Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Seahawks #1 in ESPN Power Rankings

Being a Seahawks fan is tough. Even after a remarkable 2005 season and strong playoff run that ended in a dubious loss in the Super Bowl, the Seahawks still don't get any resp-- WHA?

Of course, this collection of sports journalists' opinions is as useful as Pete Prisco's drivel... but hey, it's nice to be noticed.

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  1. Crap... So much for flying in under the radar.

    My initial gut reaction was a horrible reminder of the 2004 bandwagon of ingoramuses, proclaiming Seattle as the SB team of the NFC.

    But I feel much better about this team. They really are the real deal, and not just the sexy preseason SB favorite, chosen by writers marginally familiar with the team from Egypt.

  2. Damn, you beat me to it Capt. Now let me get this straight, we actually got some respect? Did the world just spin off its axis? Did Hell just freeze over? Is the Moon actually blue? Did the cows fly?

    Fact is, Seattle is the team to beat in the NFL. Not the Squeelers, not the Lambs or the Patriots. No Sir'ee Bob. Seahawks Baby!

  3. First of all, that picture with this post is adorable. (in a doting fatherly kind of way, not in a the weird uncle who never married kind of way!)

    Second of all, it's about freaking time that the rest of the sports world, and the East Coast Biased 4-letter network got with the program and came to realize what we've known all along!

    And it's good to be picked as the #1 ranked team based on what we did last year, and not based on some wild speculation by a sportswriter who is hoping to correctly nail the one cinderella team to rise out of the ashes next season.

    (again, nailing cinderella as in "being right" and not as is "strip off those ragged clothes you grimey castle're going to the ball alright, but we're not leaving your step mother's place!")

  4. Again I say, we are gaining respect. And Again, I beg everyone to slow down the respect card. I really don't want to be looked at like the patriots are.

  5. Depends Pauly, if its like you look at'em when you are expected to win your third Superbowl, Das otay too.

  6. I don't like this. I liked it better when everyone disrespected us and we could scream about not getting respect. Those days were a lot funner (i know funner isn't a real word). i guess people finally recognize that we are the best and worthy of the Lombardi trophy.