Friday, December 21, 2007

Five Questions: Baltimore Ravens

This week's guest Enemy Blogger is Rexx from the Baltimore Beat Down, although it's unclear whether the Ravens will be administering or absorbing said Beat Down! As you can see, Rexx has a little more fight in him than our past few guest Enemy Bloggers, as well as the suddenly toothless Ravens. Enjoy his responses and feel free to add your own two-cents via the Smartass Comments.

1. The Seahawks just lost last week to the Carolina Panthers, a 6 win team, four of which came against NFC West opponents. The Ravens are a 4 win team, three of which have come against NFC West opponents. Do you think the Ravens have any chance at completing the sweep at Qwest field on Sunday?

REXX: Not at all. The Ravens are a team with so many issues, both on the field and the sidelines. If we couldn't beat a winless team after leading by 10 at halftime, how in the world could anyone, even a rabid Ravens fan, expect us to beat a division leader in a tough environment?

2. The Ravens have been on a steady decline since Jamal Lewis went to prison for drug dealing and Ray Lewis was key figure in the Super Bowl murders. With your team's need at the position, and his current legal issues, wouldn't Mike Vick be a perfect fit to be the next signal caller for the Purple and Black?

REXX: Puh-lease! Jamal Lewis served his time for what he did BEFORE he was a Raven, and Ray Lewis was an innocent bystander, although he made a poor choice of whom to hang around with. Hopefully, the Ravens will get a better look into their QB future, as the rookie Heisman Trophy winner from THE Ohio State University, Troy Smith, gets his first NFL start. The next two games should determine whether the Ravens QB is on the roster or awaiting them in the Draft.

3. Brian Billick was seen blowing kisses at Rodney Harrison during the heart-breaking loss to New England. What sort of non-verbal message to you think he's got planned for this game, and to which Seahawk player will it be directed?

REXX: Hey, when Harrison stepped out of line and taunted Kyle Boller and the Ravens sideline, even according to the Pats fans I've spoken with, he got what he deserved - a little Billick "love!" He's seemed to lost control of the team, and doesn't have the total respect that a coach needs from his players. He's certainly lost it with the fans and media. However, he signed a four year, $20 million extension last offseason, and with three years and $15 million still on the table, he'll definitely be on the sidelines again in 2008.

4. Speaking of that game, all the pundits were describing it as your "super bowl." Now that it is a few weeks later, and Seattle is pretty far West, is this the closest that most Raven's players will get to a "pro bowl?"

REXX: Four Ravens made the Pro Bowl this year (Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Jonathon Ogden). How many Seahawks made it? The Ravens went 13-3 last year, what was the Seahawks record last year? Seattle is a decent team and could put a scare into either Dallas or Green Bay if they are overlooked. However, even the Seahawk fans know the only reason you guys make it to the playoffs on a regular basis is that you play in the weakest division in the league and virtually have no competition. Try that in the AFC! Oh that's right, you were in the AFC for a while and NEVER made the playoffs! So there!

5. Ray Lewis, still the aging face of the franchise, is best known for his nickname of "Sugar" while Seattle is best know for its constant and persistent precipitation. Can you remind me what happens to sugar when it gets wet?

REXX: Ray has been in the NFL for over 10 years and no one in Baltimore has ever heard him referred to as "Sugar." (?) However, everyone slows down a little after 10 years in the toughest position in the league. At the same time, even after all the wear and tear on him, there's still not another middle linebacker in the entire NFL that I'd rather have patroling the middle. Tatupu and Peterson are very good defensive players, but neither could carry Ray's jockstrap. His heart, fire and leadership ability make him a first ballot Hall of Famer and in my humble opinion, is the greatest middle linebacker to ever lace them up!

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