Thursday, August 21, 2008

5Q: The Charge of the Light (Weight) Brigade

Welcome to this week's edition of Five Questions for an Enemy Blogger.

Since it's preseason, we still are working on lining up our roster of guest bloggers, so we don't really have a victim Charger fan identified to provide answers to these questions, so feel free to use the comment section to chime in.

And if there is a Charger blogger out there who wants to provide official answers to these questions, and also provide Five Questions for me to answer on your blog about the Seahawks, email me at

Q1. With Brady losing his first Super Bowl, and Manning battling knee problems, the Chargers are this year's trendy media darlings to represent the AFC in the SuperBowl. What's the over/under on which week the wheels come off of your season?

Q2. Last year Philip Rivers gave a gutty performance in the playoffs, nearly taking the San Diego to the promised land with a badly torn ACL. Is it just opposing fans, or do Charger fans think he's got the most punchable face in the NFL since John Elway retired?

Q3. LT broke Shaun Alexander's touchdown record, and then had to sit out the playoff loss to the Patriots with a nagging injury. Do you think he'll catch on with another team when the Chargers release him in a year or so, or will he be team up with Shaun at the McDonald's drive thru?

Q4. Speaking of nagging knee injuries, your poster boy for anabolic steriod abuse, and the theif who stole the DROY from our own Lofa Tatupu three seasons ago, is seeking the advice of noted Orthopaedist Dr. Andrews. So will it be this injury or a random drug test that ends his NFL career this season?

Q5. Now that Marty Shottenhiemer is gone, I'm sure the entirety of Charger Nation is confident knowing that the unbeatable Norv Turner is at the healm, but have you ever really looked at Norv up close? Like really close? No, I mean really, REALLY close?


  1. You're right Alba. Norv Turner's face was staged. It was filmed in a sound stage.

    God, people can be such sheep!

  2. Egad, Bryan Adams is coaching the Chargers!