Thursday, July 27, 2006


As our boys pack up their belongings and say good-bye to their families on the way to Cheney, it's time for the Seahawk faithful to step up and provide some love and support, especially to the young ones! I'm not talking about bunking with them, or bringing over a nice covered dish - - - I'm talking about the 12 Seahawks Street Adopt-A-Seahawk program!

Last season, we all learned a lot about a few of the emerging stars on the Seahawks roster, like Michael Boulware and Kelly Herndon, thanks to the Adopt-A-Seahawk sub-blogs. We won't mention the one annointing the next starting middle linebacker for the Seahawks! (HINT: it wasn't Lofa Tatupu!)

The idea is to adopt a Seahawk player, either a rookie, free agent pickup, or perrennial backup vying for a starters role, and follow their progress through Training Camp, the Pre-Season and throughout the 2006 campaign.

Basically, you'll create your own sub-blog with the look-and-feel of the 12SS main site, and have total editorial control over the content for that site. Bluefoot and the other 12SS site administrators will be available for any technical assistance you may require, but it's really not that difficult a task - why even a Monkey can do it!

Here's a suggested list of adoptees.


Kelly Jennings (CB) *** Adopted by: O-MEEZY

Darryl Tapp (DE)

Rob Sims (OG)

David Kirtman (FB)

Ryan Plackemeier (P) *** Adopted by: ALAN

Ben Obomanu (WR)


Julian Peterson (LB) *** Adopted by: MIKE

Tom Ashworth (OG)

Nate Burleson (WR) *** Adopted by: HAWKGAL

Russel Davis (DT)

Mike Green (DB)


Jordan Babineaux (DB)

Chuck Darby (DT)

Skyler Fulton (WR)

Jeb Huckaba (DE)

J.P. Darche (LS) *** Adopted by: PITCHIN FROM PDX

To Adopt a player on this list, or anyone else on the Seahawks roster, just leave a comment on this topic and we'll get you started. All we ask is that you periodically update the content on your site, and enlighten the Seahawk faithful about player we might otherwise not get to read about.

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  1. I'm sorry but my sides hurt right now. I can't believe that somebody thought Koutavides (or whatever) was gonna sew up the starting middle linebacker spot. LOL. Is the same person a huge Kasevinski (whatever) fan?? Those dudes are garbage. Do you play Madden? Those dudes are ranked overall like a 73 and 71. I know Madden is not the most accurat source, of course. But 90% of the time if you suck on Madden, YOU SUCK. Not gonna adopt a hawk, i'd love to but 'm just to busy to do the end write up sorry, I know this is going to be a HUGE blow to my fans. lol

  2. Adopt Nate, OK!

  3. Hawkgal - are you saying you'd like to adopt Nate? Send me an email ( so you can get set up.

  4. I don't think i can put in enough timeto be a good parent so i will pass. But may i have the right to Kelly Jennings. I think i have already claimed him on draft day but i will do it again. I may not be Kelly's parent but he is my boy. My own little skinny boy.

    Really Kelly needs to bulk up or he will be in for a very long life.

  5. That's a cop out Meeze!

    Either he's your boy, and you properly adopt him, or he's sure to go to some other good home!

    Time to man-up my friend.

  6. I will gladly adopt Julian Peterson this year.

  7. You a Seahawks fan, Mike? Tough to tell, I checked your sites, they say nothing to indicate your sports fetishes.

  8. I've been a 'Hawks fans since I was about five years old (I'm 23 now). I grew up worshipping Stever Largent. I just started getting into blogging recently, I haven't gotten around to filling up my Links yet on my blog. I'm in a Seahawks group on MySpace, unfortunately MySpace groups' pages are down, so you can't see them.

  9. Very well then. I'll confer with the committee regarding contributorship status for you. Further discussion regarding this will be via email.


  10. Alba, disregard my e-mail I'm taking Ryan Plackemier. I'll let someone else take Jennings. As soon as its approved, I'll set up the sub-blog for Gus the Mule.

  11. Mike - You're 23 and are a fan of Largent???? Numbers don't match there son. Do you mean the younger, sexual predatory Largent perhaps??? You're my kid brothers age, if you ask him about Steve Largent he'd be like, "who"????

  12. Maybe Mike's a big fan of the Oklahoma Republican Party...ever consider that hayseed??!!

    (just wanted to get in on some of this pre-camp in-fighting)

  13. OK boys, step up to the plate cuz they're going fast!

    Already Adopted:

    Ryan Plackmier - Alan
    Nate Burleson - HawkGal
    Julian Peterson - Mike

  14. I was a little kid when Steve Largent played. He retired in 1989, when I was 7. I may have only saw the end of his career, but I was old enough to know what he did, and admire him for it.

  15. Hey I thought Niko deserved the starting role too last year! I still to this day think he earned it last training camp, however im certainly not complaining in hindsight!

  16. That's a cop out Meeze!

    Either he's your boy, and you properly adopt him, or he's sure to go to some other good home!

    Time to man-up my friend.

    Fine alba i'll step up and take K.J. He signed now so we can take care of business and kick Herndon to nickel back where he deserves to be. I hope he isn't as fragile as Dyson was last year.

  17. Cool Meeze. Hope I didn't pressure you into anything there. And don't think I didn't notice the slam on my boy Herndon in the process!!! Just for that, I may have to adopt J. Stevens this year.

  18. pitchin from PDX7/31/2006 11:12:00 AM

    Hey All!

    Could I be granted the rights to JP Darche, please? As a six year veteran and perennial starter, I find him severly under-represented.

  19. You got it Pitch! Send me an email ( so I can get you hooked up.

    Anyone out there thinking of adopting Leonard Weaver? Read THIS ARTICLE on the TNT site and there may be a waiting list!

  20. The Julian Peterson sub-blog is up! I only have one post on right now, but more will come as training camp rolls on.

  21. As is the Darche thang - who would have known the snap is supposed to reach the holder in less than .7 seconds?