Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Brothers, Can You Spare a Dime?

OK, I know I'm a self-proclaimed feedback whore, but this is not a personal request for me, but more a collective request to make the Seahawks page on the new AOL sportsblog kick the snot out of all the other pages!

For anyone who hasn't been keeping up, Bloof and I, and Captain Caveman from the Kissing Suzy Kobler site are the team bloggers for the Seattle Seahawks on the AOL NFL Sports Blog.

If you click the main NFL page on the AOL blog, you'll notice there's a section for most commented on pieces. That's one of the only way to get your stuff "front page" exposure on this site. Which is where you all come in!

What we need is for everyone here to take a moment and drop a comment on the articles that we post over there on the Seahawks sub-site, so we can run up our comment numbers and put the other team pages to shame.

We could also use you to comment on the other NFC West team pages, and the pages of our other oppenents, and incite them to come and post over on our Seahawks page.

What's in it for you? Not much I guess, except the nice warm feeling you get extending the superiority of the Seahawk organization to yet another venue, and for helping out two of your own.

What do you say?

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  1. I'm in! We need to make sure that we, as Seahawks fans, collectively show up and kick the asses of the other AOL fan blogs.

  2. I've tried twice, I put in a name, then an email addy, write the comment, click the remember me box, hit post (or send or whatever) and the comment vanishes into thin internet. AOL hates us.

  3. I think you discovered that the reason they ask for your email is so you can confirm your comment, assuring that you're not just some spammer trying to peddle viagra or the latest hot stock.

    For the others, after submitting comments, you get an email message with a link you need to click to confirm the comment, before it appears on the site.

  4. Never mind, I guess it's working now. AOL still hates us.

  5. P.S. thanks for stroking the whore over there!

  6. Done, with dignity!