Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday O/T: What really happened when the world's smallest man met the woman with the longest legs

First of all, He Pingping is a cool little dude. Standing at 2'5" he runs his own restaurant and talks like a chipmunk. He's officially been named the world's smallest man.

Svetlana Pankratova, meanwhile, owns the longest legs in the world, which stretch to 4'4".

Together, they made for a strange but entertaining photo opportunity. Check out this clip - but especially watch for Pinping taking a little peek-peek up Svetlana's barren gulag:

That dude kills me. I wonder if they hooked up afterwards? If they did, I hope she tied a broom handle around his ass to keep him from falling in.

In any case, what you don't see here is what he was really looking up at. For that, you had to see it form this difficult-to-obtain view of a innocent, bystanding ground squirrel:

Poor feller. I bet he swears off nuts.


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