Friday, December 07, 2007

Five Questions for an Enemy Blogger: Cardinals

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanza, everyone can agree that this is the season for gift giving, like the victory we handed the Cardinals in Week Two.

What I've noticed over the years though, is that the gifts I buy for other people are usually the things I would want myself, thus explaining the cordless drill I gave my wife on our anniversary (as well as the 3/8th diameter scar on my left thigh).

My point is, when I read the finely crafted Five Questions that AOL Cardinals Blogger Dan Benton sent to me, I thought it was very generous of me to paraphrase them and give them right back to him, which might explain any similarities between his blog piece and the item below.

1) I don't really want to start this with a question ... just a statement. THREE in a row! Mmm, yeah. Let that sink in.

DB: Three wins over the Seahawks in a row would be pretty sweet, let me tell you. luckily for you, you won't have to hear from me again until these two teams meet in the playoffs. At which point, I can only assume you'll stop returning my e-mails.

2) Do these games make you sweat any more? They used to be difficult on an Arizona heart, but with winning the past two games against the Seahawks, and beating teams the Seahawks lost to, like the Steelers and Browns, you're probably pretty confident about Sunday, right?

DB: Some teams play with talent, others with heart. And while the injuries concern me, the Cardinals aren't giving up. There have been plenty of times this season where they could have packed it in, but instead they opted to battle back and keep themselves in this thing.

Now, with their fate in their own hands, I have 100% faith that Arizona will return to the playoffs for the first time since ... well... yeah.

3) Looking ahead to Sunday, what concerns you about Seattle? And don't say everything!

DB: Don't say everything? No problem, because my answer would have been nothing.

The Seahawks have not been impressive this year and Shaun Alexander looks like he's running on empty. Not to mention, the team has really had their hands full in the last few weeks, barely beating the Bears, Eagles and Rams; all of whom are far worse than the Cardinals.

But if I had to pick any one thing, it'd be the crowd. Then again, who doesn't get worried by an extremely large gang of stumbling drunks? The only thing worse is Eagles fans.

4) Here's one I haven't asked you before. If you could pick another player off the Seahawks and add them to the Cardinal roster, who would it be and why?

DB: It would be Shaun Alexander because the Cardinals need a quality third string running back. J.J. Arrington hasn't been what Arizona hopes for, so Shaun would settle in nicely behind Edgerrin James and Marcel Shipp.

Actually, we could take Matt Hasselbeck as well. With Matt Leinart already down with injury and Kurt Warner always on the brink of being hurt, a clipboard carrying third-stringer could be very useful.

5) Prediction time! How bad will it taste when the Seahawks beat Cardinals and wrap up their fourth consecutive NFC West title?

DB: Well, if the Seahawks do find some way to pull this out -- which I don't think they will -- I'll be OK with it. That would just give the Cardinals more motivation to go into Seattle and knock the Seahawks out of the playoffs.

That said, the Cardinals will probably win this game, end up winning the division and knock the Seahawks out of the playoffs anyway.

Yeah ... that sounds much better. As for a score? I'll say ... Cardinals 24 - Seahawks 21 in overtime.

Don't forget to check out Dan's Five Questions post on AOL Fanhouse, and to leave your feedback in the comments section on each site.


  1. Well, well, well. Since the 'Hawks have all but made the Ram's rivalry about as competitive as a game of scrabble with Corky, mayhap the 'Cards have earned the right to be the division rival?

    That said, I have the opposite view. The Cards only won earlier this year by a fluke, in Arizona, and this is not the same Seattle team. In order to come in and win in Seattle (who has one 4 straight) they will nee a lot more than they have, with their injured recievers.

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  3. Which poster is more full of shit; Dan Benton or CresceNet? Hmmm, yeah, sorry Dan Benton.

    So did I win the free stuff yet?


  4. My first LOLHawk. Now I'm cool like JL White!

    (Sorry, I'd just post the pic here, but the comment box isn't letting me use that HTML tag)