Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cortez nixed...again

Seth Koellen, the author of Enjoy the Enjoyment, had a nice piece today about Cortez Kennedy once again getting screwed over by the Hall of Fame Committee.

Koellen's reasoning: he played for Seattle. Really that can be the only excuse. If Kennedy had played for an East Coast team he would have been a first ballot.

Come on...winning defensive player of the year on a 2-14 team? Do you know how incredibly good a player has to be to make the PRO BOWL on a 2-14 team. Kennedy played even better that season. He was a 3-time All-pro, eight time Pro Bowler. He made the NFL's all-decade team for the 1990s. That's despite playing for a Seattle club that had a winning record twice in his tenure (both only 9-win seasons). On top of that, Kennedy was an honorable man, playing his entire career in Seattle and never getting into trouble.

I speak for myself when I say that Kennedy is one of my all-time favorite Seahawks, and he more or less made some of those 1990s teams bearable to watch. At least he made the semifinalist list this year.

Kennedy deserves to be enshrined with the greats, his numbers and past accolades are proof of that. Why the selection committee won't allow its voters to make that decision is mind boggling.

Want Hall of Fame? Skip Seattle (Seattle Times)


  1. People tend to use these points seperately...but never combine them.

    Tez won DPOY on a 2-14 team. In SEATTLE.

    All Pro Decade, 8 Pro Bowls later...

    Wtfever, you know. HOF is a joke. I dont expect Edgar to make it in, either. In the NBA, look how they treated Dominique Wilkins.

  2. Cortez belong in the HoF like Marisa Miller belongs in my dungeon covered in whip cream.