Monday, July 03, 2006

We have a different winner, now that a playoff has been executed!*

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*Outcome affected by computer malfunction. See comments section.

SeahawkBlue's online poker tournament a raging success

In case you haven't already heard, tonight was the first SeahawkBlue Texas Hold 'em tournament, complete with online voice chat and -- did I hear it right -- live music?

Clearly, the founders of SeahawkBlue have created an online fan community like no other. If you haven't checked it out, I strongly recommend becoming an elite member (it's FREE!) and trying it yourself. Start posting right away. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to get engaged, and without all the cockfighting that goes on in most forums.

But I can't say enough about how much fun it was to watch some folks I've known for some time online give it their best shot. It started with ten players, but came down to two, ADP and AZCHAWK. ADP had dominated most of the game, but it tragically ended with the following script:

adp17 finishes in 2nd place.
adp17 eliminated for sitting out too many hands .

AAAAAARRRRGGGHH!!! Damn dialup!!!

After gathering together to come up with a solution for the tragedy, AZCHawk and ADP agreed to finish the tournament fair and square (after some memorable whining from the competitive ADP :P). Same rules and same chipstacks in hand, ADP finished what he started, winning the tournament with a 10 high-10-3 offsuit, which beat out AZCHawk's 9 high. ADP knocked out half of the table, and after gaining a big lead, never trailed again until Senna, the cinderella story, gained and passed him midway through. His lead was short lived, as ADP eliminated tournament maker AlbaNYHawker in 5th. Albany was the one guy who had ADP's number throughout the tournament, so it was fitting ADP won one hand against him-the one that knocked him out. Later Senna was eliminated in 4th by AZCHawk. ChawkUp also made a run, finishing 3rd after ADP knocked him out.

Congratulations, ADP!!!

How does it feel?

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  1. WOW, now I know how Bill Cowher must have felt! :-)

    Thanks Bloof but we need to settle this right. Dueling pistols at dawn? Beer chugging contest? REMATCH!!

  2. lol...



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  4. I'll be happy to edit whatever, so long as this is agreed on by both parties as a spit-shake resolution to the complication. Agreed?

    Alba explains what happened:

    "It looks like AZ won by default when ADPs computer hosed up on him and the game knocked him out for folding too many hands in a row!"

    So, it looks like we'll play this out on the 4th of July!

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  7. "if I say the outcome has already been decided, then I played for nothing."

    Not sure what you're saying here.

    "I aint trying to spend 4 hours playing something and getting shafted in the end cause of something out of my control."

    It's even less in anyone else's control, ADP. I think AZCHAWK is being pretty classy by taking some of his holiday out to fix it. He's really taking the lead in the situation. He very easily could have said, "your equipment, your responsibility, your problem", kissed his trophy and ran with it, but didn't.

    I don't think you have any enemies here. We are all buddies.

    I'm not going to tell you don't worry about it if you can't help it. Just worry about reacting in the most positive way possible, so everyone comes away having enjoyed themselves. That's all you can do, right? This is supposed to be fun!

  8. EExactly what I thought when I came back to earth. I am not trying to ruin it for everyone...I just didnt like seeing 'AZC wins by default' and your post didnt help. Thats what caused me to go on a posting barrage trying to explain why im annoyed.

    We agreed to finish it, which is how it should be determined. I would of done the same for anyone else. So to me, its over with, im not frustrated anymore, I got what I wanted...a fair chance to finish it. I realize I made an ass of myself, but hey, it was 2:30 in the morning, and I knocked out half the table and dominated using a balanced strategy, anyone else would be just as frustrated. I only went on a posting barrage after we agreed to finish it because I worried people would say its tainted if i won today, I just wanted explain why it shouldnt be.

    Its all good, I just wanted a fair shot. AZChawk has been nothing but classy, and I left him a message about that, too.

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  10. BULLSEYE! I got the trash can back!

  11. Shouldn't AZHawk hoist the trophy amid the falling confetti and shout "I'm going to VEGAS!!!"

  12. OK, I would like to be the first to congratulate our "real" tournament Champion ADP!!! I gave it my best but he just had to many chips!!

  13. Not when I defeated him a few moments ago to claim the trophy mine! That was extremely fun til my comp ruined it, pissing me glad we got some closure on it

    Id like to thank God first and foremost...even if the Mariners make me miserable every day, I know you care!

    Secondly, AZCHawk, for being a class act and rightfully letting me get a fair shot...he said something everyone who may think my win is tainted...needs to think about. If it was his comp' he'd be pissed too, and want a fair shot.

    3rd, whoever set up the final match, and of course Alba and TC for setting up the entire tournament.

    4th, the 5 victims of my domination, thanks for making my chip stack huge!

    5th, my brain, for knowing when to bluff (i bluffed ALOT in the final match...sounds cheap, but I coulda been ignorant and go all in on every bluff), and reading everyone's hands, by their 'tells'.

    Fun stuff, good times...I dont want to be arrogant and call myself the was the people who understood my situation, and allowed me to have a fair chance that are the true champions. (alba for your above comment, im excluding you from that list!).

    Thanks all, as I take my gloves off and hang them up until the next big tournament to defend my crown, I will leave you with this: CHA CHING!

    Good night, and enjoy practicing as I know some of you probably want to shut my mindless dribble up

  14. alba on 7/04/2006 03:02:00 PM WROTE:
    "Shouldn't AZHawk hoist the trophy amid the falling confetti and shout "I'm going to VEGAS!!!""

    Ummmm.... I've got a # 12 on my jersey not an 86... LOL

  15. AZCHawk, as for you, im willing to defend my 'title' against you one on one, anytime you want...regardless of what the chip stacks are. No bots though! Im way better against humans!!!

  16. adp and AZHawk...I wish the NFL let Bill Cowher and Mike Holmgren do what you two did!

    adp - which comment pissed you off? I'm not apologizing, I like pissing you off, I just like to know which one got to you!!!

    Of course, being the master reader of "tells", you probably already knew that comment was coming!


  17. P.S. quick everyone, download and print that trophy icon before Bloof has a chance to correct it. It'll be like having a Carolina Panthers 2005 NFC Champion hat, or the 5th SuperBowl Trophy in Pittsburgh!

  18. Yeh it could be worth money one day, when im a billionare with alba's house as my personal bathroom...

    No i was ticked when someone said I finished 2nd (dont remember who) and when Blue made this post pre-gun. Nothing against the guys mentioned, it just didnt help the situation considering I tried really hard to win the thing and I never REALLY lost...I may of been DQ'ed, but I was not beaten, thats fact.

    Its over now, and if anyone has a problem with the real results, then join the next tournament. : ).

    Oh, and alba, how many fingers am I holding up?
    | |
    I know you're probably still dazed after I KNOCKED YOU OUT!!!!!!!

    lol all in good fun : )

  19. you are so lucky the margins screwed up my'd be sorry!

  20. Confused-cious7/06/2006 08:18:00 AM

    none of this makes any sense to me. I'm going back to bed.

  21. and you wonder why everyone picked Nostradomus over you...

  22. I had Confucius plus six-and-a-half!

  23. AyeDeePea - as the winner of the inaugural Texas Hold'em Tourney, you should now parlay that trophy into a 12SS Contributor award once the season starts.

    Here's some suggestions:

    ADP's Winning on the River Award - given to the player whose late game heroics lead to sealing the victory for the Seahawks.

    ADP's Texas Size Flop Award - given to the player whose game time activities, well, umm, didn't contribute to the victory

    ADP's Texas Hold'em Turn Award - given to the player who turned the momentum for the Seahawks (good or bad)

    ADP's All In Award - given to the player making the most bold or ballsy move during the game

    ADP's Texas Hold'em Award - given to the O-linemen who does the best job of holding the defense and not getting caught! (I'd love to see Sean Locklear earn this award!!!)

    What do you think?

  24. I like the All In one...not the best of the bunch in terms of what the award is about, but its most fitting for me...early in the match, when me, TDC, and Kenber went all in...the winner of it was going to have an amazing advantage, and the losing 2 would be crippled (TDC had the most in the pot, so if Kenbar or I lost, we're eliminated)...I won that pot, knocking out Kenbar and crippled TDC who was eliminated on the next hand...that play helped me run away early and never look back (until Senna creeped up with me)...should I lose that, im most likely eliminated as the blinds went that play was huge.

    Besides, the All-In award is something that probably won't have to be done every game...I dont mind doing one of these, as I abandoned my other award awhile back.

    Problem is, although it SHOULD be my responsibility, I am going to have to be reminded when the time comes...maybe I could make the dogs playing poker picture bronze to look like plaque-type-trophy, and use it as the trophy...besides I love that picture!

  25. Ahhh... Finally some kudos for that picture! I was wondering if anyone was going to appreciate the "Dogs Playing Poker in Seahawks Luxury Suite"!

    Now I can die in peace.