Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We now have two solutions....

We've played two straight weeks of absolutely terrible football. Once again, on this site, I am considering a campaign to name Ryan Plackemeier aka "Gus the Mule" team MVP.

He's the goddamn punter.

So, here we go. There are only two solutions for the season at this point.

Option 1:

Play the Rams. The Seahawks are actually going to do this. And I'm somewhat excited. St. Louis is 0-7 and are losing more people to injuries then the Taliban most teams do...

However, I'm also somewhat terrified because...well, I'm a Seahawks fan. Its my job to be terrified of completely winnable games.

So, should Seattle lose on Sunday that will leave us with one option.

Option 2:


Dear Seahawks,

For my personal safety...the two items listed above this note are in my apartment. Please don't tempt me on Sunday...I'd like to remember stuff. Like, living.

Beat the Rams...please, just beat the Rams.




  1. On a related note, Koren is applying for reinstatement.

  2. Correction, Koren has just been reinstated

  3. Alan, thanks for jump starting the site.

    I was a little a-scared of the Saints last week, knowing they were better than their record indicated, and were hungry for a win.

    This week, I'M TERRIFIED!!!

    Not that I think the Lambs are anywhere near as good as the Saints, but this is EXACTLY the type of game that Seattle traditionally forgets to show up for.

    And I'm going to be there to witness it!

  4. You are carrying these bitches Alan, and doing an outstanding job. Thanks. Pffffffft to you Alba and Blue. Pffffffffffffft!

    As far as the game, I'm pretty confident they'll win. I think getting their asses spanked twice in a row should light that fire. That said, if they don't, just the booze pal. Just the booze.