Friday, December 14, 2007

That just happened

I'm way late on this, but considering the post below mine is more or less a game preview...well...


I don't care if the NFC West has been the kid's table of the NFL the past few seasons. At the table, we are the twelve year old and this is our goddamned turkey leg. You (and I'm looking at you Torri, Alex, and Kurt) cannot have it. You can have the white meat, for its all you can handle.

I'm sure some fan from another team will come in here and blast Seahawk fans for being arrogant. Don't care. I'm doing what I call "enjoying the ride". Those of us that were fans of the club its inception (or, for me at least, since the mid 80s) I think each one of these division titles means a bit more. Remember when Rick Mier was the answer at quarterback? Yeah, it was THAT bad. So, sorry for being "arrogant". Even after four years, we're still kind of new to this whole winning division title things.

Who knows what this playoff season will hold, but the important thing is that the Seahawks are involved. Let's do this thing.


  1. Right on brother!

    And even non-smokers can enjoy a good cigar now and again. Just ask Monica Lewinsky!

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