Saturday, December 15, 2007

Five Questions for an Enemy Blogger: Panthers

Welcome to another installment of the Five Questions series. Those who are familiar with this running bit may notice something awry in this week's edition. For newbees, and Panther fans who may not have figured it out, I'll be more direct. This week there are no aswers.

Granted, I wa a little late floating this idea by a couple of the guys at the site, and I thought they would play along, but as of Sat. evening, there were no responses in my email account.

Not sure if they're busy in the ladies room at their local tavern watching the TopCats practicing their new routine, but I hate to see these five gems go to waste. So, I'm going to open it up to the full membership at PantherCoalition, and welcome my faithful readers to share this link on other sites, so we can get these important and probing questions answered.

Answer one or answer them all, just remember to include the Question number in your comments, so we know which one you are responding to.

I'll select some of the best responses and paste them under the questions below.

And if any Panter Fan wants to send me a set of similar Five Questions regarding the Seahawks, I'll be more than happy to provide you responses for your site/blog.

1. This is the season where wide-eyed youngsters put their faith in a fat old man to bring them gifts and joy. Is that how it feels being a Panther fan watching Vinny Testaverde line up under center?

2. The Carolina QBs have combined to throw 15 interceptions so far. Last week, Marcus Trufant got three against Arizona, and the week before Lofa Tatupu got three against Philadelphia. Since the Panther offense seems to agree that it's much better to give than to receive, how many INTs do you think they'll serve up this weekend?

3. Speaking of Lofa Tatupu, do you think the ringing in Nick Going's ears has stopped yet from the hit he absorbed in the 2005 NFC Championship game?

4. Former Seahawk Ken 'a brotha get paid' Lucas has been somewhat of a disappointment since his big free agent signing in 2004. How many passes do you think he gives up on Sunday to our backup QB/partime WR?

5. The Panthers have also give up 27 sacks in just 13 games. What do you think they need to do to stop the NFL Sack Leader, Patrick Kerney, who last Sunday, spent more time in the Cardinal backfield than Edgerrin James?


  1. what? no takers? not even the cobags from a couple years ago? weak!

  2. Since no Panther fan took the bait, allow me to provide answers to these questions, now that the game is over:

    1. As long as it's with the Scout team while Matt Moore runs the first team offense, I'm all for Vinny T. lining up under center.

    2. Ummm, how about zero. As the mutual fund commercials always say, past performance is no guarantee of future ineptitude.

    3. Whether they are or not, I'm sure after what happened two years ago, knocking the Seahawks out of a chance to improve their seeding is music to his ears.

    4. How about another goose egg? It's tough to line up your backup QB for trick plays when your offense cannot convert a 3rd and short even if Panthers lined up the TopCats on defense.

    5. Oh, I don't know, how about we just put our RT Gross on his one on one, give him help sometimes, and hope that your idiot Def. Coordinator plays soft zone and dares our rookie QB to beat you with his arm?

    There Panther fans. That's how you're supposed to lay down the smack in a Five Questoins series.

    However, you're supposed to do it BEFORE the game, so don't come around here preening and puffing your chests now that the game is over.

  3. At least the answers were kinda funny this time... COBAGGERY!