Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Caution... Optimism ahead...

I have a pattern that I follow after a Seahawks loss. For the first day (usually a Monday), I am inconsolable. The sky is falling, the world is ending, and depression just runs rampant. Then, I look for that light of hope. That single ray of optimism that will light my way until the next weeks game. This week, I found… the schedule.

We know that the hawks are not an elite team the way they’re playing right now. We know that unless something kickstarts them, they are most likely looking at a division title, and an early exit from the playoffs. Some people are worried about the team and it’s record being subpar enough to cause a major rule change, eliminating the automatic playoff bid for division winners. After looking at the schedule for the rest of the regular season, this is not a worry I share.

Week 10 San Francisco at Seattle
Week 12 Seattle at Saint Louis
Week 14 Arizona at Seattle

These three games, division games, should be easy wins. The division is down. The teams, especially the teams below the Hawks, are weak. The only game that should cause any concern is the Arizona game, but that will be in the Q, and should feature either an injured Kurt Warner, or the Timmy combination of Rattay and Hasselbeck. I see 3 wins.

Week 16 Baltimore at Seattle

Our sole remaining game against the AFC. Again, at the Q, and if any of you watched MNF last night, we shouldn’t feel bad about losing 21-0 in Pittsburgh, when Baltimore is down 35 – 0 before the end of the first half. I don’t see Baltimore escaping the Emerald city with a win. That team is bad.

Week 11 Chicago at Seattle
Week 17 Seattle at Atlanta

These should be wins as well. Both of these teams have major issues at quarterback, both are very down in their division, both are more than beatable. Neither of these teams should be in any kind of playoff race, both should be jockeying for draft position. The Chicago game is something of a revenge game for the Hawks as a team, and the Atlanta game is something of a revenge game for the DB coach. Unless Seattle is comatose before the games, I see 2 wins here.

Week 13 Seattle at Philadelphia
Week 15 Seattle at Carolina

These are the two games that make me nervous. These teams are most likely both going to be involved in wild card/division title races. They’re both schizophrenic teams that will play very tough one week, and very poorly the next. Seahawk fans have been conditioned to think that teams like these will for some reason play their best against Seattle. The fact that both games are on the east coast doesn’t help much at all. I’m hoping for 1 win out of these 2 games.

Looking at these teams, considering these factors, hoping for the change in offensive philosophy by the Walrus, I don’t see Seattle doing worse than 11-5. Anything under 10-6 should be a supreme disappointment.

With that kind of streak (7-1 or at worst 6-2) going into the playoffs, with a home game to start… who know what can happen!


  1. Thanks for providing a voice of reason and a good justification to climb in off the 4th story ledge.

    However, I need to respond to one passage:

    They’re both schizophrenic teams that will play very tough one week, and very poorly the next. Seahawk fans have been conditioned to think that teams like these will for some reason play their best against Seattle.

    This is because the Seattle faithful have seen too many examples of their beloved team playing DOWN to the level of competition.

    Similar to your post, I had the Seahawks at 5-3 at this point (didn't see us losing to the Browns) and have us ripping off a 5 game win streak.

    Let's hope the boys in blue cooperate.

  2. That's very true, they do tend to play down to the competition. For the past couple of years, it's seemed they've played up to the competition as well, doesn't feel that way this year.

  3. It's great to see you posting again, Paulie. When I read your stuff I imagine it in a badass voice like Barry White, with a little more enthusiasm.

    I like to think there is still some promise left to this season, too. Most of the elements of this team are at an elite level. Unfortunately, the running game (or lack thereof) lets them down when it is needed the most.

    I don't wish injuries on anyone, but I shamefully was hoping Alexander injuries on Sunday were something that would keep him out of the lineup. It's the best thing that could happen at this point. Holmgren would finally see the light with the emergence of Morris and (gasp) moderate success, and Shaun would have to earn his job back after he was feeling better.

    But no, he's just missing practice. (Sigh)

    I think Holmgren faces the toughest challenge of his career at this point - how to deal with lowered expectations.

  4. BTW, 2*2*2: Your comments aren't going to be deleted anytime soon, that's not the way of the Street. But why the hell to you need to be such an asshole to everyone? You're acting like a Goddamn prick.


  5. Thanks bloof, posting again is kind of bittersweet, love to post, hate that the market is so dead that I have time to do it.

  6. Good defense by the Atlanta Hawks drama boys, if only we could patch up the difference, this will be a Atlanta good season. They are running, switching in defense, rebounding see those efforts. We don't have yet the Hawks team down.

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  7. While I'm not sure what the Atlanta Hawks have to do with this...

    I've been accused on this site for having to much optimism, but I don't think that will be the case this year. It might be time to come to grips with this reality: the Hawks are mediocre at best.

    Maybe an OT loss on the road against a quality opponent doesn't stake its claim to mediocre football, but eight games of inconsistency and at times sloppy football does. This is just last season without the injuries, and while I hope they turn it around I'm not holding my breath like I did last season.

    We're winning the division, we're going to host a playoff game, and we might even turn it on when we get there, but Seattle finishes better then 9-7 I'll be shocked more then the Chief in One Flies over the Cuckoo Nest.

  8. Not to be a prick, Alan, but it's McMurphy who gets "shocked" in Cuckoo's Nest...the Chief escapes through the window!

    Great movie reference though.

  9. Its been awhile since I read the book...

  10. It's true, it's true. My state of mind with the Seahawks has turned 270 degrees, back to where we were before 2005. There are some great aspects to the team, but enough thorns to make it a nice, mediocre wash.

    I am left riddled with lowered expectations. It's sad, because it felt good to have some pride, knowing that the Seahawks could kick the ass of the average team and run neck and neck with the best.

    But those days appear over, so I am adjusting my hopes. I am happier that way. Now I go into a game terrified, wondering how in the hell we are going to win. If we do win, I'm thrilled to death. If we don't, I remain the same.

    It reminds me of, hmmmmm, 1998-2004 or so. Maybe even 1976-1991. In any case, in my heart I'm back to that old Seahawks state of mind, even a bit nostalgic about it.

    But be sure of this--I will never boo this team, (unless somehow we become the Bengals in the police blotter) and I will be in full throat every Sunday. The 12th man must never falter, never surrender. I may have the succinct lameness of lowered standards, but dammit, I was never bandwagon.

  11. RE: before the 2005 season, I had a discussion with one of my best friends (the guy that I travel to Hawks games around the country with), and I told him that this team feels more like the teams of 03-04, when we'd lose in the first round of the playoffs, than last year or the year before. the big difference to me is that the teams in 03-04 were excusable because of youth.

    I still believe though!

  12. I can't say I'm surprised, I am pretty damn insightful.

    That's awesome! Thanks for the link Bloof!