Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Predictions, Wanna Bet?

OK, here we go. Its predictions time. I chose this time because I'm really starting to get antsy and wanted to spice up the place again. Nothing like a little sprited debate about who's ass we're going to kick and who's we aren't.

Is it just me or are we playing an EZ schedule this season? Maybe its just because we are becoming the team to beat and all the Sally's on the docket look pretty winable. I see maybe a 4 loss season. maybe. more likely a 2 loss season. Now every year I start off the season chanting 16-0. Nobody has ever done it, but I see this seasons Seahawks and schedule as entirely possible. Am I dreaming? maybe. But the Giants and KC are the only two real teams standing in our way. Denver, maybe.

9/10 Hawks @ Detroit....win
9/17 Hawks vs. Arizona...win
9/24 Hawks vs. New York...win
10/1 Hawks @ Chicago...win/loss
10/15 Hawks @ St. Louis...win
10/22 Hawks vs. Minnesota...win
10/29 Hawks @ Kansas City...loss
11/6 Hawks vs. Oakland...win
11/12 Hawks vs. St. Louis...win
11/19 Hawks @ San Francisco...win
11/27 Hawks vs. Green Bay...win
12/3 Hawks @ Denver...loss
12/10 Hawks @ Arizona...win
12/14 Hawks vs. San Francisco...win
12/24 Hawks vs. San Diego...win
12/31 Hawks @ Tampa Bay...win

I have 14-2 people. Maybe 12-4 with losses to the Giants and drop one to the Lambs or the Bears.

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  1. If it were'nt for fear of injuries we would probably see go 16-0. It gets hard to tell once the season is almost to an end and u wrapped up the division a first round bye, and homefield 3 weeks earlier. Anyways here's my shot

    9/10 Hawks @ Detroit....win Lions suck even with Mad Martz calling the shots.

    9/17 Hawks vs. Arizona...win You can have all the skill players you want but if ur line sucks so will the team.
    9/24 Hawks vs. New York...win We are flat out better. New York doesn't scare me especially at Qwest.
    10/1 Hawks @ Chicago...win Sunday night game Alexander time baby.
    10/15 Hawks @ St. Louis...win We get to display the greatest show on turf at Edward Jones.
    10/22 Hawks vs. Minnesota...win Lets see them try to poison pill there way out of this one.
    10/29 Hawks @ Kansas City...win I can't see them beating us they can't tackle for god sakes even if it's at arrow head.
    11/6 Hawks vs. Oakland...win I hope we play in our old jerseys for this one.
    11/12 Hawks vs. St. Louis...win Lets sweep em 2 years in a row.
    11/19 Hawks @ San Francisco...win Maybe in 5 years they will have enought talent to compete
    11/27 Hawks vs. Green Bay...win Media is opsessed with Favre & Holmgren and this will be the 2nd time they will have their final game with each other
    12/3 Hawks @ Denver...loss You gotta lose somewhere figured Mile High sounded right.
    12/10 Hawks @ Arizona...win A woopin in the desert is goin down
    12/14 Hawks vs. San Francisco...win I think our 2nd stringers can beat them we're not the Rams you know.
    12/24 Hawks vs. San Diego...win/loss Do we need a win if yes then we win if not then we lose.
    12/31 Hawks @ Tampa Bay...win/loss Do we need a win? Do they need a win? It all depends on that. We can beat them for sure though.

    I am calling for a repeat of last years 13-3 and posts season results with the refs calling the Super Bowl correctly.

  2. 16-0 leading to 19-0.

    And 0-4 in the preseason.

  3. 16-0 leading to 19-0.

    And 0-4 in the preseason.

  4. It said "timed out!"

  5. It said "timed out!"

  6. (That was intentional.)

  7. (That was intentional.)

  8. Predictions? Did someone say predictions? ok, we'll go 11-5 because our schedule is tough, and we will win the division easily and once again make the trip to the Superbowl after just barely beating carolina in an exciting NFC champoinship game. How do I know this? Cuz I said so!

    How about this one? Both Mannings will miss the plaoffs next season, and the Colts will be the NFL's most disappointing team.

    Or...all of the media sexy pick teams teams, Philadelphia, Miami, Baltimore, and Arizona, will miss the playoffs, and will perform terribly.
    Edge will be bust in Arizona, Culpepper will be the NFL's biggest flop by far and will be benched by midseason if he even starts the season at all. McNair will be fine but the team around him just sucks and will be exposed, and the Iggles will be very lucky to win six games all season, and the medias fallating of that team will finally cease.

    New England will just barely squeak in to the playoffs and will get killed by the first team they face, because their window of opportunity has slammed shut, (you can't just lose players and coaches every single year and not have it come back to bite you).

    Cleveland will be the NFL's biggest surprise, winning more games than expected, and finishing strong, to end the season.

    Want more? ok how about the Bengals and the Broncos will be the two best teams in the AFC and everyone else will take a HUGE step back, forcing the retarded media, to finally admit that they have been seriously overrating the AFC for years. In fact, top to bottom, the NFC is, and will prove to be, by far the better, deeper conference.

    Think those are bold? try this, the Seahawks will win the Superbowl over the Cincinatti Bengals!

    How's that for putting it out there boldly!

  9. Dang i just realized how much i have missed Monkey's ranting.

  10. Too early...ill make my say as training camp winds down.

    As I always say, remeber its about matchups. Ignore rosters, and ignore media 'sheik picks'.

  11. I have to disagree with the Culpepper prediction, he is gonna ball in Miami. Him and Chambers is gonna be nastier than him and Moss. Hawks will go 13-3 or 14-2 depending on must win type games. Superbowl in Miami here we come. Don't be suprised if we play the Dolphins.

  12. umm...wow, I really don't know what to say to that exactly...I mean comparing Chambers to Moss is a huge reach in and of itself, not to mention the fact that Culpeppers entire knee was ripped to shreds just last season, and you're expecting him and Chambers to hook up better than him and Moss?

    Let me just say from the experinece of having seen him playu a lot more than anyone here has, (I live in the North Dakota Minnesota area) that Culpepper is a very unintelligent QB, who has absolutely ZERO clue how to read a defense. The only thing that made him dangerous, was his ability to run, which he will never have like he used to again after blowing up his knee. Moss, with the ability he had to beat just about any coverage deep, and jump beyond any defenders reach to make good cathces of poorly thrown passes absolutely made Culpepper.
    Just ask yoursel this, what did Culpepper do without Moss? That's right, nada, zip, zero. In the first five games the Vikes played last year, without Moss, culpepper was by far and away, the leagues WORST QB, BEFORE he got hurt. I just don't see how you can expect him to be better, with even less talent around him.

  13. I think we go 6-0 in our division again. The three AFC West teams (all but Raiders) should be tough, close games and we might lose at Mile High and Arrowhead. Chicago will be tough at Soldier Field, but we will mop the floor with the rest of that division. I say we beat both the Giants and the Bucs, but they could be good games and Week 17 could be meaningless.

    vs. NFC West 6-0

    vs. AFC West 2-2 (maybe 3-1)

    vs. NFC North 3-1 (maybe 4-0)

    vs. NYG and TB 2-0 (maybe 1-1)

    So, I say probably 13-3, but as high as 15-1 if we can win at Denver or KC, and as low as 12-4 if we lose to either TB or NYG.