Friday, August 24, 2007

Stupid Black People Need to STFU!

Please take a minute and re-read that headline. I'm not a racist and I'm not proposing that all blacks are stupid. I'm saying that stupid people come in all colors, shapes, sizes and socio-economic backgrounds, and some of them happen to be black.

And some of these stupid black people, like Stephon Marbury, Jamie Foxx and the head of the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP, want you to believe that in spite of the egregious and stomach-turning allegations that Mike Vick has admitted to, he is really just another person of color who is being unduly chastised and prosecuted by a racist legal and judicial system.

Of course, there's just as many stupid white people that think that Mike Vick is guilty souly because he's black, which fuels this never-ending playing of the race card every time a prominent person of color runs afoul of the law.

The truth is, there's just as many famous white people who have achieved great levels of celebrity, only to do something incredibly stupid and watch all the money, fame and career opportunities dry up and blow away.

Don't believe me? Here's just a quick list compiled by the contributors over at SeahawkBlue:

Marv Albert
Tonya Harding
Pete Rose

Pee Wee Herman
Martha Stewart
Hugh Grant

Richard Nixon
Spiro Agnew
The whole Watergate gang
Gary Hart
Bill Clinton
Jim Bakker
Most every pedophile priest

(I consciously eliminated stupid white people who got in trouble for making racist remarks, like Don Imus, Michael "Kramer" Richards and Jimmy The Greek Snyder, so as not to cloud the issue.)

The point is that when white people in positions of prominence embarrass themselves, they evoke the scorn of the general public for the duration of their episode of stupidity, become the butt of jokes by every late night comedian, and then have the courtesy to fade quickly into the background while we all enjoy issuing our verbal stonings and await the next stupid white person to step up to the plate.

The big difference?

There's no NAAWP standing buy to issue inflammatory statements of support for the stupid white person, and very few, if any, stupid white athletes, comedians and/or entertainers feel the need to use the situation to exhibit their own stupidity by voicing uninformed and ill-advised opinions on the topic.

But the biggest difference of all is that when a stupid white person steps on his own dick, the media doesn't stick a microphone in the face of every available member of the black community to get their reaction to the situation.

As a matter of fact, most gaffes by stupid white people go mostly unnoticed by the black community at large. Kind of like when one rapper guns down another rapper outside a Detroit record studio, hardly any white people take notice either.

No, the "racial" issue with the Vick situation is the same as the OJ issue, the Rodney King issue and every other situation when a stupid black person tries to play the race card to deflect attention from their obvious and unmitigated guilt.

Whenever a prominent black person steps on his own dick, undoubtedly the punishment is meted out by a white police officer, judge, commissioner or NFL team owner, and thus we have an assumed "race issue", and the overplaying of this race card dilutes the support and sympathy that should be given to anyone who is truly the victim of a racial bias or social injustice.

No, the smartest black person throughout this entire ordeal has to be NFL Players Association President Gene Upshaw, who has had the good sense to keep his mouth shut, and let his silence speak volumes about his true feelings.

Man how I wish Roger Goodell was a black man, so that human turds like Mike Vick and Pacman Jones would have no wiggle room at all.

(Funny but True: the image that accompanies this article was returned with the first page of results from a Google Search on stupid black people...really! I would have used this comic, which has an ironic tie in, but the pet owner was not black)


  1. Dont compare Marv Albert chewing on a hooker to a guy who made unnecessary money being one step away from a serial killer.

  2. Why not? Both pissed away a grand opportunity.

    Besides, Hannibal Lecter and Marv Albert both agree that hookers taste like chicken.

  3. I'm home today and watching ESPN "First and 10" and they've got a couple of black guys on the panel that are so stupid, they're forcing me to agree with Fuckhead Skip Bayless!

    They're arguing the race issue in the Vick case, and here some of their arguments:

    * Joe Montana refused to show up at the SuperBowl halftime show over money. If that was Mike Vick it would have been blown way out of propportion.

    * The white community has had a problem with Mike Vick since he came into the league, due to the cornrows, baggy clothes etc. (no mention about the Nike endorsements and Madden cover)

    * then to show they're TOTALLY ignorant, they mentioned how Leonard Little KILLED a woman, got another DWI after, and was never suspended. (no mention of the fact that Little is black)

    Stupid black people need to shut the fuck up - you're not helping your cause!

  4. Leonard Little = Uncle Tom. You can tell by his wrangler jeans and mullet haircut. Racist.

  5. Oh, and to be a serial killer you have to kill people. Mike Vick is one step away from being a insert whatever a person who works at a livestock slaughterhouse is called here, but, please, don't you compare a human life to a dogs. And if you will, compare it to the poor cow or soybean you killed while you're at it. Makes the same amount of sense.

  6. The blacks are supporting Vick for one reason: Because he's the same color as they are.

    Everyone else (who isn't black) is coming down on Vick because of his dispicable *behavior*. Period. They'd be every bit as angry if Peyton Manning had been the ring leader.

    Saw the same thing during the OJ trial. Overwhelming support from the black community for a muderer, simply because Simpson was black - evidence be damned.

    Yes, racism does exist in America. And nowhere is it more prevelant than in the black communitiy.

  7. good points, anon, but your argument might carry more weight if you would attach your name or at least a screen-name to it.

    Just saying.

  8. Why do stupid white bloggers create stupid racist headlines to only in the first paragraph claim they're not stupid racists?

  9. To get stupid lurkers to provide stupid comments, of course!