Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hey, It's Super Bowl Sunday!

OK. So the Seattle Seahawks aren't in this year's contest, but it still is the the closest thing to an unofficial National Holiday as you'll get, so as an American, you have to be somewhat excited.

What are your plans for watching the game? Are you staying home or going to a party? Who are you rooting for and why? What do you think the final score will be?

A lot of questions will be answered by the final whistle, such as who will be the first African-American head coach to be a Super Bowl winner, and has an additional 12 months of helped the NFL Officials determine the difference between tickey-tack fouls and actual championship game penalties.

Enjoy the game!


  1. These Seattle locals will be heading to a local pub with a VIP table and will be protesting the game. We shoulda been there, we shoulda been there. Two damn drives and we can't put anything on the board, WTF? I guess we don't deserve to be there. At any rate, Bokonon and I will be sloshed by half time.

  2. Good to hear from you again Vesp!

  3. Colts.
    Me and my buddies are hosting a big dorm party/taco night, unfortunately with a lot of Bears fans in attendance [I go to school in St. Paul, MN... they're sadly prevalent around here].
    I've had people explain to me that if the Bears won, I could say the 'Hawks were the second best team, but I can't bring myself to do so.
    Personally, it'd be like admitting the Bears deserved to win that game... and seeing as that's not gonna happen, I've gotta side with Dungy and his boys. It's kinda like a lose-lose situation...

  4. I could have sworn I made a post on this thread on Sunday night. Perhaps that was just the inordinate amount of beer I had drank by that point. Also some wine.

    I believe what I thought I posted was mainly about the halftime concert by Prince, his monochromatic dancers, and the marching bands. However I can't recall what it was. Sure, his guitar was grotesquely phallic during the backlit sheet solo, but the guy toughed it out in the freaking rain--(Purple Rain, no doubt.) Though I find his music less than inspirational, it seemed like a good concert. I guess you had to be there.

    And to the lucky fan who caught Prince's discarded (probably because it was soaked) do rag, wow buddy, you've got yourself a treasure there. He was, as Michael Stipe said at the last REM concert I attended, after he threw his harmonica into the crowd (incidentally, cutting some guy's forehead open with it in the process,) "sharing my DNA." (Stipe immediately broached the topic again with some faintly homosuggestive comment regarding his after-show plans...) In any case, getting free stuff from rock stars rules, especially when it's got DNA on it.

  5. I guess you can use the AIDS test results as a certificate of authenticity!

  6. That rumor was old 12 years ago...

  7. Expert 'analysis paralysis' was in full effect the week before the Super Bowl. Most of the expert opinion was useless.

    I was in Vegas the week before the game and was angered by a local handicapper who guaranteed another 'double digit' AFC win. He stated that the top NFC team is, at very best, an AFC wildcard. Also played a taped interview of Steeler lineman (starks?) who claimed that 'it was lucky that they played their worst game (SB40) for the worst team (Seahawks) they faced played in the playoffs'. ‘Had we played that way against Cincinnati, Indianapolis, or Denver, we would have certainly lost BIG’

  8. We'll see what happens when the Seahawks end the AFC's supremacy, like they technically did the previous year.

    Keep in mind they destroyed the Colts, BEFORE they started benching their players. Not to mention they destroyed the SteAlers and literally whipped them up and down the field. Has to be the most one sided game in history where the dominant team was recorded for a loss.

  9. Starks should count himself lucky that they played their worst game in front of the worst officials in league history.

    If that game is called fairly, it's a lot closer contest, and probably the Seahawks come out on top.

  10. Hey adp,
    Just for the sake of accuracy, Peyton Manning left the game with 1:47 left in the first quarter after the Hawks blocked a field goal to retain a 7-3 lead. The Colts played the entire game without Cato June, Bob Sanders, Marvin Harrison, and Tony Dungy.

  11. I used to have a counter for the injury excuse, but I dont remember it. Nice counter though, as I thought Manning left in the mid 2nd Q.

    We'll prolly meet them again in the Super this year. The good news is, Manning won his ring, so there is no need for a screwjob.

  12. I never subscribed to the whole "root for the team that beat yours in the playoffs, so that you can say you lost to the eventual champions" arguement. It's total B.S. If a team as flawed as the Bears beats your team (like the Seahawks), then it is your duty to prey that that team loses as quickly and decisively as possible. I thank the Colts for winning handidly without really putting up a huge effort.