Sunday, June 04, 2006

My Favorite Seahawk

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This is my first time doing this, so cut me some slack!

Ask this question in a room full of people, and you are bound to get a hundred different answers. Who is your favorite Seahawk of all time?

Was it Steve Largent? Maybe Jim Zorn, Dave Brown, Curt Warner, Jacob Green, Kenny Easley, Dave Krieg or maybe Coach Chuck Knox? All members of the Ring Of Honor. How about Jeff "Boogie" Bryant or "Shoeless" Joe Nash? Rufus Porter? The beauty of the question, there is no correct answer. It is considered a social crime to try and convince another Seahawk fan that your favorite Seahawk is better then theirs.

Instead, the conversation should be looked at like a fine wine tasting contest. Take the information in, swirl it around for a bit, extracting the feelings and emotions of the particular memory, and finally digest it with a smile. Ahhhh, the memories... Most Seahawk fans can hold their own in any conversation involving this topic, after all, we're talking about big names here! Right? I mean, at some point we must have had some exposure to the biggest names in Seahawk history! Sure we have! Or have we?

I wonder how many people can hold a conversation about my favorite Seahawk. He is a member of the Ring Of Honor, but we never got to see him play. In fact he never even suited up for practice. He never called in a play from the sidelines or got a Gatorade bath. He didn’t have a football card laced with impressive stats, never got a post game interview for his game saving contributions, or a young child offering up an ice cold Coke in return for his game jersey. But he was there for 17 years...

My favorite Seahawk is the late Pete Gross. Wasn't he their long snapper back in the late 70's? No. I remember him! He was the father on Family Ties! No. Did he wear number 144? (sigh) No. He was broadcaster Pete Gross “voice of the Seahawks”. Most of the time when you listen to a broadcaster, it is apparent in his voice that he is merely killing time between this job and his next. But not Pete, he was no flat liner. You could tell by listening to him that he was one of the biggest Seahawk fans in the emerald city.

His money phrase was “TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS!” and to this day, you will find many forum users who close out their post with it. It brings a smile to my face to see that. I would listen to Pete regardless of having it on my TV. The combination of Pete and watching it was great. The day he passed away was a very sad Seahawk moment for me. I still continue to listen to Steve Raible, but he will never live up to my expectations. Nobody will because I compare them to Pete Gross.

It was at half time of the Carolina playoff game that I really wished Pete was here to finally see his team playing this well, and going to the Super Bowl. It’s funny, after all these years I still miss Pete Gross, who was such a big part of my early Seahawk expierence.

When Qwest field was built, a lot of people wondered why they built it without a roof. The Seahawks front office had several reasons why. Even though they won’t admit it, the real reason is, so Pete can watch his team. Rest in peace my friend.

Touchdown Seahawks!

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  1. Nice post TC. I guess Gross was the guy but i'm a little younger so i didn't get to experience him as much. Either way the video was incredible.

  2. A long time has passed since I have heard Pete call a game. The video was refreshing. Gross enhanced the viewing of the game for sure. Even when they were terrible, it was interesting to follow the broadcast. Funny after all of these years I finally have that feeling and hope that we shared in the early 80's as far as the hopes and dreams and realities of seeing our team truly vieing for the SuperBowl.

    The 1st 2 plays of the video are included near the top of my all time favorites. Krieg dropping the shot snap and throwing for a TD. Also Kenny Easley coming off the edge to apply pressure and our golden boy Brown (recently departed himself this year), intercepts the ball tiptoes down the sideline for another great play.

    The lone aberration and stinging negative was that the video included shots and audio from Tom Flores. The abosolute low point of Seahawk head coaching and general managing that this team has had to endure.

    Touchdown Seahawks!

    Gladiator Hawk out.

  3. winnipeghawkfan6/05/2006 09:08:00 AM

    Quiet possible the best grouping of letters, words, syllables and semicomplete sentences I have ever seen anytime, anyplace, ever in my long, dark, empty life!


  4. Captain Caveman6/05/2006 08:12:00 PM

    1. Steve Largent
    2. John L. Williams

    Isn't that Krieg fumble + TD pass the perfect microcosm for his entire career?

  5. Great read and video TC! Pete Gross was just awesome; I definitely have a lot fond memories listening to him call games. My favorite Hawk would have to be Largent! You just have to love a short white guy who can end his NFL career with more catches for more yards and more touchdowns than anyone before him in NFL history. :-)

  6. For the first 28 or 29 years of my career as a Seahawks fan, it was a long distance relationship with periodic conjugal visits when they would either play on national TV or come East to play the Pats or Jets or Giants.

    For this reason, I never got a chance to get the day-to-day information on the players and organization, or the weekly dose of getting to know these guys on Sundays.

    For that reason, my historical favorite Seahawks are mostly the "usual suspects", guys who caught the national spotlight due to their play or behavior.

    Guys like Zorn and Largent (of course), Kreig, Curt Warner (the original, not Mr. Brenda) Kenny Easley, John L. Williams, Tez and even the Boz!

    Fast forward to the electronic age, where things like the internet and DirecTV have allowed me more easy and frequent access to my favorite team, and guys like Mack Strong, Hass, Boulware are leading candidates for my favorite Seahawk.

    However, always being a fan of the underdog, and somewhat chemically imbalanced, I usually pick guys that are relatively unknown or on the cusp of unemployment and get behind them.

    Guys like Fredd Young and Efrin Hererra from days of yore, or Kelly Herndon and Josh Scobey from last year's squad.

    One of the great things about the Seahawks, which I think Pete Gross was alluding to in his signature call, is that they've never really been about the superstar player, but traditionally more about the team.

    Pete could have easily called Touchdown LARGENT or Touchdown BLADES or Touchdown WARREN.

    But instead, it was Touchdown SEAHAWKS!

    As it should be!

  7. speaking of Tez...I pulled his rookie card out of a pack (sorry cant shake the card collecting habit).

    Also got Krieg.

    Anyways, I dont have a favorite too young to say i saw Largent and company in their playing days...(1986)...Springs was my first favorite...than Alexander, and currently its MArcus Trufant

    So all time - Springs (until a modern player builds a decent legacy)

    Right now - Trufant

    Old School (from those I couldnt watch) - Kenny Easley

  8. You're a DB at heart, aren't you ADP?

  9. Great post!! Good memories of what a class act he was.

    I miss his distinctive voice. You could feel his pain when we lost, his joy with a win and always "genuine passion" for our "Seattle Seahawks".

    The video had some great calls by Pete, but I will always remember his call in Kansas City when we finally broke the long Arrowhead losing streak. Kreig had been sacked an NFL record 7 times by Derrick Thomas and shook off the potential 8th sack to throw a last second game winning TD to Skansi. He was screaming louder than we were....good memory.

    Favorite classic Seahawks. Easley, Mudbone, Dr. Dan and Tez.

  10. EW, Are you a member at We have a forum called "The Video Vault" and it has the highlights from that KC game in it. There are TONS of vids in there.

  11. Big Tez, Kenny easly, and Curt Warner.

  12. Oh good, I'm not the only one that loves Cortez Kennedy.

    Back in the day, I had a subscription to SI for Kids. At Halloween time, Coke had this ad that depicted star players as monsters. The only one from Seattle was Cortez Kennedy (Tez Rex). For me, he was the face of the Seahawks (and did you see those mid 90s teams? He might have been the only good player...)

    Other than that, the man kicked ass. I have no idea why he isn't in the ring of honor. I know he'll never get the recognition that Largent, Zorn, or Kreig will get in terms of greatest Seahawk, but he deserves to be honored as one of the best players in team history.

  13. Well, as a cornerback myself, yeh, I love DBs...CB is HARD to play, too : ).

    I signed up for Seahawk Blue, and played poker late last night with some bot dudes, and this other guy who I didnt guy though. Looks like passes wont be the only thing im gonna be taking away lately...

  14. In defense of some of my favorite Seahawks, Fredd Young wasn't exactly an underdog. He was a pro-bowl player on a high-caliber defense. And Herrera undoubtedly led the league in receptions at his position for at least one year. And probably tied for first in most other years.

    Joe Nash, and specifically his knee, is another favorite.

    Thankfully I was off to college and beyond in LA and Atlanta during the Behring years, so was not forced to endure those sad chapters. I did manage to watch a couple games staring a highly-touted quaterback who seemed most comfortable in the fetal position. But then this is a list of FAVORTIE players. Not the worst of times.

    My all time favorite is Dave Kreig. His college, Milton College, was so small that when he left, it disappeared. He was too short to see over his O-line, much less the defensive linemen's outstretched hands. His hands were too small to hold a football. His arm strength was, to put it nicely, unremarkable. As a runner, he didn't exactly remind anyone of Walter Payton. But through his will, hard work, and brains, he became not just an NFL quaterback, but a 3-time pro-bowler. But true to his hard-luck style, his 32 touchdowns in 1984, normally a noteworthy accomplishment (for example, Favre's 32 TD's led the league in 2003, and Palmers 32 led the league in 2005, while Brady's 28 led the league in 2002), was surpassed by Dan Marino's record-breaking 48 TD season.

    Of the current era, I'll choose Tatupu. For much the same reason. He needs a box to stand on to see over the defensive line in their three-point stance. He's outweighed by most punters. And he was a reach in the 2nd round. But he took over the defense, made virtually every play perfectly, and inspired his teamates to play up to and above their potential, just as he does. He's a difference maker. Without him, the Seahawks don't go to the superbowl, and the Trojans don't win the national championship.

  15. Largent was the reason I fell in love with the Hawks to begin with so, he's #1, then close second Easley who was simply the man. After the golden era ended, I fell for Tez, and Chris Warren. Today, Lofa Lofa Lofa!

  16. LOfa was 248lbs, hardly a punter weight. But Lofa is my current man. He's always thinking. His vision is increadible in the way he can read plays and see whats coming just before its unfolding. this was his rookie season and I'm certain he will become one of the best MLBs of all time barring injury. Nice piece TC. This is good stuff you bring to the table. As far as Pete goes, nobody did it better, IMO. Even when I could watch the game on TV, the radio was tuned into 710 KIRO. If Pete was talking, YOU SHADDUP! I am really glad, that in his final game that he broadcasted, We kicked the Donk's asses thouroughly in the Kingdome.

  17. It was a joke, son. Lofa is also tall enough to see over a d-lineman in a three point stance.

    But now that you mention it, lists Tatupu as 238, not 248. And the 'Hawk's new punter Plackemeier weighs in at 253.

  18. If a Punter is 253, he's just plain FAT!
    But, you are correct on the 238. I pulled that number out of my grey matter and it was a bit foggy in there at the time. I should have known it tho. I did, after all, do an artical on him.....Dohhh!

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