Sunday, October 12, 2008

This Was Not Just a Loss

This was a realignment.

Last Wednesday, Holmgren lit into the team with what was termed as a 'truth session." In the moment of truth, in five successive games, the Seahawks have shown who they really are.

Now they must find a way to come to terms with being identified with a horrible record. They have lost their swagger, their pride, and their enjoyment. You can't just fake it back. The only thing that gets it back is hard teamwork and faith.

So now, how will the Seahawks respond? How will the fans respond? Neither have been in this position for quite a few years.

But wait, it gets worse: Now Seattle heads to road games in Tampa and San Francisco, followed by Philly at home, then a road trip to Miami.

Not good.

But you have my promise: I will not lose my sense of humor. And I will not give up.

/dick joke?

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  1. Anyone else think Tony Kornheiser needs to get rid of that comb over?

    Apparently I'm not the only one.