Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You can't fire me...I WEAR A SUIT

What do you mean I'm fired? Me? Fired? That's impossible. That's like saying that silk ties don't improve defensive blitz packages.

What's that? They don't? LIES!

Now you're bringing in Singletary. Great. Did you see his glasses?

He looks like Urkel! I'll bet he hikes up his pants and wears suspenders at home! With that sort of fashion sense...this team can't possibly succeed.

Fine, if you people can't appreciate a good suit, silk ties, fine shoes, and the finest cufflinks this side of Italy, then you're beyond help.

Though I will miss San Francisco...the shopping here was fantastic.


  1. I wrote this before reading KSK today...they have the exact same headline.

  2. Look at the bright side Mike...you're already dressed and ready for your first interview!

    (might I suggest St. Louis...the Seahawks could really use another inept coach running that team)