Sunday, October 07, 2007

A rant, if I may

I'm not going to lie, I was more excited for this Sunday's game then I have been for most regular season games for a few seasons. Sure, I look forward to divisional games and yes the Bears game last year had a lot of build up.

But, the rematch of Super Bowl XL, the first big test of the season, a chance for Seattle to prove themselves.

Someone forgot to tell the boys though.

Take your pick as to why the Seahawks lost in the fashion they did. Matt Hasselbeck seemed to be pressing and was off all afternoon. The offensive line did a brilliant job of pass protection, but could not run block to save their lives. There was the defense who played admirably, but could not get off the field on third downs, and decided to not tackle at key points in the game.

What it boils down to though is that once again in a big game, the Seahawks wilted. it seems to happen year after year. Each season, a statement game pops up on the schedule, and with rare exception the Seattle tradition is to lose in spectacular fashion.

There was the 17-point 4th quarter meltdown against the Rams three seasons ago. There was was the Chicago game last year. Now, its the rematch that never was.

I have yet to check out SeahawkBlue today, but I can imagine some are suggesting that if this game was played in Seattle or if Matt had completed some key passes it would have turned out different. The time for excuses has long passed. Seattle needed a big road win today and did everything in within their means to eliminate themselves from the talk of elite teams in the league.

Why doesn't Seattle get talked about on NFL Live or given respect from the national media? Because this happens every season. The Seahawks may very well be one of the best teams in the conference, but unless they prove it against other contenders it isn't going to make a difference. This team is precieved that it can't win the big game because, well, it doesn't win the big game.

As a lifelong fan of the Seahawks, I have never quite gotten used to this, but can almost feel it before it happens. That doesn't make the loss feel less worse by any means, but those of us who followed this club before they moved to Qwest Field...well, didn't Sunday have an eerily similar feel to those early Mike Holmgren days?

We were outclassed by a team that we should be able to go toe to toe with. Call it lack of exectution, call it lack of passion, call it whatever you will. It all adds up to coming up empty in a statement game.


  1. I think the one thing that everyone forgot to realize is that while they said all the right things in the media, the STEELERS were hell bent on using this game to take the TAINT off their fifth Lombardi.

    I agree that the Seahawks played as tight as a Scottish-Jew in a retail store, but the Steelers just had focus, execution, and determination.

    Yes, the Seahawks made a statement in this game, just not the one we wanted to hear.

  2. Sorry to see antisemitism used as a joke.

    I came here to comment on the post itself, which as a lifelong hawk fan, I can appreciate. I think this team still has what it takes to have a great season, and I think we may look back and be happy this happened. It gives us plenty of time to make corrections and without a conference or division loss to make it hurt worse.

  3. Alba's not anti-semitic. Far from it, the dude celebrates the Jewish holidays with his family.

    Good post, Alan. Makes me want to cry. And get drunk. And punch myself in the face. Several times.

  4. Yeah, I agree. This season can still be good. But, come many times has this team absolutly folded in statement games? We beat up on the Cardinals and 49ers, but then fold against the elite teams.

    The lone excption is the Colts game in 2005, but even then Indy had wrapped up home field, and Tony Dungy's son had just died, so the Colts' minds were understandably elsewhere.

    After the Divisional Game last year, I said that playing that well, with all the injuries, justified our Super Bowl run to some extent. We proved we could go toe to toe with an elite team in the NFL. I'd rather the definitive game of this run of success not be a loss, but so far it might just be.

  5. dude..why dont you put another column on the "smartrade" compare chart for Games Missed or Games Played..

    I still can't believe we gave up a first rounder for that mediocre runt of a receiver..Ruskell is such a egotistical moron..

  6. I also blame the Jews. Me an Alba are like this ::insert emoticon where two guys are standing uncomfortably close:: Actually I'm thinking of converting, since Jesus ain't doing me any favors and miracle-ing Shauns wrist. Thanks for nothing Jesus.

    I blame Holmgrens play calling, Ruskells horrible trades, Branch and his conspiracy to cheat for the P*triots, Strongs weak neckbone, Hass' throws that even the defenders can't catch, Shaun and his limp wristed running style, Zorn for being left handed, KISW for firing Robin and Maynard, Whitsett for not paying D-Jack, D-Jack for not helping K-Drop, Chad Eaton for being fat, Chip Hanauer for crashing his hydroplane, and Ivars because I don't care for their tartar sauce.
    Maybe I'm just grumpy as I lost a bet and I now have to wear a Steely McBeam signature on my FF message board. Fuck you Steely McBeam, cocksucker.

  7. Difficult game to be at too. Hated how Holmgren seemed to give up with 10 minutes left. Hated the fact that we just didn't even seem to try the middle range pass, it seemed to be deep ball or short run every play.

    But on another note, was anyone else at the game and completely unimpressed with Pittsburgh fans? I sat 4 rows from the field, and there was no passion at all.

  8. I'm very sorry to see cocksucking used as a joke!

    And I'm more than a little curious as to why HawkBlogger thinks it's okay to bash the Scottish?

  9. If I may speak for Hawkblogger...because, well, its the Scottish. "Look at me, I'm wearing a kilt and toss a huge log for sport!"

    Real impressive, Scotland...real impressive.

  10. Ho. Lee. Fuck. Caber throwing not impressive? Wearing skirts and having the fortitude to act like it's not sissy is not impressive? Fighting like warrior poets, not impressive? Eating flavorless food for centuries is not impressive?


  11. hawkblogger:
    "Sorry to see antisemitism [sic] used as a joke."

    To be fair, anti-Semitism is a really funny joke! Alba just can't tell it as well as Mel does.

    /I'll bet you don't care much for South Park, do you?

  12. Plus, that was my joke anyhow.

  13. If nothing else, I'm glad to have helped get people's minds off the game.

    I never knew Scots were supposed to be cheap. I'm learning about the Hawks AND cultures on this blog. What a deal!

    I do blame the scots for leading us down the path toward Utilikilts. Any group responsible for those things deserves a bad word or two.

  14. PaulieP --

    Steeler fan here. Unimpressed with the passion of the Steeler fans? I find that kind of hard to believe, but you are entitled to your opinion I guess. Heinz Field doesn't always have the same electric intensity that more closed-in stadiums do -- like 3 Rivers did, or Arrowhead the one time I was there. I think a lot of the noise kind of floats out the open end of the field at Heinz. But the fans seemed to be passionate enough to help out with some of the many Seahawk 3 and outs.

    And I take it you weren't at the "tainted" Super Bowl -- tainted because, as this last Sunday definitively proved, no team could ever overcome a single holding call, let alone three, to score a touchdown. Anyway, all I heard after the Super Bowl was how the league cheated to pack the place with Steeler fans and make it a home game for Pittsburgh.

  15. Matt,

    May have been just the section I was in, but there was no noise in the first half, and other than two or three older fans, the section I was in showed no energy when the Steelers did something well. I'll admit it wasn't the most exciting game, but I felt more like I was at a bar watching the game with people who were hoping the Steelers won, but really had their minds on other games. After the game, people just kind of filed out, no cheering, no yelling, just kind of walked out and left. To be honest, I didn't even get much grief over my Hawks gear.

    And don't bring up the Superbowl, I was taking you seriously until then. No reason to bring it up, it had no part of what happened Sunday.

  16. Just got back from Pittsburgh. Heard this on their ESPN talk radio "same game as SB40 with a few notable exceptions”: Ben didn't make it close with a wounded duck interception; Ike Taylor drops 2 interceptions (instead of 1) before making an important pick; LeBeau's 'faux blitz' gave up a lot of meaningless yards in SB40 but was used sparingly this Sunday; offense didn’t play a horrible first half; judgment calls with drive-killing timing went against Pittsburgh; TD reversed this time on coach’s challenge. Fair enough.

    Congratulations to my friends and family in Pittsburgh on another well-deserved win. How about a rematch in Arizona? (SB42)


    PS it was hot in section 518. Not much funny business or taunting of the Seahawk fans compared to the 1999 game I attended in Three Rivers.

  17. Poly, it was hot everywhere in that stadium. I didn't think I'd have to go from AZ to Pittsburgh to get a sunburn!

  18. Paulie P --

    Me again. I only mentioned the Super Bowl because I thought someone up above had. Maybe I was confused. You see and hear things enough times, maybe you start to imagine them even when they aren't there.
    Boy, what the heck is Holmgren's problem managing the game? He gave away the last chance you guys had at the Saints tonight.