Monday, June 19, 2006

Hawk Round Table

MaxHawk; 12 Street Writer.

(Source; MIKE SANDO; The News Tribune)
Coach Mike Holmgren saw a hungry Seattle Seahawks team during a two-week passing camp that concluded Thursday.
“While we had a great year last year, and we’re happy for the fans and the stadium is full and all those good things that happened last year, there is some unfinished business,” Holmgren said.

The starting lineup is pretty much set, but the Seahawks face the usual round of difficult decisions on backup positions.

The team is carrying 93 players on its 80-man roster, counting unsigned draft choices and players exempted for participation in NFL Europe.

Rules call for teams to reduce their rosters to 75 players by Aug. 29. The 53-man limit takes effect Sept. 2, eight days before the regular-season opener at Detroit.

Comment: The team isn’t confident it will be able to sign a desirable veteran backup. Holmgren made it clear Greene must improve to stick around. Hamdan has a broken ankle and may or may not be back in time for training camp.
Max note; I'm still a bit on the fence about Seneca Wallace. He looked damned good for one game during the preseason and not so swell in the rest. I wasn't real impressed overall when he came in to replace Hass after the Hawks locked up home field. The UFA QB's are Doug Flutie (will he ever go away?) Vinnie (got phantom?) Testaverde, Tye Detmer,(nah) Shane Mathews (who?) and some Clown named Jeff Blake out of Chicago. Pick'uns are slim.

Wide receivers
Locks: Darrell Jackson, Bobby Engram, Nate Burleson, Peter Warrick, D.J. Hackett
• On the bubble: Maurice Mann, Ben Obomanu
• Longer odds: Taco Wallace, Skyler Fulton, Tony Brown, Keenan Howry, C.J. Jones
• Comment: Fulton played well in NFL Europe, but that doesn’t mean much now. Mann and Obomanu seemed to enjoy strong passing camps.
Max note; Nate Burleson should be a solid replacement to the sorely missed Joe Jurvicious lost to the Vikings during the offseason. Look for Hackett to get more comfortable with the long ball and establish himself as the speedster down field. A healthy Peter Warrick should show more of his potential and D-Jack certainly lost the dropsies after KR split making him the franchise reciever with Bobby (I only dropped one) Engram as a close second in the two slot.

Running backs
Locks: Shaun Alexander, Maurice Morris, Mack Strong (FB)
• Looking safe: Leonard Weaver (FB)
• On the bubble: David Kirtman (FB), Josh Scobey
• Longer odds: Marquis Weeks, Ran Carthon, Jimmy Dixon
• Comment: Weaver is approaching “lock” status, but the team will give Kirtman a chance in training camp.
Max note; Mack Strong will still be on the field when his body has turned to stone. All they will have to do is stand him there and he will still perform like a rock.
Shaun? Pfff...HOF. On pace to crush any and all of Sweetness', Emmitt's, Brown's or OJ's records. And you can take that to the MaxBank. Scooby maybe on the bubble but after last season stellar perfomance on kick returns, he shouldn't be going anywhere. He brought back the excitement that has been missing for a long, long time. Why MoMo is still here is beyond me but with Weaver locking up as Macks replacement, there may actually not be much room or need for him

Tight ends
• Locks: Jerramy Stevens, Itula Mili
• On the bubble: Will Heller
• Longer odds: Brock Edwards, Matt Henshaw, Keith Willis, Mike Gomez
• Comment: Stevens might not return from a knee injury until well into training camp.
Max note; Not much to say here. Stevens has improved significantly, however, I still believe Mili is the better TE.

Offensive line
Locks: Walter Jones, Floyd Womack, Robbie Tobeck, Chris Gray, Sean Locklear, Chris Spencer, Ray Willis, Tom Ashworth
• Looking safe: Rob Sims
• Longer odds: William Henry, Jeff Bolton, Lance Reynolds, Pat Ross
• Comment: Womack’s health is again a concern.
Max note; Can "Pork Chop" begin to fill Huch's shoes. Losing Steve isn't going to go un-noticed in the offensive line. Look for Matt to land on his back side a few more times this season. I fully expect to see a lot more of first round draft pick, (C) Cris Spencer as the tandem with Chop trying to fill the void next to Walter Jones until Tobeck has had his fill at center.

Defensive line
Locks: Grant Wistrom, Marcus Tubbs, Chuck Darby, Bryce Fisher, Craig Terrill, Rocky Bernard, Darryl Tapp, Russell Davis
• On the bubble: Joe Tafoya, Chris Cooper, Kemp Rasmussen, Jeb Huckeba
• Longer odds: Robert Pollard, Darrell Wright, John Syptak
• Comment: Health is a major concern on the line. Wistrom, Tubbs and Bernard are coming off surgeries and could miss the start of training camp.
Max note; The Defense has improved over last seasons squad. Look for Darryl Tapp to be the splash of the defense. Add to that, the return of the Hitman from his bar fight excursion, the high flying secondary should be in good shape. They put Tafoya on the bubble but the "Max Bank" say's he's going to be a strong contributing factor being well worth his 2nd round status. Lets not forget about Rocky. He ate and chased more QB chickens than anybody near expected. Look for Tubbs to follow Rocky's lead and become more of an impact player. With Darby, Fisher and Wistrom as the anchores, our front D-line should become extremely feared.

• Locks: Lofa Tatupu, Leroy Hill, Julian Peterson, D.D. Lewis
• Looking safe: Isaiah Kacyvenski, Niko Koutouvides, Kevin Bentley
• On the bubble: Cornelius Wortham
• Longer odds: Lance Laury, Evan Benjamin
• Comment: Tatupu, Hill and Peterson could form the strength of the defense.
Max note; Lofa, in his first season, played like a grizzled five year veteran. What more can I say about the, soon likely to be, best MLB to ever own the Gridiron? Look Out? Leroy Hill should feed off Lofa and cause some havok, While Kaz and Niko are strong staples in the defense I see this crew gelling to a top five rated defense.

Locks: Marcus Trufant, Kelly Jennings, Kelly Herndon, Jordan Babineaux
• On the bubble: Jimmy Williams
• Longer odds: Gerard Ross, Reggie Austin, Lance Frazier, Kevin Hobbs
• Comment: Jennings has been working opposite Trufant with the starters. Babineaux returns from shoulder surgery in August.
The Jury is still out on Jennings only because I haven't researched him in the least, so I'll spare the diatribe. Corners should be ample being out ran only buy the fastest of turf burners. What they lack in speed, Babineaux and Boulware will make up with deception and exellent play reading skills. those two had plenty of upset plays in store last season. I see no reason this season won't be more of the same.

Locks: Michael Boulware, Ken Hamlin
• Looking safe: Mike Green
• On the bubble: Oliver Celestin, Shaunard Harts, Etric Pruitt
• Comment: Boulware could miss some of training camp after undergoing ankle surgery. Hamlin is returning from head injuries. Green has extensive starting experience from his days in Chicago.

Max note; Hammer time returns, That has to be good. M.B. was addressed and I haven't a clue as to what Green brings to the table

On the bubble: P Tom Rouen, P Ryan Plackemeier, P Gabe Lindstrom
• Longer odds: K Ryan Killeen
• Comment: The punting situation remains unsettled as Rouen, a veteran of 810 punts in 188 regular-season games, faces a challenge from younger prospects.

Whew, I'm glad this wind bag artical has come to an end. The punters can kick ass and we still dump them bringing in another boot to do the Job and I don't see one damned thing wrong with the current P.K., Josh Brown who reeled back from strong adversity last season building his confidence along the way.


  1. Great thoughts Max. I only add this: One of the bigger signings this offseason for the Hawks is going fairly unnoticed. Having watched the Cardinals live for a few years, I can tell you that Russell Davis is going to shine in this defense.

  2. Thats kind of what I am hoping this artical turns into. give your input.


  3. Captain Caveman6/19/2006 07:33:00 PM

    Tom Rouen got cut today. And we didn't lose Jurevicius to the Vikings.

  4. Paulie is right. Davis is a great very keen on DTs for some reason. I was ecstatic about his signing, not to mention the underappreciated trade for Mike Green. He was a beast with the Bears. Theyve had a good defense for awhile, and he was the #2 man in it. To think he is a backup at both safety positions if awesome. Babs will also get to stay at corner and finally concentrate on one position. Our depth is esquisite. Easily the deepest team in the league.

    (Obviously everyone knows about Peterson, so I excluded him...along with Burleson)

  5. Re: Running Backs....

    Am I the only one that doesn't think that Scobey walks on water during kick-off returns? Please. We were so starved for anything beyond a 20 yard average that we were willing to annoint the first person to cross the 30 as the next re-incarnation of the Dali Lama. For cryin' out loud, Scobey was 24th in the NFL last year in kick return average. TWENTY FREAKIN FOURTH. Everybody get off this guy already, he is NOT that good.

    And also, Maurice Weeks almost made the team last year, he was one of the very last cuts, so maybe he has a better shot than would first appear.

    And also, yoplait boston creme pie non-fat yogurt is really good. Seriously, you should try some.

  6. I am so pumped about this upcoming season, I'm a Seattle native and been a Seahawk fan since I was 5 (back in '81). This looks to be the best team we've ever had. Our D line is just nasty and it looks like our D backs will be getting picks left and right. The defense just makes me tingle, I'm serious I've never been this pumped about our defense before, this is so incredible. I would skip this summer if I could and go straight to september after the finals. My Huskies should be halfway decent too. It's is going to be nice to just run through our old AFC west buddies, can't wait to crush the Raiders. Go Seahawks, I'm going to have my voice gone for a whole damn season, it's about time we (seahawks fans) get to have a team like this, I love the depth at every position. DAMN IT, I AM READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!!!!!

  7. Where did Jurvi go, to the Browns? Hell I don't know. things have happened so fast this offseason that I can't keep up.

    Scoby did a helluva lot better than Momo ever thought of. He may have had a low average, but how many times did he get us excellent field position? Plenty.

    I lost my voice for damned near three months after the Superbowl. This season I vow to just shut my mouth after half time.....Yeah right... Max Out!

  8. Am I the only one that doesn't think that Scobey walks on water during kick-off returns? [...] Scobey was 24th in the NFL last year in kick return average. TWENTY FREAKIN FOURTH.
    Check. The thing to remember about Scobey is that he's a beast on kick coverage as the gunner and on punt coverage. Frankly, much of his value comes on the coverage side. What's to like about Scobey is that he's a specialist who works on both coverage and returns. That versatility probably opens up a roster spot somewhere.

  9. Scobey is a beast who really lays the wood as a gunner + he's a bhuddist, how cool is that, I mean can you really be mad at a bhuddist for cleaning your clock?

  10. That is pure bait, biggo.

    And great point, dave. Scobey's value is more than just a return man.

  11. Max, Good article.

    Green was a very good coverage safety for the Bears. He can backup both safety positions. He also is pretty good in special teams.

    Flutie retired.

    BigO is correct, Scooby Doo's value is on the coverage units.

    Lewis was a standout special teams player before becoming a starter. With JP in the fold, you'll see Lewis once again wreaking havoc on the ST coverage packages.

    I agree with the other posters. In November, no one will ask about what Russell Davis can bring. He's going to be a pleasant surprise.

  12. Scobey is a beast on returns too, it's just that the other 10 guys keep getting caught holding!

    Scobey is most noted for the opening season fumble, but nobody mentions that the ball was knocked loose as he was fighting and clawing for extra yards. I think he had one pure muff later in the season, but for the most part, he was sure handed.

    But I will agree, all that being said, he's MOST valuable as a gunner on kick OFFS.

  13. Oh please. Gunners on kick-offs and punts are a dime a dozen. No gunner on a kick off is worth jack without a decent wedge buster anyhow.

    Point is, the 'Hawks have learned their lesson about submarining a position just to keep a decent special teams player (re: Bannister), and don't assume that Scobey will keep his spot, because he isn't that critical.

  14. Yeah, thats right. He isn't that critical. Mo Morris was doing just fine getting minus 3 yards average per return. Oh Wait! maybe we can convince Willie Gault to hang up his cane and come out of retirement.

  15. Swing and a miss....

    The point is, once you have seen poor for so long, you tend to accept mediocrity. Please recognize this.

    I never said Momo was a good return man, but do NOT be blinded by a mere improvement, when that improvement is still short of average! Please refrain from putting words in my mouth.

    Demand excellence in everything. That is the attitude of a champion.

    Scobey is NOT critical and there is no solid arguement yet that I've seen to convince me otherwise.

  16. MaxHawk, please seek to understand, and I will try to be clear:

    When you have gotten accustomed to crap, mere mediocrity seems like an improvement.

    As a champion, you must demand excellence in every aspect of the game.

    Thus, even if there is an improvement, if you are still mediocre, you should not be celebrated.

    And please try to refrain from putting words into my mouth. I never said that Momo was good, or better than Scobey. But Scobey being a critical part of this team? That is a freaking joke. He is easily one of the most dispensable players on the roster, so forgive me or being one to call it out with an impartial eye.

  17. And I apologize for re-iterating, the computer err'ed out and indicated that the first post did not register. I'm not really that guy.

  18. Check, I wasn't implying that you stated Momo was better. I do however, feel that you are minimizing Scobies achievements on the field. This was Josh's first season with us and he did put us into exellent field position many times dispite what the average depicts. Scoob had 19 tackles and 6 assists as a gunner last season. not too shabby, but when you see his stat of 22.5 yards per average on return, most people see that as leaving us around the twenty yardline (Like Mo always did.) as a starting position for Hass and company. Try this on for size. 1,326 yards of offense.
    I'd say he's doing his job. In 03 with the Cards he racked up 1,684 and his average was 23.1 vursus his 22.5 here. he did that in 15 games with the birds with a long return of a hundred yards. Last season Josh posted a long of 53 with 2 over 40. I'm not seeing this as mediocrity. I see it as vastly improved over Mo's crap and room for him to do better.
    In his 4 year tender he has had three fumbles and lost only 2.
    That's two lost balls for every 3,733 yards of offense. show me a running back with that kind of ratio.

    Mo had 821 return yards in 02, 1,007 on 03, 994 in 04 and 21 yards on 05 for a 2,853 in 58 games as compared to 3,733 in 43 games for Scoob.
    15 less games and a thousand more yards. that about a full season difference.
    I think I'll stick with Josh for the upcoming season and see what pan's out.

  19. Are you kidding when you say "Why MoMo is still here is beyond me...there may actually not be much room or need for him"?

    He is our #2 halfback and one of the better backups in the league. Running Backs Coach Stump Mitchell: "With this offensive line, I think Maurice would put up some astronomical numbers both in the receiving and the rushing area if he was given the opportunity." The Bills, Cardinals, Vikings, and Colts all tried to sign him this past offseason.

  20. With health being a concern because Winstrom, Tubbs and Bernard are all coming off injuries, I think we go with Rasmussen as our 4th DE, instead of Tafoya or Heckuba who are also both coming off injuries. Tafoya was originally a 7th rounder (not a 2nd).

  21. No I'm not kidding. I've seen Mo get stuffed far too often. They nick named him crazy legs Morris at O.S. Sorry but I haven't seen it. Keep in mind. John L Williams was Curt Warners back-up. Mo's no John L.

    I think he should be bannished. If I could I'd take a poll....

    Well, Maybe I can take a poll....

    Lets have a Vote....

    I say we should dump him. All in favor?

  22. You know what? I'm tired of my posts not showing up...especially when I put good thought and arguement into them.

    Blue, wassup?

  23. We just re-signed MoMo so i don't think he is going anywhere. In the preseason it looked like Weeks was a better RB to me but go figure.

    I have to say he does sometimes get the tough yardage, eventhough he sucked in the playoff game against Washington he did get the tough 3rd and 1 yards on a few plays.

  24. I guess we do not really know what MoMo is capable of in a full-time role. He can have an impact in the passing game out of the backfield. He also has a career average of 4.7 yards, just above Alexander's 4.6, but then again he plays against the scrubs when he does get in. I agree that Scobey is much better as a KR, even if he is not that great himself.