Thursday, June 22, 2006

12 Seahawks Street Logo Contest

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Fellow Seahawks faithful,

As you may have observed, a few months ago 12 Seahawks Street underwent a significant and needed facelift. Part of the transformation included a collection of randomly occuring mastheads, all part of a collection of about 45 designs created and donated by members and visitors. If you haven't seen the full gallery, you can check it out here.

If you had a part in designing that, I personally thank you. Once again, the collective power of #12 was much greater than the contribution of any one person. It gave the site a much more personal feel, but without making the site look like a 6th grade project, and it also kept the site visually interesting.

It's time to take this a step further! One of the things I discovered during all of this, is that 12 Seahawks Street does not have a clearly identifiable, permanent logo. Persons contributing their own mastheads were forced to choose a font, try to arrange it in the best manner they knew how, and then include it in their project. The results were nice, but lacked the consistency that is desireable in a professional looking site.

So I would like to present to you an NEW banner contest, in two parts: 1) The logo design, and 2) restart the banner project with the new logo.

And so it begins-- would you be able to help? Feel free to explore your creativity. I will only give a few minor, creative parameters:

  • The logo must contain the full spelling of "12 Seahawks Street"

  • The logo must have a very simple, single color background, so the logo can be easily cut and pasted into new mastheads for the second part of the contest.

  • It would be good to create the logo in two colors; one with a lighter color to paste into a dark background, and vise versa. Another option would be to have light lettering with a dark outline. Both suggestions are in order to provide a legible contrast when combined with the banner.
I thank you in advance! This is always fun. I'll be working on one, too. Post your efforts in this thread in the SeahawkBlue forums as an attachment, and I'll add a voting thread later.



  1. I was going to suggest a logo for the street. It definately needs one, to reflect it's inherent
    Great idea blue.
    I might work on one if time permits.

  2. When does the contest end? I'm returning from Hawaii on Thursday, so next weekend would be fab.

  3. There was no set time - Next weekend it is!

  4. I'll be able to work on one this week... but won't be able to start till tonight... oh well... Hope it's cool.

  5. Your stuff has been very cool in the past, Holo... Thanks!

  6. I wouldn't mind more time, myself. How about pushing it back? (By next weekend I meant after next weekend.)

  7. C/K,

    For you, I'll wait until the cows come home.

    (No offense, timmy!)