Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Five Obvious Examples of Steeler Fans and How They Suck

Here are several examples. Every one of them either infinitely retarded or completely basted in opprobrium.

1. Just what are you doing to the doll, and why are you filming it?

2. You really know how to party? No, you don't.

3. Why are you air fucking?

4. I can't imagine what makes a person do this. Nor do I want to.

5. What happens when you get 20 inbred fucktards in a room and hand them musical intsruments? Something like this.

Actually, it was sort of charming for a moment, in a white-trash Lawrence Welk sort of way. But then they sang something about the Seahawks and began speaking in tongues.

Is Pittsburgh actually part of America?


  1. Gotta admit those are some funny clips.

    Ya wanna know something I find really funny?

    Super Bowl Championships:
    Steelers 5 Seahawks 0

    Conference championships:
    Steelers 6 Seahawks 1

    Division Championships
    Steelers 17 Seahawks 5

    Doesn't that just crack you up?

  2. STEELER Nation ROCKS! We are so damn good we can even have fun and laugh at ourselves!

  3. Those stats aren't funny. They are impressive. But not funny. Fucking yinzer. :: insert embarrassed emoticon here ::

  4. Wow, first of all, there is a difference between having fun and laughing at yourselves and acting like a goddamn retard.

    Second, none of those stats change the general mental health of Steeler fan. In fact, it appears to make them even more retarded.

  5. This is great. I'm from Cleveland and a Browns fan and these so-called Steelers fans are the biggest front-runners you've ever met. I think some of them are so stupid they actually think they play a part in their team winning. They boast about it like they were actually out there playing. They don't realize that real fans stick with their team through thick and think and not just when they're winning. Fuck the Steelers!!

  6. Fuck the browns and the Seahawks! We fucked the Seahawks up in the Super Bowl, and we fucked the Seahawks up yesterday 21-0. Fuck all you goddamn haters, the Steelers fucking rock and quit hating on them just because they are good! BITCHES!

  7. Cleveland fans have a lot more practice needing to "stick with their team through thick and think." Mostly think. Or is that thin? I don't know. I'm just a stupid Steeler fan, so maybe thick and think is one of the coping tactics that the very smart Browns fans have come up with during the past decade of sticking with their horrible team.

    By the way, good morning Seattle! I'm not surprised you aren't up yet, but I had at least expected to find a detailed analysis here from last night about how the refs cost you this game too.

    Just look at all the phantom holding calls on the Steelers from yesterday, for example. If the Steelers didn't have three bogus holding calls on that one drive, maybe that touchdown would have come after only 6 or 7 minutes instead of 10 had come off the clock in the 3rd quarter. Then maybe your coach and team wouldn't have needed to surrender with 10 minutes left in the 4th.

    But no, the refs had to go and give you an example of what a tough team does when a borderline call doesn't go its way. Obviously biased.

    Now shut up forever, and just hope that next time we don't have our first string available to play against you soft little excuse of a team.

  8. "For anyone who didn't realize what it takes to compete in this league, to compete against a good football team," Holmgren said, "they learned it today."

    - Mike Holmgren, 10/7/2007

  9. Yknow whats really funny, thinking the Steelers were gonna go anywhere this year, they had just about the same pathetic schedule as the Browns, nearly lost the division championship, then got the crap kicked outta them in the first round.Pwaa hahahaha! Now that's funny!
    Steelers fans are even funnier thinking that their team will go anywhere without Bill Cowhers(think that's his name, he was a helluva a coach!)!

  10. Steeler fan here.

    Hey Brownies: I grew up in Pittsburgh, waited roadside for a chance to throw snowballs at your team bus, and remember when you owned us. Truth is, we missed you when you were gone and look forward to battling with you for years to come. I live in Hawaii...Browns fans and Steeler fans come out in unexplainable numbers to the sports bars here, even when their teams are eliminated. We respect that.

    Hey seachickens: love to visit Seattle and appreciate how civil everyone is when I wear my Steeler gear (wish it was that easy in Cleveland). I wouldn't be surprised to see Seattle and the Brownies in Super Bowl 43. If so, save a space for me on the bandwagon for that day.

  11. Stiller fans all suck, they think the stillers should win the SB every year, NOT,,, These fanatics are still living in the 70,s or fantasy land.

  12. Were in the fuck is steeler nation??? I have been looking at a world atlas and i cant find it, we all know stiller nation is in fantasy land or in the land of oz, fuck the stillers and all thier asshole fans, your team is kaput this year so sit back and watch some of the other better teams play for the SB title this year you big bunch of cry babies, wa wa wa come and tell daddy all about it shitsburgh.

  13. lol...sadly, there is a bit a truth in what you say. The 70's won't come back.. You can't blame us for yearning for a time when the steel mills and Steelers were in full gear. At least the Steelers are still in business.

    You have to like the Brownies chances next year. With the Steelers 2008 schedule, 9-7 would be a good year. That won't be good enough for a wild card and probably not good enough for the division...and I predicted the Steelers at 10-6 this year when all the magazines had Steelers 3rd and Brownies 4th. I was way off on the Browns and picked them for 4th.

  14. Over two years after the fact

    Seahawks fans are clearly not over their loss in the Superbowl.

    Wow, just wow