a defense. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say the Seahawks wouldn’t have been preparing for their Super Bowl XL matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday were it not for Tatupu’s presence. He was the lightning rod for transforming a porous run defense with no pass rush into one that was second in red zone defense, allowed just one 100-yard rushing game all season and led the NFL in sacks.

“I knew from the first day he took over the huddle,” Seahawks defensive tackle Chuck Darby said. “Anytime you take over the huddle, it becomes the linebacker’s house, the huddle. He makes the calls.”

Keep in mind, that was Day One.

That was the first step toward Tatupu leading the team in tackles and picking off three passes during the regular season, and then intercepting another pass in the big win over Carolina in the NFC Championship game. That was followed by him taking out the Panthers starting running back Nick Goings in the first quarter with a monumental hit that gave Tatupu a concussion. It didn’t stop him from playing, but he doesn’t remember much. If ever there was someone who can just play on instinct, he’s it.

“The coaches do a great job in keeping us team oriented,” Tatupu said. “You have to play together or you’ll never stop anybody’s run game. We’ve been pretty consistent against the run and we just have to keep going.”

It isn’t a problem because the defense has followed his lead. Oh, they have great leadership with veterans Darby, Grant Wistrom and Bryce Fisher – all great effort guys. There is extraordinary talent with Michael Boulware, Leroy Hill and Marcus Trufant. And there is plenty more where that came from.

But it all fits because of Tatupu.

“Middle linebacker is like the quarterback of any defense, and for that responsibility to be put on a rookie is something very rare in this league. What makes it even better is that most times coaches just put them out there and say, ‘Go make plays, don’t think too much.’ Lofa’s whole game is about thinking, then reading and reacting. He’s handled that better than any young player I’ve seen in my career.”

A big part of the smooth transition not only comes from him being an extraordinarily instinctive football player, but being in the heart of Pete Carroll’s national championship defenses at USC. It’s more than just playing in a pro-style defense. The pressure of competing for a national championship on an annual basis as the signature football team in Los Angeles is not small task.

“I guess USC kind of prepared me for situations like this,” Tatupu said. “We’ve been in the spotlight for the last few years and I’m fortunate to be in this same position my first year in the NFL.”

He’s not a mouthy leader or a smack-talker out on the field. He sets the defense, sees the play and constantly gets a great break on the ball. He prepares incessantly, which helps recognition. But that is only part of it.

“Lofa was probably born a linebacker,” Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren said. “There is no learning curve there. He is really a special kid that way. He’s just an amazing young man and I’m very, very happy he’s on our football team and he’s just going to get nothing but better. He’s mature beyond his years and he has been the real glue on our defense, I think. The amazing part about it is he’s a rookie.

“I’ve taken him off of most of the special teams, otherwise he’d run down on kickoffs. He made a play (in the divisional playoff win over Washington) deep in the middle of the field running down there with somebody. It made me a little nervous to see our middle linebacker 40 yards down the field covering a wide receiver. So I politely buzzed John (Marshall) and I said ‘John, is that what you wanted?’ He’s a great kid and we are lucky to have him.”

Tatupu says he saw the magic almost immediately in Seahawks mini-camp after the draft – with fellow rookie Hill and D.D. Lewis as the brash, young and fast linebackers who would fly around the field. It was a brand new group for the shaky defense of a year ago and the excitement was palpable – even though Hill didn’t take over permanently until veteran Jamie Sharper’s knee could go no more by the ninth game of the season.

“We felt it from the first mini-camp, and I’m not lying to you,” Tatupu said. “We made a commitment back then, and I know we lost the first game of the season and our heads were kind of down for that next week going into Atlanta. But as soon as we got that first win we just felt confident out there. Things started to pick up and we had a nice streak.”

Nice streak? Obviously he was spoiled at USC. NFL teams don’t just go out and put together 11-game winning streaks like the Seahawks did this season. Tatupu wasn’t the primary reason, but they wouldn’t have done it without him either.

His teammates are the first ones to say so.

“His presence has been huge,” Michael Boulware said. “Like I said earlier in the week, he is the reason USC probably lost the National Championship game this year, and the reason why we are here. It has been amazing how he has stepped into a leadership role and been able to make the big plays and keep everyone calm. He has been a big asset to this team, and even in the locker room his whole spirit has been awesome.”

Dad just told me to win the game, Tatupu said. “They didn’t win the game when they made the Super Bowl. But it wasn’t from lack of trying. It’s the Super Bowl and you have to prepare the best you can and just come out and play.”

Tatupu would never offer anything less. He’s already been underestimated coming out of high school and college by the so-called experts.

Lofa is no joke my freinds. I highly expect our defense to be in the top ten and wouldn't be suprized a bit if it ranks as one of the best defenses in the nfl led by Lofa "The Lightning Rod" Tatupu.

If you aren't jacked about our upcoming season, you haven't got a pulse and should see your doctor or shrink as soon as possible. Its a known fact that getting back to the Superbowl after losing the Superbowl are slim to none. I see this team as the one to break the odds and return to the bowl with a victory and should well be the team to beat in the NFL.

MaxHawk...12 Seahawks Street Writer

Just Don't Invite Him to Play Shuffleboard...

Len Pasquarelli of Reports:
Former third-round offensive tackle Wayne Hunter, a three-year veteran released by the Seattle Seahawks last week after being charged for his alleged role in a fracas at a sports bar, has been claimed on waivers by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

A player whose career was marked by disappointment on and off the field, Hunter was jettisoned by the Seahawks after being charged with fourth-degree assault and third-degree malicious mischief stemming from a May 13 incident. Hunter faces a Wednesday arraignment in Renton, Wash., on the charges.

The incident, in which Hunter is alleged to have slammed a customer at the bar into a shuffleboard table, is the latest in a string of off-field problems for the once-promising offensive lineman. Seahawks officials have cautioned Hunter in the past that another misstep might jeopardize his career.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006


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Hi all,
Most of you may not know ...but i became a season ticket holder this year. The idea was that I would fly out to a couple of games ...sell some tickets and be able to go to the playoff's.

For family reasons I have to move back to connecticut this year...some of you may know this from the Seattle times site. Given the real estate market and some other preasure I may not be able to make out as much as I would have liked. ... and preseason is out!!

Does anyone have an interest in the preseason game tickets? The seats are in section 328 row T...let me know if any one is interested...and i will sell you the tickets at cost shipping.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Holmgren signs agrees to 2 more years!

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Well i am sure glad that this is all over...holmy signed for 2 more years ...and we have no real big name free agaents next year! wow what are we gonna talk about?

here's the link..

Cutting of The Guard

I know it was already said in the flooble but i thought we needed a whole topic for it. Two players both offensive lineman were cut from the team today. The Seahawks released veteran Wayne Hunter ( who i think ADP has something against) and undrafted rookie Kyle Ralph. Hunter was a versatile player who could play both tackle and guard who i wanted another team to sign during free agency so we could get a draft pick for him but the other teams were'nt complying . I guess thats what you get when you win the NFC and make it to the superbowl other teams don't even want to give you an inch cause they know it will turn into a TD.

Anyways Hunter was almost always injured i don't know how either considering the only time he got on the field was for special teams. He had character problems too not a real Ruskell guy. He was just cited for fourth degree assault and had domestic violence problems in the past. Kyle Ralph never heard of him. I guess he did horrible during mini-camp.

Now that io wrote this i really don't know why i did it but anyways comment on it. What does this mean for the depth of the o-line. Just comment dam it there isn't much news so i got pretty excited when i saw it.

P.S I have no idea if Kyle Ralph plays guard i just like how the title sounded.

Bored? Verbally Lynch Pete Prisco

Okay, we tend to squawk about "East Coast Media Bias." And we throw around terms like "no respect" often enough to make Rodney Dangerfield call it tired. As these catch phrases approach cliche-dom at 12SS, I will merely suggest that Pete Prisco's most recent rankings are merely idiocy. Witness:

8. Seattle Seahawks
They've made some nice additions on defense and the draft brought a solid cover corner in Kelly Jennings to replace Andre Dyson. But losing Steve Hutchinson is not something they can get over easily.

Ah, yes. We have dramatically improved on defense. However, the loss of an interior lineman should erase any hopes of a Super Bowl. Sorry fellas.

Were this not the off-season (O, for such a thing!), this certainly wouldn't be worthy of its own post. As this is not the case, I open the comments section for your best guesses as to Mr. Prisco's education and breeding.

p.s. The Dolphins are ranked ahead of the 'Hawks. Yes, really.

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Video: Hits from the Hammer

Special thanks to kyleeatscrayons

Here's to Hamlin coming back, full swing!!!

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Monday, May 08, 2006

If you can't beat 'em, PAY 'EM!

In a move that should surprise nobody, is reporting that the Seattle Seahawks have settled with Texas A&M University on the use of the 12th Man phrase.

If it weren't for all the hype and overexposure of the Superbowl, this would have been an underwhelming non-issue, but now the sporting world can rest easy knowing the Aggies will be serving a higher grade of grits in their cafeteria, thanks to a licensing agreement with the Seahawks.

As part of the agreement, the Seahawks acknowledge Texas A&M's ownership rights of the trademarked phrase. However, the NFL team may continue using it under license. Neither side admitted any fault or liability.

While I'm sure the Seahawks could have drawn this out into a protracted and costly legal battle, with better than a 50/50 chance of winning outright, they probably thought it best to dispatch with these pesky gnats and get on with the business of returning to Superbowl XLI.

I'm sure we'll have to put up with the return of the Aggie Trolls to our favorite Seahawks chat forums, so they can puff their chests and claim thier hollow victory, while other major college sports programs fight to get the cream-puff Aggies on their schedules!

But the good news in all of this is that the issue should now fade into obscurity, where it always truly belonged, and we can return to guilt-free use of the phrase that we know only describes ONE true set of rabid football fans.

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Offensive Line Predictions, Revisited

Citizen K is a historian. As such, he loves to examine the past, in order to glean knowledge and understanding of "the way things were." In the context of 12 Seahawks Street in 2006 A.D., this entails traveling back in time, back--way back--all the way back to April 1.

The poster: the venerable Bluefoot, (nee Boomdiggydiggy.)

The post title: "Changing of the Guard, Center, but Probably Not Tackle."

In this time-capsule thread, Blue challenges the 12SS regulars to "take a shot at predicting the starting five offensive linemen for game one of the regular season."

With the news out of team workouts that Pork Chop Womack is the nominal and apparent starting replacement for Steve "Agent-Whipped" Hutchinson, Citizen K thought it would prove instructive to revisit this instantly classic thread to see how the guys are doing so far in their predictions for the Hawks' 2006 starting offensive line.

It appears as though, so far, Alba, Bokonon and Citizen K are still in the running, as all three named Jones and Womack as the starting left side of the line. However, there's still hope for the deluded ADP, Check, Bluefoot, and Dave Crockett--there is still time before the season begins for Jones or Womack to go down with injury (knock on Shaq's overactive and apparently unrestrained member ) so there's still hope for your augury to prove portensious.

Not much hope, though. You four will no doubt cry yourselves to bed tonight after finding your divinations faulty. Thus is the life of a fan of professional football.

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Don't Call it a Comeback...

It’s nearly time to make predictions for the upcoming season. Everyone’s focus will be on records, MVPs, ProBowls, and ROYs. I’d like to focus our attention elsewhere.

Last season, New England Patriot’s Linebacker Tedy Bruschi was activated, and started his season, in late October He was sidelined indefinitely, and some thought permanently, by a stroke he had suffered in February. He finished the season with 60 tackles and 2 sacks, fairly average numbers for him. In early January, Bruschi was awarded the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year award, (shared with Steve Smith). By giving the Comeback Player of the Year award to Bruschi, the Associated Press has now set a precedent, taking an honor normally reserved for the player that comes back from a disappointing season (either by injury or by low quality play) to shine in his next season, and defining it as the player that plays at an average level after suffering a serious injury.

Now of course, you Seahawks fans can see where I’m headed with this.

Last season, after defeating the Houston Texans on Monday Night Football, Ken Hamlin made the questionable decision to celebrate in the notoriously dangerous Larry’s Nightclub, in the equally dangerous Pioneer’s Square area of downtown Seattle. While the details surrounding the events are fuzzy, the final result is not. Hamlin was hit in the head with a magnetic street sign. He was sent to the hospital in critical condition with a fractured skull, a blood clot, and bruising of the brain. He remained in ICU for 3 days, and until recently, had not stepped on a football field since. He has started training, and doctors have released him to play this coming season for the Seahawks.

Many will argue that the injury to Hamlin was his own fault. Many will argue that Eagles DE Jerome McDougal might deserve the award just as much for being shot in the stomach. But in my mind, barring a statistical setback, if Ken Hamlin steps on the football field after suffering a fractured skull and brain damage, the choice for the Comeback Player of the Year award is obvious.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Seahawks Open Camp Today!

While it may seem like 100 years since we last saw our Seahawks in action, the reality is it's been just 3 short months since the biggest broad-daylight mugging in Detroit history!

Today marks the first official on-field action toward turning that page and setting the focus on Southern Florida next February, as the Seahawks open their first mini-camp with rookies and veterans today.

That link will take you to an article on, which is illustrated with images of Jeheme Urban catching a pass, Lofa Tatupu reading the eyes of backup QB David Green, with Chris Spencer and an unidentified Guard holding off Tubbs at the line.

Not only is it great to see the boys mixing it up in helmets and shorts again, but these pictures also point to the future of the organization, and the wealth of eager young talent on the roster.

Which may lead you wonder about my choice of image to illustrate this new post at the street.

Well, this is mini-camp and the Seahawks will be fiddling with the roster, especially at the WR, DB and offensive line positions. And while the guys aren't even in pads yet, you know they'll be in tents, which may lead to some unexpected violins!

So be glad that the 2006 season is now officially underway. Not only will it help resolve the bitter memories of the way the 2005 season ended, but hopefully it will give us more to focus on than creating sapping pun-infested paragraphs like the one above!

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Welcome To Seahawks Street's 2006 NFL Draft Coverage!

Welcome to 12 Seahawks Street's 2006 NFL Draft Coverage.

This particular thread will be on top of the main page during the course of the 2006 draft. Below this topic, will be coverage on each draft pick the Seahawks use. After each pick, a person assigned to the pick will create a post regarding the prospect complete with pictures, information, and perhaps even a few scouting reports.

The following is assigned:

Round 1 - ADP - Miami CB Kelly Jennings
Round 2 - check - VT DE Darryl Tapp
Round 3 - Josch (Burleson) .
Round 4 - Gumbostu - Ohio St. OG Rob Sims
Round 5 - Gumbostu - USC FB Dave Kirtman
Round 6 - Josch (Green) .
Round 7 - ADP - Wake Forest P Ryan Plackemeir
Round 7 - Bokonon (b) Ben Obomanu

UDFA - Evan Benjamin, LB, Washington
UDFA - Matt Henshaw, TE, Florida State
UDFA - Kevin Hobbs, CB, Auburn
UDFA - Lance Laury, LB, South Carolina
UDFA - Travis Lulay, QB, Montana State
UDFA - Garrett McIntyre, DT, Fresno State
UDFA - Kyle Ralph, G, North Carolina
UDFA - Pat Ross, C, Boston College
UDFA - John Syptak, DE, Rice

More info on undrafted free agents on Mike Sando's blog.

I will link each thread after the assigned pick has one created. The links will be the player's name, which will follow the above list of assigned draft picks. (IE. When the first round pick is selected, and a post has been made by ADP, I will put the player's name after 'Round 1 - ' and in place of 'ADP', which will also serve as a link to the thread). That just makes it quicker to get to an early draft pick while the late ones start being announced.

Every thread/post will be updated alot, filled with as much info as you possibly can get. This whole thing was a success last year, so lets make it even better! Fellow admins, feel free to edit this topic.

In the meantime, enjoy the following draft day content:

Enjoy the draft, and GO SEAHAWKS!

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Did you know?

Did you know that not only did the Seahawks wrap up their draft Sunday but the final selection for the 2006 Seagals was made? (2006 Seagals)

I've set up a Seahawks calendar with games, Seagal dates, trade/contract deadlines, and any other remotely Seahawk related dates. It's a Google calendar so if you have a google account you can subscribe to it--just search the public calendars for "Seattle Seahawks". For others, you can get a feed of the calendar at...

iCAL feed:

XML feed:

Next big dates on the horizon, Seahawks hold mandatory workouts this Friday through Sunday, and the 16th is the first day rookies can report--assuming they're done with school.

Anycontributors interested in adding to the calendar let me know and I'll add you as an owner.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

The Skinny at 249

Just a few picks from Mr. Irrelevant, Benjamin Ebenezer Obomanu may be able to make the squad as a return guy. He has all the tools for a starting NFL receiver, but at run happy Auburn never developed them. Impressively, played games during all 4 years at Aubrun, but never really moved beyond a roll player. Seen by some as a bit light for a NFL pounding and prone to drop the ball, who knows what will happen in a complicated pass offense like Seattle. Looks like another "character" pick with potential--definite special teamer in the near term.

Impressive tidbits:
  • Won the team's "Top Freshman GPA award" his third year with the team
  • Was named the team's "Most Improved Offensive Skill Player" twice
  • Caught a ball "labeled by the television commentators as a "circus catch"
  • Made the Huntsville Times Elite 11 in high school
Auburn's site:

NFL site:

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