Sunday, January 06, 2008

Do you mind if I change momentum?

Ah, hello there fellow Washingtonians! A swell day for a football game isn't it.

Yes, our team appears to have this game in hand. Two quick touchdowns and a break on special teams. I can't seem to hear this "12th Man" that is supposed to be a big deal.

So, do you mind if I change momentum?

I mean, it could be a fun little experiment. What's the worst that could happen? I'll just push this kick comically wide of the goal!

There, thats done! Look at these latte drinking locals! They are loving that...oh, it tickles me to death; oops! I guess I shouldn't use that phrase around the club now. It tickles me to...well, it just tickles me how much they loved that.

Well, I'm sure that our defense will swing back momentum. Try it boys, its fun! Just swing the 'ol momentum pendulum back in our favor. After all, its only Matt Hassel...


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