Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rolling Stones Cost the Seahawks the Super Bowl

You have to hear it from the lips and strings of DT Craig Terrill.

Stood Up By The Stones

Don't fret about it, Craig. Mick Jagger is an overrated queer who thinks his home is visited by aliens, and even had a UFO dectector installed in his estate. Keith Richards is a walking, singing, freebasing scrotum that one day decided to snort his father's ashes instead of coke.

Yeah, no shit. Those guys are wacked. Just a bunch of hobos with money. And fame. And probably plenty of poon. (Or anus sphincter, in Mick's case.) Regardless, it is the Stones who should be asking for Terril's autograph, not the other way around.

Terrill may be honestly headed in that direction, having just released his first CD, titled "CT", which can be bought for $10 directly from Terrill's MySpace page.

The CD includes 12 songs (all originals) written by Terrill. He's certainly no stranger to music, as he's been playing guitar since the age of 13 and played in the classic rock cover band, "The Strangers", while attending Purdue University. Craig has also performed at the House of Blues in both Chicago and Orlando with The Herding Cats. He also played with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's band when they opened for Seal at the Wamu Theater in Seattle. And last season he performed the national anthem prior to the Seahawks' playoff game against the Cowboys last January.

I have to admit, I'm usually a sceptic when it comes to stars crossing over into music, where Miami Vice douchebag Don Johnson owns the title for "Worst. Music. Video. Ever. With Significant Airtime." Hillary Duff and Jennifer Love Hewitt moderately held my interest for three minutes, but I am just as entertained with the TV on mute, and even more by porn. I can actualy listen to Terrill.

What are you waiting for? Go listen to his album. If you've had the privilege of hollering at the opponents at Qwest field, you'll get a charge out of "12th Man Scream."
The Daily Sun: Terrill excels at more than just football

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