Thursday, October 02, 2008

Something For Your Pole Besides a 12th Man Flag

Let's see what we got here.


Beautiful women in lingerie?

Plastic couch cover, box of Kleenex and a super-sized bottle of Jergens Lotion?

Thanks to a tip from Bloof and this article on SeattleWeekly we learn that Seattle is the latest to throw its jockstrap into the ring of the Lingerie Football League, deliciously unveiling the lovely ladies of the Seattle Mist.

What else should you expect when the Seahawks drop a home game to the 49ers?

Let's just hope Mrs. Womack doesn't decide to play

If the Seahawks raise a 12th Man Flag as a pre-game tradition, whatever can these lovely ladies do with a giant steel pole to capture the attention of the viewer?

I could go on all night, but that wouldn't leave any puns for our dozens of readers to leave in the Comments section. (see how I cleverly hide that shameless plea for feedback?)


  1. This puts new meaning into 'going deep.'

  2. They may be running the ball, but I'll be the one "pounding the rock."

  3. WOW...a post with comments from 100% of our readership! I can die now.