Monday, August 27, 2007

Don't Bob 'The Weave'

I feel kinda bad for Leonard Weaver. It must suck to be in Mack Strong's shadow.

The most recent Seahawks player to be called 'Mr. August', Weaver has been a fan favorite the past two seasons, winning hearts with a brutal stiffarm and a penchant for breaking tackles against second and third-string opponents. But recenty, his struggles have been widely publicized, and has drawn enough criticism from Mike Holmgren that his place on the roster is in jeopardy.

Mr. Holmgren, don't make that mistake.

Last September, the Seahawks put Weaver on IR for a high ankle sprain. It was an understandable decision at the time, but frought with risk as Grandaddy Mack continued to cheat Father Time.

To say the least, that was a regrettable decision. As the season progressed, Weaver got healthy, Strong got injured. The end result was the mind-blowing need to make a playoff run with TE Will Heller as a lead blocker and third down turnstile. Marginally serviceable at best, but nowhere near the playmaking ablity of Weaver.

Sure, he's a project. He's making some mistakes. One fumble, a couple of non-blocks, but the dude is a surprising athlete and he works his ass off.

I say don't cut him. Let him learn. Late in the season, when we need him the most, he will be much more of an asset. Especially better than some lanky TE falling over himself to block for Alexander.


  1. Shhh. Don't let anyone know Weaver used to be a tight end too!

  2. I don't see them cutting him simply because Kirtman hasn't proved himself to be a worthy replacement for Strong.

  3. Yea, but Kirtman's got compromising photos of Holmgren from the last Mercer Island neighborhood block party!

  4. True dat.

    You know, I'd kinda like to see Weaver as a TE. With the way he can play through DB's in the open field, it could be pretty effective.

  5. Speaking of Tight Ends, is Wiggins worth a look? Too old and broken to be a back up for us?

  6. That might depend upon how well Joppru and/or Stephens do on Thursday. They'll need someone to play behind Pollard and Heller, and if Wiggins is willing to play for cheap, they may give him a look.

  7. I agree with you on that Weaver is a good athlete however he's not a good fullback. His blocking is horrible. He is not a solid backup for mack, who is probably not going to play the entire season. I think Josh Parry needs to be 2nd in line followed by Weaver. Weaver is a versatile player and they can place him anywhere, just not where he's gotta do much blocking.

    Josh is a skilled player who's reliable and has a proven track record.

    Go Seahawks!