Sunday, October 05, 2008

More Problems Than Just The Punter

After a humiliating opening day loss in Buffalo, the Seahawks unceremoniously released punter Ryan Plackemiere.

At the risk of telling tales out of school, the problems with the Seattle Seahawks go much deeper than just the punter.

With the 49ers and Cardinals both leading in their late games, the Seahawks will most likely wake up tomorrow two games behind at least one of their divisional opponents.

And of course, they are just one game ahead of the other one, the hapless Rams, who fired their head coach last week. So, if an 0-4 record can get a head coach fired, don't you think that a 1-3 record is enough to justify shit-canning a Defensive Coodinator?

Whether the team isn't paying attention because this is Holmgren's last year, or half this roster all got "old" at the very same time. What better way to jump start the transition to the Mora era than to send John Marshall packing and install Mora as the D.C.?

Somebody's gotta do something. To quote one of my favorite lines from War Games, "I'd piss on a sparkplug if I thought it would do any good!"

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  1. Make Plack the goddamn DC. he'd be better than Marshall.