Friday, June 09, 2006

The Ring is the Thing!

Understandably without national fanfare and a trip to the Whitehouse, the 2005 NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks were recognized this week and received their championship rings.

While the 2005 season fell a few steps short of the ultimate goal, and the corresponding date with the President, Tim Ruskell put everything in the proper perspective:

"This is about what you guys accomplished," Ruskell said he told the players. "No other Seahawks team has ever gone to a Super Bowl. No other team has won 13 games. No other team has won 11 in a row, led the league in scoring, led the league in sacks."

This new addition to the players' jewlery boxes will hopefully serve as a reminder of what great things can be accomplished when everyone is pulling together, and what's left for them to do.

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  1. For those of you who are Sirius Satellite Radio subscribers and NFLRadio listeners, you'd swear one of the teams from the NFC East should be getting these conference title rings. ;-)

  2. We got a ring baby, but it's not the one we want. We got to get it this year in Miami, lets kick this season off and win a championship.

    For all FIFA World Cup Soccer fans go, Azuri (which is Italy for those non european futbol fans.) I hope an African team can win but they won't and love the U.S squad but their group is too tough.

    Wow i just talked more about Futbol than football on a Seahawks blog. Guess i gotta love the street for this.

  3. Just incase anybody wants to know i was not the one who was advertising that soccer thing on the T.C's post.

  4. LOL meezy, You made me laugh! Alba, where can I get mine?

  5. TC - You can get yours if you win enough cash at the Texas Hold 'Em table!!