Saturday, August 26, 2006

Light Speed versus Lights Out!

OK, maybe I'm overselling the contest a little with this headline, but there IS a game on tonight, and it should prove to be the best match-up of the preseason.

GAMEDAY: Seahawks @ Chargers

ON THE AIR: NFL Network (Live) 11:00pm EST/8:00pm PST

ON THE NET: SeahawkBlue Game Day Chat

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  1. Good stuff, man.... I commented on your AOL spot.

    See you guys in chat @ 8:00

  2. Thanks Bloof. I just went out for a few pints with a buddy, so I'm not sure ifI'll be awake 5 hours from now. If I am, I'll hop into the chat.

  3. Besides, I was trying to rattle some cage with the Charger fans by claiming Merriman stole the DROY. Hasn't quite worked yet.

  4. If Rivers plays well, San Diego will be as talented as any team in the league this year! Pro Bowl offense + pressure, high risk defense

  5. Good game, hawks looked pretty good (considering the lack of game planning).