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SEA vs CHI Aftermath: The Funnest Preseason Game EVAR

I know what you're thinking - saying a preseason game was the 'funnest evar' is a bit of a contradiction, like saying you've discovered the world's tallest midget or the most beautiful Rams cheerleader. But this game was legitimately fun to watch, thanks to 261 yards of diminutive bolts of lightning and thunder from Justin Forsett.
Hey, little guy. Is this your glass slipper?

What can you say? Without question, it was his night. He was the star of the show. He rushed for 136 yards - in one half. There is something about that little mighty mite that everyone loves, bringing a previously longed-for intensity to the running game. I just hope he made it home before midnight, before his linemen turned back into mice and his Escalade into a Corolla.

Forsett is a legitimate stud. But don't get too excited. Saturday night, his running style caught the Bears by surprise. Game planning and film study by the opposition can negate a good amount of his abilty, not to mention starting-caliber opposition can make reads and shut his shit down. But in any case, it looks like we may have a lot of fun times ahead watching this magical hybrid of Bobby Joe Edmunds and Emmitt Smith.

I hate to say it, but I'd also like to hold out a 'let's wait and see' with David Hawthorne, too. I've seen a lot of linebackers roll through Seattle, some with a good nose for the ball and a good pop at the finish. But once the regular season rolled around, most of them looked like buffoons, thanks to opposing teams' game plans designed to confuse and trick them into being at the wrong place at wrong time.

Don't get me wrong- 'The Heater' shows good promise. I just don't see him getting but just a few tackles this season, and 98% of these on special teams.

The 12th Man is Ridiculous

Holy cow. Was this really a preseason game? This crowd was more engaged than probably 75% of the regular season games of the NFL. Think I'm exaggerating? Check out these quotes:

Speaking of chills, rookie TE John Carlson got them when he watched former Seahawk Paul Moyer raising the 12th Man flag before kickoff. "Couldn't ask for better fans," Carlson said.

Others sold-out Qwest Field first-timers echoed Carlson. "It was wonderful," linebacker David Hawthorne said. "You just feel a lot of energy coming from the stands out there."

QB Charlie Frye: "A great environment to play football."

RB Justin Forsett: "It's like I was in the college national championship game, how loud it was. You feed off that and you try to keep pushing through your fatigue."

K Brandon Coutu: "They definitely didn't disappoint. This is one of the loudest stadiums I've eved played in. It was exciting. The team got up for that."

Cool. The 12th man is already at 3/4 throat. Wait until she gets to full throat. Then things will get exciting. Wait... What did I just say?

Celebrity with Brush

I don't care who you are, it's a little fun to know someone who knows someone famous. Kinda like when Captain Caveman had a gay relationship with Wonderbread Manning. Or when he went on national TV for 'allegedly' creating a sticky-moused stir over pictures of a high school athlete. Then there is that whole Joe Namath thing.

SO whom shall I name-drop now, to live through vicariously? Hawkette!

She was so on TV

Hawkette, you're totally hawt.

A Kicker Emerges

I'm watching you masturbate

This game couldn't have been better for Coutu's career if it were handed to him in a silver picnic basket. He went 5 for 5 and chipped in the game winner in overtime.

Perfect. He showed consistency, poise, and.... Wait a minute....

He looks familiar...

I know him from somewhere...

DAMMIT.... Where have I seen him?


It's so easy a kicker can do it

Wait, now... my brain cells are really working overtime all of a sudden...

WHOA. Startling revelation here, folks. I've seen Hawkette before, too.

They've got serious pipes - and put on a show

Hawkette is totally hawt x2.

Want Frye With That?

In short, no. I can't imagine entrusting a regular season game to Charlie Frye, base on what we saw Saturday. He's got a long way to go before Holmgren's Way is second nature to him.

At first, he reminded me of last season's Rex Grossman. Then later on, when Holmgren was pissed at him, he reminded me of a young Matt Hasselbeck, dodging the coach after a mistake, but pressing onward. Then after that, he reminded me of how much I take Hasselbeck for granted.

The event of his game meant a couple things: For one, we won't be seeing Seneca Wallace in any greatly expanded 'slash' role this season. The risk would keep the Big Show awake at night, and a couple of injuries to QB's here and there could ruin his final season.

Another thing that was telling was Holmgren's reaction. He lit into Frye throughout the game, even after his mistakes. What is so telling about that?

There came a certain point, most notably after Frye thew the interception for a touchdown, that Holmgren became OMFG run like hell before he kills all of us kind of mad. He didn't start yelling right then; he just got through with a different tirade a momentearlier. No, he held it all in. That is, except his jaw. It stuck out like a Jay Leno Mardis Gras something something. The play was so exquisitely horrible, no ass-chewing could possibly match it. He even stopped calling plays form then on, his play card was nowhere to be seen.

It was as though Holmgren, right then, came to the realization that he found his answer to the question that made him start Frye in the first place. "Charlie Frye is a complete fucktard and there is no way I'm going to do anything to risk Seneca to injury."

However, he did chew Frye out a couple more times before the game was over. which means, there is hope for Frye. Othewise, Holmgren would never have wasted his time.

Other Quickies

This defense is going to be sick. As in bad sick. And by 'bad,' I mean 'good.' And by 'good,' I mean 'effectively rape and pillage.'

It's the fastest, smartest defense I've seen in a long time. And now with Kevin Bentley gone, it no longer has stretches where it gets beat up like luggage.

I couldn't help but notice noticed the special cohesiveness the front seven have this season. They communicate reads quickly, smoothly, naturally. It's second nature. Look out.

Lawrence Jackson is as good dropping back in coverage as I've seen for a DE. This should give Seattle the ability to call a variety of zone blitzes with a minimum of risk.

The deep passes from Frye to Jordan Kent was great to see, even if they were drops. The dude stretches this field with his speed, period.

I worry about Julius Jones' spirit. More on that later.

That's all. Try the fish. And this righteous video of Forsett.

Thanks Psychobabbler!

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