Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Holmgren to Start Frye in Cleveland

In an effort to jump start his sluggish offense, and send a message to both his recently inconsistent multi-million dollar signal caller, and the opposing sideline, Mike Holmgren is due to announce a new starting QB in this Sunday's contest against the Browns.

Charlie Frye is due to get the start in stadium where he was the opening day starter for Cleveland before being unceremoniously dumped after a pitiful loss to the visiting Steelers. Shortly thereafter, he was picked up by the Seahawks, who were looking for a viable 3rd string quarterback that would allow the multi-talented Seneca Wallace to get more involved in the offensive gameplan.

Now that plan has come full circle.

"Matt's a little dinged up, and frankly, can use a game to sit and watch and hopefully get his timing and rhythm back" said Holmgren after the second day of practice in which the perennial starter Hasselbeck didn't take a single snap. "We know Charlie can play. They know Charlie can play. We want to show them just how big a mistake they made in releasing him."

Wallace will be listed as the backup quarterback, allowing him to see time on the field at various positions, meaning Hasselbeck will be listed as inactive for the first time since coming to Seattle. "Sure it hurts" said the consummate professional, "but while all the fans have been booing Shaun, I know that my miscues and overthrows have derailed this team as much as our ineffective running game, so it is what it is." Besides, anyone who follows football knew that my days as a starter were numbered the day they signed Frye.

Reminded that the Browns and the Seahawks share similar 4-3 records, and the importance of this game to starting the stretch run to the play-offs, Holmgren was grilled by the local Seattle media about making such a risky change at a high profile position at this point in the season. "You should have known things were different when I started calling flea-flickers and WR option passes", explained the suddenly unpredictable coach, "That's just how I roll!"

So while the Seattle faithful will be holding their collective breath on Sunday, it remains to be seen whether it will be Browns fans or Seahawks fans who will exclaim "Thank God It's Frye-day" at the end of the game.


  1. Does it matter who is playing QB against the Browns? Didn't Bulger just throw for three hundred against them with no ribs?

    Mike K.

  2. Yea, and the winless Dolphins put up 31 points on them too!

    However, weren't the Saints supposed to crap the bed when they experienced the shock and awe of the Seahawks in Qwest field??!!

    This game scares me.

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  5. For some reason, this YouTube clip seems relevent.


    Come on Charlie...unleash some throwgasms on your old team!

  6. This game scares me too, simply because the Browns are a historically bad team, and the 2007 Hawks are seemingly overlooking historically bad teams.

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