Wednesday, December 19, 2007


One of the guiding principles of 12 Seahawks Street, besides crass humor and intermittent postings, is that this would forever be a non-commercial blog. While we've had offers over the years from a variety of different vendors looking to use our blog to scalp tickets or pimp their products, we've always steadfastly refused.

Until now.

While we're not going to start displaying ads on 12 Seahawks Street, we got the proverbial "offer we couldn't refuse" from the marketing department of Reebok, who is trying to get the word out about their new Zero Degree line of products.

What could be so compelling as to force Bloof and Alba to abandon their core values and bow to the pressures of Madison Ave. you ask?


Much to our surprise, a box arrived at both of our undisclosed locations containing one Seahawks jacket (as pictured) and one Ravens knit cap. Being selfless, fan-first blogging altruists, we of course couldn't just keep this gelt for ourselves, instead deciding that we would have to give it away to our faithful readers in some contest form.

Besides, the jackets were too small for us to keep for ourselves!

So here it is. The 12 Seahawks Street Commentapalooza with two Seahawks Jackets (one L one XL) and two Ravens knit caps as the prizes. Use the comments section below as your entry form, according to this set of arbitrary rules:

1. Each entry must contain a well thought out argument as to who will win this Sunday's show-down between the Playoff-bound Seahawks and the Just-lost-to-the-winless-team Ravens. Smack talk is encouraged.

2. Your entry must include your name/screen name. If you do not wish to leave your email address with your comments, you can send a private email to referencing your name/screen name. This is how we will contact you to let you know if you won. (Email addresses will not be shared with Reebok or any other party, and will not be used for any other purpose.)

3. Your entry (or email) should identify which Seahawks jacket you would want should you win (the L or XL) or if you'd prefer the Ravens hat.

4. The winner will be decided by me and Bloof and all decisions of the judges are final!

I know anything on the internet that seems too good to be true usually is, but this is for real. Feel free to share this link on other Seahawks / Ravens forums and encourage your fellow fans to represent.


  1. Well at first glance this game should be a game that the Seahawks should easily win. That being said, if the Seahawks come out with another inept performance as they did against the Carolina Panthers, anything can happen.

    The Ravens, who themselves are coming off a performance in which gave the Miami Minnows their first win of the season, should come out looking like the team that played against the Cheatriots (why isn’t Rodney Harrison getting the same HGH drama as Petit or Clemens?) and less like the team that has floundered against two bottom-of-the barrel opponents the last two weeks.

    What are the Ravens’ strengths that could give the Seahawks fits, and conversely what can the Seahawks do to make Baltimore look like the team that has shown up for most of December? We will look into that below.

    Both teams’ strength are their defense, but the edge goes to Seattle. I am using a different set of statistics here, ones that show the actual play of the offense and defense and not how many yards they give up taken from Many readers may notice that these are the same stats that I have introduced to in the last few weeks because of their accuracy in predicting how good these teams’ units are.

    Passing Defense versus Passing Offense

    Defensive Passer Rating (league rank in parenthesis):
    Seattle: Rating 69.0 (1)
    Baltimore: Rating 89.5 (27)

    Passing Yard Per Attempt (league rank in parenthesis):
    Seattle: 6.32 (13)
    Baltimore: 5.06 (30)

    Offensive Line versus Defensive Line

    Hog Index (league rank in parenthesis):

    Seattle Offense: AVG 20.3 (23)
    Baltimore Defense: AVG 7 (1)

    Seattle Defense: AVG 8.7 (4)
    Baltimore Offense: AVG 19.7 (21)

    Big Play Index

    Seattle: +1 (11)
    Baltimore: -22 (32)

    Bottom Line

    What these number show is what we already believed. That the defenses will rule on Sunday although Seattle's defense is better against the pass than is Baltimore's defense.

    Come Sunday at about 4:30 PST, be sure to cover your head if you are in downtown Seattle because the Ravens will crow "nevermore."

  2. Next Move Purple12/19/2007 10:46:00 AM


    First and foremost: We are the better team.

    Next: We are playing at home (go 12th man) The home fans won't accept a halfhearted effort like last week.

    Next: We just got slapped around by one of the worst teams playing this year, and WE ARE PISSED!

    Next: Holmgren has ripped the team up one side and down the other; they are not looking forward to a repeat performance.

    Next: The ravens are pretty much out of steam and just want to finish up this year so they can rebuild next year.

    Next: The ravens QB (Boller) has a concussion, blurred vision and a headache. His backup is still making rookie mistakes.
    The hawks will get pressure on the QB this week! (Do you think the noise level at Qwest will help his headache?)

  3. 1) Transitive property of mathematics (if a>b, and b>c, then a>c): A bald eagle has an 80" wingspan, a raven is half that size. While a Seahawk may be mythical, it has already been proven that a Seahawk is the pitcher and the eagle the catcher in the duel between the green birds, so it should have no issue throwing the hump into a pitiful raven (which, BTW, is technically considered a 'songbird' HA!).

    2) The best player on the songbirds is an injured Ray Lewis. Not the Ray Lewis that was defensive MVP, but the Ray Lewis who now instills about as much fear in his opponents as Rose McGowan at a Miss Hawaiian Tropic contest.

    3) Who is the songbird's quarterback this week? Alex Smith? Troy Smith? Helen of Troy? Hellen Keller? I don't even know, but if I had to pick, I'd take the latter, cause at least she doesn't hear the cacophany of boos signaling the final devastation of what was once a proud and potent defense.

    4) The raven's just lost to the Dolphins. I don't even eat dophin free tuna. Thus I alone have been more effective at stopping dolphins than Baltimores entire team.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Why the Seahawks will win?

    Guys, this has nothing to do with stats.

    It has to do with the mascots. Lets take a look at each shall we.

    1) Raven - A carrion eater. which means that its food MUST be DEAD. Since the SEAHAWKS will be soaring in the rarified air in Jan, thay are FAR from dead.

    2) SEAHAWK - A "Bird-of-Prey", a predator. It FEEDS on LIVING THINGS. While the lowly Raven is hanging around looking for some dead carcass to feast upon, this "Bird-of-Prey" will swoop down and snap its scrawny neck in a high speed and powerful swoop, carrying its still warm body to its nest to feast upon.

    The SEAHAWK is most deadly while hunting in its "home" territory. This fact can be shown in four encounters this season; two on the away and two at home.

    While away in Arizona and Carolina. In the Cardinals home territory, the mighty "Bird-of-Prey" blinked at the wrong time, and the puny "red bird" got in a lucky strike. In the homeland of the Panther, the cat came out on top.

    It's a very different story in its home territory. While in familiar sourroundings, the "Bird-of-Prey" is a formidible foe. The Bengal tiger was dispatched, while the "Red Bird" was shown to be the puny, beakless thing that it is. This can also be shown in the demise of other foes that unwisely ventured into the SEAHAWK'S homelands, foes such as the formidible Bear and crafty Ram. Both dispatched by repeated strikes from above.

    In closing; while away from it familiar hunting grounds the SEAHAWK can be distracted and taken advantade of, but in the comforting confines of its home, the SEAHAWK takes advantage of the surrounding roar, which plays havoc on the offensive capabilites of its foe, to conduct repeated dives at the distracted opponent's bared neck.

    Frank C

    (btw - I wear a large)

  6. Of course the Seahawks will win this game. You don't have to put thought into it, it is just a given. You can argue stats, you can argue wingspan, you can even argue mascots - the fact of the matter is...the Ravens are what they eat...Stink...Dead...Rotten!!! The Hawks will soar from the beginning as they unleash their forgotten unrelenting defense onto a newbie QB. They will not make the same mistake twice in a row. The Hawks know that they are on a roll right now and that the rest of their season is Butter. But they must execute. Hass will not allow his team to perform the way they did last week. I think we finally see a long TD to Branch this week and another Defensive TD as the Hawks go on to rout the Ravens, who have become the laughing stock of the NFL (outside of the Falcons and TO) with their loss last week. Arguements may say that they will be "mad" this week due to that horrific loss, but I think it will be exactly opposite. The testosterone has been depleted since the Patriot game and these guys are running on pure estrogen now. There is nothing that Modell, or should I say Midol, will be able to save them from the pain we are about to inflict upon them. Then we can send those "Poe" boys back to Baltimore, packed with only their Carrion luggage and sad faces.

  7. The important thing about the Ravens Hawks game is the fact that you have several starters including Ray Lewis that are injured.
    Sure that may not be a factor but in my book it is. Ray Lewis is the heart and soul of this defense, and a team leader.
    His absence will only precipitate a downward spiral of this team on the road.
    Their offense is abysmal and the hawks only concern is their defense while their front d-line is tough, if the hawks o line properly execute their assignments the first mission that will be accomplished will be that Hass is protected.
    Once that occurs, at home, he will be able to execute and continue on his incredible streak this season of completed passes and low interceptions for better than average qb percentages.
    The Hawks running game is suspect primarily because of the o line. I do not expect that this will get any better against a stout defense as the Ravens.
    I expect us to really exploit their o line and qb, and get several sacks, probably more than three.
    I also feel that the Ravens will score no more than 17 points against our defense.
    Our offense should do at least enough to get 31 points on the board with our defense perhaps contributing towards that score.

    The team was whacked in Carolina, and will show up at Qwest with a chip on their shoulder. We will not have more than 100 rushing yards, but it will be over 50 probably 80-95. Expect to see Mo Morris on certain plays; screens etc. while SA either figures out how to run behind this line or gets rested a bit.
    Baltimore is on the verge of a new coach, and this team is disheartened because of their loss to the Pats and more importantly, Miami.
    They will try to come out strong,and they, like the Panthers should not be underestimated, however once we smack them in the face a bit for a quarter or two, they should go into their "show up and get paid" mode and the hawks will win this one.

  8. First and foremost Baltimore is just plain bad, not just in football but also in every aspect of life. As a city Baltimore isn’t even on the same level to compare with Seattle, it just straight up sucks. The Oriels suck and Baltimore isn’t cool enough to have a basketball team, but if they did they would be so bad that even the Sonics could beat them.

    Sure the Seahawks have already accomplished all that they can this regular season, but look at this game as a practice game for the playoffs. I don’t think that anyone can argue that we are by far the superior team, and for the first time in well almost ever we have a better defense than the mighty ravens. This game will give us a chance to get back into rhythm on offense, and work out whatever kinks we have left. Unlike Seahawks teams of the past, these 07 hawks are winners through and through. We don’t like to lose, and we will do everything in our power to make sure we shut down Troy Smith and the Baltimore the Gayvens. Whether it’s by the help of one of our 6 prow bowlers or one of our many talented players like Deon grant or Brian Russell that constantly fly under the radar, there is no doubt in my mind that we will win this game.

    The only possible way I see us losing this game is if Ray Lewis reverts back to his old ways and stabs our entire team. But fortunately he’s injured so I doubt he has the mobility required to do so, so we should be safe.

    Anyway merry Christmas everyone and thanks for the jacket I wear a large, but XL works too.

    P.S. Don’t give the ravens hats to anyone unless they promise to take them to the game this Sunday to burn them.

  9. Here's my argument.

    s.) I thought it was well-known that after the experience in Detroit, Seahawks fans refuse to wear anything with "XL" on them.

    b.) XL happens to be my size.

    c.) The Seahawks are a superior team with check marks in every category over the Ravens except possibly running back. But their offensive line more than makes up for it.

    d.) That is a sweet looking jacket.

    e.) If I were winner of the jacket, I would gladly stop by here and post the comments made by Pittsburghers in my direction.

    Great site. You're bookmarked.

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