Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wanna Win Some Free Seahawks Gear? (Fa Real.)

Hold on to your Chistmas lists and wallets, ladies and germs. 12 Seahawks Street is joining forces with Catalyst Public Relations to bring you a bunch of free stuff from Reebok's Zero Degrees line of NFL apparel.

This is not a joke.

You can check out some of the free stuff on ESPN's online store here. Alba and I have already received a sampling of some of the gear - the Reebok Men's NFL Centurion Midweight White Jacket you see pictured above. We've got one large and another XL for right now.

The only thing to figure out is how to make you earn it. Stay tuned.

Actual well-thought ideas taken in the comments.

[Special thanks to the egregiously-hot Robyn at Catalyst Public Relations. (At least she sounds sexy over the phone.)]


  1. I'm graduating college. I win.

    Maybe some sort of trivia contest?

  2. How bout some type of reward for loyal readership and the occasional kinda funny comment?

    You fags are just keeping the schwag for yourselves aren't you.

    I can see it now... No Robyn, all our readership wears XXXXL or is old and lives in Albany, no joke