Friday, January 25, 2008

What Has Two Thumbs and Likes Cake?

The smiling chap in the picture is a Seahawks fan named Pat who is stuck in the City of Brotherly Love, but he at least has one thoughtful coworker who baked him that delectable commemorative confection.

The artistic baker of the cake in that photo found this blog and dropped us an email asking for details on Qwest field, such as what is the signficance of the colored circles on the outside of the stadium, and where is the location of the 12th man flagpole, so that the cake could be as authentic as possible.

Drawing on my vast and intense knowledge of the Seattle football franchise (and with the help of the internet) I was able to provide the answers to the inquiries, and all I asked in return were some photos of the finished product to post here for all (both?) our readers to enjoy.

So with Holmgren embarking on his final year as head coach, let's hope that 12 months from now, we are helping Philadelphia Pat celebrate another birthday while watching our beloved Seahawks make a trip back to the Super Bowl!

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