Thursday, August 02, 2007

Who Loves The Seahawks More Than Captain Caveman?

The title probably should end with the word "Does", since I'm sure most visitors love the team more than they love Captain Caveman, but it was already too fucking long. However, in this piece he did for Deadspin, one time Streeter Matt Ufford professes his true feelings and devotion to our favorite NFL franchise.

(and I'm just mailing it in!)


  1. At least you didn't shut her down for the offseason.

  2. I don't know Alba, I suspect that many bloggers here have a strong affection for the caveman...

  3. Stupid posting on Deadspin. This says nothing abotu football. Does anyone give a shit about what a loser this dip shit is? I don't but this is total crap.....